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The Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. Whom did the U.S Support and What Role Research Paper

The Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. Whom did the U.S stomach and What piece did they Play - Research Paper ExampleOne of the key reasons for U.S. participation in this struggle was to fight terrorism in the Middle East nations. Chubin S, Tripp C,. Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988,Middle East--Politics And Government--1945-,Iran--History--1979-,Iraq--History--1958-. London Westview Press, 1988. Print. This book is a collaborative theme between Shahram Chubin and Charles Tripp. The book contains relevant details regarding the Iran-Iraq contend of the 1980s. The book contains details regarding the origins of the Iran-Iraq War. It separately analyzes politics and strategies that were associated with cardinal countries during the war. Issues of long-term effects and impacts of the war on some(prenominal) countries are in any case addressed in this book. holiness in both Iraq and Iran is stated in the both. The book further continues by assessing the relationship between these two countries a nd the superpowers. In essence, the book in the conclusion chapters describes how Iran is related to the United States, and how Iraq related with Superpowers, which were either hostile or friendly. Hiro D. The longest war the Iran-Iraq military conflict. New York Routledge, 1989. Print. Published in the year 1989, this book by Dilip Hiro cancelled out to be highly instrumental in providing information regarding the Iraq-Iran War. The book provides detailed information on the root of conflict between Iraq and Iran War. Hiro takes a deep and critical look at the boiling issues affect embattle Iran and Iraq. Hiro continues giving details regarding the war by touching on impacts it will have on the immaterial and Western world that is through exploring the victims and benefactors of the war. The engaging part of the book is the part whereby, Hiro discusses how the war was fought that is, through stating the implements of war and strategy employed by both countries during the war. Th is book also provides information pertaining to the negotiations that failed, and resulted in the war. Jacek B. US Role in the Iran-Iraq War and its Negative Implications on US-Iran Relations. Kulna For All of Us (2010) 1-3. Print Jaceks article is hotshot of the most recent scholarly article that examines United States involvement in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980s. Since it is one of the a la mode(p) publication in this subject matter, it highly gets cited in later articles and books on the U.S. participation in Iran-Iraq war of 1980s. The content of this article is easy to comprehend, and it helps me understand how the United States supported Iran, and defeated Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. It highlights both the reasons, contributions, and impacts of United States participation in this war. For example, the author notes that although the events of the United States involvement in this war may be forgotten by both Americans and Iranians, they significantly dictates how both the nations currently perceive each other. This article also shows how complicated this war was, from forming collaboration with Iran to defeating Iraq. Kilborn P. Baker, In Saudi Arabia, to Pledge U.S. Neutrality in Iran-Iraq War. The New York time (1987) 1-3. Print. This newspaper article from the New York Times was beneficial since it reported on a daily pedestal each(prenominal) the developments that led to the Iran-Iraq War. The genius of this newspaper article is the fact that it continued recording and reporting all that transpired during the war. This newspaper best exemplifies the stand that the United States took during the war. The day-to-day maneuvers, which

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Applied statistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Applied statistics - Essay ExampleWe carry econometric techniques over the period 1970 to 2002, involving 33 observations. In our notation, LGDP is natural logarithm (ln) of real Gross domestic help Product, LC is the log of consumption, LDI is the log of domestic investment, LX is the log of exports, LM is the log of imports, LG is the log of government intake and LFDI is the log of FDI. According to Gujarati (2004 176-177), this model is called as the regular press stud model that assumes a constant snap fastener relationship between the independent uncertains and the dependent variable, logarithm of gross domestic product. The coefficients associated with the independent variables measure the elasticity of the dependent variable with respect to independent variables, or the percentage increase in the dependent variable (Gujarati 2004 176). The methodology of this work is informed by the works of Woolridge 20042-6 as well as Gujarati 200410-12.We begin with sparing growth m odel 1 in which the national income function Y=C+I+G+(X-M). In model 1, however, I = DI + FDI where DI = domestic investment and FDI = foreign direct investment. For model 1 and for the ataraxis of model as well, we assume the existence of constant C in the regression. Otherwise, interpretation of the regression pass on be different without a slope (Gujarati 2004 167-169). We need not worry on the interpretation of the constant in a regression because it need not always have an interpretation (Gujarati 2004 167-169).Table 1 suggests that all regressor variables of the regression, except for LFDI and LG are significant at the 0.01 level. This means that for all coefficients, except LFDI and LG, we can wipe out the applicable null hypothesis that i =0 to accept alternative hypotheses that are consistent with economical theory. Based on the theory of the national income function in economics, we expect the signs to be as follows 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 7

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The BISM Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The BISM Case - Essay standardA The research clearly points out to the needs and attitude of modern day office cater they regard to work in a team environment and at the same eon they want a bit of privacy for increased concentration on the job. The essential change in vertical to cross-departmental process thinking lies in two important factors namely, a) work execution at lowest affirmable take aims and b) informality in cross-departmental consultations without going through bureaucratic procedures these indicate productivity at the individual level and teamwork at company-wide, rather than departmental level. These two factors impact the way a modern office and its piece of furniture/equipment are concepted. For companies like Knoll, this change in an office environment bastardlys a very of import change in the way its products are designed and marketed. Failing to realize such changing demands would mean losing market to better-designed products. A The five productiv ity factors revealed in the research work, point to the need for self-contained workstations that call personalized space, the flexibility of movement and at the same time, a sense of participation in a team atmosphere. Work itself is to be executed with the state-of-the-art computer technology. Furniture and workstation are to be inviolate to each other. While designing the workstation, care will be taken to understand the space needed for the specific electronic equipment like telephones, computers and peripheral items like printers and stationery items. Equally important will be the free tablespace that is required for off-computer work, using traditional paper and pen/pencil. In other words, the integrity of design with work requirements will be of prime importance. Work requirement may change from time to time and this may involve regrouping of staff to execute a specific project.

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W.L. Gore and Associates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

W.L. Gore and Associates - Essay ExampleThe term, employee is non used at Gore, but associate. There ar no bosses, directors or secretaries, but small groups where people know each others strengths and weaknesses. This send packing be a difficult situation to adjust to for saucy hires from handed-down companies. When Diane Davidson was hired due to her fifteen years of stimulate a sales executive she did not know what to do without a boss dictating her actions. She was informed that her team was her boss because she would not want to let them down. Everyone is the boss and no one. (Deutschman, 2004). The philosophy is to nurture geniuss like Davidsons by allowing the natural abilities of people to emerge in an environment that encourages new ideas. The new hire is assigned a sponsor who is a mentor, not a supervisor. Leadership should develop naturally relative to each new project and leaders need to also be followers as necessary.This associate culture can take up to six mo nths to learn and that is expected. The new hire might feel strange not contributing when the rest of the team is, but getting to know the other members is vital to this strategy. The representative of Gores pitying resources team states that the power behind the associate culture is to encourage people to believe in their potential difference and in their contributions to the team effort (Moore, 2006).W.L.Gore manufactures a wide range of products that include the w... The company does not monitor the development of new inventions, but does encourage employees to spend 10% of their time on new, innovative ides-not variations on products already on the market. Self-motivation is a prime factor at Gore and the wide range of products requires the enter of intelligent, creative people who must be able to work independently and with a group (Moore, 2006).As unusual as the Gore corporate structure is, the turnover rate is very low. The Sunday times listed Gore as in the top 100 best companies for employment (McCall, 2004). Of the associates surveyed 92% said they believed that they do a valuable contribution to the companys success and 93% stated that they would miss working for Gore if they left(a) (Doke, 2006).An important aspect of the associate culture is that it removes the cut throat type of competition generated in traditional hierarchy corporations. There one persons success often means the failure of another employee. This philosophy attracts the talent that Gore desires as it employs over 58,000 people in the United States, Britain, Scotland and Germany. The turn over rate is further 6% world wide with over 40% of associates being with Gore over five years (Dow, 2004).W.L. Gore and Associates states that they encourage hands-on innovation, involving those closest to a project in on the decision make (Gore 2006). Freedom and cooperation produce good results. Gore is willing to take risks when other companies will not track to new and successful p roducts like the Elixir guitar thread coated with thin plastic of protect the strings from the dirt and oil on human hands. The associate who first thought of the idea was engineer Dave Myers who knowing plastic heart implants. He believed that a

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Project Management Processes in Organizations-Phase 4 Discussion Board Essay

Project Management Processes in Organizations-Phase 4 Discussion Board - set most ExampleWhether or not this project provided value to the business was not given much imagination by the project managers. However, because of spread of IT and globalization, the competition for business has increased rapidly and the businesses have become in truth vulnerable now. A product may be successful one day and the next day, it capability be a failure. Therefore, the businesses may only survive if they convince their customers that they are providing value to their customer by dealing with social, ethical and business issues effectively. (Ashley Johnson-McGlashan) It is the job of project managers to ensure that their projects objectives are align with the long term goals of the organization. Otherwise, both will get affected negatively.The company I used to fake for manufactured clothes. It was known to be socially responsible in all their operations and this gave the company a competitive advantage by making its brand image superior to their competitors. The customer brutish of the business was expanding rapidly and the company needed to expand itself. A project was proposed in which it was suggested that the labor intensive factories must be made completely automated. This would make the exertion process cost efficient and would keep back a lot of time. The project involved a large scale change in the production method of factory and this meant making the employees that were no longer required redundant. The company executives were not informed about this aspect of the project because the project team knew that the company would not agree to it and hence would not software documentation the project. The company executives approved of the project without giving much thought to dismissal of their employees. The project was initiated as short as it was approved. The start up cost of the project was very high therefore, in order to pull round costs the project te am dismissed 60 percent of the factory staff without arranging a compensation of any sort. These employees went on

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The Transition From Youth to Adulthood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Transition From youth to Adulthood - Essay workoutIt is a journey adddressed in both The All-American Poem, by Matthew Dickman, and This is Our Youth, by Kenneth Lonergan The All-American Poem is a collection of poesy that describes a variety of experiences had by a newborn bounteous, most centered around either awakenings or memories. This Is Our Youth takes us along as deuce young men attempt to make a drug deal with a stolen fortune. Though the words is very different The All-American Poem is lyrical and image-rich, This is Our Youth rough and conversational they both reach a common conclusion youth does not split up easy. Both works characterize the musical passage from youth to adulthood with a period of denial, when a young person responds to an adult situation, or to the transition itself, in a childish way. Is Our Youth, for example, begins with a literal fleshly split between Warren and his father. Tired of Warrens pot habit, his father kicks him out of the hous e. Warren responds with a closeness that marks him as much childlike than he would care to admit ...theres some cash, now look at up your shit and get out before I beat your fuckin head in. And I was like, Whatever. So he went on a date with his whore, and I packed up my stuff and left. (Lonergan I.i) The leaving of ones childishness home is perhaps the most literal transition to adulthood, and here Warren responds with a shrug and one-word reception worthy of any teenager. Although the langauge is less rough, a similar situation plays out in the poem V in The All-American Poem. The bank clerk is fantasizing about a girl, but the images of his fantasies are extremely childlike. I could show her my nonsensical books/And PlayStation. We could pull out/My old D&D cards/ and sit in the basement with a candle lit. (Dickman 33) The contrast here between an adult pull through and youthful pastimes suggest that, like Warren, the narrator has not yet departed childish attitudes. Alth ough these lines are mixed with references to physics and math, the lack of many adult references in this portion of the poem suggests that the narrators thoughts are, like Warrens, more childish than he knows. The difference between the two characters, however, is that the poems narrator engages in childlike thoughts and adult actions. Warrens situation plays out in an opposite way the action of leaving home is adult, but his reaction to that leaving betrays a childish mindset. Childish thoughts aside, however, these situations describe the doorsill of adulthood in a way that becomes more obvious when the scales begin to tip. On the following page, the language of V becomes significantly more adult, with many sexual and physical references and stark language that startles in its transition from the poems earlier innocence. Dickman writes, Its been talking sleazy to all of us/And theres nothing about the hydrogen bomb/That makes me privation to wear a cock ring, and Maybe she want s to be measured beyond/The teaspoon shadow of an anus. (34) The more adult themes appear abruptly, invoking the image of a quick and violent change. Unsurprising because This is Our Youth is significantly interminable than V, Warrens attitude takes longer to change. At first, he responds to his exile by stealing currency from his father, with the same periodic attitude ....hopefully hell think one of his cohorts ripped him off. Or, like, his slut did it. (Lonergan I) But when he and his friend Dennis decide to take the money and buy

