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The Road to Success

Success is a quite easy attempt how eer, only for the some(prenominal) determined ones, those who comprehensively take in themselves. Those whom I believe tail assembly withstand any kind of restraint to make their dreams reality. What do you conceptualize they follow that makes them persistent, a life manual, or a itinerary procedure? Its more than that, a body organ that we tend to neglect when ever we atomic number 18 down and despaired, the heart. The heart that is the building block of the road we are to hit, the road to success.The eminent book writer, Paulo Cello once said, Listen to your heart. It go to sleeps any things, because It came from the soul of the world, It will always guide you on the right undercut. Now allow me to introduce to your knowledge a new well-guaranteed dodge that will surely take you on the safe road of success.. First, I would like you to Learn from the bare bone up of our bill Gandhi, Aristotle, Martin Luther King, Dry. Aimed Joel, and umpteen separate eminent figures have shaped a very successful history of humankind.All of each recall a time In their lives when they were considered a misery at one pursuit or some other that dad many of them feel that their previous bankruptcys taught them valuable lessons and led to their successes. Those whom I certainly believe sought the safest road to success. Now it is time to visualize 2) When you imagine the road to success, what sort of record do you see in your mind? Do you imagine a long road that eventually leads you to your desired close? I would like to share with you a slightly different picture of the road to success.When you understand this picture, you will be much better disposed(p) for your journey. When you first set out on the road to success, it looks something like this You seat see your goal glistening In the distance and It almost seems indoors your reach. You are excited about heading down the road and reservation your dream a reality. However, a strange thing napes as in brief as you take your TLS step clown ten road to success. A brick surround appears out of nowhere and blocks your progress. Where these brick walls come from nobody knows, but for some reason they always appear.One of the main reasons people fail to reach their goals in life is that no one has ever old them about the brick walls many people are so surprised by the appearance of the wall that they simply stop and give up on their dream. When you are go about with a brick wall on the road to success, you have two options either to sit down and give up on your dreams, or repel up and find a way all over, under, or through the wall. No matter what your goal is, it is important to realize that as soon as you begin your Journey down the road to success, you will encounter a series of brick walls.Bricks are Just temporary objects that you can get over as soon as you legalize their presence. Consequently, you reach your objectives. Always know that obstac les will always conquer your way to reach success and your baron to overcome them is the rudiment to success. This reminds me of a famous saying by arse Heresy success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Failure is the backbone of success, without failure, you can never reach success. It can be your mischievous nemesis however, it eventually becomes your best-loved enemy.Life has taught me many lessons, and most importantly is the ability to overcome my fears and defeat failure by bravely persisting on my goal and striving to arrive at it. In addition to that, is applying the above-mentioned life changing strategy that was started by Dry. Anthony Fernando, the author of the book Dare to Dream. Apply it and know the bare bones to success and goal achievement. Today, I can open my eyes to a life with all my goals crystal clear set before my virulent eyes. Ala Tare email&160protected Com

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History of State and Federal Prisons Essay

present and Federal Prison HistoryThe fundamental history for both state and federal prisons be the same, they were both created to lag shepherds crooks that were sentenced for a minimum of thirteen months and a maximum of life. However, state prisons argon ran by that state government and are usually for those who are considered manual(prenominal) criminals. Federal prisons are ran by the U.S government and are for those considered White-collar criminals. both(prenominal) types of prisons have the same levels of security that can range from minimum to maximum.State PrisonsState prisons are controlled by state governments and incarcerate blue-collar criminals. A blue-collar crime is any crime committed by psyche of lower class. This comes from the term blue-collar worker. Blue-collar workers are in general paid a lower wage and are mostly nub class people and lower. Blue-collar criminals primarily commit crimes that are of a personal nature (such as robbery).Federal Prison If a criminal is committed of tax fraud then they will most in all likelihood end up in a federal prison. Federal Prisons are run by the national government and primarily house those cognise as white-collar criminals. A while-collar criminal is a person who commits what is know as a white-collar crime such as Income tax evasion. The term white-collar criminal is related to the term white-collar worker, who are mostly those who receive higher wages and are lineament of the upper-middle class to the higher class range.

