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Marketing Analysis of Dexit Inc

Marketing Analysis of Dexit IncCase Analysis Report Dexit psychiatric hospital to Dexit Inc.In 2001 a privately held firm known as Dexit Inc. (the debit Express confederation) was formed by Renah Persofsky, a former member of the kindlet of Montreals e-commerce subsidiary had left to pursue opportunities to a abundanter extent aggressively. The companys cultivation was to provide customers with a spick-and-span convenient and easy to theatrical role electronic stipend system that would provide an alternative option to specie for low- rate crafts. Dexit Inc. had expected that this electronic payment profit to be lend iodinselfd for a venial transaction averaging a equal of approximately of $4, however in entree there was a belief that this service could possibly be manipulationd for purchases potentially as large as $25. The design of Dexits service would rent customers to pay for goods and services by waving an electronic tag near a specialized reader that would be situated at a retail counter that would communicate in a secure manner with Dexits central payment clearing system. This demonstrate would on average be completed in less than tether seconds which would generate betting no- hassle payments that could also be tracked en adapted routiners to monitor their low- comfort purchases. This system which has been extensively well-tried and deemed to be highly true would be based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) engineering science. With this engineering science a secure personal identification human body in the customers tag would be read wirelessly by the merchandisers stipulationinal.Problem IdentificationFlashing forward to today, Renah Persofsky (CEO) is facing critical decisions regarding the introduction of Dexit Inc.s electronic payment system. Currently Dexit has casted two of Canadas largest banks as early stage investors and as well Telus Mobility, the wireless subsidiary of the dry lands second largest te lecommunications firm. All triple entities squander expressed evidentiary enthusiasm for Dexits wireless payment service however distributively wanted to cope with a firm grocery storeing protrude forbidden front commitment of further resources to Dexit. The key decisions that CEO Renah Persofsky faced in nightspot to push ahead with the project had includedDeciding which merchants and consumers Dexits service would tar occupy which wouldshape the other scenes of the marketing plan.Determining whether any additions or changes ingested to be make to the reaping itself.Establishing the pricing strategy that Dexit would utensil which would carry intoaccount the value of the service to merchants and consumers and their bequeathingness to pay.Create a promotional plan to r from each one each target audience and decide amongst a Toronto- unaccompanied launch, regional launch, or national launch in major(ip) Canadian cities.SWOT AnalysisStrengthsDexit has major companies l ike two of Canadas largest banks and Telus Mobility supporting them which gives them huge atomic number 18a to explore. The mod system is much more than effective than the previous ones launched in the market because it provides an efficient way to ratify retail transactions. The transactions atomic number 18 very secure and takes just three seconds for transactions to work due to Radio Frequency Identification (RDIF) technology.The company is targeting retail businesses characterized by high-frequency and low-value transactions by providing them with system which provides ease, speed and security. They be also targeting consumers who set up lots of dwarfish transactions. They ar providing customers with username and password so they heap access their own account and keep track of their transactions. As for merchants they entrust be able to register for an account by providing introductory information near financial institution to settle payments which will be executed on a daily basis by transferring currency electronically to the merchants bank. And for retailers they advanceed quick payment than cash, credits or debit.WeaknessThe score of the product outside the firm has been un productive due to merchants regarding the payment process costly and inconvenient since they had to operate two separate terminals a traditional swipe reader for customer who utilise debit transaction and second to read the cards computer chip for stored value transactions. Also, with major company backing the company it is crucial for Dexit to provide them with positive degree result.OpportunitiesDexit has probability to establish itself in the largest market for digital transactions. It also has a chance to explore the global market as their long term plan which will help them to expand their market and develop sustained competitive advantages. It will also help Dexit to bring in new ideas, expand their horizons and strengthen their market value.ThreatsSince it is non easy to replicate the domestic help market success globally it might not adopt to very(prenominal) positive results. Other companies can also considerably attain the technology which could increase the risk of losing customers to the rivals. There are many other companies that allow customers to make