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KEEPING WILD ANIMALS AS PETS Ecology Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

retentiveness WILD ANIMALS AS PETS Ecology - Coursework ExampleThis has led to increasing in a number of flock who own exotic animals and thus its popularity in UAE.In all ecosystems, it resides in the tiger is at the aggrandisement of the food filament. If particular species in the food chain becomes wiped out, there is an un visualizened effect on other(a) species. Thus, the loss of one major vulture can cause extinction of a victim species as greater rivalry presents a danger to the species (Hinnawi et al. 1987).First, since Tiger is at the top of the food chain, it keeps in decelerate the population of gaur, sambar, wild boar and deer. The populace of these victim species would have an increase if not for tiger to control.Jointly, these paybacks ar referred to as ecosystem services. Environmental services are the vital benefits for human beings that occur from healthily working ecosystems, specially production of water detoxification, soil genesis, and oxygen. Adverse ef fects on economic development and human welfare. Without the resistance of tigers, ecological services like natural flood controls, clean air, clean water and other timber resources would be in danger. Tiger needs these environmental services.Ecotourism is tourism aimed at toward foreign, often endangered, natural environments, peculiarly to observe wildlife and sustain conservation efforts. Ecotourism will not exist in UAE since if there was a plan to create this business it would not work as tigers face extinction.If single species in the food chain becomes wiped out there is an unplanned effect on other species. The loss of a major predator can indeed cause the extinction of a victim species as superior rivalry presents a danger to the species.It will lead climate change. Wiping out tigers implies that the forests, which are at present, secluded as nous home, would be probably fall victim to unlawful logging, conversion to development and agriculture. This results in increase d carbonic acid gas production and climate transformation.Keeping wildcat

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American Prison Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8250 words

American Prison Law - Essay ExampleCitizens, who had been incorrectly accused or unjustly sentenced, could challenge such actions. It was the bounden duty of the federal government to give a system of checks-and-balances in the system so that the correction segment did not infringe the profound liberty of citizens. This endeavor was assisted significantly by librarians who acted in an unbiased manner within the survey of the standards established by the American Association of Law Libraries. This was to ensure that the policies of institutions and departments, and authorizations from the United States Supreme Court and local anesthetic jurisdictions were observed2.In the 1977 case of Bounds v. Smiths, the castigate of an offender to access the judiciary was established by the US Supreme Court. Moreover, the court held that prison inmates should be provided with access to state and federal court systems. It similarly order the correctional facilities to allow offenders to acce ss law libraries and to provide legal assistance to their illiterate inmates, so that they could serving themselves of professional assistance while preparing their pleadings. The objective of this decision was to enable prisoners to access the court systems. However this feeling created a lot of consternation amongst the correctional personnel, librarians and library science professionals as it required them to implement hot strategies in order to provide prison inmates with access to the appropriate legal documents3. The applicants in Casey v Lewis were prison officials of the Arizona DOC. The DOC had argued that the US District Court of Arizona had been mistaken in deciding that the department had breached Bounds. It overly claimed that the courts order deprived the lawful remedies of the department. The respondents in the case were twenty - two inmates imprisoned in various correctional facilities of the DOC4. The respondents collectively filed a class - suit on behalf of al l offenders who had been imprisoned and also on behalf of future offenders. In their application they have accused the DOC of depriving them of the right to access the courts and counsel. These nutriment had been assured by the First, Sixth and Fourteenth Constitutional amendments. The district court held that the prisoners had a constitutional right of access to the courts and that such access was to be adequate and effective5.Moreover, the court held that the DOC had failed to act in consent with constitutional standards. The court also found that the DOC was not in a position to accommodate the offenders needs in areas such as providing the inmates with appropriate training so as to utilize the library. It also held that the library had failed to obtain updated legal materials and that it had not provided prisoners with photocopying facilities6. Moreover, the court observed that prisoners belonged to two groups and that these offenders had not been provided with adequate servi ces. The inaugural group was compose of offenders on a lockdown status or in other words it was composed of offenders who had been deprived of the bodily right of entry to the law library. Such offenders were on occasion denied access to the courts. The moment group consisted of offenders who either could not speak English or who were illiterate7.The court accepted the

Global Population Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Global Population - Essay ExampleTaking into friendliness the expected future data savings bank 2050, state increase estimation can be viewed till 2020 in the figure below, showing fast growth till 1656 until the Flood of Noah decreased the macrocosm. At the quantify of Christ, world existence was between 200 to 300 million. The world population would be 12,000,000,001 by the course of instruction 2200 if we take into consideration the recent history of population growth (Dolphin).Due to uncertainty regarding the population growth 2000 years before, logical bounds on the value of world population in AD1, for example, can be put with a lower bound of 50,000,000 and upper bound with 200,000,000. Population in AD grand piano can be bounded for lower and upper at 250,000,000 and 350,000,000 (Dolphin).According to the Press Release (11 March, 2009) of the UN population division, the world population currently at 6.8 billion will touch the mark of 7 billion by early 2012, and re ach to 9 billion people by 2050, as revealed in the 2008 fiat of the official United Nations population estimates. The data indicates certain trends in world population like the population in developing countries will be young with children under the age of 15 accounting 29 percent of the total population and between 15 to 24 years age accounting to 19 percent of the total population. It would be a bigger challenge for the governments in developing countries to face fostering and employment challenges with the economic and financial crisis surmounting. Another trend would be seen on the growth rate of population above the age of 60 increasing more than 3 percent per year. Controlling HIV/ aid would be another challenge linked to continuous growth.There is vast difference in the data of developing countries and developed countries on population growth. Lets take the example of United kingdom to analyze the population growth data, as given below

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Telecommunications and Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Telecommunications and Networking - Essay ExampleIn this scenario, many service providers construct such straighten out of cloud computation systems that be useful in serving general research or credit line learns. A lot of cases are there but some of the examples related to cloud computing are as follows (Mitchell, 2011 Mudge, 2010) Software software makes the most use of saleable software applications, it is used for development and distantly host applications (customer built applications). Network Storage usually network storage is used for back up or also it is useful for storage data crosswise the internet to a provider. Hence it is non necessary to know the substantial location of storage. Moreover, cloud computing systems normally are designed in such a way that they could uploadscalabilityto maintain large numbers of consumers and surges according to required enquire (Mitchell, 2011). Basically the two terms, cloud computing and other working in the cloud computing in the direction of performing computer related tasks via services are delivered completely via internet. Another aspect that is reviewed mainly is that cloud computing is considered as a movement far away from those applications that are required to be installed lying on an individuals computer towards those applications which are hosted online. ... There are also other cloud computing applications that comprise of virtual server storage (Infrastructure as a Service) or IaaS. There are a lot of examples over the internet such as and software and product development tools (Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS) e.g. Google apps and amazon web services (Pinola, 2011). Examples of confuse Computing Services Internet has facilitated us with web based e-mail services. Moreover, we have the examples of Hotmail and Gmail that carry out a lot of cloud computing service. Hence, users contribute view in their email in the cloud from any users computer that requires internet connection with installe d browser, we need not to worry about what sort of hardware is installed on that specific computer. The electronic-mails (email) are hosted on Microsoft as well as Google servers, instead of being stored on the client computer or locally. Moreover, we have seen ludicrous growth in cloud computing over the previous few years, and many popular vane apps as witnessed which are commonly used today. These web applications include VoIP (voice over internet protocol). We have the example of Google Voice and Skype, also social applications which include some of the well known networks such as cheep and Face book, the facility of media services e.g., Picassa, YouTube, Flicker and for content allocation we use e.g., Bit Torrent. Moreover, financial applications e.g., happen upon and a lot of others. Another growth aspect in the field of cloud computing can be visualized in traditional desktop software which has stimulated in part to the Web, and it starts with itsapplications (Pinola, 201 1), (Nations, 2011 Ingthorsson, 2010). Cloud Computing is a Service Storage and information retrieval are the simplest operations that

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Lean Manufacturing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lean Manufacturing - Research Paper ExampleGenerally, Lean helps in preserving values with a reduced amount of work. The Lean manufacturing company was firstly derived from Toyota Production telephoner (TPC), and in 1990s, it was then identified as Lean Manufacturing Company. In general, this paper will therefore analyze or explain how number Manufacturing Company has improved the force in its area of allocation. The TPS for several years have been known for its focus regarding the simplification of the original Toyota wastes so as to improve the overall values for the customers. However, the perspective on this can be achieved has become the biggest questions to think about. Toyota started as a small company but today it has steadily self-aggrandizing and serves more than one million people across the world as well as counselling its attention on achieving on their set goals and objectives. The Lean manufacturing variations on efficiency, opportunity cost, along with the logic of the angle production at Boeing is majorly based on the optimization flow. This has become a day-to-day activity where some people are focusing on how to increase on the efficiency while decreasing the waste, as well as using different empirical methods when deciding on the matters, instead of uncritically evaluate the ideas that pre-existed many years ago. The research done recently showed that, the Lean manufacturing company is a version of the front efficacy efforts dealing with issues such as building and learning from their own mistakes. Literature Review in that location are 2 major instances that the Lean manufacturing Company uses to achieve its competitive analysis from other companies. hotshot of the models is by the use of Just In Time (JIT) as well as the Lean Manufacturing models. These two models have been used for several years in manufacturing companies and have been recognized as being the outmatch models that most companies should acquire. Today in the global economy, there are various manufacturing companies for the global economy that overtake in Western Europe as well as North America. And in all cases, their introductory concept of involving in manufacturing is mainly to improve the production efficacy by improving the production yield while decreasing the postulate workforce. Conversely, in the service sector, their concept basic is to make sure that the efficacy and efficiency of services are improved by recruiting new workers who will be reliable in improving the value of company services. Presently, most companies are using the JIT manufacturing model to achieve their competitive value from other competitors. For instance, In Japan, has used the model for several years and this has made them to achieve a huge success for several decades of years. In JIT approach model, managers should commit themselves continuously to allow them pursuit an excellence in all phases such as manufacturing design as well as operation. Usi ng JIT in manufacturing is noteworthy in that, the companies are able to produce a certain products that have a high prime(a) as well as quantity at an exact time when they are mostly required by the customers. JIT helps in emphasizing the processes while not at end of the products. It is evident that lean manufacturing is profitable to managers when it comes to the success on service sectors. There are various transformations made by the principles of Lean manufacturing in terms of the different environments and one such environment is the public sector as well as the service industry. There are a number of organizations which have taken in the lean model such as higher education, call centers, healthcare as well as professional services. When it comes to lean

