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The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 7

Elena woke to the sound of Damon impatiently rapping on the window of the Prius. She was fully clothed, clutching her diary to her. It was the day after Matt had left them. â€Å"Did you sleep all night like that?† Damon asked, looking her up and down as Elena rubbed her eyes. As usual, he was immaculately dressed: all in black, of course. Heat and humidity had no effect on him. â€Å"I've had my breakfast,† he said shortly, getting in the driver's seat. â€Å"And I brought you this.† This was a styrofoam cup of steaming coffee, which Elena clutched as gratefully as if it were Black Magic wine, and a brown paper bag that proved to contain donuts. Not exactly the most nutritious breakfast, but Elena craved the caffeine and sugar. â€Å"I need a rest stop,† Elena warned as Damon coolly seated himself behind the wheel and started the car. â€Å"To change my clothes and wash my face and things.† They headed directly west, which accorded with what Elena had found by looking at a map on the Internet last night. The small image on her mobile phone matched the Prius's navigation system readout. They had both shown that Sedona, Arizona, lay on an almost perfectly straight horizontal line from the small rural road where Damon had parked overnight in Arkansas. But soon Damon was turning south, taking a roundabout route of his own that might or might not confuse any pursuers. By the time they found a rest stop, Elena's bladder was about to burst. She spent an unashamed half hour in the women's room, doing her best to wash with paper towels and cold water, brushing her hair, and changing into new jeans and a fresh white top that laced up the front like a corset. After all, one of these days she just might have another out of body experience while napping and see Stefan again. What she didn't want to think about was that with Matt's departure, she was left alone with Damon, an untamed vampire, traveling through the middle of the United States toward a destination that was literally out of this world. When Elena finally emerged from the restroom, Damon was cold and expressionless – although she noticed that he took the time to look her over just the same. Oh, damn, Elena thought. I left my diary in the car. She was as certain that he'd read it as if she'd seen him doing it, and she was glad that there was nothing in it about leaving her body and finding Stefan. Although she believed Damon wanted to free Stefan, too – she wouldn't be in this car with him if she didn't – she also felt that it was better that he didn't know she had gotten there first. Damon enjoyed being in charge of things as much as she did. He also enjoyed Influencing each police officer who pulled him over for blasting the speed limit. But today he was short-tempered even by his own standards. Elena knew from firsthand experience that Damon could make himself remarkably good company when he chose, telling outrageous stories and jokes until the most prejudiced and taciturn of passengers would laugh in spite of themselves. But today he wouldn't even reply to Elena's questions, much less laugh at her own jokes. The one time she tried to make physical contact, touching his arm lightly, he jerked away as if her touch might ruin his black leather jacket. Fine, terrific, Elena thought, depressed. She leaned her head against the window and stared at the scenery, which all looked alike. Her mind wandered. Where was Matt now? Ahead of them or behind? Had he gotten any rest last night? Was he driving through Texas now? Was he eating properly? Elena blinked away tears, which welled up whenever she remembered the way he had walked away from her without a backward look. Elena was a manager. She could make almost any situation turn out okay, as long as the people around her were normal, sane beings. And managing boys was her speciality. She'd been handling them – steering them – since junior high. But now, approximately two and a half weeks since she had come back from death, from some spirit world that she didn't remember, she didn't want to steer anyone. That was what she loved about Stefan. Once she'd gotten past his reflexive instinct to keep away from anything he cherished, she didn't need to manage him at all. He was maintenance-free, except for the gentlest of hints that she'd turned herself into an expert on vampires. Not at hunting them or slaying them, but at loving them safely. Elena knew when it was right to bite or be bitten, and when to stop, and how to keep herself human. But apart from those gentle hints, she didn't even want to manage Stefan. She wanted simply to be with him. After that, everything took care of itself. Elena could live without Stefan – she thought. But just as being away from Meredith and Bonnie was like living without her two hands, living without Stefan would be like trying to live without her heart. He was her partner in the Great Dance; her equal and her opposite; her beloved and her lover in the purest sense imaginable. He was the other half of the Sacred Mysteries of Life to her. And after seeing him last night, even if it had been a dream, which she wasn't willing to accept, Elena missed him so much that it was a throbbing pain inside her. A pain so great that she couldn't bear to just sit and dwell on it. If she did she might just go insane and start raving at Damon to drive faster – and Elena might hurt inside, but she wasn't suicidal. They stopped at some nameless town for lunch. Elena had no appetite, but Damon spent the entire break as a bird, which for some reason infuriated her. By the time they were driving again, the tension in the car had built until the old clich was impossible to avoid: you could cut it with a folded napkin, much less a knife, Elena thought. That was when she realized exactly what kind of tension it was. The one thing that was saving Damon was his pride. He knew that Elena had things figured out. She'd stopped trying to touch him or even speak to him. And that was good. He wasn't supposed to be feeling like this. Vampires wanted girls for their pretty white throats, and Damon's sense of esthetics demanded that the rest of the donor be at least up to his standards. But now even Elena's human-sized aura was advertising the unique life-force in her blood. And Damon's response was involuntary. He had not even thought about a girl in this way for approximately five hundred years. Vampires weren't capable of it. But Damon was – very capable – now. And the closer he got to Elena, the stronger her aura was around him, and the weaker was his control. Thank all the little demons in hell, his pride was stronger than the desire he felt. Damon had never asked for anything from anyone in his life. He paid for the blood he took from humans in his own particular coin: of pleasure and fantasy and dreams. But Elena didn't need fantasy; didn't want dreams. Didn't want him. She wanted Stefan. And Damon's pride would never allow him to ask Elena for what he alone desired, and equally it would never allow him to take it without her consent†¦he hoped. Just a few days ago he had been an empty shell, his body a puppet of the kitsune twins, who had made him hurt Elena in ways that now made him cringe inside. Damon hadn't existed then as a personality, but his body had been Shinichi's to play with. And although he scarcely could believe it, the takeover had been so complete that his shell had obeyed Shinichi's every command: he had tormented Elena; he might well have killed her. There was no point in disbelieving it; or saying that it couldn't be true. It was true. It had happened. Shinichi was that much stronger when it came to mind control, and the kitsune had none of the vampires' detachment about pretty girls – below the neck. Besides which, he happened to be a sadist. He liked pain – other people's, that is. Damon couldn't deny the past, couldn't wonder why he hadn't â€Å"awakened† to stop Shinichi from hurting Elena. There had been nothing of him to awaken. And if a solitary part of his mind still wept because of the evil he had done – well, Damon was good at blocking it out. He wouldn't waste time over regrets, but he was intent on controlling the future. It would never happen again – not and leave him still alive. What Damon really couldn't understand was why Elena was pushing him. Acting as if she trusted him. Of all the people in the world, she was the one with the most right to hate him, to point an accusing finger at him. But she had never once done that. She had never even looked at him with anger in her dark blue, gold-spattered eyes. She alone had seemed to understand that someone as completely possessed by the master of the malach, Shinichi, as Damon had been, simply had no choice – wasn't there to make a choice – in what he or she did. Maybe it was because she'd pulled the thing the malach had created out of him. The pulsating, albino, second body that had been inside him. Damon forced himself to repress a shudder. He only knew this because Shinichi had jovially mentioned it, while taking away all Damon's memories of the time since the two of them, kitsune and vampire, had met in the Old Wood. Damon was glad to have had the memories gone. From the moment he had locked gazes with the fox spirit's laughing golden eyes, his life had been poisoned. And now†¦right now he was alone with Elena, in the middle of the wilderness, with towns few and far between. They were utterly, uniquely alone, with Damon helplessly wanting from Elena what every human boy she'd ever encountered had wanted. Worst of all was the fact that charming girls, deceiving girls, was practically Damon's own raison d'tre. It was certainly the only reason he'd been able to keep on living for the past half millennium. And yet he knew that he must not, must not even start the process with this one girl who, to him, was the jewel lying on the dungheap of humanity. To all appearances, he was perfectly in control, icy and precise, distant and disinterested. The truth was that he was going out of his mind. That night, after making sure that Elena had food and water and was safely locked into the Prius, Damon called down a damp fog and began to weave his darkest wards. These were announcements to any sisters or brothers of the night who might come upon the car that the girl inside it was under Damon's protection; and that Damon would hunt down and flay alive anyone who even disturbed the girl's rest†¦and then he'd get around to really punishing the culprit. Damon then flew a few miles south as a crow, found a dive with a pack of werewolves drinking in it and a few charming barmaids serving them, and brawled and bled the night away. But it wasn't enough to distract him – not nearly enough. In the morning, returning early, he saw the wards around the car in tatters. Before he could panic, he realized that Elena had broken them from the inside. There had been no warning to him because of her peaceful intent and innocent heart. And then Elena herself appeared, coming up the bank of a stream, looking clean and refreshed. Damon was stricken speechless by the very sight of her. By her grace, by her beauty, by the unbearable closeness of her. He could smell her freshly washed skin, and couldn't help deliberately breathing in more and more of her unique fragrance. He didn't see how he could put up with another day of this. And then Damon suddenly had an Idea. â€Å"Would you like to learn something that would help you to control that aura of yours?