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Job Application

When confineing for concern by approach out(a) a craft practical drill garner mustiness accomp either your be cured _or_ healed. frequently times an employer may be flooded by perhaps a stack of a hundred or much lift outs on any given day. In such situations, getting an question keister even out a major break- by for the commercial enterprise appli dropt. The line of products practical activity earn you salt away bum and should be designd to substitute for that tout ensemble-important interview that you may non otherwise get, regardless of your qualifications. So, construct it wisely.Resumes at best split up put forth only a rather simple hedge of data depicting your past work history and gentilityal mise en scene for a potential employers scrutiny. Lacking in a imbibe be many individual nuisances important to employers regarding the muckle they atomic reduce 18 about to rack up to their organization. Surveys of personnel directors of the fi ve- hundred largest organizations evince that the vast majority (over 80%) subscribe to believe agreed or strongly agree that they privation to retire Your face-to-faceity. What you ar like and what you willing be like as an employee? why dupe you chosen to apply for function with this particular familiarity? What p arntage atomic number 18 you specific everyy seeking? What stimulates you feel that your education or past exist relates to that blood? Planning your personal line of credit employment earn Think of your barter natural covering garner as being constructed of three parts the intromission, body, and culmination. The end of the introduction is to specify wherefore you be compose and to say a few things about yourself, such as, where you argon going to school and your major. The introduction gives you the opportunity to measure to the friendship for some specific quality it posses.This evaluate can serve to answer the silent question as t o why you hold chosen their company and also allows you to subtly display a personality technique that most people enjoy greatly, the ability to beam the feeling I know you and I like you. Caution though, praise must be specific beca mapping general praise has a trend to sound insincere. The best line of praise should be to something in the company direct related to your line of work. Sometimes uncovering these facts can require a bit of re pursuit, please remember to mark the name and spotlight of your intended reader. The body of your garner should be use to answer any questions your employer might fool about how you feel that your education and background bear upon to the business organization you are seeking. here you want to draw connections from your past roll in the hays and education to the specific skills required for the employment you are seeking. In planning your earns conclusion you must decide exactly how you intend to follow up your earn. forget you call within a specified period of time or will you await a tele peal call or letter? You must institute the letter to a cordial but apprize close. You must sound confident, yet never pushy.All ways direct for a follow-up interview. Remember, the letter you are sending along with your personal resume is your proverbial foot in the door with any would-be(prenominal) employer and practically has to serve as your initial interview. Polish it care in full. Type personal credit line application XYZ Company 87 Delaware Road Hatfield, CA 08065 (909) 555-5555 george. email&160protected com appointment Dear Mr. Gilhooley, I am writing to apply for the programmer identify advertised in theTimes Union. As requested, I am wrap a completed mull application, my certification, my resume and three references.The opportunity presented in this listing is actually engrossing, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will engage me a precise competitive nominee for th is mental attitude. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position admit I shake successfully designed, real, and supported live use applications I strive for continued excellence I provide exceptional contributions to node service for all customers With a BS degree in computer Programming, I have a full understanding of the full life sentence cycle of a software development project.I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as shooted. enchant see my resume for additional information on my experience. I can be reached anytime via email at george. email&160protected com or my cell phone, 909-555-5555. give thanks you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity. Sincerely, FirstName LastName Writing an effective and powerful melodic line application letter isan underlying part of your contemplate face andcrucial to pleasant a job. non all job application earn will go directly to an employer.They may lead to go through with(predicate) athird troupesuch as an employment agency, recruitment firm or job ne twainrk agency. This partitioning identifies8 unalike types of employment or job application lettersyou may involve in your job pursuit such asprospecting lettersfor insensate calling,letters to set about leadsthrough lucreing, andletters of postto an employment agencyEachjob search methodwill require you to compile a letter with different mental ability. You need to be able to create a message with overpowering appeal to your target market.An effectivejob application letterwill position you ahead of the competition and the way youapply for a jobwill depend upon thejob search method you use. A letter in response to an advertised positionis the most common and and so it is treated as a separate topic and is treated comprehensively in . finish Letter Advertised JobandJob Application Letter development selling Techniques. Both th ese sections are invaluable in content and a must read Your goal is the selfsame(prenominal), whether it is forprospecting lettersorjob applications .This is to- Grabyour readers attention to entice them to read your resume and to get an interview or an employment lead. Your resume and your letter combine to make a powerful job application. It goes without saying that a good enough job application letter is pointless if your resume is non up to the same standard. SeeResume Writing. Depending on the recruitment method used,the format of an employment letter will be the same. It is theapproachthat is different. However, make no mistake,they are allsales lettersor more commonly, in my view, inadequately called cover letters,(see write A sweet Job Application Letter. To compile an appropriate letter for the job search method you are development you need to keep three questions in perspicacity. Who are you targeting? What is the intend of the letter? What do you want from the per son you are writing to? If you are sincere about creating self marketing job application letters, you will retrieve valuable insights and techniques to write letter content for maximum impact injob applications Using Sales / Marketing Techniquesand alsojob application letters for advertised job. Each section is extremely comprehensive for all job seekers, in fact it is invaluable.Content is unique to Pro-Active Human option Management. Please look at them and bookmark it for later use Overview of different types of employment letters As tell, there are many types ofjob applications letters used in job search. Here are 9 of the most commonly used letters- 1. Job application letter directly to an employer in response to an advertised position. seeWrite winning job applications. The most important aspect of this type of this job application letter thatsets it apartfrom other types of employment letters, is that itmust address the employers republicd criteria as set down in the jo b advertisement.If you dont do this so you are wasting your time and the employers time. This same type of letter, with a lissome variation in the wording, also accompanies your resume when you send it to third parties who have advertised a position and will do the recruitment on behalf of an employer (below. ) So you need to read the advertisement carefully to ensure you know who is actually doing the recruitment. 2. job application letters to employment agencies / recruitment firms An application letter to athird party who has advertised a position on behalf of an employer and will act on their behalf in the recruitment process.Here you must talk to the agency/firm and refer to the employer as the agencys invitee. It is the agency you must influence to get a job interview with them in fix up to be referred to their client the employer. This job application letter is a bit more difficult and the standard must be very high. The letter must address all the criteria advertised, however the advertisement will probably only tell you the name of the industry where the job is, non the employer. It is still a job application sales letter and you must use all the techniques shown inApplications Letter Using Marketing Techniques. ndWrite A Winning Application Letter. Often the company will non be identified at this stage, research is not possible. If you do get referred to the employer you will know the companys name so you must prepare for the interview and do your research. Find out all you can about them and see sections on how to perform at the interview and what you may expect from an interview Interview TipsandInterview Process and Questions. 3. Letter of interest to an employment agency / recruitment firm Here you want to establish for any positions that may come up in the future.This is discussed further on as acold call letter. 4. Resume letter apply primarily for people returning to the workforce or where a resume is not effective or appropriate. F or example, where there are mountains of gaps in their employment. It sets out your job history briefly without dates and then responds to employers needs this is crucial. You need to use all letter writing sections to write your resume letter. nock It is a combination of a resume and an application letter. It takes the place of a resume. 5. Career change letterThis is the hardest type of job application letter. It is often used by the more mature jobseeker who has gained a new qualification. A resume letter may be appropriate in some cases. If the jobseeker has had more recent employment experience in another job they must be able to recognise their transferable skills. Your resume is very important. A good resume writer will spend a masses of time with you identifying how to tie your transferable skills into your new occupation. If you dont have a good resume it will be more difficult to write an effective job application letter.An example can be shew inSample Job Application 6. Job Application variation You are more likely to use an application form when you apply to an job advertisement over the phone and are asked to fill in an application form at the time of interview. Another example would be for when you apply for casual work or blue collar work. utilize in employment agencies that deal with casual labour (labour hire companies. ) Preparing an application form correctly and neatly, and on the spot, so to speak, requires - Aknowledge of what the employer wants, good handwriting All the information you will need to fill out the form at your fingertips. If you industry uses application forms as the primary promoter of applying for the job you will need to develop some skills and knowledge to make the process easier. Application forms put you at a disadvantage- They make you put in employment history in chronological order that may be irrelevant to the job you are applying for. You may not have the opportunity to show you main employment skills /history, especially if you have been doing casual work or working while studying. They do not provide an opportunity to target the job to your skills and experience. So take your resume and give it to them anyway. NoteIf you register with an employment agency you may be asked for your tax file number, especially if it is for temporary employment. The next group of letters areprospecting or unsolicited lettersforcold calling,(or cold carillon ) found through research or from leads found throughnetworking. The are still referred to as job application letters , but the content is very specific. Cold calling means contacting prospective employers who have not advertised a job.The jobs may be available but they are in the hidden job market as I am sure you are aware. That is, they have not been advertised for any number of reasons. Looking back on thethree questions to keep in mind 1. Your target group isthe prospective employersyou identified in yourresearchwho employ people with your skills and qualifications. (Discussed at great length inCold Calling. ) 2. The purpose of the letter is toobtain an interview for any future vacancies. 3. You need to make your purpose clear to the employer or contact..Networkingis an even more effective job search method. However, job seekers tend to shy away from it. Nevertheless, it has been proven that job seekers want to know about cold calling, so if you feel you can learn skills to write a cold call job application letter, we fully recommend you also readNetworking for Success. It really is easy if you follow our proven method. explore shows networking is still extremely effective in fact in a good job market it is most effective, especially in the IT and the exploit industry, which has traditionally been an industry where people network. Some research goes as outlying(prenominal) as to say that over 85% of jobs are found through the networking). When you first contact people in your network by phone or letter you are not petition for a job. alternatively your aim is to generate job leads. Once you get these leads you will then write a cold calling letter. 7. Cold calling job applications a. To an employmentagency or recruitment firm A letter of enquiry to a recruitment/employment agency to register your interest in being referred to an employer for a job in your area of expertise. b. trail to a companyThis type of prospecting letter requires you do a lot of research and you must demonstrate that you know what the company does and how you can decease into the organisation. You need to be very specific about the skills you can bring to the job and how you can contribute to growth of the company. Dont actually say how you can improve processes or outcomes, as this suggests that the company is not performing, but state clearly how such outcomes were achieved in past positions. 8. Networking letters You need two different types of letters. 1. To a person in your network.Here you want to generate lea ds. Remember, you are not asking for a job, rather you are asking for advice. 2. You will probably then follow up with a letter of introduction to someone who has been referred to you through your network. This last letter is a cold call letter, but maybe referring to your source if appropriate. If you can do this (you need permission from the person who gave the lead), it is more effective. Writing these letters are instead different to any other job applications . Find out how to network effectively. Your first challenge is to get your letter opened.Opening statements are very important. They start your letter with impact. Opening statements can be found, inWrite A Winning job applications. A warning of each of these types of job applications can be found inSample Job Applications Why you shouldnt use a one- fits- all job application letter By far the most common mistake job seekers make is to useone fits alljob applications that they have copied from the internet or developed t hemselves as a generic letter and altered slightly. You will maintain this company does not offer a generic job application letter (cover letter) service.Each letter you write must be alter to that particular job and the company, which will require research. Even professionals with high aim skills often want a generic application letter create verbally when they order their resume. Most resume companies include these job applications in their services. We dont, for all reasons stated in this section. There are excellent sample job applications found on job search websites. However, most of these job application sample letters are directed at the professional applier especially for the high achiever or would be high achiever.Your job application letter is an example of your communication skills, so dont set yourself up to fail. Recruiters can spot a letter that has strung together from phrases from sample job application letters and the sections you write will be entirely diff erent. We see the same with resumes. Therefore, some application samples provided on this site are directed at the middle of the road job vacancies and skill level, and show you the process used, so you can develop your own letter writing skills. SeeSample job applications.It is highly recommended that you readWritingApplications Using Marketing Techniques,which shows you how to use effective content in your application letter. This section is invaluable and contains examples of opening night and closing statement examples and shows you how to ensure your job applications use features and benefits. So no need to look for you beaut sales pitches. The letter is strong on its own. As stated, what is common to all job applications is the need to sell yourself. It is easier to sell yourself if you have a professional background and harder if you are in ordinary white and blue collar occupations.However, no subject area what level of job you are applying for you can still writea job app lication letter using marketing techniques that catch the readers attention, as long as youaddress the employers needs, and therefore their expectations. (Go toWrite A Winning Job Application Letterto take a chance out how to address the employers needs). A good job application letter or employment letter, is delusive if you do not have a resume that clearly backs up your claims in the letter. (exception career change letters. ) SeeResume Writing. If you want more guidance you should consider using letter writing software.Powerful opening statements and marketing phrases can be foundatAmazing report LettersYou just need to address the employers needs, and this excellent software allows you, and encourages you, to do this. An all in one package that looks at occupations with a lot of competition and those with less,that can be changed and personalised. Just ensure you actually find everything in the package as it has a lot of sections. If your resume is worn the best cover letter in the world will not get you a job. if you are not getting interviewshave your resume reviewed.

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Julia Child

Julia squirt interview Me How did you get involved in sp here war II? Julia Child In 1941, at the onset of knowledge base War II, I moved to Washington, D. C. , where I volunteered as a search assistant for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a newly make government knowledge agency. In this position, I played a key out role in the communication of top-secret documents between U. S. government officials and their intelligence officers. My colleagues and I were sent on assignments around the world, holding posts in Washington, D. C. , Kumming, china and Colombo, Sri Lanka.In 1945, while in Sri Lanka, This is where I began a relationship with clotheshorse OSS employee capital of Minnesota Child. Me How come after World War II, did you and your husband Paul move to Paris, France? Me wherefore did you and your husband move to Paris, France after the war? Child Well after the war Paul was reassigned to the U. S. Information Service at the American Embassy in Paris. We both l ooked at is as an opportunity to stimulate a new life, meet new pack, and discover our passions. When we moved here the very first day Paul took me to a restaurant where I had my first French cuisine.If it wasnt for us moving here I would suffer never had a penchant for French cuisine and attended the world-famous Cordon blue cheese cooking school . Me How successful were your cook books in your culinary charge? Child The original newspaper publisher rejected the manuscript, however, due to its 734-page length. Another publisher eventually accepted the 3-lb. cookbook, releasing it in September 1961 under the human activity Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The book was considered groundbreaking, and remained the bestselling cookbook for five immediately years after its publication.It has since become a standard guide for the culinary community. Me How did your television career begin? Child One day I promoted my book on the Boston public television station more or less my Cambridge, Massachusetts, home. I went on the air demonstrated my trademark forthright carriage and hearty humor, by preparing an omelet on air. The publics response was enthusiastic, generating 27 garner and countless phone callsa remarkable response, a station executive remembered, given that station management occasionally wondered if 27 viewers were tuned in. Me Why were you sometimes harshly criticized on your show? Child Occasionally I would fail to wash my hands, as well as what they believed to be measly kitchen demeanor. You are quite a revolting chef, the way you snap hit the books and play with raw m exhausts, one letter read. I cant stand those over-sanitary people Others were concerned about the high levels of fat in French cooking. My advice was to eat in moderation. I would rather eat one tablespoon of deep brown russe cake than three bowls of Jell-O.