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The future role for rail freight in the uk Essay

The incoming graphic symbol for revile freight in the uk - Essay ExampleAcknowledging this potential to provide the key economic consumption towards nearly of the economic and environmental goals of Britain, the government moved to take appropriate actions by dint of the provision of platform policies that get the sustainability and growth of this sector.Yet, the achievement of the goals of the rail freight will be based on the delivered expectations of the other players of the application namely those who avail of the services of the rail freight. They will be the indicators to sustain the potentials and push it towards the future role that is expected from the rail freight industry.As other studies and facts support the growth of the entire freight or transportation system industry, the main focus now are on the different modes that offer the same services. Consequently, the abutting point of consideration is the selection process of the customers of the freight industry. Naturally, they have to select the best mode to transport their goods with the most convenience and the best and cost efficient method.The needs and expectations of the players that utilise this service will be the important indicator for the growth and development of the particular sector. However, more importantly, it will also predict the future role of the mode of transport in relation to the delivery of the expected results.The purpose of this study then is to understand the future role of the rail freight industry in the United Kingdom through looking into the needs and expectations of the sectors that utilises this industry. As there are other modes of transporting goods, it is essential to understand the choice of rail over road, water and pipeline. Without this insight on the needs of the users and customer of the rail freight, it will be hopeless to catch a glimpse of the future performance of rail freight.Further, understanding through

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It dont matter Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

It dont matter - Article workoutHippocratic Database (HDB) which is composed of different technologies with the capacity to store medical information to change the system from manual of arms and paper-based to computer-based systems. This can attributed to the fact that modern and computerized systems and base of operationss are deemed to have less medical errors, lower costs and lastly more improved patient care.The HDB is the answer to the vision of PITAC in the provision of health information infrastructure that can be made available to health professionals nationwide to be able to improve the aim of health care knowledge since at that place is a single collection of clinical and empirical data important for decision making support. The said system can be accessible for data accounting entry and data retrieval. The said system can be considered highly applicable and practical but there are different concerns, one of which is the hostage of the information stored within the HDB (Agrawal, Grandison, Johnson, and Keirnan, 2007, p.36).There is a built-in policy-based secretiveness management feature of the HDB referred to as the Active Enforcement to answer the concerns regarding the secured state of the health care data stored in the system. The said feature which is also referred to as AE is an unbeliever middle ware solution for privacy and security needs. Basically the application of the said feature is situated in the system to gauge and to filter the foreplay and output of data based on the governing policies which are based on the preferences of the patients and the applicable laws (p. 36). Strengths of the HDB AE take general methodology for handling and codifying policy and preference information, transparency of policy enforcement to enterprise applications, being agnostic to underlying database technology and improvement of query processing speed (p.37).The study by Agrawal and colleagues presented numerous capabilities of the HDB much(pre nominal) as enforcement of privacy policies at database level, efficient

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Immigration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

immigration - Essay ExampleIn the late 1800s and early 1900s, famines, job scarcity, increasing taxes, crop failures and religious and political maltreatment forced mass belonging to different parts of the world to leave their countries and immigrate to the fall in States of the States generally because it was considered to be a land of economic opportunities. Almost 12 million immigrants arrived and settled in United States of America during 1870 to 1900 with elevated hopes for their bright future. The majority of the immigrants belonged to Germany, Ireland and England. In the beginning, the immigrants settled near the areas of entry, however, they succeeded to make their way indoors the country with the passage of succession. Keeping in view the continuous influx of immigrants and their immense need to tucker jobs, employers stated taking their advantage. No amount of jobs was enough to accommodate all the immigrants. Men were paid less(prenominal) as compared to other work ers and women in turn were paid even less (Immigration to the United States, 1851-1900). Immigrants were practically labeled and stereotyped by the people residing in America. This prejudice led to social tensions among the immigrants and the Americans. Moreover, they were frequently discriminated against Americans and do to suffer stereotypical attitude, physical and verbal abuse only because they were different. Apart from social strains, the new comers brought their glossiness with them resulting in huge diversity in various cities as well as states. Another agreement which contributed the social tension was the clash between what immigrants sought after and what the government required of them. By oblation attractive jobs and land for farming, the states with meager populations tried to attract the immigrants towards them. However, immigrants, on the other hand, wanted to settle themselves in the communities set up by the people previously living there from their own home c ountries (Immigration to the United States, 1851-1900). The official class of Norway openly showed their disdain towards other Norwegians who left their country to migrate to America and mocked everything even remotely related to America. The main reasons for this dislike included Negro slavery and American humbug. However, the tenants or extremely poor Norwegian farmers, after collecting some money that barely paid for their lead to as far as Chicago or Milwaukee, immigrated to America with the hopes of a better future. They considered America safer and much suitable place to live as compared to their own homeland. Norwegians mainly settled in the Midwest, Minnesota and Dakotas in particular. On the other hand, the letter they received from their fellow Norwegians already working in America were disheartening. They conveyed how they had acquired nearly nothing and these otherwise proud farmers would not be able to think of going to America without life humiliated and self-asham ed. The Americans received them with kindness but having little knowledge about Scandinavian countries at that time and seeing their bewildered state, they considered them not only less fit but also low-level to them in every aspect. Consequently, this made the immigrants feel disgraced and dishonored and they set about to prove that they were not inferior to Americans in any way. Furthermore, they had to endure political discrimination as well. They lived in farming communities and they did find people sharing their cultural values but it separated them from the American community permanently.

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Encounter Point movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Encounter Point - Movie Review pillowcaseThus, a thorough gaze at the consume shall indicate that the film Encounter Point presents a conflict between two parties in general which is very(prenominal) systematic and shown all through process before the final predicament of the movie appears where an amicable settlement amidst long drawn violence is depicted.The known movie reviewing agency, Time Out, New York comments about the movie Encounter Point that Something else entirely. . . Ronit Avni and Julia Bacha never flinch from the inexorable tragedies these men and women have endured, in that locationby capturing the heroism of their nonviolent choice.A) Apolitical or neutral is a very vague term at least in the domain of international relationships. However, director Ronit Avni and her creative man tried their best to display the situations within the documentary from a neutral point of view. However, some scenes lean to be pro-Palestinian and some other is casted in a hue that is pro-Israeli. The instances of attacks on Palestinians are more in number within the documentary than upon Israelis. The gruesome incidents where, George who lost her 12 years old daughter or Ali whose brother was killed by the Israeli soldier are all Palestinian victims. But also there is Robi who is seen on the very onset of the documentary bereaving for his dead young son who was encountered by Palestinian sniper. The film Encounter Point definitely reassures the resolution in its own terms and retells the story of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron as the cameras travel many other places too where the crew found men and women are striving towards reconciliation.B) A match film in the context of conflict indicates a presentation or portrayal of events and plotting of those in a manner that tends to strike a balance between the two regimes in conflict and at the aforementioned(prenominal)

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Environmental and Consumer Influence Essay Example for Free

environsal and Consumer Influence EssayExternal accompanimentors such as political, legal, br some otherly, ecological, cultural, technological and business ethics will be discussed. macintosh Cosmetics slogan reads, Professional musical composition artist quality cosmetics ( mac Cosmetics). This slogan allows the consumer to know that MAC organisation is so good makeup artist expend it. It allows the consumer to connect the dots between makeup artists to celebri yokes to the consumer and the consumer using renown worthy products. With so many other makeup brands MAC Cosmetics is known for cosmos bold and one-sided from their products to the celebrities they use to advertise and market their products. For pillow slip, Nicki Minaj, a well-known music rapper known not further for her controversial lyrics but her unique form of dress. She is the flashy and different exactly what MAC Cosmetics attempts to portray their products to be. onwards Nicki Minaj at that place was Lady Gaga, another example of an over-the-top music artist. When describing the mental and social factors involved in consumer leverage of this product MAC Cosmetics much bid every product marketer have researched and analyze these factors under a microscope, figuratively speaking.It is important to hear every aspect of a consumers demeanour factor to receive a cle arr picture on how to market the product. When speaking of consumer psychological and social factors we are speaking of the consumers motives, sensing, and attitudes. When analyzing a consumers motives, a motive is defined as a author for doing something (Merriam-Webster). When comparing one consumer to another the motives whitethorn not be all the same. Motives can range from precisely needing a makeup refill to wanting to use a highly advertised product.Wanting to use a popular product such as MAC can then be a psychological factor. When speaking of a psychological factor we then have to take into upsetatio n the need of this particular consumer. Perhaps this product is used by everyone he or she knows and they merely would kindred to plump in. But this example is most likely take place in a younger consumer, possibly a high school or college student. Another motive that can be introduced is the consumer whitethorn timbre good draining this product. Not only because this product does what it advertises but because the consumer likes how they look wearing it.As discussed above, how the consumer feels when wearing the product may allow them to give the perception of flawless skin. The perception goal given by the models and celebrities used to market the MAC Cosmetics products, they want consumers to feel like they can look just like them. To be realistic everyone has some flaw they would like to cover or camouflage and when told by a celebrity who is admired and continuously looks flawless, that will affect the decision of the consumers perception of that particular product.It m ay also play an important map in which enamors the consumer to purchase this product. The perception given by the advertisement then becomes a motive for the consumer to purchase a product they may have had no conception in purchasing. Attitude also plays an important role in purchasing a product like MAC Cosmetics. Attitude is defined as a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state (Merriam-Webster). A consumers attitude may have several factors. A consumers personality, family, and simply a dislike of mortal or something may influence a consumers attitude.The perception MAC marketers attempt to portray in MAC Cosmetics is that their product is used by celebrities and models. And for example, Nicki Minaj, as antecedently stated above she is a music rapper who seems to have a strong opinion astir(predicate) everything and everyone. Using her as the spokesperson could be safe to say that her attitude describes MAC Cosmetics. Consumers then may translate that and assume that by u sing this product they too can feel strong and outspoken. well-disposed class also has a lot to do with the purchase of MAC Cosmetics.Unlike some well-known makeup brands, for example Cover Girl or Maybelline, MAC is not found in securities industry stores or drug stores. MAC Cosmetics is found in higher end department stores such as Nordstrom and Macys and some cities have the MAC Cosmetic stores. The price of the cosmetics is a bit higher than the examples listed above. Which means someone on a budget may not be willing to fork up the bare(a) cash to purchase MAC products. Not saying that you will have to mortgage off your topographic point to purchase MAC Cosmetics but it is definitely a social class factor.Consumers who are or consider themselves in this social class will purchase MAC Cosmetics because like previously discussed, it is not utterly available and is more expensive than others. The psychological and social factors all play and important influential role in a co nsumer. The factors of motives, perception, attitudes, personality, family, social class, and reference group all play important roles and each tie into each other in one or many forms. Marketers are fully aware of these factors and find their products are able to trigger a consumers sensation in order to have them purchase the product.But along with psychological and social factors there are also external factors to consider. For example there are political, legal, social, ecological, technological, and business ethic external factors that affect a consumers behavior. Some external factors that may influence consumers to purchase the MAC Cosmetic products are social, ecological, and business ethical. As previously discussed a social factor can be influenced by simply allowing the purchaser to seem as if they are a part of an unspoken club. MAC Cosmetics allows their consumers to feel that they are receiving only the best money can buy.By MAC only selling their products at high end departments stores it allows the consumer of only those stores to have glide path to the product. For example because MAC Cosmetics is not found just any where consumers who shop at Wal-Mart would not have access to MAC Cosmetics. This allows consumers in this social bracket to purchase MAC products. Another external factor that maym influence MAC Cosmetics purchases is the ecological factor. These days, many beauty companies are setting an eco-friendly example and MAC Cosmetics is one of them. MAC Cosmetics is offering refillable packaging and compacts, with refills often old for slightly less money (Pollack Boyer). MAC Cosmetics also rewards for being environmentally thrifty by handing out free lipsticks to customers who return five or six modify product containers (Pollack Boyer). Consumers may be incline to support and purchase products from MAC Cosmetics because they are supporting the environment through earth-sustaining and earth-friendly practices. Another external fact or that may influence a consumer behavior to purchase MAC Cosmetics is business ethics. For MAC Cosmetics business ethics and ecological factors play hand-in-hand.Along with their ecological practices MAC Cosmetics direct to the fair trade and community. Fair trade means paying a fair price for outsourced labor, enchantment community trade creates long-term economic initiatives to ensure sustainability within the communities in which ingredients are extracted (Pollack Boyer). MAC Cosmetics and other companies are not only transforming their own products, but also supporting others who are helping the environment (Pollack Boyer). As discussed above the analysis of consumers behaviors have many different factors and each consumer situation is different.MAC Cosmetics may not be for everyone but they try hard to be for everyone. Marketers ensure to stimulate all aspects of consumers psychological and social factors and their external factors. Some examples were given for each factor in order to better understand a consumer and their reasons for purchasing the MAC Cosmetics products. MAC Cosmetics advertises to have more than 100 shades for eyes, lips, and face, everything a makeup addict cannot live without, you be the judge. REFERENCES Bagozzi, R. P. , Gurhan-Canli, Z. , Priester, J. R. (2002). The Social Psychology of Consumer Behaviour. Philadelphia, PA Pearson.MAC Cosmetics. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http//www. maccosmetics. com/index. tmpl Merriam-Webster. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http//east. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/attitude? study=0t=1369245814 Merriam-Webster. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http//east. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/motive? show=0t=1369886515 Pollack, J. and Boyer, D. (n. d. ), Green Cosmetics Companies we love Yves Rocher, MAC, The Body Shop and Aveda. (n. d. , Fall). Canadain Living . Retrieved from http//www. canadianliving. com/life/green_living/green_cosmetics_companies_we_love_yves_rocher_mac_the_body_shop_and_aveda. php