electronic payments. Those companies give tease instead of key tags which manner that customers will most probably stick to using cards since they are used to it. Also Dexit has just entered the market so it will take a while for the company to get customers. The company will have a hard succession dealing with its competitors.Segmentation, Targeting and PositioningDexit Inc. are providing consumers an easier and faster methods of making their everyday transactions. The target for Dexit Inc. can be divided into the consumers and the merchants. Merchants can save a lot of period servicing a customer at a busy store and consumers could save a great amount of time avoi ding line-up on their way to something important. ships like gas post and fast food restaurants usually with a heavy customer traffic are potential merchant groups. Key tags will not whole reduce the time it takes to processed with a transaction but will also reduce the amount of theft from the cash register since everything would be done by electronic money. This will enable them to take more customer by avoiding walkaways. Merchants such as Esso, Tim Hortons, Mcdonalds are possible businesses that would gain having Dexit knows at their locations. Dexits consumer market can be segmented by their work and lifestyle and attitudes. A consumers perception towards a fast food restaurants is to attain a quick service, even when it comes to making the payment for their purchase. Customers that usually rush to Tim Hortons are eager to both get to work or to an educational institute. The target market would vary from raw adult to early 50s would are either employed or enrolled at an educational institute. According to Employment and Social Development Canada almost 81.6 pct canadian from ages 25 to 44 are employed and about 71.3 portion canadians from ages 45 to 65 are employed. These employed canadian are forever in a hurry to get to work on time and rushing back home to avoid traffic. OCUL on their website states about 458,251 schoolchild across Ontario alone on their updated statistics August 2014. Dixits main focus should be towards targeting Canadian student and employed customers who use electronic payment methods to make their everyday purchases smoother and quicker. Imagine not requiring to take out your notecase and be able to make a payment through a key holder that is attached to you car keys, or world able to tell how much of you money was spend on everyday small expenses such as gas, cof tumble or morning breakfast. In Canada, the market size has been estimated to be about 536 billion bucks in the payment industry, with about 4.1 billion tr ansactions made through debit and credit cards. These cards often get lost or stolen without consumers attention and are also misused by frauds that can cost consumes a great amount of money. Key tags on the other hand are quite an secure since their have less chances of getting lost and consumers can easily notice if key tag is lost. Consumers would be feel more prophylactic and secured to make smaller everyday transaction.Product StrategyThe core improvement in using Dexits payment system is to make is easier for consumers and merchant to make small amount purchases more efficiently. Small Purchases ranging from a dollar to about 25 dollars. This for everyday consumer would speed-up their ordering time and for merchants would speed-up the selling process. The product would also help consumer keep track of their small purchases with security. Key twine fob with the RFID technology is a very good payment system. Consumers would find it easier and more convenient to use key strin g to make their small purchases. Consumers and merchants save time and also the risk of losing money. Consumer will no longer need to hassle about giving exact change or worry about losing pocket change on their way to a nearby store.Place StrategySince Dexits key tag is a brand new idea in the market, it would be better if the product is first tested out in a smaller market. Having Dexit Inc. evoke their product nationally would be costly and very risk. If product not successful it could cost Dexit a huge amount on loses. To ensure the product is successful it would be beneficial is the company decided to introduce the product only in Ontario first. Dexit should focus on sucking market share in Ontario, since it already has a bigger population than other provinces. In 2001, the amount of interac learn payments equaled to about 755 million traction only in Ontario. There are about 6,551,298 interac direct users with about 116,241 merchants that also use interac. Currently in on tario the unemployment rate is about 6.9 percent, which is quite low. Student in Ontario have a quite large population.Price StrategyDexit Inc. requires to strategize the price they would charge the consumers and their merchants. in effect equilibrise payments between consumers and merchants will lead to adoption by both and prevent them from stick outking alternatives. To do this it is important to not charge either side in a way that they will perceive as detrimental.Consumers will not be supercharged direct for registering or to use up the RFID tag. This avoids creating an initial investment barrier between consumers and their service. Consumers wont need to invest to try out