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Stylistic Analysis: “To—” by Peter Shelley

Language through Poetry A Stylistic Analysis of Percy Bysshe Shelleys To &8212 A Stylistic Paper Presented to The Faculty of the Department of English imbed of Arts and Sciences Far Eastern University Manila In Partial fulfillment Of the Requirement for the Course Eng C 31Introduction to Stylistics Osabel, Julla C. Panis, Kimberly Nicole S. October, 2012 I. Reaction and its effects on you II. Summary of the Text Percy Bysshe Shelleys To &8212 is cardinal of his melodic rimeis a poem map to stock feelingsideally of the wild-eyed Era.In his poem, the poem is well-nigh an unrequited de lessena term that is utilize when one psyche has strong feelings towards another that is not reciprocated. Or in other linguistic process, someone is in esteem with someone else who is not interested. It is to a fault about realistic and complicated love, which means that the persona of the poem wants to declaim his emotions towards the takeressee tho he fe ared to charge because in rea lity, he knew that it is impossible for them to be together, thus, this depicts the personas complicated feelings or emotions and the reality of their relationship to apiece other.The poem illustrates farewell and goodluck to the addressee. To summarize the poem, it is about a man who is in love with someone else or he secretly in love with, who is not interested. He wants to express his feelings to the addressee but he feared to express it, cod to his complicated emotions, he chose not to say his emotions because in reality, the addressee will not love him back. Instead of obvious insisting his feelings towards the addressee, the man shows farewell and goodluck to the person he loved most. III. Stylistic AnalysisA. Stylistic Tools Phonology Phonology is the correction of how hygienics are organized and use in natural languages. It has a phonological system of a language includes, an inventory of sizables and their features, and rules which specify how deceases interact with severally other. In other speech communication, Phonology is just one of several aspects of language. It is link to other aspects such as phonetics, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics (Sil, 2004). Hence, in Stylistic analysis, Phonology is one of the suited units of analysis in poetry.Basic proceed Patterns Sound devices are resources utilize by poets to express and emphasize the meaning or experience of poetry through the skilful use of hold out. After all, poets are trying to use a foc apply blend of sound and imagery to form an turned on(p) response. The words and their order should evoke images, and the words themselves flummox sounds, which can strengthen or otherwise clarify those images. Sound patterns have different elements that show the nature of poetry, and these are the following 1. Alliteration C-V-CAlliteration is the repeating of the same garner or sounds at the beginning of two or more words immediately succeeding each other, or at short intervals. e. g De wdrops dancing on the drifting dust made for a disconsolate day. 2. Assonance C-V-C Assonance is the repetition of vowel sound sounds in nearby words. It is used to reinforce the meanings of words or to set the mood. e. g Try to light the fire. 3. unity C-V-C Consonance is the repetition of consonant sounds by not vowel sounds. e. g Some mammals are clammy. 4. Reverse poetry C-V-CReverse Rhyme it is the repetition of consonant and vowel sounds which happen at the beginning. e. g brainless, bracelet, brakeless 5. Parafrost C-V-C Pararhyme is the repetition of of starting signal and the last consonant sounds. e. g bat and brat 6. Rhyme C-V-C Rhyme is the repetition of similar sounds. In poetry, the most common kind of rhyme is the end rhyme, which chokes at the end of two or more lines. It is ordinarily identified with lower case letters, and a new letter is used to identify each new end sound. e. g I saw a fairy in the wood, He was dressed all in green. He drew his sword whil e I just stood,And realise Id been seen. 7. repeat is anything that is repeated. e. g goodnight goodnight, parting time is such a lovely grieve that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow &8212 Romeo and Juliet, W. Shakespeare These sounds or elements of sounds are used by the poets to convey the meaning of the text. In this procedure, the poet or source strengthen the vividness of the imagery of the poem to discern its effects or significance of the text. Sound Symbolism Sound symbolism is the study of the call relationship between the sound of an utterance and its meaning (Hinton, 1999).Sound symbolism is long among the worlds languages. Furthermore, sound symbolism plays a significant parting in language, especially at the affective level. Essential to the study of cognitive poetics is the concept of sound symbolism, which has been defined differently by different authors but here refers to cases in which a sound unit such as a phoneme, syllable, feature, or tone is said to go beyond its linguistic function as a contrastive, non-meaning-bearing unit, to directly express some kind of meaning (Nuckolls,1999).Jespersen (1922) made the claims that sounds that are suggestive of meaning (which he claims happens through association, not because a sound intrinsically has a specific meaning) makes words more fit to survive and give them considerable help in their struggle for existence. Mithun (1982) notes that, in many languages, words for noises, animal cries, noetic states, physical states, and actions, termed by Fudge expressive vocabulary, seem particularly tolerant to regular phonetic change.She goes on to give the specific framework of Iroquoian languages, where expressive terms are characterized by special syntactic, morphological, and phonological patterns. communicatory vocabulary and taboo words contain sounds that do not drop dead elsewhere. She also claims that expressive vocabulary in Iroquoian languages is imitative and therefore insusce ptible to phonological change. While she does not make specific claims about certain(p) sounds being related to certain meanings, her data suggest that phonemes do have a relationship to meaning in Iroquoian ideophones, but that relationship may be imitative rather than iconic or symbolic.The significance of sound, sound patterns and sound symbolism is that in terms of writing texts, particularly poetry, it helps the poets or writers convey the message of the text in implicit manner. This may add to the aesthetic effects of writing poetry while on the readers, the favor is that, it helps them to understand, appreciate and feel the emotions of the text that the poet is trying to convey. Every sounds of the text has its meaning, whether it get or gives emphasis to the text. B. Stylistic Tool/ Discussion of coding In this short phonological analysis it begins with the analysis of the sound pattern of the poem.In each sound pattern, it has shaded area where it shows the comprehensibi lity of the analysis after that, the researchers tabulated it to find the oftenness and contribution form the least human activity of sound pattern used up to the most number of sound pattern used. Alliteration, Assonance, Consonance, Rhyme and Repetition To &8212- BY PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY One word is too often juicyd For me to profane it, One feeling too falsely disdained For thee to disdain it One wish is too like despair For prudence to smother, And pity from thee more close Than that from another. I can give not what men call love,But flag thou accept not The worship the heart lifts above And the area reject not, The desire of the moth for the star, Of the night for the morrow, The devotion to something afar From the sphere of our sorrow? As can be seen in the text, the most number of shaded sound patterns belongs to Rhyme. As rhyme pattering is concerned, two types of rhyme to be distinguished. First, in the low stanza of the text, the shaded rhyme words are rhyme has several syllables and the stressed rhyming syllable, which means that this type of rhyme is Feminine (Latham, 2010).While on the second stanza, same as in first stanza of the text, the shaded rhyming words are in womanish type expect from the first line of the 2nd stanza. (love), thus, it shows the masculine rhymesingle stressed syllable (Costa,2000). The least number of sound pattern used in the text is the Consonance. The sound /t/ occur once in the first and second line of the 2nd stanza. In this two lines practically all the consonants are plosives. To them is generally associated a sound of harshness and hardness (Costa,2000). The use of one masculine rhyme in text depicts the persona of the poem which is man, while the remaining feminine rhymes depict the addressee, which is woman. The connection of those two types of rhymes that were distinguished in the text is that, the man, who is in love with the addressee (woman), but the addressee know nothing about the mans feeling to wards her. The use of one consonance in the text, illustrates the volume of hardness of the feelings to the persona to express is least. Therefore, it shows the personas spot which is fearful of expressing his thoughts to the addressee and due to this, it is explained suitable for the theme of the poemunrequited love.Figure 1. Sound Pattern Percentage Sound Pattern Frequency Percentage (%) Consonance 1 5 Assonance 3 16 Alliteration 4 21 Repetition 4 21 Rhyme 7 37 TOTAL 19 100 As revealed by the number of percentage of the sound pattern used in the poem, Rhyme has the most number of percentages. This shows that rhymed stanzas are used in lyrical poetry. Traditionally, in romantic era, lyrical poetry use rhymed stanzas to convey or express strong feelings thus, the significant use of the it is that, it reveals the fusion of sound and sense in the poem.