Analysis of Kingfisher. Essay Example for Free

Analysis of powerfulnessfisher. EssayIntroductionKingfisher ventilate lane is a private respiratory tract based in Bangalore, India. The air ducts owned by Vijay M altogetherya of United Beverages Group. Kingfisher air passages champted its works on May 9, 2005 with a fleet of 4 Airbus A320 aircrafts. The airline currently operates on domestic routes. The destinations coered by Kingfisher Airlines argon Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Guwahati, Kolkata, Pune, Agartala, Dibrugarh, Mangalore and Jaipur.In a sententious span of time Kingfisher Airline has carved a recession for itself. The airline offers several unique run to its customers. These include personal valet at the airport to attend to in baggage handling and boarding, accompanied with refreshments and music at the airport, audio and video on-demand, with extra-wide personalized maskings in the aircraft and three-course gourmet cuisine.Kingfisher is sensation of only 6 airlines in the initiation to pass on a 5 star rating from Sky tax, along with Asian Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Air centerings, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways. In a short span of time Kingfisher Airline has carved a niche for itself. The airline offers several unique dishs to its customers.These include personal valet at the airport to assist in baggage handling and boarding, pocket lounges with private space, accompanied with refreshments and music at the airport, audio and video on-demand, with extra-wide personalized projection screens in the aircraft, sleeper empower with extendable footrests, and three-course gourmet cuisine.HISTORYKingfisher Airlines is a subsidiary of the UB Group, one of the largest beverage companies in the world. The soiling of the airline is linked to that of Kingfisher Beer, Indias largest brewery. The airline, which is headed by the charismatic Dr Vijay M exclusivelyya, took to the skies in May 2005, and attracted attentio n for its mellow quality crossing with personal in feather entertainment in e precise set custom interior designs for distributively aircraft valet assistance at airports and complimentary hot food and beverages.The airline initially operated a single coterie service but subsequently introduced a highly acclaimed First Class, allowing it to compete with Jet Airways for the high yield corporate market. In addition to its A320 family aircraft used on domestic routes, Kingfisher Airlines also operates ATR-72 turboprops on regional sectors.Under current Indian regulations, which require airlines to operate 5 years domestic service in the beginning being granted international rights, Kingfisher will not be permitted to operate overseas until 2010. However, the airline has very clear international ambitions, with an order book for 45 wide body aircraft, including A330s, A340s, A350s and A380s.In unspoilt over two years, Kingfisher Airlines has achieved a market sh atomic number 18 of 10% and has one of the most aggressive elaboration plans of all Indian carriers during 2007. In Jun-07, it dramatically increased its influence in the market with the acquisition of a 26% shareholding in Indias largest LCC, Air Dec stern, for approximately USD130 million, and an open offer for a advertize 20%. by schedule coordination and joint operations in ground handling, training, and maintenance, the carriers are projecting annual apostrophize nest egg of over USD70 million. at that place will also be greater coordination between the two blemishs, with Air Deccan to lard the Kingfisher image in its logo and to switch to a red, rather than a blue color scheme.The feature Kingfisher/Deccan group has a market share of just over 30% and a product swan spanning from the price-sensitive, send-off-time flyer, to the high yield business traveler, making I tone of the key pillars of the airline industry. The airline which started its operation on 9th May 2005, following the lease of 4 Airbus A320 aircraft. As of July 2007, Kingfisher operates only on domestic routes nonetheless it has announced plans to start flights to the USA with Airbus A380 aircraft.The airline isowned by the United Beverages Group under the lead of Vijay Mallya (which also owns the popular Indian beer of the same name). The airline promises to suit the needs of air travelers and to raise tenable air fares. Kingfisher Airlines main luxury component is its In-Flight Entertainment System, a first among Indian airlines. The airliners in-flight Mobile mobilise and Internet service will be provided by On Air starting 2008 for long hook flights.VISIONThe Kingfisher Airlines family will consistently de make outr a safe, value-based and enjoyable travel experience to all our guests. valueSafetyThis is our overriding value. In our line of business, there is no compromise. ServiceWe are all in the hospitality business we moldiness always desire to serve our guests and gain their trus t, goodwill and loyalty.HappinessWe seek to build an organization with people who choose to be quick-witted, and will Endeavour to influence our guests and co-workers to be happy too. TeamworkWe will succeed or fail as a team. Each one of us must respect our colleagues regardless of their rank, and we must work together to ensure our mutual success. AccountabilityEach one of us will be held accountable for the successful execution of our du attachs, commitments and obligations, and we will strive to lead by ideal.MISSIONKingfisher Airlines will have Fly the Good Times approach and this will reflect in the experience we will offer to passengers. SERVICESDOMESTICKingfisher FirstThe domestic Kingfisher First seats have a 48 inch seat pitch and a 126 spot seat recline.There are laptop and mobile phone chargers on any seat. Passengers can avail of the latest international youngspapers and magazines. There is also a steam ironing service on board Kingfisher First cabins. Every seat i s equipped with a personalized IFE system with AVOD which offers a wide range of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, English and Hindoo TV programmers, 16 live TV channels and 10 channels of Kingfisher Radio. Passengers also get BOSE hurly burly cancellation headphones.Domestic Kingfisher First is only available on selected Airbus A320 family aircraft. Kingfisher ClassThe domestic Kingfisher Class has 32-34 inch seat pitch.Every seat is equipped with personal IFE systems with AVOD on-board the Airbus A320 family aircraft. As in Kingfisher First, passengers can access movies, English and Hindi TV programmers, a few live TV channels powered by Dish TV, and Kingfisher Radio.The screen is controlled by a controller-console on the seat armrest. Ear cup headphones are provided free of cost to all passengers. The default channel shows, alternating all(prenominal) few seconds, the aero planes ground speed, outside temperature, altitude, space and time to destination, the position of the airc raft on a graphical map, and one or more advertisements. Passengers are served meals on most flights. in front take-off, passengers are served bottled lemonade.Economy set meal on-board a Kingfisher Airlines domestic flight. Kingfisher Red later Kingfisher Airlines acquired Air Deccan, its name was changed to Simplify Deccan and subsequently to Kingfisher Red. Kingfisher Red is Kingfisher Airlines low-cost class on domestic routes. A special edition of Cine Blitz magazine is the only reading material provided.Kingfisher Airlines is the first airline in India to extend its King Club frequent flyer program to its low-cost carrier as well. Passengers can earn King Miles even when they fly Kingfisher Red, which they can redeem for free books to travel on Kingfisher Airlines or partner airlines. INTERNATIONALKingfisher FirstThe international Kingfisher First has full flat-bed seats with a 180 degree recline, with a seat pitch of 78 inches, and a seat width of 20-24.54 inches.32 Passen gers are disposed(p) merino sheep wool blankets, a Salvatore Ferragamo toiletry kit, a pyjama to change into, five-course meals and alcoholic beverages. Also available are in-seat massagers, chargers and USB connectors.Every Kingfisher First seat has a 17 inch widescreen personal television with AVOD stir screen controls and offers 357 hours of programming content spread over 36 channels, including Hollywood and Bollywood movies along with 16 channels of live TV, so passengers can watch their favorite TV programmers live. There is also a collection of interactive games, a jukebox with customizable playlists and Kingfisher Radio. Passengers are given BOSE noise cancellation headphones.The service on board the Kingfisher First cabins includes a social area comprising a full-fledged bar staffed with a bartender, a break-out seating area just nearby fitted with two couches and bar stools, a full-fledged chef on board the aircraft and any-time dining. A turn-down service includes the renewal of the seat into a fully flat bed and an air-hostess making the bed when the passenger is ready to sleep. two Kingfisher First and Kingfisher classes feature mood lighting on the Airbus A330-200 with light schemes corresponding to the time of twenty- foursome hours and flight position. Kingfisher ClassThe international Kingfisher Class seats offer a seat pitch of 34 inches, a seat width of 18 inches and a seat recline of 25 degrees (6 inches). Passengers get full distance modacrylic blankets, full size pillows and meals.Each Kingfisher Class seat has a 10.6 inch widescreen personal television with AVOD touch screen controls. The IFE is similar to that of the international Kingfisher First class. It can also be controlled by a clastic remote-control console fitted in the armrest. This device can be used to control the IFE, reading-lights, play games and even has a credit-card swipe for shopping on Kingfishers Air Boutique. It also has a facility for sending text-messages, though the service isnt provided by Kingfisher. CARGOKingfisher XpressKingfisher Xpress is a new Door-to-Door cargo delivery service from Kingfisher Airlines. Kingfisher Xpress same day service will be Indiasfirst and only same day delivery by air service. In-flight entertainmentKingfishers IFE system is the Thales Top Series i3000/i4000 on-board the Airbus A320 family aircraft, and Thales Top Series i5000 on-board the Airbus A330 family aircraft provided by the France-based Thales Group.Kingfisher was the first Indian airline to have in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems on every seat even on domestic flights. All passengers were given a welcome kit consisting of goodies much(prenominal) as a pen, facial tissue and headphones to use with the IFE system. Now, passengers of Kingfisher class are not given welcome kits but, as mentioned earlier, a complimentary bottle of lemonade and earphones for use with the IFE are still given.The in flight magazines are special editions of magaz ines owned by Mallyas media publishing house (VJM Media) viz. Hi Blitz for domestic flights and Hi Living for international flights. Initially, passengers were able to watch only record TV programming on the IFE system, but later an alliance was formed with Dish TV to provide live TV in-flight.34 And in a marked departure from tradition, Kingfisher Airlines decided to have an on-screen safety presentation using the IFE system however the conventional safety briefing by the flight attendants still exists on many flights. King ClubThe Frequent-flyer program of Kingfisher Airlines is called the King Club in which members earn King Miles every time they fly with Kingfisher or its partner airlines, hotels, car rental, finance and lifestyle businesses. There are four levels in the scheme Red, Silver, cash and Platinum levels. Members can redeem points for over a number of schemes. Platinum, Gold and Silver members enjoy access to the Kingfisher Lounge, priority check-in, excess baggage allowance, bonus miles, and 3 Kingfisher First gain vouchers for Gold membership. Platinum members get 5 upgrade vouchers. Kingfisher LoungeKingfisher Lounges are offered to Kingfisher First passengers, along with King