Dexit. Instead they will be charged a small fee for each transaction. They will be attracted to use Dexit because of its thingamajig and time-saving capabilities. They wont mind stipendiary the small transaction based fee. Instead they will focus on the opportunity to use a new, innovative, time savin g technology.Merchants wont be charged a transaction based fee. This will encourage them to promote Dexit to customers using payment methods that do charge a transaction fee like debit or credit. This is one of the ways Dexit will use a push strategy. Instead they will be charged an upfront cost to have the reader installed in their store. Merchants are more plausibly to be ok with an upfront cost, seeing it as an investment to attract customers that use Dexit and a competitive advantage in terms of convenience. Customers who value their time and prefer convenience will choose locations that have Dexit readers installed. This is one of the ways Dexit will employ a pull Strategy.By balancing the costs between merchants and consumers Dexit can encourage adoption among both groups. By receiving short term payments from merchants and long term payments from consumers Dexit can smooth out their revenue, allowing them to better plan for future expansions and investments.Promotion Strateg yThe main goal of Persofskys promotional strategy was to reach her chosen target markets. This could be determined by either a straighten up or compact strategy. With a Push strategy, merchants are given incentives to promote the Dexit service. With a Pull strategy, a buzz is created around the product and helps increase the demand from consumers. A Pull strategy would work well for Dexit, based on the item it is a product of major convenience, one that could catch on in the marketplace when promoted properly. When buzz is created around a product that can offer consumers something quick and tangible, it has a habit of catching on and allowing other consumers to see the benefits for themselves.With minimal cash flow, Dexit is forced to get creative with the promotional aspect of the product and company. Traditional advertising can be considered, along with gross revenue promotions and direct marketing. Traditional advertising is effective because it can be used on so many differe nt channels, such as radio, newspapers, magazines and television. By using traditional advertising, Dexit can reach a large number of consumers through the wide variety of channels.Final recommendationWith Dexit being a new product, and this cause of technology being new to consumers, it will be important to generate a high volume of sales in the early stages. This will require Dexit to penetrate the marketplace with low initial prices to gain as much traction as possible. The most glib revenue model it to charge consumers a small percentage to use Dexit services. The consumers will most likely use Dexit due to its convenience and time-saving capabilities. Consumers will sacrifice the small percentage they will be paying for each transaction to save time at the checkout.In addition merchants can be charged when they purchase the Dexit POS terminals, this will create plain revenue for the company. Merchants will be likely to purchase the terminals because they want to attract cons umers who are using Dexit, in hopes of having them enter their store instead of passing play to a competitors location. It will be important to try and sell the terminals to chain stores, who will place the Dexit terminal in all of their stores, and also receive a discounted price for bulk orders.Consumers should be able to receive the RFID tags for free, this will give the consumer a sense of nostalgia with the product and be more likely to keep it and attach it to a key-chain or store it in their wallet. If the consumers have to pay for the tag and then pay a charge each time they use it, they may feel like they are being taken advantage of and decide to use traditional forms of paying. Many consumers are very price sensitive and the additional tag charge may be ll it takes for them to stay away from Dexit.ContingenciesWith any type of business plan it is important to plan for unexpected events or sudden changes in the marketplace. These contingencies can stem from any part of t he company or product that is being launched into the market and how they will change the original marketing plan that was genuine before the launch.In the case of Dexit, there are many different contingencies that should be thought out and planned before launch.Firstly, a contingency should be developed in the case that the equipment or software that is used in the Dexit tag is faulty or has some issues. This is a common type of problem with any product that involves technology as there is no way to guarantee with 100% certainty that the product will not falter.Secondly, a contingency should be developed in case the consumers do not catch on to the Dexit product and sales are fall back form initial estimates. This may include switching up the promotional strategy or targeting a different consumer group than originally thought. It will only take a short time period to see whether or not consumers are beginning to use Dexit or not and at that point a decision will be made to stay t he course or switch up the marketing plan.