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Chinese VS American Parenting

In late(a) years it has been tell that chinaw ar is far surpassing the United States in footing of education. This raises the problem of Ameri prats falling behind in spheric fight which encompasses in all aspects of a societys success. There is said to be a major correlation surrounded by produceing bearings and the all overall fields competiveness considering education, values, and work ethic is implemented in the home by means of parenting behaviors before a churl ever r from each onees institutionalized give lessonsing.Many persons deal Ameri gouge parenting omits discipline and structure and believe Ameri send aways should adapt a much(prenominal) Chinese style parenting, while many early(a) persons believe that the Statesns should stay with their parenting style to increase global militantness. The problem of Americans falling global competiveness can be addressed in several ways unless looking specifically at parenting styles affects, it boils d profess to a solution either of keeping the homogeneous parenting style, or transferring to a more Chinese parenting style. however an understanding of what a competitory society is, is crucial to objectively find the solution to the problem.A competitive society is based off of 12 newspaper columns according to the 2012- 2013 orbicular scrap Report conducted by the World Economic forum. The hardened-back nine newspaper columns of the Global Competitiveness Report consist of institutions, infrastructure, the macro-economic environment, securities industry size, business sophistication, good market efficiency, labor market efficiency, financial market development and technological readiness. These commencement ceremony 9 pillars are all primarily focused on the government activity regulations and productivity of business.The last three pillars, although still affecting productivity, stems from education. They include wellness and unproblematic education, exalteder education and tr aining, and Innovation. The health and primary education pillar is self-explanatory. Stressing the need for healthy and competent workers, it explains that even basic education increases each mortal workers efficiency. Workers, who keep back received minimal primary education, are limited to simple manual tasks and find it more heavy to adapt to the advanced production processes. Higher education and training correlates with the foregoing pillar.Also advocating for higher education in the work place, it dictates that a society can non rest competitive without the ability of workers to perform more complex tasks determined by the evolving call for of the economy. The twelfth pillar, is innovation. Innovation is so important because unlike the other factors affecting the economy, technological innovations will continue to raise living standards and decreedly affect the global economy over time. Innovations open a wider prune of possibilities and approach the frontier of knowle dge which in turn greatly advances an economy.American parenting can outflank be classified into the category of authoritative Parenting. Finding a balance mingled with support and control, parents of the authoritarian method acting believe the outmatch way to parent is to support their children in their goals in a positive manner while still maintaining boundaries and rules. dogmatic parents are said to have found the happy median. unconditional Parents hunt down their method by being truly responsive, unionate, stern, and understanding. These parents express their love for their children unconditionally, and do not collide with away their love as a punishment.Instead, punishments are implemented with usual understanding of the wrong doing and the appropriate consequence. Authoritative Parents believe parenting is a deuce way street, and then attempt to consider their childs scene equally to their own. American parents objectives for their children generally do not lie solely within Academics. Wishing the scoop up for their children overall, they stress the needs of other factors including, sociability, individuality, self-reliance, happiness, and self-motivation. This information on Authoritative Parenting is derived from an article by Gwen Dewar.Despite a slight biased towards Authoritative noted, it is reliable. It considers other factors in parenting, and asses its own argument, and to a fault presents the same information on parenting as other trustworthy sources. The first graph to the right shows the GDP per captia, compared to the scale of Global Innovation powerfulness determined by the organization itself. The sizes of the bubbles are based off of population. As you can see, China toss outs far behind the USA in terms of the innovation spectrum. The second graph to the left shows this again.The United States are rated 57.7 in their innovation performance, while China isnt even on the map. However it should be noted, that to the side of the diagram is a box where it shows who is innovating most aftermathively, and the deluxe of this category belongs to China. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific support for the American Parenting style in the United States however, it should be considered that the majority of studies that support this method primarily focus on white American students, and not the effect of this method on other cultures.Also, it should be noted that the majority of sources documentation this method are either American or European, which are areas that Authoritative Parenting styles dominate. Looking from an American perspective therefore it would be the overall consensus that American parenting style is superior and that American parents shouldnt drastically change their methods in order to raise the overall competiveness of the nation. Chinese Parenting can be considered as authoritarian parenting. These parents believe by showing very low support, only also being highly demanding a nd restrictive, they will best rear their children.Authoritarian parents execute their method by setting high expectations for their children. These expectations lie solely with academics and the parents paying attentiones for the child. Expectations in this style of parenting, that are set, are undisputable. Communication between the parent and the child are one way, with the parent in control. Authoritative Parents of this method have been heard to degrade their children, threaten them, and lie to them, in order to motivate them. Parents also mightiness withdrawal of their love and affection as a punishment to their children not living up to these set expectations.And while this might seem harsh to an American mother, it is to other cultures, devotion. By pushing their children to the best they can be, they are thought to be doing what is best for the child. Chinese parents objectives for their children revolve around complete perfection. They wish for their children to excel at academics, be extremely obedient, and possibly even outperform the violin. These expectations are extremely high, but their intense method makes it possible. An example of a stereo typical Chinese household would be Amy Chuas.In The Hymn of the tiger Mother she explained her method of restrictions, and her expectations of raising her two daughters. Amy Chuas children were forbidden from tending a sleepover having a play date, be in a instill play, complain about not being in a work play, watch TV or play computer games, choose their own extracurricular activities or get any grade less than an A. These standards were high and some could say harsh, but Amy Chua produced success American parents all over the country were appalled by the intensity of Mrs. Chuas parenting style however not many parents can produce Yale students such as Amy Chuas has.In Amy Chuas household success was produced, and looking overall at Chinese parents, many other parents have produced success also. The following graph shows the bod of PhDs the U. S. earned compared to the number of PhDs China has earned in the 2002 to 2010 span. As you can see China has had a drastic increasing in the amount of PhDs earned, while the US has had a much more modest growth. This can be attributed to the stress of education in Chinese households. In 2010, China surpassed the US in terms of PhDs. Also it has been proven that China is in front of the United States when it comes to the OECD reading school score.Standardized testing is important when it comes to a competitive society because these tests measure education, and education is crucial to any work force. When considering whether or not the Chinese method is superior, it must be noted that the lack of warmth and affection can harm a childs social functions, and lead to a dependence on ones family. It also should be recognized that sources used were primarily written by American authors and researches in a negative light, therefore it was my r esponsibility to correct the information in a way that supported the Chinese method of parenting.American parenting raises stable, academically well rounded, and creative students who contribute effectively to the nation, and as seen, in terms of global competitiveness, the U. S. and China are neck and neck. The U. S. is superior in creativity, while China is superior in standardized testing. Both these factors are crucial to a global economy considering they translate into the innovation pillar and the educated work force pillar. Therefore the US might lag behind in terms of standardized tests but they nation makes up for it in the Innovation index.Chinese and American styles of parenting promote different values and therefore produce children who excel at different aspects. I also believe that the more successful parenting style depends on the culture. Culture determines which method is more effective because parenting styles are embedded and formed by each individual culture. Im planting a foreign parenting style that doesnt correlate with local beliefs would be detrimental for a child due to social pressures, the conflicts of beliefs, and the collision of school and the home.For example, an American child would not respond well to authoritarian parenting because of Americas modern, expressive culture, as a Chinese child would not respond well to authoritative parenting because of Chinas traditional, conformed culture. The conflict between society and parenting styles would lead the child astray, and away from success. Therefore the United States Authoritative parenting style is most effective because another parenting style wouldnt extend with parents beliefs or objectives and would actually decrease Americas global competiveness.The problem of America falling behind in global competiveness can not be solved by adapting to a more Chinese style parenting. As previously mentioned, the U. S. parenting style creates children that excel at other aspects than s imply just standardized testing. Also another parenting style would clash with belief systems and cause detrimental harm to a childs development, and eventual success. Therefore the solution is to stay with the original parenting styles. This might appear as a rudimentary solution to a very complex issue however when specifically looking at parenting styles, it is the best way to achieve high global competiveness,

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Economic Analysis Of An Oligopoly Market Structure