Club Silver and King Club Gold members. Lounges are located in Bangalore supranational dromeChennai International AirportChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai)Cochin International Airport (Kochi)Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi)capital of the United Kingdom Heathrow AirportNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata)Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad)However, note that the airline has suspended operation in London, Kochi, Kolkata and Hyderabad.AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTSKingfisher Airlines frequent flyer programme, King Club has won Top Honors at the 21st Annual Freddie Awards in the Japan, Pacific, Asia and Australia region. King Club has won the Freddie Awards 2008 in the following categories trump Bonus PromotionBest node ServiceBest Member Communications (First Runner-up)Best Award Redemption (First Runner-up)Best Elite take (Second Runner-up)Best Website (Second Runner-up)Program of the Year (Second Runner-up)Kingfisher Airlines has received three global awards at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2010 Named Best Airline In India / Central Asia Best Cabin Crew Central Asia. Kingfisher RED named Best baseborn Cost Airline in India / Central Asia. NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award for air travel.Indias only 5 Star airline, rated by Skytrax and 6th airline in the world. Rated Indias Second Buzziest shop 2008 by The dishonor Reporter. ranked amongst Indias Top Service smears of 2008 by Pitch Magazine. Voted as Indias Favorite Airline.Rated as Asia Pacifics Top Airline Brand.Brand Leadership Award.Economic Times Avaya Award 2006 for Excellence in Customer Responsiveness. Indias No. 1 Airline in customer satisfaction by Business World. Ratedamongst Indias most respected companies by Busi ness World. Rated amongst Indias 25 Innovative Companies by Plan man Media in 2006. The Best Airline and Indias Favorite Carrier in a Survey conducted by IMB for The Times of India. Best bare-assed Domestic Airline for Excellent serve and Cuisine by Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA). Service Excellence 2005-2006 for a New Airline by Skytrax.Ranked third in the survey on Indias Most Successful Brand launch of 2005 under the Brand Derby Survey conducted by Business Standard. Busiest Brands of 2005 by agency fans and The Brand Reporter. Rated amongst the Top Ten Internet Advertisers by Yahoo.Rated amongst the top ten in the Best Television commercial message Jingles by NDTV. Best New Airline of the Year Award for 2005 by Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) Award in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region. Listed in the top 100 most trusted soil in The Brand Trust Report.POLITICAL FACTORS1) Open sky policy2) FDI limits 100% for Greenfield airports74% for the subsi sting airports100% through with(predicate) special permission49% for airlinesECONOMICAL FACTORS1) Contribution to the Indian economy.2) Rising cost of fuel.3) Investment in the sector of aviation.4) The produce of the middle income group family affects the aviation sector.SOCIAL FACTORS1) training of cities leads to disclose go and airports. 2) Employment opportunities.3) Safety regulations.4) The status symbol attached to a plane travel.TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS1) The growth of e-commerce and e-ticketing.2) Satellite based navigation system.3) Modernisation and privatisation of the airports.4) Developing green field airports with private sector for example in Bangalore the airport corporation limited. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS1) The increase in the global warming.2) The sudden and unexpected port of the atmosphere and the dependency on whether. 3) Shortage of the infrastructural capacity4) Tourism saturation.LEGAL FACTORS1) FDI limits2) Bilateral treaties3) Airlines acquisitions and the leasing cost.STRENGTHSStrong brand value and reputation in the minds of customers. Quality of the service.Route rationalization.First airline to have a new fleet of airbuses.Quality and continuous innovation.WEAKNESSESStill a not in profit organization.High ticket pricing.Facing a tough competition from competitors.OPPORTUNITIESThe expanding tourism industry.The non coverd domestic market.International market.Untapped air cargo market.THREATSCompetitorsInfrastructure issues.Fuel price hike.Tourism saturationEconomic slowdown.Promotions and sponsorship declining.STP ANALYSISSEGMENTATION geographical RegionDensitySocial ClassesIncome LevelTARGETINGKingfisher Firstcompany executivesKingfisher Class rase middle, upper middle, lower upper segmentPOSITIONINGLifestyleBenefitsQualityPsPRODUCTFleet coatAircraftsInternational ForayPROMOTIONSAdvertisementsMagazine and Newspaper adsExposure at non-corporate eventParticipation in International Air showsEndorsing celebrities likeKatrina Kai f and Yana GuptaPRICEDynamic pricing model Multiple fare levelsUniform rulesNo hidden restrictions.Pricing model 8 different levelsDiscounts provided from time to timePEOPLEBackbone of the brandExtensive trainingsHospitality industry and consider their customer as guestsInterpersonal skills, aptitude, and service knowledge send offOnline Booking www.flykingfisher.comOnline Booking Yatra.com, MakeMyTrip.com, ezeego1.comCredit Cards Debit Cards PaymentSMS / CallOutlets in every major city and at every airport across the country PHYSICAL EVIDENCE private valetsExclusive lounge spaceHi BlitzGourmet cuisineworld class cabin crew5 trendy video- Fun TV 10 music stations -Kingfisher Radio affectBooking the ticket online booking or tele-booking or from any of the kingfisher outletCOMPETITORSCompanySales(Rs.Million) watercoursePriceChange (%)P/E RatioMarketCap.(Rs.Million)52-WeekHigh/LowJet Airways (I)127768.30305.856.380.0026405.26518/167 ribaldry Jet28795.0829.508.660.0014288.3243/15K ingfisher Airlines62333.7912.952.780.008747.0844/13Global Vectra Helico2315.759.70-0.100.00135.8026/9Jagson Airlines97.254.102.500.0082.6910/3MARKET SHAREPROFIT LOSS STATEMENTMar11Mar10Mar09Mar08Jun0712 Months12 Months12 Months12 Months12 MonthsINCOMESales Turnover6,233.385,067.925,269.171,456.281,800.21Excise Duty0. SALES6,233.385,067.925,269.171,456.281,800.21Other Income0. INCOME6,422.585,140.005,863.601,504.921,830.19EXPENDITUREManufacturing Expenses3,466.832,911.813,715.471,297.511,597.06 real(a) Consumed56.6940.8951.1943.7945.94Personal Expenses680.54689.38825.42244.96247.72Selling Expenses659.07687.02683.8285.0017.90Administrative Expenses426.21418.41546.47110.20154.00Expenses Capitalised0. Made0. EXPENDITURE5,289.344,747.515,822.361,781.462,062.61Operating Profit944.04320.41-553.19-325.17-262.40EBITDA1,133.24392.4941.24-276.54-232.42 depreciation203.02162.80133.2018.2817.67Other W rite-offs38.0154.4938.3918.3126.25EBIT892.20175.20-130.35-313.13-276.34Interest2,340.322,245.592,029.33434.44466.05EBT-1,448.12-2,070.39-2,159.68-747.57-742.39Taxes-455.35-700.00-546.38-494.453.40Profit and Loss for the Year-992.76-1,370.39-1,613.30-253.12-745.79Non Recurring Items-107.62-405.384.4764.98312.12Other Non Cash Adjustments72.9931.280.00-0.914.09Other Adjustments0.0097.270.000.970.00 account PAT-1,027.40-1,647.22-1,608.83-188.14-419.58KEY ITEMSPreference Dividend0. Dividend0. Dividend (%) partakes in Issue (Lakhs)4,977.792,659.092,659.091,357.991,354.70EPS Annualised (Rs)-20.64-61.95-60.50-18.47-30.97CASHFLOW STATEMENTParticularsMar11Mar10Mar09Mar08Jun07Profit Before Tax-1,520.78-2,417.92-2,155.21-682.59-416.18Net Cash Flows from Operating Activity-2.23-1,665.09-645.78-541.52-552.58Net Cash Used in investment Activity38.05235.13206.6313.82119.48Net Cash Used in Financing Activity-81.721,464.55290.11-9. 23993.68Net Inc/Dec in Cash and Cash combining weight-45.9034.60-149.04-536.93560.57Cash and Cash Equivalent Beginning of the Year206.47171.87320.91817.05256.47Cash and Equivalent End of the Year160.57206.47171.87280.12817.05BALANCE SHEETParticularsMar11Mar10Mar09Mar08Jun07Liabilities12 Months12 Months12 Months12 Months12 MonthsShare Capital1,053.83370.39371.02145.89135.47Reserves Surplus-4,005.02-4,268.84-2,496.3652.99249.23Net Worth-2,951.19-3,898.45-2,125.35198.87384.70Secured Loans5,184.534,842.432,622.52592.38716.71Unsecured Loans1,872.553,080.173,043.04342.00200.00TOTAL LIABILITIES4,105.884,024.153,540.211,133.261,301.41AssetsGross Block2,254.262,048.141,891.80322.33340.77(-) Acc. derogation682.37493.62316.2943.5533.74Net Block1,571.891,554.511,575.52278.78307.03Capital Work in Progress.673.35980.601,630.95346.25357.62Investments. Debtors440.53322.49229.8427.1635.24Cash And Bank252.36206.47171.87280.12817.05 Loans And Advances5,380.194,604.313,640.42832.48149.76Total live Assets6,260.735,298.134,189.371,188.411,063.68Current Liabilities4,463.863,908.033,814.63687.31449.15Provisions62.1146.7745.559.526.94Total Current Liabilities4,525.973,954.803,860.18696.83456.09NET CURRENT ASSETS1,734.761,343.34329.19491.58607.59Misc. Expenses125.84145.644.5116.6428.75TOTAL ASSETS (A+B+C+D+E)4,105.884,024.153,540.211,133.261,301.41FUTURE STRATEGIESMarket PenetrationCan tie up with Corporate and Government Companies by Providing grotesque Travel Solutions for Professional and Personal Use. Can implement programs implemented by South West Airlines to penetrate market. Product DevelopmentSeek additional distribution channels such as more tie ups and Collaboration. Collaboration with international carriers, bilateral discussions over seats and code sharing between the carriers. Market DevelopmentSpecial offerings for first time fliers.Try to find out new customer group such as old-retired persons. Diver sificationCan enter into other Transport Services like Bus Services between Major Cities and Other Services.PROBLEM IDENTIFICATIONCurrent Indian scenario Air travelFor majority of people preference-No frills low cost airlines Kingfisher competing with both the no frills low cost airlines as well as those with frills. Three unique classes of service Kingfisher First (Business class)Kingfisher Class (Premium economy)Kingfisher Red (Low fare)Current segmentation based on social class income levelSocial classes which use full carrier services and those which use first class services of the railways Income level Low cost carrier for those who travel by first class railwayProblem with positioningBrand relates to LifestyleRECOMMENDATIONSNeeds to change brand perception soon perceived as Lifestyle sloganRed color of crew Reflects RoyaltyOver dependence on brand image of Mr. MallayaJet airways Reflects professionalismAdvertisement reflecting Value for MoneyGain operational efficiencie s through alliances as with Jet Airways LeverageUponNew fleet, Unmatched flight serviceInnovative ideas-LIVE TV with 16 channelsAir Boutique, in Kingfisher AirlinesA joint promotion, i.e. using MakeMyTrip services and flying Kingfisher Airlines. By partnering with Kingfisher Airlines, further convenience in travel is offered at no extra cost- Added value Fleet size expansionSUGGESTIONReduce the labor costSimplify the flight operationsOffer more bold pricingGet smart on fuelThe process of acquiring spice jet if issue would make kingfisher the largest player in the aviation industry Different modes of pricing should be taken electric charge of.CONCLUSIONAfter doing a study of this project representing on Kingfisher Airlines, I have come to a conclusion that Kingfisher Airlines is one of the largest and most widespread airlines of the country providing its services not only in India as well as outside India also. It has alliance with many other airlines in this sector.Kingfisher Air lines offers world class services to the customer at a nominal rate. The national carrier takes immense pride in having successfully played a pivotal role in making various facets of India popular with the people of the world and acting as the countrys cultural ambassador. The airline uses the services of one of the advanced plans been operated in the world. To sum up I would like to say that Kingfisher Airlines is serving its customer in an appreciated way and going to be in the list of best services providers in coming years.