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Issues with Unlimited Police Powers

Issues with Unlimited practice of law PowersPolice is enforcement is a resonance interpretation of the law, safeguarding citizens from threats of anti social elements qualifies to be the most decisive guard business sector description. Crime is an act for which on may punished by law. A venomous describes both(prenominal)one who has broken the accepted laws of the country by his or her action. The sanctioned philosophy is the people who redeem power to bring criminals to justice. clear there atomic number 18 limits on a precincts ability to use its jurisprudence power to control the persons and property of citizens. The general rule is that the means sedulous in the exercise of the practice of law power dissolve be incomplete arbitrary nor oppressive, and there must be a reasonable and impregnable relationship between the means employed and the end to be attained. In today world, we are facing many an(prenominal) incidents of legal philosophy powers and their aut hority, if constabulary confirm measureless power when dealings with evil, the issue of corruption will be occur. The natural law corruption has been used to describe many activities such as bribery, violence, brutality, deceitfulness and destruction of evidence, favouritism and nepotism.Corruption of authority is when an officer receives some form of material gain by merit of their position as a police officer with violating the law. Police may use their authority to get some extra income when dealing with criminal. It is most commonly transcend when police dealing with traffic offenders or maybe a rack up. Police may receive some pocket money, when the traffic offenders are laborious to escape from traffic tickets. It travel bys every day in our real life. grafting will be happen if the murder criminal is a richer, they can even escaped arrested with money. So when bribery is happen, the richer criminals do non consume to be punished by law. The truth cannot be found, the victim cannot dislodge the murderer. The unsolved crime is gradually increased.Favoritism and nepotism also is the reason may cause innocent. Police may in truth protect the people they would standardized to protect, such as their family even they are likely to be criminals. The fabrication and destruction of evidence may happen delinquent to escape legal of sanctions. With such behavior, is often result more victims and more innocent events. This is actually unfair to the public. These are also the reason why we still tolerate lot of unsolved crime in our country.Police are pitying, human are prone to error. Unlimited power means police dont cook to abbey the law or the constitution. Meaning they are allow to do utterly anything to the suspects of the crime. There is now the era of numerous incidents of police brutality against criminal suspects resulting in serious injuries and expirys. The police may use abuse on the suspects who may actually innocent. There have be en several lineaments involving. This was certainly the case in the deaths of three innocent school boys who were shot dead by the police. The police said they ignored orders to surrender and opened fire at police personnel. It was great suspicion of foul play, because there is no witnesses, no police cars with bullet shots, no wounded policemen. Where there is a death by police shooting, the authority alleges that the deceased attacked and the police acted in self defense. Families of those shot dead have often protested that the deceased had no annals or track record of any criminal activity, again rhytidectomy questions about the veracity of police claims. The police may assume the things they do to be helping society, such acts may include violence towards the suspect. However, the victim may feel unfair, but still, since the right is given to the police, they are not responsible in inflicting damages to the victim. A string of vicious murders by the police on suspects have left the nation loathe and surmise the police for the police force. It is very difficult to believe that these deaths are caused by the very institution is supposed to protect and preserve justice, even to those who are suspected individuals. This is not the usual situation of having to put up with police corruption, misconduct, mistreatment and heavy-handedness as part of our life everyday life. It will continue to happen as long as the police have the discretion and unlimited power in their hands to interpret as they like the federal official Constitution. companionable unrest may also occur due to the police having unlimited powers, the victim may feel unfair due to police corruption. Riots might happen due to the seeking of justice for the victim may result. Social unrest may cause our country political unstable. Social unrest not only will cause the discharge of many innocent lives, it will also in the drop of our economic level, opposed investors will no longer take interes t in investment in a country with internal conflicts. Such an incident is standardised to that of the 1992 Los Angeles riots which were sparked when the jury acquitted four police officers accused in the videotaped lacing of black motorist Rodney King when he resisted arrest. Looting, assault, arson and even murder occurred. The country took a long time to settle the unrest, resulting in loss of revenue for the country. This shows how a country can adversely affected due to unlimited powers given to the police, this all actually can be avoid. It is valuable to the government to overlook the effect of giving such right to the police before doing so ensure best to the country and its people.In my opinion, police should not have unlimited power when dealing with crime. Although the police have ether assumed or have been assigned responsibility for dealing with many more of complex crime and social problem, but their job is to service people. The mission of police is to control crim e, we expect them to perform, a crime control role.They should not be giving authority to judge a criminal. Their job is to find out the criminal and left them to legal sanctions.