† he asked as she passed him, heading for the car. Elena threw him a sidelong glance. â€Å"So you've decided to talk to me again. Am I supposed to faint with joy?† â€Å"Well – that would always be appreciated – â€Å" â€Å"Would it?† she said sharply, and Damon realized that he had underestimated the storm he had brewed inside this formidable girl. â€Å"No. Now, I'm being serious,† he said, fixing his dark gaze on her. â€Å"I know. You're going to tell me to become a vampire to help control my Power.† â€Å"No, no, no. This has nothing to do with being a vampire.† Damon refused to be drawn into an argument and that must have impressed Elena, because finally she said, â€Å"What is it, then?† â€Å"It's learning how to circulate your Power. Blood circulates, yes? And Power can be circulated, too. Even humans have known that for centuries, whether they call it life-force or chi or ki. As it is, you're simply dissipating your Power into the air. That's an aura. But if you learn to circulate it, you can build it up for some really big release, and you can be more inconspicuous as well.† Elena was clearly fascinated. â€Å"Why didn't you tell me before?† Because I'm stupid, Damon thought. Because to vampires it's as instinctive as breathing is to you. He lied unblushingly. â€Å"It takes a certain level of competence to accomplish.† â€Å"And I can do it now?† â€Å"I think so.† Damon put slight uncertainty in his voice. Naturally, this made Elena even more determined. â€Å"Show me!† she said. â€Å"You mean right now?† He glanced around. â€Å"Someone might drive by – â€Å" â€Å"We're off the road. Oh, please, Damon? Please?† Elena looked at Damon with the huge blue eyes that altogether too many males had found irresistible. She touched his arm, trying once more to make some kind of contact, but when he automatically drew away, she continued, â€Å"I really do want to learn. You can teach me. Just show me once, and I'll practice.† Damon glanced down at his arm, felt his good sense and his will wavering. How does she do that? â€Å"All right.† He sighed. There were at least three or four billion people on this dust mote of a planet that would give anything to be with this warm and eager, yearning Elena Gilbert. The problem was that he happened to be one of them – and that she clearly didn't give a damn for him. Of course not. She had dear Stefan. Well, he would see if his princess was still the same when – if – she managed to free Stefan and get out of their destination alive. Meanwhile, Damon concentrated on keeping his voice, face, and aura all dispassionate. He'd had some practice at that. Only five centuries' worth, but it added up. â€Å"First I have to find the place,† he told her, hearing the lack of warmth in his voice, the tone that was not merely dispassionate but actually cold. Elena's expression didn't flicker. She could be dispassionate, too. Even her deep blue eyes seemed to have taken on a frosty glint. â€Å"All right. Where is it?† â€Å"Near where the heart is, but more to the left. He touched Elena's sternum, and then moved his fingers to the left. Elena fought back both tension and a shiver – he could see it. Damon was probing for the place where the flesh became soft over bone, the place most humans assumed their heart was because it was where they could feel their heart beating. It should be right around†¦here†¦. â€Å"Now, I'll run your Power through one or two circulations, and when you can do it by yourself – that's when you'll be ready to really conceal your aura.† â€Å"But how will I know?† â€Å"You'll know, believe me.† He didn't want her to ask questions, so he simply held up one hand in front of her – not touching her flesh or even her clothing – and brought her life-force in synchronization with his. There. Now, to set the process off. He knew what it would feel like to Elena: an electric shock, starting at the point where he had first touched her and quickly spreading warmth through her body. Then, a rapid montage of sensations as he went through a practice rotation or two with her. Up toward him, to her eyes and ears, where she would suddenly find she could see and hear much better, then down her spine and out to her fingertips, while her heartbeat quickened and she felt something like electricity in her palms. Back up her arm and down the side of her body, at which point a tremor would set in. Finally, the energy would sweep down her magnificent leg all the way to her feet, where she would feel it in her soles, curling her toes, before coming back around to where it had started near her heart. Damon heard Elena gasp faintly when the shock first hit her, and then felt her heartbeat race and her eyelashes flicker as the world suddenly became much lighter to her; her pupils dilating as if she were in love, her body going rigid at the tiny sound of some rodent in the grass – a sound she would never have heard without Power directed to her ears. And so, all around her body, once, and then again, so she could get a feel for the process. Then he let her go. Elena was panting and exhausted; and he'd been the one expending energy. â€Å"I'll never – be able – to do that alone,† she gasped. â€Å"Yes, you will, in time and with practice. And when you can do it, you'll be able to control all your Power.† â€Å"If you†¦say so.† Elena's eyes were shut now, her lashes dark crescents on her cheeks. It was clear that she'd been pushed to her limit. Damon felt the temptation to draw her to him, but suppressed it. Elena had made it clear that she didn't want him embracing her. I wonder just how many boys she didn't push away, Damon thought abruptly, bitterly. That surprised him a little, the bitterness. Why should he care how many boys had handled Elena? When he made her his Princess of Darkness, they would both go hunting for human prey – sometimes together, sometimes alone. He wouldn't be jealous of her then. Why should he care how many romantic encounters she'd had now? But he found that he was bitter, bitter and angry enough that he answered without warmth, â€Å"I do say you will. Just practice doing it alone.† In the car, Damon managed to stay annoyed with Elena. This was difficult, as she was a perfect traveling companion. She didn't chatter, didn't try to hum or – thank fortune – sing along with the radio, didn't chew gum or smoke, didn't backseat drive, didn't need too many rest stops, and never asked â€Å"Are we there yet?† As a matter of fact, it was difficult for anyone, male or female, to stay annoyed at Elena Gilbert for any length of time. You couldn't say she was too exuberant, like Bonnie, or too serene, like Meredith. Elena was just sweet enough to offset her bright, active, ever-scheming mind. She was just compassionate enough to make up for her self-confessed egotism, and just skewed enough to ensure that no one would ever call her normal. She was intensely loyal to her friends and just forgiving enough that she herself considered almost no one an enemy – kitsune and Old Ones of the vampire kind excepted. She was honest and frank and loving, and of course she had a dark streak in her that her friends simply called wild, but that Damon recognized for what it really was. It compensated for the naà ¯ve, soft, ingenuous side of her nature. Damon was very sure that he didn't need any of those qualities in her, especially right now. Oh, yes†¦and Elena Gilbert was just gorgeous enough to make any of her negative characteristics completely irrelevant. But Damon was determined to be annoyed and he was strong-willed enough that he could usually choose his mood and stick to it, appropriate or not. He ignored all of Elena's attempts at conversation, and eventually she gave up trying to make them. He kept his mind pinned to the dozens of boys and men whom the exquisite girl beside him must have bedded. He knew that Elena, Caroline, and Meredith had been the â€Å"senior† members of the quartet when they had all been friends, while little Bonnie had been the youngest and had been considered a bit too naà ¯ve to be fully initiated. So why was he with Elena now? he found himself asking sourly, wondering for just the slightest second if Shinichi was manipulating him as well as taking his memories. Did Stefan ever worry about her past – especially with an old boyfriend – Mutt – still hanging around, willing to give his very life for her? Stefan must not, or he'd have put a stop – no, how could Stefan put a stop to anything Elena wanted to do? Damon had seen the clash of their wills, even when Elena had been a child mentally just after returning from the afterlife. When it came to Stefan and Elena's relationship, Elena was definitely in control. As humans said: She wore the trousers in the family. Well, soon enough she could see how she liked wearing harem trousers, Damon thought, laughing silently, although his mood was darker than ever. The sky over the car darkened further in response, and wind ripped summer leaves from branches before their time. Cat's paws of rain dotted the windshield, and then came the flash of lightning and the echoing sound of thunder. Elena jumped slightly, involuntarily, every time the thunder let loose. Damon watched this with grim satisfaction. He knew she knew that he could control the weather. Neither of them said a single word about it. She won't beg, he thought, feeling that quick savage pride in her again and then feeling annoyance with himself for being so soft. They passed a motel, and Elena followed the blurry electric signs with her eyes, looking over her shoulder until it was lost in darkness. Damon didn't want to stop driving. Didn't dare stop, really. They were headed into a really nasty storm now, and occasionally the Prius hydroplaned, but Damon managed to keep it under control – barely. He enjoyed driving in these conditions. It was only when a sign proclaimed that the next place of shelter was over a hundred miles away that Damon, without consulting Elena, swung into a flooding driveway and stopped the car. The clouds had let loose by then; the rain was coming down in bucketfuls; and the room Damon got was a small outbuilding, separated from the main motel. The solitude suited Damon just fine.