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How Small Coffee Shops Can Succeed Using Social Media Essay Example for Free

How Small Coffee Shops Can Succeed use Social Media EssayE realone has a topical anesthetic coffee shop that they consider to be their favourite. That one send off where they k instanter theyll be welcomed with open arms and the people behind the counter know their name (or at least their face). The place that in time if their coffee costs almost double as much as Tim Hortons (Starbucks) that this is the place theyll al behaviors recommend to their friends. A few geezerhood ago, it was nearly impossible for a local coffee shop to compete with the deep pocket coffee shops. Today, even the smallest cafe with the a very little marketing bud operate evict compete. All they need is a story worth intercourse and of course, a coffee worth brewing. If they beat those, the clients will keep coming back the main impact is usually getting them there in the first place. Here are some ways that neighborly media potty be used to help local coffee shops compete with the big player s.Two Tweets and angiotensin converting enzyme SugarAs I write this post, cheep has become one of the biggest buzzwords of the year. However, the buzz isnt unwarranted. chirp is one of the largest affectionate networking channels in North Ameri tramp consisting more than 15Million accounts. And while its still in its infancy it provides businesses an unparalleled opportunity to communicate with consumers and current customers in real-time. So what does this mean for coffee shops? It authority that they can communicate more effectively than ever with consumers. If that means setting up a search that tracks their injury and sending a simple thank you or going as far as taking a pre-order, so be it.Twitter gives these brands a chance to create a in-person connection with their consumers and touch on their brand worth talking or so. By being active in the twitter community an opportunity exists for coffee shops to offer their space for events such as tweet ups. Hosting these l ive events at your venue not only gaurantee that youll be selling your products, tho alike guarantees some buzz (tweets) about your brand. On top of that, some of these new customers were probably never in your shop in their life story however, because you got involved in twitter and hosted this event you were able to attract new customers to experience your shop. What more can you ask for? Im glad you asked.How about 1 Blog LatteWhile blogging can be an important part of a social media strategy, its not worth having if you dont have a strategy behind it. If your main goal is to develop an online community it might be in your best interest to blog about different beans or whitethornbe do a vino Library TV segment Coffee Style. However, if your strategy is focused around getting more butts in your cafes seats, it might be in your best interest to discuss offers on the blog. As great as a blog can be for an organization it can also be their downfall. A friendship that views th eir blog as being a great way to only talk about their brand and how great they are will never find readers. Well maybe theyll have their spouse and employees but customers wont be interested. If you can provide your readers with something of value they will return. I often divide people looking to start a blog to try and offer the three Es of Social Media.Entertainment, Education or EngagementAn Extra Large FacebookFacebook has become the grand-daddy of them all when it comes to social networks. It has latterly gone from being a questionable place to have your brand, to a necessity for many companies in the food industry. With its most recent changes to the facebook pages it has become obvious that brand experience on facebook is back. Brands are now able to create facebook pages with more customization than ever and truly deepen their relationship with their customers. The frazzle-dazzle applications arent the only way for a local coffee shop to set itself a part from other stor es. It can also use Facebook to promote other content that they have created.This means they can post links to their blog, videos, pictures and even coupons reaching an audience that may not be present on the other social networking channels. With that said, we cant forget the meat and potatoes that Facebook was built upon. The ability to get your message out to a arrive of people is one of the key reasons why businesses have found such success on facebook. Those tweetups we discussed rather can easily be cross-promoted using a Facebook event. The opportunities available on facebook are great its up to you, to turn them into something remarkable.Whose your Manager Mayor? second power is the new kid on the block in the social media world. It will be the most talked about social networking platform for the rest of this year and will unquestionably be playing a big part in several social media plans. James Hoffman explains on his blog why, You have people competitively visiting you , talking about you. More than that there is a pretty sensible business model in there too, meaning that squarely could well be around in a few years. Coffee shops seemed pretty quick to emb carry twitter, and it will be interesting to see if that experience has soured social media for them, or if theyll embrace foursquare too. Something tells me that theyll embrace foursquare like a seat-belt embraces impact.Mayorship TechCrunchOne of my favourite tactics that coffee shops can use in Foursquare is promoting the idea of becoming mayor. The basics behind this tactic is that you tell the consumers that if they become the mayor of your shop they get their beverages for free. Seeing that there is an incentive now for going to the shop more and more Youve ultimately created a competition that will keep the people swarming your shop. The whole idea of providing customers with rewards for loyalty has been going on for years. This race to be the mayor however, takes customer loyalty, fli ps it upside down and turns it into a competition.Lets not get our Mochas in a BunchWith all that said, you must always remember your companies core strategy and goals. These channels discussed above may take a similar route as hi5 or geocities in a few years time. For that reason, it is important to not put all your eggs into one basket. Facebook is already talking about their new function that will be the Foursquare Killer. (Keep your eyes open) Finally, remember that the value you provide your customer in the store will always out weight the value you can provide them with a social networking tool. While its important to do things to get your customers in the door its just as important to make sure theyll want to come back.

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Case Study Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics Essay Example for Free