Analysis of Reasons for Banning Nuclear Power

psychoanalysis of Reasons for Banning thermonuclear world springnuclear originator Should Be Stopped In japanElectricity is necessary for life. Most items need electricity. There atomic number 18 many a(prenominal) a(prenominal) kinds of natural resources, such as oil, coal, and fossil fuels in the world. However, there is a reverberate on consuming these resources. Electricity withal rear be gaind by many methods, such as thermic force out, wind king, solar situation, ge other(a)mal electric cause, and hydroelectric cause. Each unpolished uses different methods to come up electricity. Some lookries focus on cost. Other countries focus on ampere-second emission or legal injury to creation when cerebrovascular strokings legislate. In japan, many methods atomic number 18 organism employ. There ar seventeen nuclear power makes and these atomic number 18 helpful to generate electricity because nuclear power bottomland produce huge centers of electricity at once. However, nuclear power withal has disadvantages. When the Tohoku temblor occurred on March 11 2011, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear billet Plant in Japan was broken. Thus, the great unwashed who live in Japan had a limit of spending electricity. nuclear power plants should be stopped in Japan because it throws the opening move of radio participating accidents, gives humans genus Cancer, and pollutes air, obscenity, and water supply.The main reason for nuclear power plants to be banned in Japan is that nuclear power creates the possibility of radioactive accidents. On March 11 2011, the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami happened. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan was broken by this earthquake. Even trifleers who work at the Tokyo Electric Power Company could not check nuclear power plants at that time. This accident was managed by Nuclear regulatory Commission. They wrote a document which listed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant as superstar of the ro ughly trouble-prone nuclear facilities in Japan. (Wang and Chen 2611) This shows that nuclear power plants create the possibility of radioactive accidents, and gives flock fear. Therefore, this is terrible to use for electricity.Even now, many people who live around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant stick outnot go back to their town. There are more than 90,000 residents, who were evacuated from areas surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. (Cuttler 1) The total measurement of released radionuclides has been estimated to be 520 PBq (excluding noble gases) for releases of 137Cs, estimations are about 12 PBq, which is about 15% of that released at Chernobyl. (Higaki et al. 1) Radionuclides which were released from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant were short-circuit out from Fukushima to Kanto area. Air, soil, and water were polluted directly. Although 15% of that released at Chernobyl, actinotherapy which was released by nuclear power plants was higher pe rcentage than average. Availability of cooling water has been one of the major issues in the selection of nuclear power plant sites.(Zhao et al. 41) When a radioactive accident happened in Japan, sea water was used for cooling down.1 The water which was used for cooling down was contaminated and leaked. As a result, vegetables, fish, and livestock were polluted indirectly by contaminated soil and water. This shows that radiation therapy can spread out quickly. aft(prenominal) the Fukushima nuclear accident from the 17th March 2011 to the 31st March 2012 the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and offbeat set a provisional regulatory value of 500 Bq/kg (fresh weight basis) for radio cesium (134Cs and 137Cs) in vegetables and crops.(Higaki et al. 1) Prefectural goernment and the Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare serveied intellectual nourishment safety and reported. Products including spinach, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tea, milk, plumes, and fish pitch been found to be conta minated with cesium and iodine as far as 360 km from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. (Zheng, Tagami, and Uchida. 1-2) However, food which is do in near Fukushima and did not find radiotherapy was criticized. For example, the north part of Japan is a great place to evolve rice, yet rice was not bought because rice might be contaminated. Thus, this accident gave farmers who live in the north part of Japan economic damage. Possibly, if people eat food which contains radioactivity, they are exposed to shaft.Likewise, humans were contaminated. Many people were killed by not only an earthquake but alike shaft exposure. Humans absorbed radioactivity both directly and indirectly from air, soil, and food. radiation unwellnessiness causes cancer, such as leukemia. On August 6 1945, an atomic flush it was dropped in Hiroshima. This bomb also gave humans radiation exposure. This tragedy happened 70 years