An Analysis of Roberto Matta’s “Eat Us Sir Fire, Eat Us”

UNIVERSITY OF NAMIBIA RESEARCH METHODS FOR VISUAL ARTS ANALYSIS OF A PAINTING YANA JAEGER 201124351 DUE DATE: 15 MARCH 2013 The purpose of this paper is to find a painting, describe it and analyse the piece. The structure of this assignment will be as follows: information about the artist, an overall description of the piece and a detailed analysis. For the conclusion, I shall attempt to interpret the work and give my personal views. The artwork I have selected is a painting done by Roberto Matta, titled â€Å"Eat Us Sir Fire, Eat Us†. Roberto Matta was born in Chile, Santiago 1911, and died in Italy, Civitavecchia 2002.Many artists influenced this painter, such as Dali, Duchamp, Picasso and Tanguy. The inspiration for his paintings and subject matter came from mythology, cosmology and microscopic images. Matta’s subject matter usually included paranoid visions of technology gone amuck, themes of Man versus Machine, otherworldly landscapes, alien beings involved in vari ous unexplainable activities, conflict, eroticism and whimsical fantasy. However, several of his works can be categorised as ‘inscapes’. ‘Inscapes’ is a word created by two other words (also known as a portmanteau): interior and landscape.This conveys some idea of the artist’s psyche and state of mind. Basically, ‘inscapes’ show what the artist’s mind would look like if it were splashed onto a canvas. Matta officially joined the Surrealist Movement in 1937. He was well-known as a Biomorphic Surrealist painter. For clarification: Surrealism was â€Å"A 20th Century movement in art and literature aiming at expressing the subconscious mind. † (The Concise Oxford Dictionary: 8th Edition, 1990, p. 1228) This movement was divided into two styles: Naturalistic and Biomorphic Surrealism.Biomorphic Surrealism can be described as natural occurring patterns or shapes indicative of nature. The images are usually not recognisable, but s ometimes they can be represented by cells or morphing shapes. â€Å"Eat Us Sir Fire, Eat Us† is an oil painting on canvas, created in 1988. The scale is rather large; due to the fact Matta was also inspired by Mexican Muralists, his work tended to be metres in size. It is in a landscape format, thus having a rectangular shape. The focal point is in the bottom left corner where one can see two animal-like figures and perhaps a human figure, holding a jug/vase, standing behind them.Above these figures there is a bright yellow dot, possibly representing the sun or a spark. In the centre is the fire, but it is not clearly recognisable. The only clue to knowing it is the fire is the bright red paint mixed within the shapes and patterns. In the centre right, one can see two feline-type figures facing the fire. The art elements I shall be using to analyse this piece are line, form, tone, colour, composition, style and emotion. Matta used both black and white lines in his artwork. He used them to outline his figures and create random shapes and patterns.The lines are very clear, juxtaposed, some are thin, some are thick and he also incorporated both straight and curved lines. Most of the straight lines lead the eye to the figures in the left bottom corner. There are a variety of small forms with a few dispersed larger forms in this image. The forms are angular and curved and slightly broken, similar to the Cubistic style. The larger forms are placed on either side of the canvas with the smaller forms/shapes placed clustered together in the centre. Matta was famous for using vivid and bright acidic colours in his work. This piece is no different.He used bright red, yellow, acerbic green, orange, a bit of brown, black and white. Red and orange was used for the fire in the centre, yellow for the sky in the top row and left column (Golden Section), green in the right column and bottom row (also Golden Section), black shadows in the entire bottom and centre rows, wh ite for the smoke in the top row and the figures on the left, and lastly brown in the left bottom corner on the rabbit-sort figure. The tones are quite dark, mainly in the bottom and centre where the black shadows are seen, with a bit of lighter tones on the animal figures and the sky.The composition is well balanced due to the placement of the colours and figures. The position of the animals on the sides and the fire in the centre creates a three panelled division in the image. The two Golden Sections created by the yellow and green, creates a sort of diagonal division from the top right corner to the left bottom corner. The lightness of the sky creates a division from the darkness of the earth on the bottom two rows. Clearly Matta used the Golden Grid Rule in this artwork. Matta’s style is very abstract and biomorphic.Nothing is really recognisable, but one is only given a sense of what is going on in this image. At first, feelings of panic, chaos, urgency, angst and heat a re generated from this artwork, but on closer inspection, one feels a sense of calm, warmth and amazement. I feel a sense of emergency created by the fire and its close proximity to the animals, fearing for their safety. However, I also feel a sense of awe and readiness from the animals staring into the fire, as if waiting for something. Possibly the fire is so beautiful that the animals do not feel the need to run away from it.They are all facing towards it, felling no fear. They could be looking at it admirably, or in wonder, transfixed. It reminds me of the Native Americans, the way they huddle near a fire while the sun sets, telling each other stories. It especially reminds me of the theatrics of the medicine-man, who flings dust into the fire creating sparks and heavy smoke, and then ghostly images form in the flames and smoke. This is a form of fortune-telling, to create assurance and set the people’s minds at ease, but this is also used to advise the people to remain a ware and head the warnings.In the title, Matta calls the fire ‘Sir’. This could have been his way of saying that the fire has a higher status and should be respected. It portrays the fire as noble and honourable. Even though the fire seems as if it is out of control, the animals and human look at it intently, and do not hurry in the opposite direction. This blends well with the title ‘Eat Us’, meaning that they are willing to be consumed by the fire. It is possible that this image could be erotic in some way. Dreaming of animals usually represents the subliminal animalistic tendencies of the dreamer, and fire symbolises passion, desire and sex.It could be conceivable that Matta was trying to portray an animalistic love or lust in humans, and we have a subconscious desire to be consumed by it. We secretly yearn to become wild, be devoured by lust, have sex with no attachments and do it for the physical pleasure alone. A very Freudian way of interpreting this painting, I think. Yet perhaps Matta was only trying to say that one should not be afraid of the fire, rather respect and be in awe of it. But what does the fire represent? Itself, or something deeper and more psychological?All in all, this is a very colourful and chaotic piece. It leaves many questions in one’s mind, but that is what makes Matta’s work so enticing; trying to figure out what he was thinking and what he may have revealed about himself, filling the canvas with landscapes of mystery and obscurity. Image Eat Us Sir Fire, Eat us Roberto Matta 1988 Oil on Canvas References 1. The Concise Oxford Dictionary: 8th Edition. (1990). New York: Oxford University Press 2. Rock, T. (1997). Matta Art. Retrieved 13 March 2013, http://www. matta-art. com/

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Corporate Governance In Coca Cola Corporation Commerce Essay