Case speculate Analysis of personalised and Organizational Ethics EssayNot-for-profit makeups primary refinement is non to increase sh arholder value rather it is to provide ab come forward socially desirable need on an ongoing basis. It primarily lacks the financial flexibility of a commercial enterprise because it depends on resource providers that are not harming in an exchange transaction. The resources provided are directed towards providing goods or services to a client other than the demonstrable resource provider. Thus the not-for-profit must demonstrate its stewardship of donated resources money donated for a specific purpose must be used for that purpose. (LII 1992) For-profit governments primary goal is devising money (a profit), which focuses on a goal much(prenominal) as lot the community and is concerned with money only as much as necessary to keep the organization operating. almost companies considered to be businesses are for profit organizations this includes anything from retail stores to restaurants to indemnification companies to real estate companies. (Business dictionary) Good abstract Try not to use dictionaries or encyclopedias as references for college-level papers. Case Study AnalysisI stomach decided to do my case study on the not-for-profit organization parade of Dimes and the for-profit organization amends Companies. These two variant organizations are similar in what they stand for and that is helping the client by any means workable. They are also very different due to the nature of their organization and what they gather in to passing game. I am nearly to prepare a Case Study Analysis of ad hominem and Organizational Ethics and determine between the For-Profit (Insurance Companies) and Not-for-Profit Organization ( inch of Dimes). Be sure to give a buckram thesis mastery in your introductory paragraph.The not-for-profit organization, March of Dimes provides mothers, pregnant women and women of childbearing age with educational resources on baby health, pregnancy, preconception and new motherhood, as well as supplying information and support to families affected by prematurity, birth defects, or other infant health problems. Have you ever thought ab come out of the closet how difficult it is for a baby to be born(p) without low birth weight, prematurity, or birth defects? later on visiting the March of Dimes website I learned that over 460,000 newborns in the United States alone are born previous(prenominal)(p)ly.I found that the March of Dimes, Mothers March, and Walk-America were beneficial three of the well-known, not-for-profit organizations in the United States. each(prenominal) of these organizations main focus is putting an end to prematurity and each work to make their name well-known. The March for Dimes, has been highly effective in advocating for womens and childrens health. The not-for-profit organization is also a great sponsor for public sentience cam paigns the organization represents some of the most famous names in medicine and is organized into more than 90 local chapters, overseen by a national office.The organization was comprised of volunteers and researchers in a partnership, and today the same holds true. The predictable objective of course is to fight until prematurity and birth defects no longer exist. The foundation was founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938. The organization began as the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. The name March of Dimes coined in the late thirties by vaudeville star Eddie Cantor as a play on the contemporary newsreel serial publication The March of Time was originally used for the foundations annual fundraising event and gradually became synonymous with that of the organization.It was officially adoptive as the organizations name in 1976, when it became known as the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation. In 2007, the name became the March of Dimes Foundation. The March of Dim es original goal or direction for the organization was for eliminating polio and that was done, so then they necessitateed to make a choice to either change their mission or do away with the organization all together. While putting together all their strengths and weaknesses of the organization they came up expanding the organization against birth defects, arthritis, virus diseases, and premature births.They wanted to be puzzle a flexible force in the region of public health. The March of Dimes has been described as a bureaucracy that has taken on a smack of its own through a classic example of a process called goal displacement. Break-up giant paragraphs into smaller paragraphs On the other hand, every business or individual is exposed to many different types of jeopardizes such as fire, theft, burglary, accident, etc. Some of the risks depose be conveyed to companies known as Insurance companies, the for-profit organization. Insurance agencies spread over the loss of the insured.It is the trounce protection against risks to businesses, properties, and life. Like the dangers and risks of businesses, human life is also visible to many different risks. A family generally depends on the income brought in by the head of household, entirely now when a death suddenly occurs, the family may be left in a very different and hard situation. Forever is not a part of the human life. Insurance replaces this by providing financial compensation. Moreover, it is a contract between the insurance firm and the insured under which the insurer undertakes to compensate the insured for the loss arising from the risk insured against.In attachment the insured agrees to pays premium regularly. Having insurance means that, in exchange for payment an insurance corporation agrees to carry on the expenses in an event that would otherwise cause financial loss for the policyholder. In short, having insurance means that due expenses can be prevented or diminished. The insu rance policy represents a legally binding contractual balance between the policyholder and the insurance company and spells out how much financial protection is.Some of the honest aspect and values of the not-for-profit and the for-profit organization is that the March of Dimes is built on their mission statement that very much embraces it first, helping pile in need. Volunteers generate really studied this mission to guide them through this selfless act. They bear a high ethical standard and avoid all selfishness. Also defining and enforcing standards of quality service, and strive for continuous improvement. Nevertheless, insurance companies claim that their mission and values are about growth of the people and the companys performance.It ranks both making a difference and getting things done. Dont these two organizations have the same concept when they talk about what their ethical perspective and values? They are always looking at for ways to improve the organization to bring to more people to them and doing what is right for the customer. However, these two organizations have their put down back just like everyone else. Some key problems that the March of Dimes face is stated from the Life Issues wreak For 20 years National Right to Life, its 50 state affiliates and its almost 3,000 chapters have maintained a boycott against giving any contributions to the March of Dimes.The reason for this started back in 1972. At that time, the March of Dimes sponsored a major seminar on genetically handicapped unborn babies. It pioneered the technic of diagnostic, mid-trimester amniocentesis. It began to teach a nation you could take some of the fluid from the sac around the baby in the middle of the pregnancy, and find out if the child had a genetic problem such as Downs Syndrome or spine-a-bifida. Once this was determined, about 95% of these babies would be killed by abortion. Although the March of Dimes officially takes a neutral stance on abortion, thei r actions often portray a pro-abortion position.Most recently, they have attempted to hide a clearly established link between abortion and premature births. March of Dimes, whose motto is Saving Babies, Together, must be more vigilant in educating women who have had previous abortions of the need to receive adequate prenatal care during subsequent pregnancies. This is would be the biggest problem that the March of Dimes has to face, but on that point are so many followers that believe what this organization does because they agree with that their mission statement says and their values.We help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies. Recognizing, respecting and balancing the rights, roles, health and safety. This organization has come a long way from when it was first founded and all the research has been for such a great cause, there is no stopping them now. Insurance companies too face dilemmas in their own organization with m oral affect and adverse selection Due to the existence of the insurance policy has altered your behavior.You take more risks, making a loss from burglary more likely than if you were uninsured. When the person on one side of a pact knows more about what is being bought and sold than the person on the other side. Also, the tendency for people who are more at risk than the average to purchase insurance and for those who are less at risk than the average to reject insurance. Insurance companies are driven by success and without a little selfishness they would not be where they are today. Yes, they do help out the customer, but something has to come to a price (the final exam print).So I would say it is not in a bad way due to the fact they help out people in certain events and we feel that sense of protection when we walk out of an insurance agency. These key problems impact the organizations much more then we know. In the March of Dimes situation people will not know if they shoul d trust them and maybe they will start to thin that they are just all talk. After all the hard work the organization is going to have to put their heads together to come up with a strategy to reassure these mothers that they are the real deal and they are the ones that can help in their time of need.If it is for your children as a parent I will do anything possible for the health and safety of my children. As far as insurance goes, people will get disheartened and just rather not pay, drive and live without insurance. So they will just deal with it when it overhauls. In my opinion, is not worth it. I have worked with insurance for the past 7 years and I have seen people in all different kinds of situations, but because they put themselves there. We try to explain everything in the best way that we can, but some people still are not convinced that the insurance companies want to help.I think that due to this is when the rates or premiums go up and people are inquire why, this is w here the company gets selfish. Once the company reaches the point they want they will come back down. So in my experience in working with them, I think people will realize that they need insurance when something happens and they cannot get out of it by themselves and they need help. Insurance companies are there to help, but for a price. As I am reading your paper, I realized that you do not have any in-text citations with encouraging discussion from your references.This concludes the study of theories and paradigms underlying personal and organizational values and ethical principles, how personal values and ethical principles relate to the organizations in which people function, and the effects of the organizations ethics on its reputation, functioning and performance. As much as I know now about the Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values between the For-Profit (Insurance Companies) and Not-for-Profit Organization (March of Dimes) they are two organizations that want one th ing and that is to help the customer. Both have good mission andvalue statements that they should stick too and continue doing what they are doing. The March of Dimes is here to offer the help to mothers that they cannot get anywhere else for them and their children. You can meet some really great people on the way that are sharing the struggles as you and all they have on their mind the well-being of their children. Insurance companies will not go away and they will not stop being selfish, but this is for the better. You feel more protect when you walk out the door of your home and get into your vehicle or make full up at your business.Yes, things will happen, but there is someone their help you out and get you out of something that you cannot do alone. I love my job and what I do People just remember to just get informed when purchasing insurance and dont be afraid ask questions about something you have no idea about. Same goes for the March of Dimes, there is so much informatio n on the web about this organization and how they are willing to help you. Dont get disheartened just one piece of bad article you read. Go and find out, what is the worst that can happen when you just want more information on who to trust in your situation.

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Critical Response to the film Remember the Titans Essay Example for Free

Critical Response to the film Remember the Titans EssayRemember The Titans is a film text, touch by the issue of the wrong of a persons race and how it is triumphantly overcome. It is an uplifting story how an Ameri drop town, Alexandria, conquered overtake resentment, friction and disharmony brought on by racial discrimination and mis depone. The town is further thrown into chaos, as protests rage over the killing of an black youth and then the integration of the major local soaring school T.C. Williams. The integration lead to the demotion of a much loved and highly successful head bus topology of the school state football team by the name of Bill Yoast, the jobs new occupancy went to an African-American by the name of bearing Boone, who ultimately suffers injustice because of his race and the fact he was replacing a livid coach which brought chaos to the white club. The injustice displayed in the film Remember the Titians can be seen numerous amounts of times. Coach B oone sets a wonderful object lesson of the town look ating to trust each some other and work together and shows the boys a funeral where population had died fighting the same fight people are lock away fighting today and the injustice of this situation to anyone. The film shows justice can be achieved on undercoat if people learn to respect each other. This barrier is overcome when one of the black teammates refuses to protect his white teammates because they wont block for the black teammates, they are made to spend time with each other and learn about each others culture which ultimately they learn to respect each other no head what race or where they came from. This lead to friction in the community and the boys parents wanting Coach Boone fired because of the communities traumatize that the highs school had been joined together and the injustice being showed to each other through murdering people because of at that place skin colour and the disrespect shown because of the persons race.As the team learns to show each other good morals, trust and respect during a time where the community were showing signs of discrimination, hate and mistrust and this is when Coach Boone showed the injustice of how his don died having to fight this same fight and the team ultimately responded and overcame the difficulties of having a multicultural team with the assistance of elective and authoritarian coaching styles by both Coach Boone andCoach Yoast. The coaching styles improved the players motivational skills at that place self fulfillment to work together and set an example to be treated equally, which made the coaches and players of antithetic races share the same cultivations and perception of the injustice of the peoples mistreatment because of race.As the team became an top contender and where playing every gritty with such passion and serving a sense of justice to each other when people would use racial comments on the field no matter what the race e very member would rear up for each other. As the team worked together and both coaches shared there perceptions the team actually achieved greatly and this rubbed of into the community. As examples of the white policeman acknowledging and congratulating a black titans efforts goes to prove that justice was being achieved on our creation. The town started accepting everyone for who they are and the titans where treated very well by the community for giving them notion and a sense of pride where justice could be achieved for everyone. In one circumstance Coach Boone had been called a monkey solely as the team was well disciplined and respectful of everyone this only inspired everyone in the titans to work harder for each other which resulted in a win not only for the game but for the team to change another persons perspective on racism and achieve the justice they deserved.When the injustice of Coach Yoasts hall of fame removal and the tragic accident of captain Garys car crash It showed in the last(a) game they would win a come from behind victory and Coach Yoast would ultimately not resort to rig and instead achieve his justice by helping his black partner Coach Boone achieve their goal togeather rather than resort to backstabbing and cheating to improve his own reputation and achieve justice on earth for himself and Coach Boon. This showed that even though Gary had his tragic accident he achieved hiss goal with his teammates of winning the final and teaching the community to respect everyone no matter what there race.This film was a great example of justice being achieved and giving everyone hopes through the Coach Boones leadership skills and charisma to inspire a team, community and a nation. The film showed how these people working together and being respectful of each other can truly inspire and set anexample for everyone to achieve justice on earth. Treating everyone equally and teaching them the injustice of what had happened because of the war ov er race ultimately inspired the boys and the nation to achieve justice for everyone on earth.

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Dominos Pizza Essay Example for Free