NEW YORK Feeling bad about the frugality? Indulge a little, tolerate a pa. Marketers at Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. atomic number 18 reckoning on that sentiment to appeal to consumers overwhelmed with a drumbeat of bad stinting recents. What people want to do is pause and refresh, said Coca-Cola foreman selling officer Joe Tripodi. Pepsi, the worlds second-largest easy make merry maker, launched a modern merchandise endure at the beginning of the year, while No. 1 nose butt jointdy launched its stir up three weeks later.Soda makers, who have seen their naughtyest-profile products discharge ground to energy drinks and wrongy bottled pissing in recent years, argon turning away from the lifestyle grocery storeing that has dominated the soda fights. Now, they hope to draw customers back to the old favorites with a simple lure theyre cheaper or at least a snap off value. snows die hard includes 16-ounce plastic bottles of reverse, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprit e and Fanta for 99 cents. The new size could draw people looking for a bargain, in that a 20-ounce bottle appeals $1. 25 to $1. 50.An ad campaign called Open gaiety and tied to the Coke Side of animation ads launched on Ameri croup paragon last week. One spot features devil students sitting across from individually other in a library and flirting by pull competing images of Coke bottles and on their arms. A lot of people have left over(p) the category, Beverage Digest editor John Sicher said last week. Also, a lot of young people have non arriveed the category, so these ads whitethorn help Coke twain recruit new young consumers and re-recruit nigh lapsed ones. Coke plans to run three ads during Sun daytimes broadcast of the Super roster football championship on NBC.PepsiCo spokeswoman Nicole Bradley said PepsiCo would air five to six-spot minutes of commercials for bottled drinks during the Super Bowl, making it the biggest advertiser for the secret plan. The ads will feature Pepsi, Gatorade, PepsiMax and SoBe Life Water. With the launch of its new logo, the connection too has incrementd its number of drink ads on billboards and in other public places such as thermionic vacuum tube stations, bus stops and on tops of taxis. In recent years, as U. S. soda sales fell steadily including 2. 5 percent in the third quarter last year at PepsiCo,while Coke doesnt break out downy drink performance the two false to other bottled drinks for growth. PepsiCo refocused its drinks portfolio around bottled Lipton teas and Starbucks coffees, its Aquafina bottled peeing, Izze sparkling juice drinks and others.Coke made the biggest drinks acquisition in industry history in June 2007 when it bought Glaceaus VitaminWater for $4. 1 billion. Though its products contain band of sugar, the brand had attracted health-conscious consumers with drink names such as Power-C, Defense, Endurance, Rescue and Multi-V. however chief executive officer Muhtar Kent said las t squ be up that soft drinks are the oxygen of our industry. The chief executives of both soda makers indicated they were refocusing on soft drinks last fall as consumers felt the weight of a recession but it had not yet been officially declared. PepsiCos push is complementary with the trend of shoppers trading down, the companys northwestward Ameri preempt beverages chief Massimo DAmore said Tuesday. He declined to say the company was good- checkted to consumers pocketbooks. We will not communicate on footing, he said in an interview. Value to consumers is much broader than set.Its not the primary focus of our marketplaceing. DAmore told reporters gathered Tuesday to hear details of the companys Super Bowl plans that Pepsis drink portfolio is the exact ammunition it of necessity to win in the current climate. Chief Executive Indra Nooyi has said the company which also owns the Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Gatorade and Quaker brands aims to slow the decline of U. S. soda sales. Bo th companies are grappling with how to hold on to consumers that have grown wary of the high-fructose corn syrup that is used in a wide variety of bottled drinks, from soft drinks to bottled teas and energy drinks.David Schardt, senior nutritionist at the nonlolly Center for scholarship in the Public Interest, said the companies latest campaigns are not going away to improve public health if sales of sugar-based sodas do rebound. We already drink too many of our calories he said. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF AN OLIGOPOLY food market STRUCTURE 1. INTRODUCTION 1a. ARTICLE SUMMARY Not many corporations can boast of a 100 Year rivalry. The beverages industry witnessed such vehement rivalry between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.One can say that the competition between the corporations was and however isso intense that it could be likened to sibling rivalry. The product offerings of both companies are so similar, if Pepsi were to offer a new product it wouldnt be surprising to see Coca-Cola follow suit. Pepsi has always taken the lead in developing new products, but Coke soon learned their lesson and started to do the same. The companies not only compete in soft drinks, but also have branched out to other beverages including coffee, juice drinks and even water system. As the companies lose their market share in energy drinks and pricy bottled water in recent years now they refocus on soda pop to draw customers back.PepsiCo is innovative with launching a marketing campaign of new logos while Cokes campaign is hurt strategy with a range of cheaper products. The fact is each company is flood tide up with new products and ideas in order to add their market share. The creativeness and effectiveness of each companys marketing strategy will ultimately locate the winner with respect to sales, additions, and customer loyalty. 1b. JUSTIFICATION OF THE TOPIC Pepsi and coke maneuver over 75. 3% of market (as shown in the figure 1).These two companies have significant control over the direction of the market in scathe of footing, quality and taste. This clearly indicates that the industry has a duopolistic structure. It is not easy to enter into the market as it needs a large investment and can expect the big impostors to crush into the competition. The presence of barriers to entry protects the present players from competition from new firms. The companies compete on product differentiation either through with(predicate) product itself or through heavy publicizing to reduce the rubberlike of direct for their product.Clearly the industry is oligopolistic with the market shared between these two firms, and the oligopoly characteristics of high concentration ratio, fewness, high barriers entry, product differentiation and mutual interdependence apply. predict 1 Source Beverage Marketing Corporation, New York. Retrieved from www. beverageworld. com > data and statistics on 4/10/2008 2. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS A firm nether oligopoly faces a kinked demand cur ve (see figure 2). The academic degree of the kink is the point of the established market price.The kink of the demand curve suggests that a rivalry would react asymmetrically to price increases and price decreases by the firm. Suppose the price is established at $1. 99 for a six-pack of either Pepsi or Coke. Lets consider the demand curve for Pepsi. If Pepsi increases its price to $2. 49 per six-pack, it will lose some of its market to Coke along the AB component of the demand curve. Pepsi will be able to sell 500 six-packs a day instead of the pilot burner sales level of 1000.Coke is likely to stay at $1.99 and enjoy the additional sale, as some people who were originally purchase Pepsi will be switching to Coke. If Pepsi lowers its price to $1. 49 to gain an profit over Coke and increase it sales to 1500 six-packs, it may not succeed. The increase in sales by Pepsi to 1500 can only happen if Coke did not react to Pepsis price cut. However, Coke is likely to match the price r eduction by Pepsi to protect itself against divergence of market share. As the solution of price cuts by both Pepsi and Coke, there will be an increase in sales by both &8212 at least partly at the expense of smaller competitors.The sales of Pepsi increase to 1300 six-packs per day from the original 1000. This is along the BC segment of the demand curve. wherefore, there are two demand curves facing PepsiAB relatively elastic for price increases and no reaction by Coke, and BC relatively inelastic for price decreases and price matching reaction by Coke. This explains the kinked demand curve for Pepsi and similarly for Coke. describe that the kink in the demand curve is at the established market price. It is also important to realize that the established price tends to be maintained.Neither Pepsi nor Coke will be inclined to raise their price since it would cause loss of sales and market share to the rival. Also neither of them is particularly interest in lowering the price and starting a price war since the outcome is loss of profit for both in favor of consumers. The profit maximization level of output can be determined by adding to the demand-MR model the cost curves for a firm under oligopoly. The profit maximise level of output is 1000 six-packs of Pepsi, where MC = MR. Pepsi can sell this step at $1. 99 according to the demand curve.The average total cost of production at 1000 level of output is $0. 99 per six-pack. Therefore the company is making $1000 a day of economic (or excess) profit as illustrated in Figure 3. An interesting observation is that the profit maximization of oligopolies, generally, occurs at the kink of the demand curve, which in-turn represents the established market price and market shares of the oligopolies. Another observation is that moderate modifications in the cost conditions of oligopolies do not cause a change in their profit maximization bar and price as long as they are in the steep range of the MR curve.This im plies that technological improvements that lower the cost of production or change in the price of inputs encountered by an oligopoly would not lead to a quantity or price change. We therefore suggest that under an oligopoly market prices are rigid. Firms especially avoid lowering their price from fear of igniting a price war. Instead oligopolies resort to non-price competition such as advertising. Price wars can and occasionally do occur when one of the dominant firms in the oligopoly market experiences a significant decrease in its production cost and onset to increase its market share.Coke and Pepsi know that they are spending millions of dollars on advertising just to counter each others ads. publicise game will provide us with a modeling framework indoors which to show the choice that the managers of oligopolistic firms face. ( see figure 4) Although it would increase both firms final payments if both play Less Advertising, this cannot be easily achieved. According to the preceding(prenominal) payoff matrix, playing intense Advertising yields a higher payoff for Coke no matter what Pepsi does. In other words, Intensive Advertising is Cokes dominant strategy.Similarly, Intensive Advertising is also Pepsis dominant strategy. Given that there is no guarantee the other player plays Less Advertising, each player will play Intensive Advertising, which is the unique Nash equilibrium of this game. 3. CONCLUSION Sales of carbonated soft drinks have been declining in US for several years, as consumers turn to a growing number of new beverages like enhanced waters, sports drinks and energy drinks. But the problems have accelerated in a volatile economy, with consumers eating at restaurants less and buying fewer grab-and-go beverages.In addition, consumers are increasingly choosing tap water over other beverages at restaurants and at home to help economize money and the environment. Both companies have also relied on finding new markets, especially in foreign countries. Although the goal of both companies are scarce the same, the two companies rely on somewhat different marketing strategies. The companies must be willing to accommodate their target markets. They have to always be creating and updating their marketing plans and products. Gaining market share occurs when a company be one-step ahead of the competition by knowing what the consumer wants.

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Public Space Planning

universe space provides the grounds for cities to be seen and experienced. Whether it is a squ be, a market, or a park, world space in cities has been noted as the place where ideas ar exchanged, city identity is built and citizenship is learned (Carr et al. , 1992 Low, 2000 Goodsell, 2003). Such places are all important(p) and even necessary for citizens to enjoy a good quality of purport and well-being (Relph, 1993). Historically, public places have played an important role in cities in many cultures.Public spaces such as the Greek agora, Spanish plaza, and compound town square provided a place for markets, celebrations and civic life to dilate (Carr et al. , 1992). In modern cities public spaces play many diverse roles they are sites of recreation, economic development, consumption and community they take shape as plazas, put and urban entertainment areas they mean many things to many people and merchantman establish an identity for a neighborhood or a city at large. Pu blic spaces, in any incarnation, are important to civic life (Goodsell, 2003).While we may have a good grounds of wherefore public spaces are important in cities, what is still largely unbeknown(predicate) is how the supply process itself contributes to the development of these important places. In addition to understanding the role of public spaces in cities today, the means of public space creation, the key interests, processes, and motivations involved with their construction, must also be scrutinized and better understood in order to come to a full understanding of how public spaces reach out their desired goals.Two case studies were chosen to illustrate approaches to public space proviso Torontos Yonge Dundas even up and the metropolis of Mississaugas City Centre Parks. These sites were chosen because of their similarities and also because of their differences. Both sites were intended to achieve similar goals of creating a good sense of place and creating new opportu nities for economic development in their cities. Their efforts, though, are winning place in very different contexts and employ different planning approaches.In Mississauga, a rapidly growing city with a developing business district core, a placemaking process featuring public workshops and staff training was used. In the Yonge Dundas Square example, located at one of Torontos historic commercial nodes, a public-private partnership was used to achieve the goals of the project. In addition, the cases are also at different stages in their development. The Mississauga project has only completed its initial visioning and explorative design stages while the Yonge Dundas Square project is nearing completion.In choosing these disparate cases, I was qualified to explore the strengths and weaknesses of different styles of public space planning. Specifically, these cases allowed me to investigate differences between what seemed to be a tightly controlled planning process in Yonge Dundas S quare and a seemly very public planning process in Mississauga. Ultimately, the the standardiseds ofness of these cases helped me to elicit relevant criticisms and policy recommendations for planners of public space, regardless of the process they are working within.Through research about these case studies, key informant interviews and in-depth abridgment of planning documents and relevant literature this report presents a critique of public space planning processes practiced in the context of Yonge Dundas Square and the City Centre Parks. While having goals that use the language of sense of place, the planning processes active are more effective in serving the economic goals of the projects. Because socio-cultural goals like sense of place are defined broadly and grow everyplace time, the planning process does little to directly address them.Ultimately this report suggests that socio-cultural goals like sense of place should not be removed as a goal of public space planning, but rather, the planning process should undertake to reconcile economic and socio-cultural goals. By increasing awareness of the importance of the socio-cultural mapping of public space through educational outreach to developers and the public at large, as well as by incorporating socio-cultural goals into long-term strategic plans and mission statements, municipalities squeeze out more effectively create public spaces that are not only economically strong, but also socially important to their citizens.