The Coca-Cola Corporation is dedicated to reverberation political orientation of communal authorization. The Board is designated by the stockholders to oversee their concentration in the enduring strength and the mostly achievement of the production and its economic power. The Board provides as the eventual declaration industry organic structure of the concern, excepting for persons affairs retained to or reciprocally shared with the stockholders. The Board elects and administers the associates of superior organisation, who are charged by the Board with accomplish the production of the corporation. The Corporate Governance scheme, all along with the contracts of the all of the Board committee and the solution readying of the Board afford the construction for communal domination at The Coca-Cola Company.Ethical motives Conformity:The nucleus of the political orientation and public presentation plan at The Coca-Cola concern is our marks of Business behavior. The system conducts the concern behavior ; involves unity and dependability in all substances. All of the executives and decision makers are indispensable to analyze and recognize the system and prosecute its instructions in the administrative Centre and liberally proportioned society. The policy is managed by the company ‘s Ethics & A ; Compliance committee. This cross-functional superior disposal group supervises the full rules and acquiescence plans and resolutenesss system violations and ordinance. Our Ethics & A ; Compliance workplace has working liability for sophistication, treatment, analyzing and appraisal associated to the Code of industry perform and conformity concerns. Relates internationally obtain a mixture of moral codification and conformity direction options controlled by the Ethics & A ; Compliance Office. The company often screen and reexamine the concern to attest conformity with the system and the act. Coca-cola besides sustains a changeless remainder of best-in-class values about the universe that administrate how the company examine and keep Code concerns. In 2008, it modifies the Code to advance advancement its efficiency. More than 20,000 contacts concluded more than 30,000 personally and web-based Ethical motives and Compliance counsel conference from August 2007 in the path of June 2008. All correlatives will obtain in the flesh Code of company performs counsel in 2008. The company has skilled the contacts Code of covering accomplish, European Union competition jurisprudence, Latin American resistance jurisprudence, economic dependability, logical ownerships and spirited minds, drug-free bureau and avoids bureau ill will. In 2006, company revolved out a simplified cosmopolitan anti-bribery conformance plan with partizan schemes, preparation and reappraisal. In accretion, it extended the conformity plan in the part of United State operates approved with opinionative policies, direction and audits. Coca-cola associates, bottling co-workers, suppliers, habitues and clients can inquire questions about the Code and former moralss and conformity topics, or statement likely breach, through Ethical motives emanation, a cosmopolitan Web and telephone studies and exposure service. Phone calls are toll-free, and Ethical motives Line is accessible 24 hours a twenty-four hours, seven yearss a hebdomad, with gettable transcribers.Corporate Social Duty:Coca-cola Greece was recently documented for its commercial corporate duty efforts with 3 honours at the honored CSR differentiation Awards formal process. The CSR high quality Awards place achievement transversally all industries, non merely nutrient and drink, and are honoured by a committee includes of converting stakeholders, such as nongovernment associations and disposal representatives. The grasp of quality in 3 kind ‘s exhibits the compulsion of the coca-cola Company has for transporting the promises of subsist confidently phase to life at occupation and in the society. Continuous Achievement Award Human Resources Award Environment AwardVision 2020:The world is changing all around us. To protract to win as a concern for the following 10 old ages and beyond, we need to be required to gaze frontward, place with the inclination and services that will calculate out the concern in the chance and advancement rapidly to form for what ‘s to come. We have to acquire prepared for tomorrow today. That ‘s what the 2020 Vision is all sing. It produces a permanent purpose for the production and supplies coca-cola with a â€Å" Route map † for capturing reciprocally with the bottling spouses.Coca-cola MissionCoca-colas Roadmap commences by agencies of the mission, which is lasting. It proclaims the ground as a corporation and provides as the standard oppose which the company see the public presentation and declarations. To stimulate the universe†¦ To promote minutes of assurance and pleasance†¦ To bring forth appraisal and compose a diverseness.Coca-cola visionThe Company ‘s vision is to supply the construction for the Roadmap and conducts each and every characteristic of the trade by explicating what the company necessitate to carry through in order to protract achieving sustainable, high quality development. â€Å" Peoples: Be an tremendous circumstance to make occupation where individuals are enthused to be the best they can be. Portfolio: convey to the universe a portfolio of excellence drink trade names that predict and convince people ‘s demands and desires. Spouses: cultivate a charming system of consumers and providers ; jointly they produce common, permanent value. Planet: Be a painstaking national that makes a differentiation by functioning concept and maintain sustainable communities. Net income: exploit long-standing reaching to stockholders while being attentive of its all duties. Productiveness: Be an extremely efficient, thin and fast-moving organisation. †Undertaking 2Management of Financial RiskHarmonizing to one-year study, it ‘s clearly apparent that, certain financial hazards faced by Coca-Cola Hellenic occur from unfavorable fluctuations foreign Exchange rates, in involvement rates, merchandise monetary values and other market hazards. Company Board of Directors has accepted the Treasury Policy and graph of Authority, which reciprocally afford the organized model designed for every exchequer and exchequer associated minutess.Currency HazardGiven the Group ‘s operation public presentation, they are showing to a major measure of foreign currency hazard. Coca-colas foreign currency revelation comes up from disagreeable transforms in trade rates with the euro, the US dollar and the exchanges within its non-euro Kingdoms. Operation constitutions begin largely from the stuffs acquired in exchanges such as the US dollar or euro which can ste er to maximal cost of trade in the functional currency of the state. Conversion constitutions occur as several of its processing includes efficient currencies other than euro, and any alteration in the functional currency against the euro impacts our amalgamate income statement and balance sheet when consequences are converted into euro. Coca-cola exchequer program involves the lie of come oning Twelve month estimated operational results contained by the distinguishable least ( 25 % ) and maximal ( 80 % ) exposure phases. Beat around the bushing off from a Twelve month span may originate, subject to convert greatest coverage degrees, granted the estimated minutess are highly believable. Where available, we use derivative fiscal instruments to cut down our cyberspace revelation to currency changeableness. These conventions by and large established in one twelvemonth.Interest HazardThe Team represents to market hazard happening from changing involvement rates, foremost and first in the euro zone. Intermittently they estimate the needed combination of fixed and drifting rate duty and accommodate the involvement disbursals based on the needed combination of debt. They cope up the involvement rate outgo by agencies of an agreement of lasting and drifting rate debt, involvement rate switch and pick cap understandings. Thou gh they have denial topographic point of mark for the mixture of set to drifting rate liabilities, traditionally they have been excess demoing to drifting rates as this has be inclined to move as a expected evade against on the whole concern hazard.Recognition HazardRecognition hazard is inhibited by a probationary process as to the option of likely oppose parties for exchequer traffics. The Company ‘s recognition hazard is handled by establishing a permitted opposition party and state confines, detailing the highest experience that they organized to acknowledge with respect to single counterparties or states. The limitations are reconsidered and observed on an expected footing.Liquid HazardThe common scheme is to keep a least measure of liquidness engages in the construction of currency on the balance sheet when prolonging the stableness of our liquidness engages in the assortment of idle dedicated comfortss, to do certain that the Company incorporate cost-efficient admit to enough economic assets to convene the fiscal support desires. These embrace the everyday backup of all its procedure in add-on as the support of the resource expense plan. In order to relieve the chance of liquidness restrictions, Company make an attempt to prolong a least of a‚ ¬250 million of financial headway. Monetary headway refers to the excess engaged support gettable, subsequently than sing hard currency flows from working public presentation, dividends, acquisitions, revenue enhancement disbursal, involvement disbursal and capital outgo demands. Hazard Map:10High 9 Quadrant II ( Detect & A ; proctor ) Quadrant I ( Prevent at Sources )8Significance 76Low 5 Quadrant IV ( Low Control ) Quadrant III ( Monitor )43211 2 3 4 5Low Likelihood HighThe hazard map places every hazard in the following four Quadrants:Prevent at beginning hazardHazards in this Quadrant are categorized as premier Hazards and are rated High precedency. They are important hazards that intimidate the achievement of concern intents. These hazards are reciprocally considerable in significance and likely to originate. They should be condensed or removed with defensive reins and must be organize appraisal and testing.Detect and Monitor RisksHazards in the quarter-circle are momentous, but they are fewer possible to originate. To do certain that the hazards stay small chance and are administered by the concern appropriately, they require detecting on a revolving base. Detective powers must be positioned into a topographic point to do certain that these high effect hazards will be identified in front of they harvest up. These hazards are 2nd chief concern behind premier hazards.Monitor RisksHazards in the quarter-circle are non really of import, but contain a superior possibility of go oning. These hazards should be watched decently to attest that they are being decently supervised and that their deduction has non distorted due to changing concern fortunes.Low Control RisksHazards in this quarter-circle are every bit unlikely to take topographic point and non considerable. They involve least observant and oversee if non attendant hazard class.Undertaking 3a )Hazard FactorsIn Further the consequent issues, which may extensively act upon the trade, fiscal circumstance or consequences of operations in future periods? The hazards explained below are non the individual hazards confronting Coca-Cola Company. Further risks non presently recognized by company or that they soon consider being inappropriate besides may efficaciously unfavorably impact the concern, economic status or consequence of operations in future periods.Current hazard faced by Coca-colaHealth Concerned RiskCustomers, communal physical status functionaries and authorities functionaries are suitably increasing concerned about the public fittingness effects connected with stalwartness, chiefly between adolescent public. And besides, few research workers, fittingness protagonists and nutritionary proces ss are heartening clients to diminish outgo of sugar-sweetened drinks, together with those sugared with HFCS or other alimentary sweetenings. Rising community anxiousness refering these affairs ; likely new dues and law-making system concerns the advertisement, labelling or handiness of the drinks ; and harmful publicity consequential from definite or endangered authorised public presentation in resistance to the coca-cola or other companies in its industry relating to the advertisement, labelling or trade of sugar-sweetened drinks might diminish demand for company ‘s drinks, which may perchance act upon its profitableness.Environmental HazardH2o ( H2O ) is the major component in significantly all of the coca-cola merchandises. It is besides a partial beginning in several parts of the universe, confronting supreme differences from over use, mounting taint, broken disposal and conditions alteration. As demand for H2O prolongs to heighten all-around the universe, and as H2O beco mes scarcer and the high quality of gettable H2O deteriorates, Company ‘s categorization might obtain increasing production costs or face possible boundaries which could destructively alter the productiveness or net purposeful returns in the drawn-out tally.Business & A ; fiscal hazardThe non-alcoholic drinks concern milieus is hurriedly developing as a consequence of, among other things, alterations in clients dispositions, together with altered based on wellness and nutrition concerned and obesity anxiousnesss ; variable consumer gustatory sensations and needs ; alterations in clients criterion of life ; and spirited merchandise and pricing demands. As good, their fabrication is being affected by the tendency toward consolidation in the market conduit, particularly in Europe and the United States. If they are unable to successfully accommodate to this quickly altering environment, the company ‘s portion of gross revenues, capacity growing and overall economic classs co uld be depressingly affected.Hazard factors which the Company may confront in futureTechnological HazardCoca-cola relies on informations based cognition system and strategies, include the Internet, to patterned advance, broadcast and store electronic information. Particularly, Coca-cola depends on its information engineering communications for digital advertisement public presentation and electronic substructure in its countries about the universe and between Company forces and our bottlers and other clients and providers. Defence misdemeanor of this substructure can make system breaks, closures or unauthorised revelation of classified information. If they are non capable to forestall such breaches, Company ‘s operations could be disrupting, or they might undergo economical harm or loss because of doomed or misappropriated information.Climate hazardThe gross revenues of the merchandises are inclined to several extents by clime fortunes in the markets in which they function. Qu eerly wintry or rainy weather conditions at some point in the summer months could hold a probationary effect on the insist for all its merchandises and contribute to lower gross revenues, which could hold an inauspicious consequence on our consequences of operations for such periods )Risk analysis & A ; direction techniquesRisk direction often concentrates on affairs of insurance. Conversely, there are figure of farther chief considerations when measuring countries of hazard into a large concern†¦ ab initio ; they require every bit dependability and the infrastructural proficiency to do the patterned advance. Second, they should wholly acknowledge their association, and its patterned advances and aims. And thirdly, they must be dwelling of support and keep up from the association and the administrative squad. Coca-cola Amatol ( CCA ) comes under the class of being hazard witting, but non obsessed by dictatorial status. CCA is increasing its hazard direction representation to pull off enterprise-wide and supply to the eventual productiveness of the concern. This consequence will be achieved non merely by prolonging sound concern determinations but besides all the manner through constellation of the organisation ‘s schemes with its stockholders ‘ and investors ‘ aspiration to do certain that efficient concern authorization is in topographic point. CCA, inside the broader coca-cola construction, is on an ERM expedition. They are determined to take out the conventional split and ‘soloed ‘ attack that regularly exists in organisations and they are duty so by taking an blessing and ownership of the hazard direction procedure. At CCA they know the significance of the indispensable values of the ERM procedure. They are: a dedication to the journey ; an sensible model that embraces a general linguistic communication ; a unvarying attack to- no affair the nature of the concern unit or its aims ; a statement signifier that identifies stakeholders, corresponds the class and aims ; and drives literary alteration ; and guaranting advice of the result through an riddance of ‘black holes ‘ or ‘silos ‘ .Risk Management PlanThere are four phases to put on the line direction planning. They are: A · Hazard acknowledgment Hazards Quantification Hazard reaction Hazard Monitoring and ControlTypesThere are several definite hazard direction techniques as there are kind of industry, but one time a hazard has been recognized and considered, mostly attempts at warranting the hazard autumn into four indispensable grouping in malice of the model. The initial, bar, can be every bit easy as non perpetrating in activity that manufactures the hazard, but this non merely eradicates hazard but possible benefits every bit good. Hazard decrease through concrete stairss is far more general, and the specifics will be associated to the type of concern and hazard involved. Hazard transference is besides extremely advantageous as when an accessible pick ; it involves outsourcing the trouble to an extra article such as in the class of get of insurance. Ultimately, hazard saving is predictable in a few instances where the hazards are either unlikely, or the costs of explanatory or reassigning the hazard are inordinate. C ) Communicating with interest holders Many of coca-cola stakeholders consist of all those who are by and large influenced by or who most influenced the means the company run the large concern. This includes clients, consumers, contractors, and workers, Government & A ; supervisors, NGOs plus the confined communities in which the company operates. Coca-cola regularly connect with its major stakeholders as exposed in Diagram In add-on, they conceded a elaborate probe in March 2007 to sort the most of import countries of concern for its stakeholders. This implicated a sequence of focal point groups with clients aged 18 and over and with work force of both CCE and CCGB. It besides incorporated the interviews with consumers, non-governmental administrations and the media. The survey exposed a strong understanding of appraisal between the diverse stakeholder groups and provided an obvious graph of the countries of liability they most require to concentrate on all these countries. Coca-cola stakeholder survey has besides helped out to polish its chance scheme on communal and ecological issues. On every key subject it contains ‘Next Step ‘ – the act which has to be taken in the undermentioned twelvemonth to attest that the concern persists to do an optimistic impact.Consumer CommunicationOn June 11 2010 Coca-cola has published that the Coca-cola Poland has completed a first move a caput frontward in how it instructs clients sing recycling, by incorporating its ‘Recover-Recycle ‘ activity into every chief coca-cola labelled or supported immense events this twelvemonth. A huge My Coke trying plan, which happened between April and September 2010, is one of the cardinal promoting public presentations where coca-cola Poland will describe to clients about the net income of recycling through Recover-Recycle.Decision:There is no uncertainty that the Coca Cola is the 2nd largest drinks company in the universe. However, it should work on above mentioned lacks to get the better of them and strive to do its rivals lagged behind. The Company coca-cola have a corporate ( Head Office ) subdivision that is apt for giving the Company a mostly class and provided that sustain to the provincial formation. Means considered pick at the Coca-Cola Corporation are completed by a managerial Committee of 12 concerned Officers. This committee assisted to organize the six strategic precedences set out in old. The fiscal resources allotment for the Vision 2020 had been discussed under the six P ‘s as laid out by the company. International through to grass-roots and the c ommunity, Coca-Cola has strengthened its place as a football insider and this helps to construct the trade name and corporate repute of Coca-Cola. Last twelvemonth, Coca-cola saw its gross revenues decreased in UK market. In order to re make the gross revenues, Coca-cola to specify new communicating program such as ‘Recover-Recycle ‘ activity.