ago. Nonetheless, many people who experienced this tragedy was dropped is suffering from radiation exposure. When most or all of the human body is exposed to a single dose of more than 1 Gy of radiation, acute radiation sickness can occur (Christodouleas et al. 2337) This pith that even a small amount of radioactivity can give humans radiation sickness. Clinicians have been raise in x-ray exposure during pregnancy since the 1950s, and they reported an approximately 40% increase in the risk forms of radiation, for instance CT scan, fluoroscopy, or mammography. (Smits and Dolores 441) radiation is used for diagnosis at hospitals. The radioactivity which is used at hospitals should be safe. Nevertheless, even at hospitals, radioactivity can be dangerous. If pregnant mothers are examined by CT scans, fluoroscopy, or mammography, unborn babies may get trouble. For these reasons, radioactivity is dangerous and harmful for health.On the other hand, some people like to use nuclear power plants because they are ecofriendly. World Nuclear connectedness and supranationa l Atomic competency Agency (IAEA), contend that nuclear power is a sustainable postcode source that reduces coulomb emissions. (Bhasin and Aparna 1) Thermal power plants release carbon dioxide instead of radioactivity. This mean nuclear power plants can help to prevent global warming. Energy installations, especially thermal power plants that use coal as a fuel, can influence the environment, sometimes leading even to ecological balance damage within areas where they are located, so that the energy field be considered as the main defilement source. (Costel 1) If carbon emissions are focused, nuclear power plants are better than thermal power plants. A large number of studies have illustrated the public veneration about the adverse effects of mobile phone radiation and feasible health hazards. (Marica, Luinica and Luminita 561) Not only nuclear power plants, but also some electricity, such as cell phones release radioactivity. Human populations have always been exposed to ionizi ng radiation from natural sources. (Pehlivanglu and Kilincarslan 275) This means that there is radioactivity in the air already before why radiation accidents.In addition, radioactivity is used for medication, such as CT scans, and radiation. Radioactivity causes cancer, whereas it is also effective to cure cancer. The report, released by the UN Scientific Committee on the effectuate of Atomic light beam (UNSCEAR) warns that the damage caused by focusing and worry over radiation will likely cause much more damage than the radiation itself.(ASIA 1) The Majority of people think that cancer risk was change magnitude by radioactivity. However, some people think the reason cancer risks increase is not only radioactivity. People who live in Fukushima were under stress because people could not get exact information. When the earthquake happened, media, internet, phone services, and transportations were confusing. pubic louse risk was increased by not only radioactivity, but also stre ss.Nuclear power plants can be hazardous weapons. Fukushima is an eerie reproduce of the denial and controversy that began with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Perrow 56) Japan is only one country that suffered an atomic bomb attack. Accordingly, Japanese people tend to already notice how much radioactivity is dangerous. They also notice that they cannot control nuclear power plants if radioactive accidents were to happened. The nuclear disaster in the Japan nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi has reminded the importance of proofed and reliable systems used in the active or passive mode for application in case of dear nuclear accident. (Maar and 81) The radioactive accident that happened in Fukushima warned that nuclear power plants creates the possibility of radioactive accidents.Nuclear power plants can be ecofriendly because carbon emission is low. Nuclear power plants produced 13% of all electricity in the world in 2008. (Islam and Ahiduzzaman 26) In Japanes e case, 30% of electricity was produced by nuclear power plants before happening the earthquake. (Wohns 5) Most electricity is being made by other ways in the world. However, Japan count on nuclear plants. Japan can get technology from other countries. Furthermore, Japan can use election energy. Alternative energy is energy generated in ways that do not deplete natural resources or harm the environment, especially by avoiding the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power. (Oxford d2ictionary) exemplifications of alternative energy are solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy. In Japan, solar energy has been becoming common. Solar panels are attached on separately tolerate roof. Solar power plants release 40 g/kWh and nuclear power plants release 30 g/kWh. (Murphy and David 522) These two amounts are set about than other power plants. One of benefits of solar power plants is that if electricity which is made by solar power plants so not use everything, the el ectricity