Nokia Applying Art of War Essay

Sun Zi cheat of state of war is wiz of the oldest and most victorious books on military strategy. It had an influence on Eastern military thinking, craft tactics and beyond. In this assignment, we will apply Sun Zi Art of War Theories into companies chosen, Nokia Firstly, our assignment is based on Chapter Four ( liking of the Army) of Sun Zis Art of War. One of the key points of Chapter Four is ab out(a) a skillful common will mark undefeatedness when waiting the fortune to offend or concur the enemy.In trading circles, we turn everyplace to create opportunities to defeat and set conditions to ensure that we would non be defeated by rivals. Furthermore, a skillful world(a) should possess to evaluate the chances of achievement. There ar five stages that take up to assist into. There be estimating the degree of difficulty, assessing the scope of operation, calculation of own forces, affinity of forces and establishing the chances of victory. All of these stages be subroutineful till todays ancestry practices.Nokia is a confederation involved in digital technologies, including roving shouts, telecommunications communicate, receiving set data solutions and multimedia terminals. Nokias bill is from 1865 when engineer Idestam established a wood-pulp mill in southern Finland and start manufacturing paper. The beginning of Nokias travel into telecommunication was is in 1960, Nokia? s Cable Works Electronics division started to conduct research into semiconductor technology. Content Re juveniled to our topic-Weaknesses and Strengths, we would like to use a ener puffic resound caller-out as an example, which is Nokia.Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications corporation. Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile kinks and in convergence Internet and communications industries. It is the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile teleph cardinals and it produces mobile devices for every major market segment . Offending and unde rpining is one of the portions in Sun Zi concepts. Sun Zi verbalise Those who were skillful in war ensued that they would not be defeated and then waited for opportunities to defeat the enemy.It agency that we not only need to antiaircraft gun that need to agree too. Besides waiting for hances to attack, we need to back up ourselves from being defeated by competitors too. This concept is being applied on sophisticated business strategies and practices. We shtup see that Nokia is skillful in warf ar (business world). Besides produces mobile think, Nokia as well as offers Internet serve such as applications, games, euphony, maps, media and electronic messaging. Apart from that, Nokia in like manner comes out with assorted model of mobile phone, for example, N-series, Xpress Music series, Supernova series and others with different parting to cast different range of mobile phone users.Besides that, Nokias subsidiary Nokia Siemens Networks produces telecommunications ne twork equipment, solutions and services and it besides engaged in providing uncaring digital map information and navigation services through its wholly-owned subsidiary Navteq. From this we tummy see that Nokia not only attack its competitors by producing different kind of booth phone barely too defend itself by having other products and services other than carrel phone. At the resembling time, Sun Zi likewise mentioned that the ability that is preventing defeat depends on oneself, while the opportunity for victory depends on the enemy.Nokia has its own preventing defeat ability by having their own professional designer and Research & Development department. Their designers are assigned to design some new and attractive model to attract different level of mobile phone users while research and cultivation are carried out to invent some new function to advance the quality and value of the cellular telephone phone. Apart from that, Nokia is now planning to have collabor ations with competitors.Alongside pursuing this goal of nurturing more innovative partnerships, Nokia will to a fault be looking to explore new product categories for Symbian and Smartphone technologies, extending the reach of higher-end technologies into mid-range devices after(prenominal) they addresses a need for many people looking to downgrade to slight expensive products, especially in such fragile economic times. Nokia also comes out with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as it offers unique value for those who want to welcome their music on the move, after found that all touch screen devices are sold popularly planetary.Besides that, Sun Zi also said play off when military strength is weaker than enemy and attack when forces are besotteder than enemy. This rigorouss that we should defend when forces and resources are inadequate and attack when forces and resources are more than abundant. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Nokia ran into serious financial problems due to its h eavy losings by the television manufacturing division and businesses that were just too diverse.The company responded by streamlining its telecommunications divisions and by divesting itself of the television and PC divisions. After the strategic change, Nokia gained a huge increase in sales from Finland to North America, South America and Asia. The exploding worldwide popularity of mobile telephones had made the company the worlds largest mobile phone manufacturer. With solid foundations and sound financial situations, Nokia has recently plans to perplex Salo plant operate mode to further increase production speed and efficiency for a growing Smartphone market.Besides that, Nokia also merge with Intel to be software platforms for afterlife computing devices. Sun Zi said A skillful general studies the slipway that quite a little lead to victory, and set up proper organizational twist and adjudge, and maintain law and order which will lead to victory. The soulfulness unde composed in warfare not only cultivates his moral code but maintains law and order. In this way, he is able to develop policies that visualise victory and defeat in war. For example, Nokia has a proper organizational structure and control.Nokia comprises deuce-ace business groups which included Devices, Services, Solutions and Market. The four units receive operational support from the bodied Development Office which is also trusty for exploring corporate strategic and emerging growth opportunities. The Devices division is responsible for developing and managing Nokias mobile device portfolio, including the sourcing of components. The Services division operates in five areas of consumer Internet services music, maps, media, messaging and games.This group works with companies outside the telecommunications manufacturing to make advances in the technology and bring new applications and possibilities in areas such as online services, optics, music synchroneity and streaming med ia. On the same time, the Solutions division is responsible for Nokias oblation of solutions, where the mobile device, personalized services and content are integrated into a package for the consumer while the Markets division is responsible for the management of the supply chains, sales channels, brand and marketing functions of the company.Discussions When we discus about Nokia is company which the first of all enters into the business field has the priority to gain the market and has advantages over other companies. Actually, this is not easy being a marketing leader in this industry the rick was also instrumental to take in Nokias worldwide effort to assure the financial strength and flexibility. This strong financial are cooperate the company able to have a very strong and efficient human resource team.This strong financial background help company to attack its competitors by producing different kind of cell phone and also defend itself by having other products and services other than cell phone. Nokia believes it should be easy to share information and content between our cell phone and other devices you use everyday such as PC and the web. This way it is easy to grasp everything synchronized and ensure people forever and a day have access to the things they love, such as music, and the services they use, such as navigation, whenever and wherever people need them. The average person spends between one and two hours per day in their car.Given that their cell phone not only holds their favourite music but now, if it is a Nokia cell phone, comes with bounteous worldwide navigation services (Maps), the next logical step is to nominate an easy way to connect their cell phone to their car. This way services and content from the mobile slew be fully integrated with the in-car speakers, displays and control systems. Just as importantly, though, this connection should be two-way so that the cell phone can access performance information from the vehicle it self and come through more relevant information to the driver.Nokia company not only responsible for corporate and technology strategy, strategic alliances partnerships, research, standardization, intellectual property accountabilitys, and venturing. Nokia has a unmortgaged and efficient human resources team that is organizational HR, Business HR, and CPD. These groups work fast with employees and management to create and carry out all people initiatives. They also responsibility for all human resources activity including employee development, management and leadership development, compensation, benefits, staffing and global diversity.The human resource manager also acts as the hosting manager for workplace Resources. This role involves helping Workplace Resources achieve their goals by being a discussion partner for him and his leadership team. Sun Zi said The purpose of airlift such a large army is to achieve wsift and decisive victories. It mean in such a big increase in army is aimed at achieving wsift and decisive victory, before a company want to be success they must raising the employees welfare and their fight heart. RecommendationAs we know, Nokia, which has entered into the mobile phone business since early 1980s, has more advance history than other mobile brand like Sony Ericsson, which entered the field on October 2001. Thus, Nokia should keep on improving their mobile phone and devices by development the element of Sun Zi Art of War. Sun Zi said Those who arrive first at the battleground will have sufficient time to rest and lift against the enemy. Those who arrive late at the battleground will have to gripe into battle when they are already exhausted.In other word, company which the first enters into the business field has the priority to gain the market share and has advantages over other companies. Since the trademark of Nokia has been well-known by mobile phone users, Nokia can gain a number of its loyal customers. Nokia also contin ually to veer and innovative its mobile phones and devices, and more expensive multimedia and enterprise-class devices. Moreover, Nokia has more experience than Sony Ericsson in communication sector.Furthermore, Nokia go with suited with flexibility, adaptability and shaping with their products when the environment mover occur, like economic recession or inflation. Indeed, it should not seek to conform, but to transform itself to suit the environment. Based on chapter six, the person who gains victories by adapting to the ever- changing conditions and situations of the enemy can be considered a legend in warfare. When the company meets the obstacles, they also should be flexible like water by changing their tactics to overcome the difficulty to ensure they are undefeatness by the opponents.The Nokia way of life emphasizes the speed and flexibility of decision making in a flat, network organization, clearly stated by Nokias authorised corporate finis manifesto. The trademark of Nokia has been well-known by mobile phone users, but Nokia company also should redefine its values by develop Nokias official corporate culture manifesto. The trademark of Nokia has been well-known by mobile phone users, but Nokia company also should redefine its values by develop their product to satisfy customer needs and expectation.Its comes out with the slogan, that is Engaging You, Achieving Together, temper for Innovation and Very Human in May 2007. More parade would be committed when the situation dictated so. In addition, Nokia Company need to matching strategies with ground characteristics in the business environment. This is evident in the motley descriptions given to each type of group and the different strategies advocated for them. Based on chapter eleven, Sun Zi emphasized the importance of understanding and exploiting these different grounds.He said that the effective deployment of troops, whether they are strong and weak, depends on the understanding and exploit ation of the terrain. Nokia Company should exploit different branch to selling various type of mobile phone device over the country by fitting the low-cost consumers needs at the right place, in a right time. For example, Nokia offers a free personalized service to its subscribers called My Nokia which located at my. nokia. com. Registered My Nokia users can avail free services as tips and tricks alerts through web, e-mail and also mobile text message.My Nokia Backup is the service needs GPRS connection to get a free online backup service for mobile contacts, calendar logs and also various other files. Besides, numerous ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, games and other things can be downloaded free of cost. Then, Nokia develop some strategic to merchandise their product by using market basket analysis or organize a Nokia white by promote product at a cheaper price in order to gain more market share in this innovative world. Conclusion Through our assignment report, we know that many Sun Zis Art of War concept has been applied in today modern business strategies and practices.This has proof by our assignments research. The studies of Sun Zis theories are use in today business based on the example company we choose, which is the Nokia mobile phone company is very serviceable and effective. Our research had discovered that Nokia had applied the Sun Zis concept of Disposition of the Army as a guideline for achieving the company goals. As a conclusion, the first knowledge we learned through this report is we cannot always attack but need to defend based on different situation. As we waiting for chances to attack, we need to defend ourselves from being defeated.Secondly, we also learned that we can build an invincible defend to make the competitor difficult in attacking us. However, to defeat the competitors, one has to attack and the chances of victory depend on how strong the competitors can defend. The next thing we learned is we should defend when forces a nd resources are inadequate and attack when forces and resources are more than abundant. Lastly, we also learned that the person adept in warfare not only cultivates his moral code but maintains law and order. In this way, he is able to develop policies that determine victory and defeat in war.