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Short Story Author Analysis - Isaac Babel Research Paper

Short Story Author Analysis - Isaac Babel - Research Paper Example However, it was his engagement with the truthful depiction of the heinous acts committed by those in high authority that landed him in trouble with Stalin that eventually led to his execution. In Babel’s life, the loss of life and tenderness of emotion went hand in hand. Most of his literary work carries an understated preoccupation with the theme of ‘death’ and since, this preoccupation formed an indispensable part of his growing years; detachment was an inevitable consequence. His collection of thirty five short stories, by the title ‘Red Cavalry’ is the epitome of violent depictions in his work through his career. This violence and morbid details of death and murder stem from first hand accounts after being a recruit in the 1st Cavalry Army. As he floated through war-affected times, in his personal life, his several marriages and extra-marital affairs began to tell a tale of disillusionment with permanence of any sort. The only permanence that there was, was that of the insecurities of an unstable and ‘always-at-risk’ life that stayed with him for the rest of his life. As Lionel Trilling remarks about Isaac Babel: â€Å"He was captivated by the vision of two ways of being, the way of violence and the way of peace, and he was torn between the two† (Trilling, 119) As a writer, Babel always remained in the eye of controversy. The stories from ‘Red Cavalry’ like Crossing the River Zbrucz, My first goose and Salt are all stories with diverse plots and yet are tied together with the element of death in some form. ‘Crossing the River Zbrucz’ or ‘Crossing into Poland’ begins on a morbid note, which casts its shadow over the rest of the narrative. The somber mood of the story is however offset intermittently with an odd Wordsworth-like description at times. â€Å"Faint-hearted poverty closed in over my couch. Silence overcame all.

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Career plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Career plan - Assignment Example He showed early signs of being entrepreneurial and later attributed business practices as a key to his success in acquiring and expanding business. Pickens and his family moved to Oklahoma to Amarillo, Texas in late 1930s.He began studying at the University of Texas after finishing High School and graduated with a degree in geology in 1951 from Oklahoma A&M (now called Oklahoma State University).To kick start the career, the great business leader joined Philips petroleum and worked there until 1954.He then worked in exploratory well digging and later on in 1956 founded Mesa Petroleum. Under the watchful eye of Pickens, by 1981, Mesa grew to be one of the largest independent oil companies in the world. In 1989 Pickens founded Boon Pickens capital management; whose funds dealt with oil and natural gas and which earned him $2.7 billion by 2007.In 1997 T. Boone Pickens created the Pickens Fuel Corp., a company promoting the use of natural gas a cleaner-burning fuel-alternative for automo biles. Researches done by Pickens in the oil industry supported the claim made by other scientists, â€Å"the world’s oil supply is on decline’. As a result he created a fuel company in 1997 that promoted the use of natural gas a cleaner-burning fuel-alternative for automobiles (US Natural Gas). He planned world’s largest wind farm for Texas Panhandle. ... 2. My Career Plan Taking the various internal and external factors into account discussed in the following sections, I have decided to for Finance major in Oil and Gas sector. It is not so much under my control to sketch and build a perfect career. Therefore, I have decided to implement principles and strategies of the American Business leader: T.Boone.Pickens into my career plan. 2.1 Selecting career goals Like Pickens ,the first goal is to create real value and not just earn money and expand personal wealth ( these will invariably have to follow ); To draw out academic and career goals I would rather prefer answering two questions: What qualifications and skills did I acquire ? What knowledge to develop and experience to gather? Then my task will be to complete and submit application and financial aid requirements for admissions to postgraduate ‘oil and gas sector’ financial consultant programs. 2.2 Knowing Yourself Everyone should know and understand his likes and dis likes choosing a career and becoming successful. Listed below are the questions I answered while exploring myself in choosing career: What do I enjoy doing? What am I good at? Which field interests me? How much adaptive am I to changing situations? 2.2.1 Strengths Communication skills. I work intelligently with all kinds of people and understand that each client has different priorities and objectives about projects and work tasks. I keep this in mind when communicating tasks that need to be accomplished with positive reinforcement and awareness of what others are working on. Flexibility to handle change. Since my childhood I had been able to adapt myself easily to any kind of social & cultural

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National Drug Control Strategy Structure Research Paper

National Drug Control Strategy Structure - Research Paper Example There is a need to re-evaluate the approach that is in use. In order to be able to deal with this problem, several issues have to be looked into. The most fundamental is the availability of treatment, stigma related issues and availability of financial recourses. Although treatment for addiction is available in many places, in the United States, challenges still exist when it comes to accessibility and quality of services rendered. It is disturbing to note that those charged with the responsibility of treating substance abuse and addiction often criticize others that do not use methods similar to theirs (Califano, 2007). It should be noted that people need to be treated using different approaches depending on their level of addiction (USDHHS, 2009). High-end treatment centers tend to look down on public programs. Nonresidential programs/outpatient looks down on residential programs terming them unnecessary, expensive rip off programs (Califano, 2007). Every treatment center wants its’ approach to treatment to be considered the best. This should not be the case. Encouraging such behavior deals a serious blow to the fight against drug addiction. It is also not encouraging to those addicts that are willing to come out and seek help. The perception that the quality of treatment is not the same at different treatment centers should be eradicated (Ortiz, 2011). Treatment should be available to all patients regardless of the approach they use in seeking treatment. Whether public, private, inpatient or outpatient, the goal should be to ensure that the addict gets assistance to become clean. The government should subsidize the cost for treatment of drug addiction as much as possible. Organizations such as the Drug-Free Communities which is a support program can be used as treatment centers besides implementing anti-drug abuse strategies (Kerlikowske, 2011).

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Individual Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Individual Report - Essay Example And leadership must help the company to maintain its focus and momentum, which will naturally tend to deteriorate over time. Innovation with all its merits also carries some barriers along with it which tries to deteriorate growth. Many of the barriers comes from individuals who don’t believe in the merits of innovation, or those who believe that they wont either get funding or else their own life career might be jeopardized, if innovation fails. It is important for organization’s management to address these problems before venturing in a new project. As it is proposed by Mitch, an innovation consultant,† Real innovators challenge excuses. Real innovators challenge the status quo. They do not concede to current reality. They find a way over, around or through whatever obstacle is in their way - whether that obstacle is the lack of funding or the assumption that there is a lack of funding." Innovation completely rocks and rolls our lifestyle. It creates huge turns in way of life. Our lifestyles are the result of other people’s efforts to improve the human condition. They mixed ideas and inventions together to create the present world around us. Our innovation is going to multi tasked vending machine, vending music, multimedia content such as mp3 files; e-Books, audio books, maps and videos. The booths would be in the places such as airports, train stations and gyms. The booth is called the "mBooth". Here’s how it looks to the user – they walk up to our device and swipe a credit card. If they’ve used it before, they are recognized and their account information comes up. If not, an account is initialized. Either way they next go to a browser that lets them to select the criteria- music, books, audio books, maps. Upon choosing your option, it displays search list for available books or music or map by title, author, genre, etc. It May also have options for displaying their previous purchases through vending

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Leadership in the United States Army Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership in the United States Army - Assignment Example This principle of leadership is developed by the use of leadership traits, for example as an army leader in the United States, one must know the strength and weakness which one possesses. Experience and knowledge must be considered since one is going to work with groups and one must know the best way to deal with any given situation. Before one can lead, one must be able to do the job of military and again demonstrate the ability to accomplish the mission and demonstrate competence in any mission that is given to him or her. In the United States as an army leader, one must seek well rounded military education or even carry research so as to be technically and tactically proficient (Howell, 2012). Again one must seek guidance from capable leaders who have been in a position to lead and associating with other units of security and knowing their tactics so as to improve leadership skills. As an army leader who has undergone promotion by ranks, one must set the standards by personal example. All the military men who are under the leadership must do what is said and not as what one wants. The appearance, attitude, physical fitness and personal example are the key areas that those who are under the leaders look and therefore as a leader one must observe them properly. This principle is commonly used where a command is to be dictated for example in the case of United States army where the commander must command and communicate in a clear and concise manner (Johnson, 2009). Supervision must be highly looked upon and certainly made that the mission is understood by everyone in the group and questions are given time to be clarified and advice given. As an army commander in United States teamwork always leads to the achievement of the goals and thus being encouraged with perfection.

Englishwriing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Englishwriing - Essay Example In contrast to other writers of his generation Tolstoy was connected with noble families of Russian aristocracy, who had brilliant French pronunciation and manners. At the same time he was a person full of antagonism. When Leo was nine he became an orphan. Tolstoy's upbringing was in the hands of Madam Egorsky. Having lost the parents Tolstoy became a rather difficult child. He was naughty boy with unexpected deeds, thoughts, ideas, but very kind-hearted (Derrick Leon, 1944, p. 54). Tolstoy began the literary work at the age of twenty. Being so young the author already had the dismissal from today's literary cannon. He always kept in mind the agonizing doubts between the dream and reality. It became the initial question that came through all his creative life. During his whole life Leo Tolstoy kept a diary. In 1852 the strict analisys of himself and surrounding left the bounderies of the diary and became a literary masterpiece. The author wrote his trilogy - "Childhood", "Boyhood" and "Youth". It was a work about different epoches in the life of every person. Up to Tolstoy it was considered that a human beeing was developing from simple level to complicated one. Every next step of his spiritual experience exceeded and canceled the privious one. We grew and our childhood left us forever. Up to Tolstoy the unit of measurement of a literary hero was his complex character. The Russian writer categorically denied such a view point. Beeing a seventy-six year-old man Tolstoy wrote: "If you ask me how I can perceive myself as a child, a youth and a grown-up paying no attention to time, I will answer you that I who combines a child, a young man and a chap is the answer" (Leo Tolstoy, 2005, p. 117). In his first novel "Childhood" he used the facts that he had gone through and the feelings that he felt deeply. In other words it was the spiritual autobiography of the Russian writer. The main hero of the novel was Nikolay Irtenyev. Everyone could see that the hero had a complex character. On the one hand the boy couldn't concentrate his attention on something particular, he wanted everyone to pay attention to him, he was selfish and easily carried away. On the other hand Nikolay was sensitive, shy and wanted to rank high among others. The Count Leo Tolstoy had the same features of character in his childhood. Tolstoy's aunt Yushkina was a very rich and noble madam with wide established relations. The best society of Kazan city enjoyed the time in her house. She dreamt of her famous nephews to become diplomats and aide-de-camp to the Emperor. The aunt was also sure that Leo Tolstoy should have relations with a woman of property and influence. At that time Leo's childhood was over. The second period of his life began. It was adolescence. Under such circumstances the writer changed a lot. Tolstoy wrote the second meaningful novel "Boyhood" where he used a technique of psychological analysis, which was to become his personal literary weapon. The inner world of Nikolay Irtenyev again resembled the inner world of the great writer. Unexpected emotions and almost arbitrary changes of mood reigned in the boy's soul. Dreams poisoned his mind at every opportunity. Causeless tears and irritation told about shattered , too sensible nerves inherited from the