can sale to power company in Japan. In my case, my house has solar panels on roof. The panels can produce electricity for whole my house. Moreover, a few of electricity can sale to power company, so my house does not buy electricity from power company. Solar power plants can replace with nuclear power plants.Some people said that cancer was caused by not only radioactivity but also stress. This perspective could be true. However, after leaking out radioactivity by accidents, such as Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Fukushima, cancer rate was increased. In the Ukraine, children were born with deformities and developed cancer today, most children there still3 develop leukemia at an early age. (Robertson 11) This result shows radioactivity gives humans huge impacts. It also shows children are exposed indirectly. In pregnancy, the diagnosis of pulmonic embolism (PE) is problematic. (Nijkeuter et al. 1857) This shows that radioactivity which is used at hospital is also can expose fetus indirectly. Aftereffects which are caused by radiotherapy are known. Although radiotherapy is effective for cancer, patients get damages, such as nausea or move hair. People are always exposed to ionizing radiation, which could badly influence their health. (Samadi, Bahman, and Nima 52) this means that radioactivity already exists in the air without radioactive accidents, but the radioactivity is not huge amounts. However, if radioactive accidents happen, radioactivity is leaked in the air. After leaking radioactivity, the amount of radioactivity should be more than the average amount which exits in the air.In conclusion, nuclear power plants can be dangerous when radioactive accidents happen because, air, soil, food, and water are contaminated by radioactivity directly and indirectly after accidents happen. Moreover, radioactivity can cause cancer. For these reason, nuclear power plants should be stopped in Japan.Works CitedASIA. No Cancer Increase After Fukushima U N. TCE The Chemical Engineer 876 (2014) 17. donnish calculate Complete. Web. 23 July 2014.Bhasin, Amit, and Aparna, Ahuja. Harnessing Nuclear Energy Health Risks. 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Web. 28 July 2014.Pehlivanogl, F., and S Kilincarslan. Determination Of Natural Radioactivity In Aggregates From westbound Mediterranean Region. Acta Physica Polonica, A 125.2 (2014) 275-277. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 July 2014Perrow, Charles. Nuclear defense From Hiroshima To Fukushima. Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists 69.5 (2013) 56-67. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 July 2014.Robertson, Naomi. Harnessing The Power Of Radioactivity. small Scientists Journal 4.9 (2011) 10-12. Academic Search Complete. Web. 28 July 2014.Sadrul Islam, A. K. M., and M. Ahiduzzaman. Biomass Energy Sustainable closure For Greenhouse Gas Emission. AIP Conference Proceedings 1440.1 (2012) 23-32. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 July 2014.Samadi, Mohamad Taghi, Bahman GolzarKhojasteh, and Nima Rostampour. Indoor Natural Radiation Level In Hamadan Provi nce, 2012. (English). Journal Of Mazandaran University Of Medical Sciences (JMUMS) 23.99 (2013) 52-59. Academic Search Complete. 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Web. 23 July 2014.Zheng, Jian, Keiko Tagami, and Shigeo Uchida. Rapid Analysis Of U Isotopes In Vegetables Using ICP-MS Application To The Emergency U observe After The Nuclear Accident At TEPCOs Fukushima Dai-Ichi Power Station. Journal Of Radioanalytical Nuclear Chemistry 292.1 (2012) 171-175. Academic Search Complete. Web. 19 July 2014.1incomplete sentence2capitalize3misspelling

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The Dimensions Of Globalisation And Its Effects Economics Essay

The Dimensions Of world-wideisation And Its Effects Economics EssayIn doubting doubting Thomas (2000), globalization is defined as a concept which refers to the ways in which developments in peerless region kitty rapidly come to imbibe monumental consequences for the security and well being of comm building blockies in quite distant regions of the globe. Thomas specifically refers to Alan Greenspans quote there ordure be no island of prosperity in an ocean of economic instability in a iron out to stress the point that globalization can neither be resisted nor halted. Globalisation expresses the widening scope, deepening impact and speeding up of interregional flows and networks of interaction inwardly all realms of social activity from the cultural to the criminal.Four DimensionsThomas as well identifies four specific dimensions to globalisation. Globalisation is also virtually change, and these changes atomic number 18 characterised by four variant dimensions. These include the stretching of social, political and economic activities crossways political frontiers, regions and continents. Globalisation also promotes intensification of investments, migration, flow of trade and culture. This growing interconnection (extensive and intensive) is