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Long Attention Span May Be Resistant To Interruption Education Essay

The cause of giftedness is still problematic. It could be a familial or environment factor or both. Current believing suggests that the splendour of the cistron is greater, though without appropriate nutriment, the happy kid s realistic can frequently stay unrealized. There are some indexs which whitethorn propose a kid is gifted.Some features of giftednessReads early with great intuitionLearns faster with less repeat and patternHas a long aid span may be immune to interruptionUnderstands and thrusts abstractions earlier may disregard inside informationsIs funny and tends to inquire complex questions/Likes to cognize why and how things happenIs speedy to acknowledge relationships, including cause-effect may bread and butter trouble pass judgment the unlogicalIs bored with everyday undertakingsHas big vocabulary and expresses himself goodIs emotion entirelyy sensitive/may overreactIs a acute and watchful percipientEvaluates facts, statements, and individuals critically/Ma y be self-critical, impatient or critical of others senior exalted energyLearns by experimenting and manipulating objects attempts to happen replies to inquiries in unusual waysIs originative, chimerical and original. Displaies extremely developed sense of wit understands gags that age equal would nonThe above features of the skilful kids set them apart from the others. We would be incorrect if we were to state that talented kids are all-around. The fact that this throng of pupils who have been singled out and labeled as talented , are frequently mistaken as sole group of elitists. As a consequence, they are being left out from their equals. The giftedness do hold a great impact in their lives. The great deviation between a talented kid s strengths and failings makes him/her difficult to type anyplace and therefore behavioural occupations occur.The perfectionism in talented pupils leads to high arrange of self-criticism, competition and/or unrealistic public presentatio n outlooks. Hence, given the big lust to fulfill wonder, they feel restricted in analysing a problem-based achievement if there is clip allotment. Task would be excessively easy or excessively hard for them that limits the pupils possibility for success. The talented pupils normally do non hold accurate self-knowledge more or less their ability. They are ace sensitive to societal feedback. Their desire for independency leads to efforts to command the state of affairs. Unfortunately, instructors and others frequently have unrealistic outlooks of high public presentation in all countries systematically, but are self-conscious with differentness and fear superior cognition. When individualism is non valued in for the talented pupils, it give take them to societal isolation because there is no positive use theoretical account present and that their desires and abilities may non fit chances.When utilizing advanced job resolution, gifted pupils tend to pull strings their equals an d instructor. They are non interested in memorisation, repeat, or lower degrees of believing. They are unable to command their emotions and easy frustrated, embarrass or aggressive toward people who create obstructions. This hinders them to hold energy to guard to completion of a end. This could be due to school activities, which are non tell apart or disputing or offer no deepness and complexness.Teachers should non label the talented pupils for their differences and avoid them. They label them to understand them, their background and their strengths so that they can make an inclusive acquisition environment. The instructors beliefs are really of import. Differences should be seen as a norm instead than the exclusion and that every kid is alone. The actions from the instructors can do a difference in the kid s life be it at present or in the hereafter. When the instructors show regard and help to the pupils, they influence the pupils to make the same to othersTo supply the dem ands of the talented pupils in the mainstream schoolrooms and exploit everyone s chance and potency, instructors can tap on these attacks collaborative acquisition, real-life scope acquisition and autonomous acquisition. The ultimate end is to allow pupils to larn about the contents than the instructors giving all the replies, instructors function is to place cardinal constructs, rules and generalisation of content country indispensable for all pupils to hold on.Through collaborative acquisition, pupils with different strengths can work to establishher and they process information in eight-fold ways, giving more thoughts to a group work. This helps talented pupils to kick downstairs their strength, pulling their wonder and sharing penetrations with the remainder of the category. In real-life context acquisition, pupils get to see what is taught beyond text editions, so that talented pupils would non easy stick bored. And eventually, with autonomous acquisition, pupils get to t ake the country of involvements and read up utilizing multiple texts and a assortment of resource stuffs. These give freedom and independency for acquisition, and anyway transfuse the ownership of the pupils work. Cipher sees the air current neither you, nor I. merely when the trees bow down their caputs, the air current is go throughing by. Merely as we can non see the air current, we can non happen, run on, or change intelligence. Yet we see the working or manifestations of intelligence in the behaviours of people. keen pupils do non hold the ability to place their strengths, so make their equals and instructors. moreover if the instructors believe in them and set up a civilization that determine and purchases on diverse endowments, non merely will the talented pupils will profit, all kids would be nurtured, developed and challenged in this inclusive acquisition community in a more pregnant manner. This is when we realize and treasure their intelligence.( 1069 words )

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Discuss issues of reliability and validity associated

Discuss issues of reliableness and hardness associated with the compartmentalisation and diagnosis of neurotic disorders. ( 8+16) A phobic neurosis Is an reasonless caution which Interferes with daily life. For a phobic neurosis to be diagnosed It must meet the bar set by the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. dependableness and severity ar two Important factors when considering classification of mental disorders they must be indue for an accurate classification to be do. Rellablllty and v everydlty be linked because a diagnosis that Is non reliable Is not valid.Rellablllty refers to the consistency, such as questionnaires or scales to evaluate how fearful a person Is about something. Reliability of questionnaires or scales can be measured In terms of whether the test items are un antitheticiated, which Is called test-retest reliability. an early(a)(prenominal) way of assessing reliability is whether two self-employed person assessors give simil ar scores, which is called interrater reliability. Test re-test refers to how consistent results are when the specific query/questionnaire is repeated. brownness et al (2001) conducted study which involved interviewing 1400 patients twice, the second interview occurred within 2 weeks of the first one. The interviews were found on criteria for various disorders in DSM -IV. Brown found that reliability in inter-rater harmony was clear for specific phobia, social phobia and panic disorder wit agoraphobia. Reliability could rent been higher for the various phobias than for other mental disorders because all phobias are associated with bear behavioural symptoms (avoidance of feared stimulus) which makes them well-to-do to diagnose.This suggests hat diagnosis of phobic disorders according to the DSM is reliable all the same largely because phobic disorders are easy to diagnose . Brown et al to a fault examined factors associated with disagreement between 2 interviewers. He found t hat inter-rater unreliability was caused by interviewers disagreeing whether the fear was causing sufficient distress/ contraceptive to a persons life to warrant a phobia diagnosis. It was also caused by patients reports of symptoms changing between interviews which could have been genuine.Another cause of going away between the two interviewers as that they made errors, as the same symptoms were presented to interviewers however different diagnosis given however this could be because they missed Important information. Skyre et al (1991) also found high Inter-rater reliability, 3 cllnlclans assessed 54 patients using SCID-I. He found +72 Inter-rater agreement which shows that phobia diagnosis Is reliable. diagnosis of phobic disorders ld also reliable as Hiller et al (1990) found satisfactory excellent diagnostic agreement In a test- retest study using MDC.Valldlty Is the extent to which a classification system easures what It claims to measure. We can assess the valldlty assoc iated with phobic disorders by disembodied spiriting at content valldlty. Content validity way of life how much the diagnostic system addresses all of the symptoms In a given disorder. Seml merged interviews have high content validity because they were made to the classification system is vaild is to look at criterion validity. This looks into if individual receiving a diagnosis e. g. social phobia are any different to the people who have not been given the diagnosis in predictable way .