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Failed Products Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Failed Products - Essay Example This product was abandoned just a few weeks after its launch and the initial version was resurrected with a new name; Classic Coke† (Robert, 1995). The second product that flopped is Crystal Pepsi which was launched in 1990s as clear cola. This brand lacked lemon/lime flavor unlike the rest of other clear carbonated drinks. It also lacked usual cola flavor. In spite of a costly media blitz, Crystal Pepsi failed to catch on and Pepsi incurred millions of dollars guessing at straws and never recovered fully. This was a big blunder that their competitors learnt from; never change a color that is acceptable to your consumers. Lastly Ben-Gay Aspirin is another example of product failure. Thus having a famous name behind a product that is new does not guarantee success-at times it can be an obstacle if the brand is closely tied to one image or product. Ben-Gay is famous for its exceptional strong smell-and its pain-reducing balm’s burning/warming sensation on its getting in touch with skin.However this wasn’t an excellent fit for Ben-Gay aspirin launch by Pfizer decades ago. Whereas the products were related in that both were designed for pain relief, consumers could not get a taste for swallowing a tablet with a brand they related to burning sensation. Ben-Gay erred in attaching a popular name to something entirely out of character. They should have used a different brand name (Michael,

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BUSCOM wk2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

BUSCOM wk2 - Essay Example Most importantly, in a highly diverse society in the current era of rapid globalization and advancing technology, effective communication becomes the major enabling element of promoting cross cultural understanding and resolving conflicts amicably. Hence, within the wider scope of human interaction, the various modes of verbal and non-verbal communication facilitate development of mutually beneficial bonds. The demonstrative or non-verbal communication especially, becomes highly pertinent as it can create misunderstanding or resolve differences between two people to forge long lasting association. The non-verbal formats of communication are very important elements that send critical message to speaker as well as to the listener. Sender and receiver both are keys to demonstrative communication. These messages are sent through body language vis-a-vis gestures, behavior, tone of voice that is used in conversation, physical appearance and dress code etc. They are important elements to di sseminate essential information like sincerity, consciousness, confidence and integrity of the individuals (Guirdham, 2002). Facial expressions strongly send messages of personal emotions. They reflect positive or negative sentiments of the sender or receiver when messages are sent or acknowledged. Different meanings are attached to myriad facial expressions. A smile shows happy demeanor while grimace shows distaste. These can also carry different message to different cultures. Negative expressions tend to spoil relations and create animosity. Grin is another facial expression with ambiguous message that may convey happy state, interest or even reflect arrogance. But mostly, smile expresses positive feeling as a result of finding something funny in the communicated message. It is therefore construed as positive communication. I try not to grimace even when something does not please me as it might adversely impact social or professional relationship. Indeed, facial expressions are cr itical factors that carry often carry different messages in different cultures. In Arabic culture, too much smiling reflects shallowness. Body language is vital means of expressing moods and attitude of individuals. Slouched posture or fidgeting often indicates discomfort while upright position shows confidence. Eye contact reveals that person would be honest in his communication and indicates confidence on his knowledge of the subject which he/she believes can be clearly communicated. On the other hand, if an individual is either looking down or focusing elsewhere, he is either lacking in confidence or he has not been honest. As such, his verbal communication would be less effective and would not promote trust. Listening intently is also very crucial aspect of no-verbal communication that helps develop mutual trust and confidence. In professional arena, it serves as important tool for reassuring colleagues and team mates or subordinates that their view points are being listened to. In an office, listening intently to the problems of others helps to sort it out early and facilitates in creating an environment of shared learning and mutual respect. Another very significant format of demonstrative communication is the tone of the voice while exchanging messages or information. The tone of the individual is powerful tool that is able to send strong positive or negative emotions. When one is

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The change in the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay Example for Free

The change in the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay The banquet scene is a pivotal one. Discuss this comment in terms of plot, staging, character and relationships, particularly the change in the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Act 3, scene four of Macbeth the play, by William Shakespeare contains many of the themes that run throughout the play, which make the scene such a pivotal one. A main theme of the play is witchcraft and the supernatural. This is symbolised by the witches, and Macbeths vow to visit them the following day- I will to-morrow (and betimes I will) to the Weird Sisters. and is also, more importantly, present in the form of Banquos ghost in the banquet scene. This theme of the supernatural is not only vital to the plot, but was written into the play specifically to please King James 1 of England. The play was written, and performed in 1606, with the aim of impressing the new king. Shakespeare knew that King James was greatly interested in witchcraft and the supernatural- so much so that the king actually wrote a book called Daemonologie all about supernatural occurrences. Therefore, in order to make the play appealing for the king, Shakespeare included witches and a running theme of the supernatural. Another feature of the play included for the new King, is the character of Banquo. The inspiration for the story actually came from real life, in 11th century Scotland, but was changed to suit the melodrama of a play. The character of Banquo was based on a real ancestor of King James, and this, therefore, associated the king further with the plot. Banquo is shown as the good character throughout, matching Macbeths courage and bravery in war, but lacking the ambition that grips him and eventually drives him to murder. This is shown earlier in the play, when the witches predict the future. Macbeths strong sense of ambition takes over and he follows up what the witches told him. Banquo, however, does not pursue the idea. An incident that greatly affects scene four is the murder of Duncan by Macbeth. This is the beginning of the line of murders that Macbeth commits- this he does himself, others using assassins- and where he effectively steps into the blood. It is here that the tragic hero makes his fate. It is, in fact, Banquos murder in act three, scene three that confirms the swing of doubtful wrong to definite evil for Macbeth. Macbeth himself confirms this change at the end of act 3 scene 4 by saying I am in blood steppd in so far, that should I wade no more returning were as tedious as go oer and we are yet but young in deed . Another feature of act 3 scene 4 is the obvious change in relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, and Macbeth and his Lords. Evidence of the first can be found earlier in the play, where Lady Macbeth and her husband have a very trusting relationship, and plot Duncans murder together. When Macbeth feels nervous about killing Duncan, Lady Macbeth reassures him, knowing exactly how to make him change his mind- Wouldst thou have that which thou esteemst the ornament of life, and live a coward in thine own esteem, letting I dare not wait upon I would, like the poor cat I the adage? It is evident throughout the play that Macbeth does not like people doubting his manliness I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more, is none., and Lady Macbeth has obviously picked up on this. For instance in act two, scene four, when Macbeth has doubts about killing Duncan, Lady Macbeth says When you durst do it, then you were a man: and to be so much more than what you were, you would be so much more the man. After she says this, Macbeth goes ahead with the murder, showing the effect his wife has on him Lady Macbeth holds the same want of power as Macbeth, and both think of killing the king before talking to the other about it. This shows that they know the way the other thinks, and want the same things. When we first see the couple meet, Macbeth greets his wife by saying My dearest love which shows his obvious affection for her. However, scene four of act three is a pivotal one in terms of the relationship between Lady Macbeth and her husband. A massive change in the relationship is evident throughout the scene. Here we see that he has not let her in on the murder of Banquo, and as he hallucinates about Banquos ghost, he still does not tell her of his deed. Lady Macbeths love of her husband and fear of getting caught is shown by her desperate attempt to conceal his guilt and to get rid of the guests. However, the change in the relationship between the two is possibly more of a reflection on the change in Macbeths character, rather than the relationship its self. Macbeths growing distrust is also shown in this scene, resulting in the break down of the so far successful relationship between he and his wife. As he goes on in his plans, his circle of trust is slowly closing in and now even his wife, whom he plotted the first murder with, is on the outside. She is not aware that he has employed the murder of Banquo and Fleance, and she thinks the ghost he sees is that of Duncan. This also shows the difference in the twos view on their relationship. Lady Macbeth, at this point, has no idea that she is being left out of proceedings, and feels she and her husband have plotted together throughout. Macbeth however, knows that he has kept Banquos murder from her, and therefore is beginning to feel that her can not even trust her. This suggests that the breakdown of their relationship has more to do with a change in Macbeths character than the relationship itself. The distrust taking over Macbeth is also evident in act three, scene three, where he hires a third murderer to ensure that Banquo and Fleance are killed. The banquet scene not only shows Macbeths character becoming more guarded and distrusting, but shows his shift from good to evil. He decides that his crimes are such that there is no point trying to reform his character. His sense of right and wrong has disintegrated into a need for power. He no longer feels as much guilt for his murders, and sees no way out of what he has already done. This is shown in the line I am in blood steppd in so far, that should I wade no more returning were as tedious as go oer . The line we are yet but young in deed also shows that Macbeth has no intention of stopping the murders, and has more plans in mind. Another change in relationship that is evident in the scene is that of Macbeth and his lords. This scene is pivotal in that we see an obvious suspicion of Macbeth from the lords that until now has been very subtle. They are startled by their new kings behaviour, and begin to question him- What sights, my lord? Lady Macbeth picks up on this and becomes worried that her husband will reveal the truth about Duncans murder. This is shown by her haste to remove the lords from the room- Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once. This is a contrast with the calmness at the start of the scene, where everyone is civilised and relaxed, and shows the disorder brought on by the death of Banquo and his ghost. The staging of the banquet scene is very important in terms of understanding the plot, especially the ghost. If done properly, the scene can be very effective, however if not, the idea of the ghost can become very confusing to the audience. The main issue when thinking of staging is putting the fact that Banquo is now a ghost and that only Macbeth can see him, across to the audience. This can be done in many ways, using different dramatic techniques. The first that could be used, is a cinematic projection of the character onto the stage. This could flicker slightly every now and again, emphasising the fact that the ghost is not real. The image would be of Banquo walking to the chair, and sitting down, projected onto a plain background or even just the scenery. I think this would be especially effective because the audience can see what Macbeth is seeing, but at the same time are aware that it is not real. While the image is playing, the rest of the cast could be brought into freeze frame while Macbeth reacts to the ghost, once again emphasising the fact that the ghost is only visible to Macbeth. The lights around the rest of the cast could also be brought down, adding to the effect made by the freeze frame. Meanwhile, a spotlight could shine on Macbeth, not only showing that he can see the ghost, but that he is now almost totally alone in his plans. Earlier it was he and Lady Macbeth that plotted together, but now he is on his own, trusting only himself. The projected image of Banquo would be the same character that played him in the performance however a costume change would be needed in order to make it authentic. The character would have to have rips in his costume, and blood and wounds on his face. This would show the audience that Banquo was in fact dead and this was his ghost. Costume change is a useful technique that would make the next idea more feasible. The actual character that played Banquo could play the ghost, and appear back on stage. This idea would be slightly less clear to the audience, but could still work. The character, once again, could have ripped clothes and blood and wounds on his face, although more care would have to be taken in order to make it clear to the audience that Banquo is actually dead. Lights could be used to great effect with this idea, for instance the main lights could go down, then lights could shine upwards on Banquo. This would give more of a spooky feel, and increase the feeling of the supernatural. Here, once again, a spotlight could be shone on Macbeth, signifying his isolation form the people he was once close to. Another way to do the lights would be to shine a spotlight on Banquo and Macbeth, leaving the others in the room in darkness. This would show that only those two were involved in the action, and could also signify the fact that they are the only two in the room that know of Banquos murder. Here, instead of using the technique of freeze frame the other characters in the scene could be moving around as they would normally be, but in silence. This would show that no one has noticed Macbeths strange behaviour yet. When using a real person, routes onto stage have to be thought of. Trapdoors could be used to give the idea that the ghost is just appearing out of no where, then disappearing, using smoke to camouflage what is happening. Another way the ghost could be hidden from the audience is just by using the wings. The ghost could enter from one side, then leave from the other, hiding in the wings, then reappearing. When the ghost enters the lights should be brought down, then brightened up again immediately as the ghost leaves. As the lights come up, the rest of the cast could come out of the freeze frame, or begin to talk if freeze frame is not used, showing that they had not seen the ghost at all. In conclusion, when considering staging plot and relationships, the banquet scene is a particularly important one. It shows a huge change in relationships between Macbeth and his wife, and his friends. It is here that the tragic hero can either redeem himself, or fall further into the clutches of despair. Macbeth chooses the easy option of continuing down the same road, blocking out the people he was once close to. Therefore, this scene is pivotal and shows changes in attitudes, relationships and, most importantly, character.