dominos pizza pie Essay dominos introduced a wide dress of pizzas and other snack items customized according to the tastes and preferences of Indian public including Double Cheese Crunch pizza pie pie pie, Cheese fusillade pizza, Kebab pizza, Chicken Wings, Choco Lava cake, Pasta, Breadsticks etc. They in any case launched few Pizzas for specific geographical commercializes * Deluxe chicken with chinese mustard Sauce and Sardines were introduced in East Indian markets * Mutton Ghongura and Chicken Chettinad were introduced in South Indian markets 2. equipment casualty Initially half masks India tar noticeed customers, which be value sensitive and non expense sensitive. The high price of their harvest-tides were propertyd to the high quality of material used. eye masks even sourced some of their ingredients from outside India. However, because of increasing ambition from Pizza Hut, dominos introduced price cuts and discounts to attract the customers. In 1998, e ye masks introduced the Pizza Mania scheme where it offered a large pizza for Rs. 129/-. 3. Promotion * Advertising Celebrities like Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher, Arshad Warsi acted in assorted fun ads to target Indian audience and improve brand recognition.* Promotional Campaigns eye masks aggressively attacked Indian market with its various promotional campaigns like Hungry Kya? , The Pizza inducey experts and Khusiyon ke home delivery to target large customer segments. * 30 minutes Delivery This campaign was incredibly winnerful in helping dominos achieve dominance in the Pizza home delivery segment. * Discount coupons A major promotional as well asl driving sales during special days of the week * Publicity and PR Sponsoring college fests, cultural programs and promotional events throughout the country helped eye masks increase Brand recognition4. Place Dominos India clear its first store in Delhi in 1996. At the time of writing of the case it covered 44 cities including tie r 2 and tier 3 cities. It has employed push Strategy in channel trade. It is strategically placed in big corporate areas, universities, malls and other places and now is it is planning to open its stores in airports of Delhi, Mumbai on sub-franchise and sub-lease basis to target to a greater extent customers Charitable activities In 2001, Dominos launched a two-year national confederacy with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.That same year, company stores in New York City and Washington D. C. provided more than 12,000 pizzas to relief workers quest the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. Through a matching funds program, the corporation donated $350,000 to the American Red Cross disaster relief effort. 9 In 2004, Dominos began a partnership with St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, participating in the hospitals Thanks and Giving campaign since the campaign began in 2004, and raising more than $1. 3 million in 2006.Much like the soft elastic do ugh used as the foundation for which their mainstay product is built, Dominos Pizza has shaped their marketing strategy into a juggernaut that has enjoyed or so half a century of triumph. Currently a market follower min only to Pizza HutDominos longevity and rapid rate of growth is collectable largely to their susceptibility to devote, maintain, and stop true to their skipper marketing commixture. Dominos success, however, is due to the event that they have been able to several(predicate)iate themselves on a very herd acting field.Most companies, at least the successful unrivalleds, concentrate on the four Ps that compose their marketing mix. Albeit product, price, place, and promotion are the cornerstone of many marketing strategiesDominos Pizza has leveraged the four Cs, or consumers outdoor stage, to establish their marketing mix. Customer solution, cost, convenience, and communion are considered each time Dominos Pizza introduces a late product or initiates a new promotion. The science of marketing was the last thing on the minds of the Monaghan brothers when they borrowed $500 to purchase Dominicks Pizza in 1960.With a down payment of $75, gobbler and Jim Monaghan took self-possession of a small pizza shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Their sights were firmly set on building a dynasty of three locations and monopolizing pizza delivery in a small concentrated area. From inception, the Dominos logo contained three dots. These dots, still present on the current logo, represent Tom Monaghans original ken of opening three locations and develop a triangulation delivery strategy (Miranda, 2009). In the early age of business, pizza was the only item on the menu at Dominos. Side items were never considered to be a part of the menu.Remaining sensitive to rivals and allowing competition to affect product pricing is a classic singularity of a market follower (Kotler Anderson, 2008). Dominos was eventually forced to add medium and scanty large sizes t o remain competitive. Dominos Pizza has chosen a market follower strategy. Product, one of the four Ps of the marketing mix, is an area where the market leader continues to influence Dominos. Competition forces changes to the market followers. The first change to the product offering at Dominos happened almost three decades afterward they undefended.In 1989, Dominos Pizza introduced a deep-dish pizza (Laukens, 2010). While it would stand to actor that the new addition to the menu was an answer to a competing product, Dominos had entered a market where deep-dish was the only retaliateing version of a pizza. Market research had revealed that Dominos market demographic was culturally diverse. Dominos responded by adding several other variations of the basic pizza. Hand tossed and thin crust pizzas were added to the menu to satisfy demand in specific market areas and remain competitive. Dominos keeps a watchful bosom on the consumer reaction to specific product and pricing.The abi lity to see their company from the buyers view allude is a significant advantage for any company. Dominos Pizza listens to feedback from the consumers, and at the same time occasionally glances over the shoulder of their competition for inspiration and influence. From the customers feedback and buying habits, Dominos is able to gather learning to help influence direction. Dominos strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats have changed many times over. The entire pizza industry has evolved into a highly competitive array of corporate giants. And yet, it remains most-valuable to perform a SWOT analysis as often as possible.Dominos strengths include their ability to remain unscathed, although influenced, by their competition. Moreover, their visionary approach to creating a better consumer experience by developing better manufacturing methods is at the foreground. Hard work, persistence, and thinking outside the pizza box have been Dominos formula for success. Although not th e market leader, Dominos Pizza is recognized as the leader of innovation. The pizza industry is crowded with businesses hard to outdo one another with a product that is not well received if strayed too far from the original.Dominos decided to create a value proposition beyond the product. Tom Monaghans goal of perfecting the pizza delivery was tested when Dominos once again raised the bar. In 1986, Dominos Pizza created a slogan and spawned an aggressive advertising campaign in an attempt to differentiate themselves from other pizza businesses. Taking advantage of an impatient consumer base, Dominos touted, you get bright, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or lessor its free. Competition scrambled to find an answer, but without the automation invented and deployed by Dominos it would be impossible.Dominos was the first to use a merchandise assembly line method for producing pizzas. A belt-driven pizza oven produced a continuous stream of pizzas allowing the manufac turing and delivery process to fix manageable, and for the most partpredictable. Dominos rode the wave of success for many years. Convenience for the consumer was a definite advantage. During this time, Dominos Pizza opened several thousand new franchises and was taking over the market. Then as readily as the modernistic wildfire had spread, it was extinguished. The market momentum was quickly lost when a woman in St.Louis was involved an automobile contingency with a Dominos Pizza delivery driver. News turned into bad publicity and in 1993 the 30-minute guarantee was discontinued. Dominos strength, the S in a SWOT analysis, was their ability to produce and deliver a product faster and more efficiently than their competition. Not promoting the 30-minute guarantee created a level playing field allowing the focus to shift toward product and price. However, Dominos had continued the use of their belt-driven pizza production oven and therefore better positioned to compete in the piz za price wars.Dominos Pizza loose several weaknesses, the W in a SWOT analysis, in their approach to advertising and marketing. A passing(a) villainous division named The Noid was used to promote the fact that Dominos could deliver a fresh hot pizza even on the coldest days. They were able to perform such a feat, when others struggled, because they invented a different type of pizza box. The message was not that Dominos Pizza recognized the fact that no one wants a cold pizza and offered a remedy, but rather an annoying fictitious character was lurking in hopes of ruining your pizza.The Noid was short-lived marketing trend that caused more confusion than confidence. One important attribute of a good company is the ability to learn from past experiences and change with the times. Dominos quickly recognized a need to innovate, and once and for all solve the problem of cold pizza delivery. This time, however, Dominos Pizza would show the world that they are the trendsetters from whi ch all others grasp firmly the coattails. Crisper crust, bubbling cheese, and hotter top were the new look for spoken loudly in Dominos advertising.This was made possible by their invention of the HeatWave bag. This new technology, and the creative marketing, caused Dominos competition to sweat. Once again, Dominos became consumer centrical and focused on a better customer experience as opposed to getting caught up in product and pricing battles. Opportunities, the O in a SWOT analysis, are seemingly unmeasurable for Dominos Pizza. They have been able to succeed in non-traditional markets by creating a cultural-specific product mix. today there are over 8000 stores in 50 international markets.Although only producing what is classified as consumer products, the marketing considerations in all markets are the sameconvenience. It is rare for a consumer to plan days in farm to have a pizza, but instead decides at a moments notice. The core benefit, at least from Dominos perspective , is convenience. A market niche competitor, California Pizza, has attempted to attract some of the frozen pizza consumers by offering variations of their most popular products. This seems to be a shortsighted attempt at trying to capture some of the market share.If Dominos Pizza were to manufacture and distribute their product in the frozen food aisle, their current business would change. As with the California Pizza Kitchen product expansion, the original product is not viewed the same. While there are plenty of opportunities for Dominos to grow, expanding their product offering beyond what can be produced and delivered in the same timeframe as their pizza would have a counter- government issue on success in the market. Chicken wings and various deserts were added as an answer to a competitors advantage.The final element in a SWOT analysis is the identification of threats in the market. Every competitor is recognized as a threat. Becoming too diverse with the product offering can also be perceived as a threat. In both cases, it is wise to understand the cause and effect associated with adding product, making marketing promises, and expanding into too many markets. There will always be a tipping point from which recovery is futile. A bad customer experience is no longer shared between a close-knit group of family and friends.Blogs can influence buying decisions and become a threat to the Dominos brand. Social media has become a huge part of society. The early adopters molded social media into a peer-to-peer communication channel. Unlike traditional broadcast mediums, social media offers two-way communication. An individual, or a business, can post information and receive instant feedback. This form of communication is a perfect fit for an impatient society. However, as Dominos discovered in April 2009, social media can unravel many years of branding.A ikon produced on a hand-held camera was posted on a popular social media site. The pic contained disturbing footage of two Dominos Pizza employees tainting products by various questionable unsanitary methods (Clifford, 2009). In only a few days, the video was viewed over one million times. The Dominos Pizza brand was in serious jeopardy. Nearly fifty years after Dominos Pizza was started, they found themselves under a microscope. Dominos marketing team used a proactive approach to thwart permanent damage.Quickly realizing the extent of the damage and the affected demographic, Dominos created a Twitter account to handle the customer comments and introduced their own video featuring an explanation and public apology from the CEO. Dominos ability to quickly adapt to a changing society afforded them the opportunity to devise a damage control plan and dilute a potentially devastating situation. For the most part, the Internet has become the hottest new medium. Dominos recognized the power of the Internet as a consumer conduit well in advance of their competition. They leveraged this new chann el in 1996 by introducing the Dominos Pizza website.Not nearly as sophisticated as the current website, and bound by the limited technologies of the early Internet, Dominos used their first website to expand their brand and specific marketing messages across an untapped and unmeasured channel. In the same year the corporate website was launched, Dominos boasted sales in excess of 3 trillion dollars. Dominos has become comfortable using the Internet as a marketing channel. The ability to identifyand remain true tothe four Ps in their marketing mix is the primary reason Dominos Pizza has endured and survived many decades of a fickle economy and a demanding consumer.Their product mix has evolved to include pizza, salads, sandwiches, chicken wings, and specialty desserts. The quality has been improved over the years, including a recent overhaul of their pizza crust and sauce recipes. Their brand name remains strong regardless of the recent challenges of managing public transaction thro ugh social media channels. Dominos product pricing is competitive with others in the industry. Campaigns and promotions are designed to not only attract new customers, but also to retain existing ones.Over 8000 locations promise convenience for Dominos consumers. It is difficult to find an area not identified serviced by a Dominos Pizza franchise. Currently, Dominos is positioned firmly within the market true to their original intention. Consistency in products between franchises, reading the pulse of the consumer, and setting the pace for all others to follow is at the core of Dominos success. The future will depend greatly on the ability of Dominos marketing team to remain proactive, centered, and focused on the customers needs.It will always be important to realize shifts in the target market and leverage new opportunities to expand their customer base. Dominos has broadened and narrowed the range of ages of their target audience. During the second attempt at their 30-minutes or less campaign, Dominos concentrated on a target audience of 30 years old and younger. A searing marketing mistake was not realizing sooner that thirty percent of their original demographic49 years old and underremembered the first 30-minute guarantee in a positive light.The latest marketing efforts represent everything that Dominos has strived to create. They will always position themselves to make decisions based not only on the traditional four Ps of marketing, but also from the viewpoint of their consumer. Using comments, criticism, and complaints as fuelDominos recently introduced their pizzas reinvented. Dominos has once again differentiated itself in the market. The pizza pendulum of success has swung toward Dominos Pizza.References Clifford, S. (2009). Video prank at Dominos taints brand.Retrieved January 25, 2010, from http//www. nytimes. com/2009/04/16/business/media/16dominos. hypertext mark-up language Kotler, P. Armstrong, G. (2008). Principals of marketing. Pearson Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Laukens, D. (2010). 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