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Economic Inequality and African American Kids Essay

Through disclose the short bit The Lesson, Toni Cade Bambara uses a for the first term person constitution style, as well as proper(postnominal) examples to emphasize her ideas, and further prove her point. Bambara illustrates what it is standardized for Afri cease American kids growing up, and the general issue of class, and inequality that African Americans be still facing today. The author successfully states her direct, and by writing in first person, through the character Sylvia, the reader can make a more in depth analysis of the thoughts, behaviors, and interactions of inner metropolis African American kids.Sylvia, the narrator in this story, reveals the true nature of a kid growing up. Sylvia is often found handout off depicted object, making grammar and spelling errors, and kick with inappropriate language. Within the first divide the reader finds Sylvia complaining and swearing active her new neighbor, discharge Moore. Sylvia even goes of topic enough to compare Miss Moore to a garbage man. When describing the setting in the indorse paragraph, Sylvia states that it is puredee hot. It is obvious that she made a grammatical error, in which she meant pretty hot. Though it may be strange for grammar errors, and irrelevant stories be told, it further emphasizes that Sylvia is an ordinary inner city kid, with a lack of discipline, and education. Miss Moore decides to project a teaching moment with the kids just about the neighborly inequality and uneven dissemination of wealth. She proclaims to the kids that the live in poverty, and that they are in the slums of society.Sylvia in her own thoughts does non stand for with Miss Moores statement. So Miss Moore decides to take Sylvia and several of her friends to a spiel store further out of town. When the children inclose the store, they quickly find out that everything is out of their price range, so they move onto some other store. This is when more is revealed about Sylvi a. When she reaches the entrance of the succeeding(a) toy store, she hesitates to go in. Its at this time she feels shy and shameful about departure into this toy store.This is considered the turning point in the story, in which Sylvia is beginning to light up that she does live in poverty, and that many others are more fortunate than she is. Though she knows she has the properly to enter the toy store, she feels as if she doesnt belong here, and she does not feel welcomed. scarce in the last sentence in the story, Sylvia states But aint zippo gunna beat me at nothing. This is Sylvias claim that she will not stay in the lower end society, and that she is not going to leapt her class be a barrier.This is just The Lesson that Miss Moore is trying to teach. She is suggesting that just because at that place is an equality of race, does not mean that there is an equality of class. And though it may seem that The Lesson is directed towards Sylvia and the other children, the real lesson is world direct towards the audience. This is a successful undertake by the author to make greater awareness of uneven distribution of social classes.In conclusion, Sylvia is depicted as a young undereducated African American who is exposed to a whole other spectrum of the social ladder. When this occurs she feels unwelcome in this higher(prenominal) end society, and is shy and shameful. It is at this time she realizes that she does live in poverty, and that she will not be held back because of it. Toni Bambara used the character Sylvia to spread her ideas about the differences found in social classes. Though it may amaze seemed as if Sylvia was the one receiving The Lesson, the audience is rattling the one being taught.

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French Revolutin DBQ

The french Revolution of 1789 realized some changes in the sociable, political, and economical cosmos of France. The French Revolution sparked the beginning for many sore reforms in France that were previously unavailable to the third estate. The things that led up to the French diversity were all caused from within the social, political, and economic world of France. The Social causes for the French Revolution were vary. whiz such problem was the well existence of the third estate.According to Travels in France by Arthur three-year-old the conditions of the third estate were terrible as stack could not purchase mark due to the high prices and the ragged conditions of the children (Document 1). Because of these factors the people were forced to fight each former(a) for a piece of bread alone. other problem was the middle class fellowship of the paradise. According to The French Revolution historiographer Albert Mathiez, the middle class knowledge of the Enlightenment m ade them start the transmutation sort of than the unintelligent working class (Document 3).The social world of France was a front for the mutation to begin because of the people who were mistreated by the government. The political reasons for the Revolution were also varied. one and only(a) such reason was the signing of the solution of Independence. According to Lord Acton, the spark supplied by the signing of the Declaration of Independence was the cause of the French Revolution (Document 5).Another reason was the 3rd estates demands of the monarchy. Some of their demands were to lower the taxes assigned to them, yield definite meeting times, and take votes by head (Document 3). The political state of France did not fare well in preventing the revolution. last the Economic reasons for the revolution were less varied than the others but just as important. virtuoso economical reason for the revolution was the unfair taxes to the 3rd estate.A chart of the tax and set down ow nership percentage in the 1700s clearly shows how much more the 3rd estate was being taxed than the 1st or 2nd estate (Document 2). The economical causes for the revolution most likely set forward the 3rd estate when their request for a tax change was denied. In terminal the French Revolution was a outgrowth of the three different worlds of Frances system Economy, Social, and Politics. The changes caused by the Revolution paved way for juvenile France and spelled out a new season for France.

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Ethics Chapter 1 Quiz

Appendix 2 instructions Click on the box in front of your selected answer. When completed, save and post as an attachment. 1. Which terminal is used to refer to a subordinate separate whose members have signifi brush offtly less control or super advocate over their own lives than the members of a ascendant sort out have over theirs? a. nonage throng b. major(ip)ity group c. secernate group d. fond group 2. In sociological terms, a majority is the alike as a a. mathematical minority. b. numerical majority. c. dominant group. d. subordinate group. 3. Members of a minority or subordinate group . broadly marry outside their group. b. become a part of the group voluntarily. c. are policy-making equals of the majority group. d. share physical or cultural characteristics that differ from the majority group. 4. both of the succeeding(a) are processes that may acquire subordinate groups except a. immigration b. extermination c. annexation d. colonialism 5. Which term is us ed by sociologists to describe a group that is chasten apart from others because of obvious physical differences? a. social group b. ethnic group c. racial group d. formal group 6.Which of the undermentioned is considered a racial group? a. Puerto Ricans b. Jews c. African Americans d. wholly of these 7. The U. S. has used spit out assumption as the standard for race epithet with a. two categories Black and White. b. an elaborate outline describing various combinations of skin color, facial features, and haircloth texture. c. a continuum of about Black to most White. d. a focus on cultural differences. 8. Which term is used to describe a group that is set apart from others chiefly because of its national origin or characteristic cultural patterns? a. ocial group b. ethnic group c. racial group d. formal group 9. Ethnicity refers to a. racial differences. b. differences in physical and intellectual characteristics. c. cultural differences. d. citizenship. 10. Which of the following is considered an ethnic group? a. Puerto Ricans b. Irish Americans c. Mexican Americans d. all of these 11. Which of the following is NOT considered an ethnic group? a. Puerto Ricans. b. Italian Americans. c. Muslims. d. Polish Americans. 12. African American sociologist W. E. B. DuBois express in 1900 that the centurys major problem would be . class differences. b. the color-line. c. wars. d. scantness and disease. 13. Subordinate groups include a. Roman Catholics. b. women. c. deafen population. d. all of these 14. The concept of race is a. placed by blood type. b. predicated by skin shade increments. c. biologically based on transmissibleally isolated groups. d. socially constructed. 15. Races can be clearly distinguished on the basis of a. skin color. b. blood type. c. genetic resistance to malaria. d. none of these 16. Traditional IQ tests tend to be biased against a. low-class people. b. rural residents. . racial minorities. d. all of these 17. The hierarchi c system for possession of wealth, prestige, or power is called a. ethnic groups. b. stratification. c. age. d. functionalism. 18. Which of the following theoretical perspectives tends to mark how the multiple parts of society are structured to maintain its stability? a. infringe scheme b. functionalist theory c. macrosociological theory d. labeling theory 19. Which of the following perspectives on race and ethnicity tends to stress group tensions between the privileged and the secondhand? a. onflict b. macrosociology c. microsociology d. functionalist 20. The conflict perspective emphasizes a. social change. b. the redistribution of resources. c. the growing of minorities by dominant groups. d. all of these 21. amplify generalizations about the characteristics of members of a group that do not recognize individual differences within the group are known as a. stereotypes. b. pluralities. c. scapegoats. d. self-fulfilling prophecies. 22. Stereotypes are applied to a. gamblers . b. lesbians. c. people with disabilities. d. all of these 23.In certain situations, we may respond to stereotypes and act on them, with the result that dishonest definitions become accurate. This is known as the a. functionalist theory. b. ontogenesis theory. c. self-fulfilling prophecy. d. authoritarian personality 24. The formation of a subordinate-group-dominant-group relationship emerges through a. annexation. b. colonialism. c. migration. d. all of these 25. Which term refers to the physical separation of two groups of people in terms of residence, workplace, and social functions? a. preoccupation b. amalgamation c. segregation d. pluralism