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Social Media Essay

Social Media Essay Social media and social networking seem to play an imperative part of peoples lives around the world. There are some who debate whether it is improving or crippling communication skills. Sitting behind a computer communicating with cyber friends can be easy and fun but can weaken a persons verbal communication skills. I will not only focus on the negative impacts on communication because there are some positive impacts on communication through social media. I will explore how social media and networking strengthens and weakens communication. Communication is defined as the act or an instance of communicating; the imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feelings. (Collins, 2009). Communication involves the transfer of meaning or information from one person or group to others. (Baack, 2012). It is an integral part of everyones life. All communication areas are significant in that each area represents a system that operates within a broader system of destination management, and contributes to its overall efficiency. However, each area of communication has its own characteristics and the knowledge of these characteristics will ultimately help establish an efficient communication pattern. There can be no argument that technology has had a major impact on the world and how people communicate. (Omrcen, 2009) Accessibility that one has to the internet through smart phones, tablets, computers, and other mobile devices has made accessing information and connecting with people a touch away in some cases. People are communicating almost all day every day through texting, e-mail, and the ever-expanding social media. Because it has had such a modern explosion in popularity and usage, social media has become the new norm when it comes to communicating everything from huge life events like engagements and the birth of children to minute particulars like what one ate for dinner. Social media has had one of the most substantial impacts on how people communicate within the past decade. The internet has a greater impact on people today than ever before. It has been a continual source of news, entertainment, and education for users around the world for more than 20 years. However, the most innovative of its technologies, social media, did not achieve mainstream popularity until about ten years ago. Facebook, Twitter, and similar services are becoming the most visited destinations on the internet. These websites allow users to quickly and easily share pictures, links, ideas, and messages with other users; theoretically facilitating social interaction. These services, through a combination of accessibility, simplicity, and intuitive design promote positive social behavior by encouraging interaction among friends, relatives, and co-workers; facilitating communication between individuals, and fostering a profound sense of community. Social media is a rising trends in the world today. Communication skills are exemplified by use of social media networking. Social media networking allows for a communication outlet. Social media is being utilized by students, parents, businesses, and religious organizations. It is being used in many forms by many different platforms for many reasons. The transmission device is anything that carries a message, including sound waves, light waves, pieces of paper, mobile-phone signals and screens, the Internet, computer monitors, billboards, radio and television signals, and an endless number of additional carriers (Baack, 2012). Social media is employing many transmission devices, including mobile devices and computers. I am interested in the role social media plays in communication because I use some form every day and notice that it is becoming a rising trend. I have found myself checking my Facebook page without even thinking about it. I have also noticed that some friends post frequently and tell everything they are doing via status updates. The social network, Twitter, appears to be one of their first choices with celebrities tweets being the topic of many news discussions. At the bottom of nearly every commercial, there is a Facebook/Twitter link. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have always encouraged their subscribers to come up with an online persona. They then build a personal network of friends that connects to an open worldwide community (Griffith Tengnah, 2009). Information is now shared freely between the two. These parties can communicate either publicly (writing on walls) or via the more discrete personal messages. Apart from connecting to a network of friends, a subscriber can join community groups with a specific interest. Here, the subscribers discuss different issues touching on that interest. More often than not, events are created where physical meetings are arranged. Briggs found out that an average Facebook user is connected to around 80 community groups (Griffith Tengnah, 2009). Most of these groups encourage the subscribers to give suggestions on how they should be run and to engage in debates. They also provide a social forum for members to interact amongst each other and with the leaders of the groups. There are other social sites like YouTube that give users a platform to upload and share videos. Here, users post videos of themselves for other users to view. YouTube has been a great platform for musicians and film producers as their fans can easily access their music videos. Other social sites like MySpace have also given users the platform to post videos on their profiles. Such sites enable easy access to a variety of videos like music, sports, documentaries, and movies. Social media has lessened the use verbal communication and increased the use of online messaging. People nowadays can have phone conversations over their computers. This has been enabled by the development of social sites such as Skype. Here, people that are connected will communicate by word of mouth. This is unlike Facebook and Twitter where the mode of communication is by writing. Most of the social sites have now incorporated webcams for their subscribers. Webcams enables friends to have a one on one conversation while at the same time watching each other. This communication is more private and very effective as subscribers get to see each other. There has really been an increase in popularity in webcam conversations. Facebook, Twitter, and Skype are popular social media platforms millions utilize daily. It is extremely rare to come across anyone in todays society who does not have an account on one of these platforms. Social media is not only people used by people but by businesses and organizations, as well. Most sites that I visit online has a link to their Facebook page, Qualman, 2009 states: Social media touches nearly every facet of our personal and business lives. In business, it is not just for Marketing and Public Relations department. Rather it is imperative for social media to be a part of the companys overall strategy. Social media is living and breathing and it touches every part of a company from Customer Service to frontline sales, even Human Resources and Information Technology. (p.13) With the rising growth of social media networking, businesses are turning to it as a means of advertisement. It allows businesses and organizations to reach millions of users on a platform they are using on a daily basis. Businesses and organizations reach numerous users on Facebook by creating pages and offering promotions and discounts to get fans. If there is someone on your page who is a fan of their page, your friends can share post that are displayed in your newsfeeds. This allows the business to reach the fan and the friends of the fans. It is important to realize that as social media evolves the realm of communication changes. The technological advances added to social media changes the way we communicate with people on daily basis. It has made communication quicker and more efficient. Social media sites like Facebook send daily reminder of friend birthdays. Instead of picking up the phone and traditionally wishing someone birthday greetings, you can simply type your birthday greeting on their page. This has eliminated the need to make a phone call or send a greeting card While receiving a birthday message from your friends online is okay, it feels impersonal. The feeling of opening a greeting card and reading a message someone picked out for you, fills my heart with warmth. That personal effect is not felt from a message left on a page I have created online and in most cases, I do not read them. Almost everyone young and old use social media in some fashion. Twitter is popular social platform for celebrities. I often watch the news and there is a story of what some celebrity tweeted to their fans or other celebrities. The use of social media and networking has elevated communication to a higher platform. It has helped social organization, businesses, churches and individuals reach audiences in which they could not reach before. It has even be used in politics with President Obama using twitter to keep Americans posted on what is happening in the government, The negative effects of social media on communication are the effect it can have on kids through cyber bullying and unwanted exposure. Younger people are using mass communication without the without realizing the consequences. (Wallis, 2012). There has been instances where young folks have committed suicide as the result of negative things that have been posted about them on the internet, Parental controls are available to ensure website are access that are inappropriate for certain age groups but they cannot protect young folks from what is being posted by their peers. Social media and networking is often used as an outlet and peers can post things that are potentially hurting to others. With the emergence and growth of social media there are benefits and disadvantages to the way communication is impacted. The real question is whether the benefits surpassed the disadvantages. I believe that the benefits of social media are helpful to the world and we communicate. As with anything, there will be disadvantages and it will be used to do things that it was not originally intended. Inmates in prison have access to social media and networking allowing them to stay connected to what is happening in the outside world. The television is slowly becoming obsolete with Facebook, Twitter and other sites providing news at faster rates then the local news at 10pm. The news station and newspaper also have Facebook and Twitter accounts that provide new stories, as they are unfolding. The ability to access social platforms via computers, tablets, and cellphones allows you access at all times throughout the day. The convenience and ease of access leads to social media and network addictions. Anyone who has a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account have seen the user who is logged in all the time. There are some users who post everything they are doing throughout the day, which can be dangerous. Facebook also lets you to make groups, have applications and have as many friends as you want this assists you with getting in touch with people who like what you like, play games online, and make additional friends. One thing it lacks in is security from pedophiles. There is no report button to report users, even if they are irritating you. It also has a social bookmarking websites, allowing you to keep your favorite websites in one place, as well as all your friends. Another wonderful idea only integrated by Facebook is the friend finder. It permits you to find friends in an instant, allowing you to connect to friends. If you page is not private and can only be accessed by your friends, when you post your everyday activities it allows users to know your location and what you are doing. If you post that you will be going on vacation for the next couple of days, it lets potential burglars know that you are not at home and can lead to your home being broken into. There is no general rulebook on the dos and donts on how to effectively use social media without making yourself vulnerable. Privacy has been become a rising issue in social media and networking with the addition of locations and gps tracking. Recently, Facebook has made it easier to understand and adjust your privacy settings but it is up to the user to ensure their privacy is protected. The best way to protect your privacy is to be mindful of what you post and who can access and view what you are posting. I suggest not posting anything on the social media and networking sites that you do not want broadcasting to everyone. Although you believe your family and friends are viewing what you are posting, anyone can access it. Communication has improved greatly by emerges and continual growth of social media. Everyone from churches to schools use it to communicate with users. Social media has evolved communication to new heights. The ease of access and growth makes it very beneficial to everyone from pastors to politicians. As social media evolves, communication will improve and continue to soar to new heights. The positive impact on communication definitely overcomes the negative and makes it very beneficial.

