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Englishwriing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Englishwriing - Essay Example In contrast to other writers of his generation Tolstoy was connected with noble families of Russian aristocracy, who had brilliant French pronunciation and manners. At the same time he was a person full of antagonism. When Leo was nine he became an orphan. Tolstoy's upbringing was in the hands of Madam Egorsky. Having lost the parents Tolstoy became a rather difficult child. He was naughty boy with unexpected deeds, thoughts, ideas, but very kind-hearted (Derrick Leon, 1944, p. 54). Tolstoy began the literary work at the age of twenty. Being so young the author already had the dismissal from today's literary cannon. He always kept in mind the agonizing doubts between the dream and reality. It became the initial question that came through all his creative life. During his whole life Leo Tolstoy kept a diary. In 1852 the strict analisys of himself and surrounding left the bounderies of the diary and became a literary masterpiece. The author wrote his trilogy - "Childhood", "Boyhood" and "Youth". It was a work about different epoches in the life of every person. Up to Tolstoy it was considered that a human beeing was developing from simple level to complicated one. Every next step of his spiritual experience exceeded and canceled the privious one. We grew and our childhood left us forever. Up to Tolstoy the unit of measurement of a literary hero was his complex character. The Russian writer categorically denied such a view point. Beeing a seventy-six year-old man Tolstoy wrote: "If you ask me how I can perceive myself as a child, a youth and a grown-up paying no attention to time, I will answer you that I who combines a child, a young man and a chap is the answer" (Leo Tolstoy, 2005, p. 117). In his first novel "Childhood" he used the facts that he had gone through and the feelings that he felt deeply. In other words it was the spiritual autobiography of the Russian writer. The main hero of the novel was Nikolay Irtenyev. Everyone could see that the hero had a complex character. On the one hand the boy couldn't concentrate his attention on something particular, he wanted everyone to pay attention to him, he was selfish and easily carried away. On the other hand Nikolay was sensitive, shy and wanted to rank high among others. The Count Leo Tolstoy had the same features of character in his childhood. Tolstoy's aunt Yushkina was a very rich and noble madam with wide established relations. The best society of Kazan city enjoyed the time in her house. She dreamt of her famous nephews to become diplomats and aide-de-camp to the Emperor. The aunt was also sure that Leo Tolstoy should have relations with a woman of property and influence. At that time Leo's childhood was over. The second period of his life began. It was adolescence. Under such circumstances the writer changed a lot. Tolstoy wrote the second meaningful novel "Boyhood" where he used a technique of psychological analysis, which was to become his personal literary weapon. The inner world of Nikolay Irtenyev again resembled the inner world of the great writer. Unexpected emotions and almost arbitrary changes of mood reigned in the boy's soul. Dreams poisoned his mind at every opportunity. Causeless tears and irritation told about shattered , too sensible nerves inherited from the

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