Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Global Population Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Global Population - Essay ExampleTaking into friendliness the expected future data savings bank 2050, state increase estimation can be viewed till 2020 in the figure below, showing fast growth till 1656 until the Flood of Noah decreased the macrocosm. At the quantify of Christ, world existence was between 200 to 300 million. The world population would be 12,000,000,001 by the course of instruction 2200 if we take into consideration the recent history of population growth (Dolphin).Due to uncertainty regarding the population growth 2000 years before, logical bounds on the value of world population in AD1, for example, can be put with a lower bound of 50,000,000 and upper bound with 200,000,000. Population in AD grand piano can be bounded for lower and upper at 250,000,000 and 350,000,000 (Dolphin).According to the Press Release (11 March, 2009) of the UN population division, the world population currently at 6.8 billion will touch the mark of 7 billion by early 2012, and re ach to 9 billion people by 2050, as revealed in the 2008 fiat of the official United Nations population estimates. The data indicates certain trends in world population like the population in developing countries will be young with children under the age of 15 accounting 29 percent of the total population and between 15 to 24 years age accounting to 19 percent of the total population. It would be a bigger challenge for the governments in developing countries to face fostering and employment challenges with the economic and financial crisis surmounting. Another trend would be seen on the growth rate of population above the age of 60 increasing more than 3 percent per year. Controlling HIV/ aid would be another challenge linked to continuous growth.There is vast difference in the data of developing countries and developed countries on population growth. Lets take the example of United kingdom to analyze the population growth data, as given below

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