Critical success factors of cable tv (pay-tv) against other competitors in hong kong.

Critical success factors of cable tv (pay-tv) against other competitors in hong kong. Abstract In this proposal, we hope to learn the real business strategies though the finding from research. And try to give some suggestion for these companies to increase their sales and profit. There are the flows of the research proposal. First, to introduce the background of Pay-TV Limited and its industry. Let you have a basically knowledge of this industry in the pass and now. Secord, to list the objectives to help myself to achieve the proposal aim. Third, to have a critical review of relevant literature from books, articles, internet, or magazine. Discussing the business theory how to apply in the real business world, and in the case, we can see which strategies the company is using and what success factors here. Most important, what we can understand clearly the marketing strategies in a real situation from the result of the research. Additionally, to describe the research method which I had used. Including the data collection method, sampling method and the size of sample. By using questionnaire, 100 to150 people will be asked, in order to find out the competitive advantage of Cable TV. Relationship between factors (the quality of TV programme, the price, customer supporting service) and the attitude of people towards which Pay-TV will be found. Aim This works aims to point out the attractive and competition of Pay-TV and though the research to find out their success factors (competitive advantage with main competitor), and to treat the finding as business strategies learning. Besides, to provide some suggestions and evidences how to get more potential customers, in order to increase the sales and profit of these companies. Background Some may not understand why Pay-TV can exist in Hong Kong a long time and have a stable marketing share. In fact, the major choose to watch Free charge TV such as TVB and ATV. However, this free-charge TV programme can not satisfy some people. But, Pay-TV programme focus on this market, they produce special TV programme and buy copyright of overseas TV programme, which free-charge TV have not provided. Besides, another selling point of Pay TV is that provide sport direct seeding such as football and NBA. In recently years, the more fierce competition was caused by more and more pay-TV service Company had entry to this market. However, the Cable Pay-TV which was the first Limited successfully obtaining a Subscription Television Broadcasting Licence from the Government and can also maintain a stable marketing share these year. And its main competitor is NOW-TV which is subsidiary Company of PCCW. (REVIEW OF PAY TV MARKET) The following are the background of Cable Pay-TV and Now-TV. I-Cable The Pay-TV service is operated by Hong Kong Cable Television Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group. The Group successfully obtaining a Subscription Television Broadcasting Licence from the Government in 1993 which Pay-TV service launched in the same year set the trend of multi-channel pay-television service for Hong Kong. Hong Kong Cable currently produces over 10,000 hours of programming a year, which is the largest television programs producer in Hong Kong. Throughout the years, it has successfully established a leading position in News, Movies and Sports television programming and will continue to introduce innovative local and international programmes for customers. ( Now TV Now TV is a 24-hour pay-TV service provider in Hong Kong. It is transmitted through the companys Netvigator broadband network via an IPTV service. It is transmitted through the companys Netvigator broadband network via an IPTV service, with a total of 175 channels, of which 156now Broadband TV Channels, including eight high-definition channels and 15 music channels and 19 pure TVB PAY VISION Channel, and another 17 categories and VOD service. Launched in September 2003, the service is operated by the leading Hong Kong fixed-line telecom operator PCCW, through its subsidiary, PCCW VOD Limited. As of June 2009, the user up to 990,002 1000, 700,005 of them in 1000 to paying customers. However, I-Cable is like to success maintain their market share against the challenge of Now TV. In order to know clearly the success factors of I-Cable (business strategies, promotion, price, the programme quality, supporting service) we need to ask a number of questions. ( CableTV VS Now TV Why people choose Pay-TV? What channel of people in contact Pay-TV? Which one is more famous? What is the relationship between factors and the attitude of people towards watch Cable-TV/Now-TV? How do people needs changing? Can Cable-TV/Now-TV meet these changing needs? The answer will be found in the following. Objective and research questions Below are the main points of the objectives of this research Study the general demographic of target customers. Study the TV watching behavior of customers. Determine the customers, performance on various kinds of TV Programme. Identify the reason of choosing Pay TV. Evaluate which attributes of Pay TV are important to customers. Identify which is the most effective promotion channel. Examine the channel people how to get the Pay-TV information. Examine the reasons why they buy Pay-TV services from that channel Examine the impact of price, sport direct seeding of customers towards Pay-TV. Examine the Supporting service of Pay-TV. Well analyze the market theories such as 7Ps of market strategies form the results of research. The answers of the above are based on the relevant literature, and the sampling interview. The all detail as follows. Critical review of relevant literature There are 5 parts of critical review, the first 4 parts are the finding form the relevant literature. The last 2 parts are the introduction of market strategy of them, and the review of this part. 1. The main difference between free-charge TV and Pay-TV According the literature, Free-charge TV offer mainly entertainment programme, and the major of programme are made by themselves. and their programme focuses on popular habit. However, Pay-TV offer over 100 overseas TV channel and Sport direct seeding, and some of this programme is information programme what offers professional knowledge, the information of special habit to people. (Kotler, P. and G. Armstrong (2008)) In these years, more and more people are willing to pay money watching Pay-TV. The reasons are easy to understand, the two local free-charge TV cant satisfy the people, and young people who aged around 20, their needs of watching TV are changing. In the pass, people treat TV as their main entertainment everyday. However, the young have much other entertainments, and they watch TV in order to watch sport competition, get information. It means Pay-TV still has a great potential market in the coming years. 2. The current competition of Pay-TV market in Hong Kong 3. The promotion strategies of two Pay-TV limited The promotion strategies of them is similar, their promotion focus the potential customers who have special needs such habit (cooking, religion, drama) or want to watch non-local TV programme (Discovery Channel, CC TV). And their promotion are also similar, the number of TV programme and sport direct seeding are their selling points. Now TV is more emphasize their promotion to attract the potential customer now, but Cable TV just keep quality of their original service. In fact, people used to watch Cable TV because their longer history and people know their quality of TV programme more. In marketing, Cable-TV is like a cash-cow, 4. The famous TV programme Cable TV has the excellent news TV programme, and English league direct seeding. It is one of the reasons why Cable TV can maintain market share. Although English league may be not the highest level football league (many people agree Spain league is becoming the highest league in recently years and the Spain league direct seeding is offered by Now-TV in the future 3 years.), However, anyone know that major of Hong Kong people like to watch English league more than others. Additionally, Cable TV has also the direct seeding of champions of league and World Cup in 2010. It is a great competitive advantage with Now-TV in this year and the coming 3 years. (The newest situation of people needs change) 5. The relationships between factors and the attitude of young people towards I-Cable/Now-TV There are some factor will influence young people how to choose which Pay-TV. a) Price(extend) Cable TV adopt non- selectivity Price(packaging of service), we need to buy a number of channel at the same time; Now TV offers selectivity Price, we can pay a basic free, then the extra-charge are based on each channel, but Now TV are also offer a price for the packaging of all services. According one news, a great number of people are unsatisfying because Cable TV increase the basic charge from $239 to $259, and the extra-charge of football direct seeding. ( b) Promotion c) Sport direct seeding (extend) It is one important factors why Cable TV success and they can increase the price in a bad economy. Cable TV spend a high cost to get the right of footfall direct seeding, and increase the price to cover the cost. It is their strategy. However, they may ignore the young people needs change. In recently years, English League is successful in Hong Kong, it has many factors such as the time of competition, and football player stars. However, the Spain League are willing to start early in the next year, and many stars transfer from English league to Spain League. It may make people prefer watch Spain league more. ( d) Technique supporting and customer service (extend) Cable TV had a developed supporting system early, but they dont improve anything. However, Now TV usually improves their Technique supporting system. I believe Now TV will have a developed system what is better than Cable in the coming several years. 6. Market strategies(extend) Pay-TV adopts the Concentrated Marketing (Kotler, P. and G. Armstrong 2008)(Where the organization concentrates its marketing effort on one particular segment. The firm will develop a product that caters for the needs of that particular group). The all detail marketing theory and suggestions will describe after the sampling interview. Research methods/ Methodologies Category Options The degree to which the research question has been crystallized Exploratory study Formal study The method of data collection Monitoring Communication Study The power of the researcher to produce effects in the variables under study Ex post facto The purpose of the study Reporting Descriptive Causal-Explanatory The time dimension Cross-sectional The topical scope Breadth and depth of the study Statistical The research environment Field setting The participants perceptional awareness of the research activity Actual routine The main purpose of our study is needed to find out the comparison of Cable TV and Now TV. We need to collect the primary data and secondary data to analysis the success factors each other. First, we collect the secondary data from internet to know backgrounds, histories, and the annual reports of each Pay TV Limited. and collecting other useful information on the internet, articles or relevant literature. Second, to use â€Å"Personal Interview† (Questionnaire) collecting the primary data. Indeed that information is related to our objective. We will design a set of questionnaire about 7ps. The method is taken by samples in Hong Kong (different regions in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territory), a half of male and female. It can be avoided unfair saturation. The sample size will be 100 to 150. The age distribution limits are around 18 to 65. Our survey method is face-to-face interview, after the interview well give them a little gift. (Such as coupon) We can understand the competitive advantage each other through the result of information and make the recommendations how to maintain market share and what service they need to improve. However, secondary data is limited, so we will get the information mainly come from primary data. Project Plan Refer to the page15 or Excel [project plan]