linked to the speeding up of global interactions, aided by the global transportation and communications systems which increase the flow of ideas, goods, in fashio ground, capital and people. These three dimensions nurse rise to a deepening impact which creates a global truthfulness in which several(prenominal)thing that happens in one places can bewilder profound impacts on a far off place. This creates a blurring mingled with the boundaries of what is local and global.Challenges to educationOne way of looking at development is through the historical processes, in which societies were transformed oer long periods in a moderately unplanned way. Economic development and accompanying social and politic al transformations go as a result of the continuing development of societies. (Faws enuredt et. Al.)Sense of increase forceless(prenominal)ness/insecurityGlobalisation is perceived as a world actor that can non be ignored. This implies greater difficulties for countries trying to isolate themselves from the global commercializeplace. It promises growth prospects to theme economies, as long as they satisfy its requirements in call of flexibleness and competitiveness, which include designing and implementing domestic policies to meet global requirements, typically those set by the Inter stateal Monetary Fund and the World Bank. It is also argued that countries can be exposed to new-fashioned technologies and ideas, which can create jobs, improve incomes and nullify poverty.environmental SustainabilityAs more(prenominal) than emphasis is put on the globalization of industry, the need for environmental sustainability is quite often not given its cod importance. This is proble matic in that as trade and capital mobility restrictions atomic number 18 continually lifted between nations, the impact big business can oblige on the environment is enormous.. This process theoretically sets in motion the frankness of a set of common principles between nations whereby cooperation takes precedence over opposition.Environmental sustainability is of equal importance to economic prosperity, and in fact, the two are real much tied together. One reason why so somewhat industrial jobs keep back left the to the highest degree developed nations is because of the environmental regulations their governments have imposed. In order to protect the environment, strict limitations are placed on pollution and waste. A consequence of these restrictions is that the companies that employ people send the jobs to countries where the environmental standards are much less stringent. Thus, although the environment is better served by the laws against environmental degradation, t he economies of those nations suffer. And although jobs come to the less developed nations, boosting the economies there, the environment suffers because the restrictions against pollution are less strict.This reality seems to indicate that globalization and environmental sustainability are mutually incompatible. Indeed, their safe coexistence rests on the ability of the nations of the world to freely exchange goods and services plot of land at the same time placing limitations on how much damage severally can do to the environment. At worst, the world could become a exclusive economic entity with absolutely no regard for the ecosystems of the earth or one large environmentally protected zone where each economy is pressure to curb its industrial output to meet foreign regulations. Unless a more balanced compromise is made between the two ideas, they will pass off to be at odds with one an different.EmploymentWhile spread out trade has generally resulted in more jobs, the par allel growth in competition has forced many companies to shed workers in order to put out costs, boost efficiency and increase profits. Higher productivity only becomes a plus for the overall economy if output grows quickly enough to receive employment for the whole workforce. In the industrialized world, where a number of countries are currently grappling with the problem of growth without jobs, high unemployment has become a political issue. Developed countries have been especially affected by new information and communication technologies that boost efficiency but make some white-collar workers redundant.Some less-developed countries have also had to deal with jobless growth. China, which has undergo an economic boom in recent years, has begun to struggle with unemployment, particularly in urban areas. The need to cut unit labour costs to get by in the global market has led to the elimination of guaranteed employment and over staffed factories. Unemployment has also grown as a result of proliferation of low-cost imports from low-wage countries. though these imports are a small part of the total, they are concentrated in labour-intensive sectors such as shoe-clothing and toy-making.The mischief of livelihoods is deeply rooted in the macro-economic development model of corporate-led globalization. It promotes too many enterprises that are the main drivers of biodiversity loss the large-scale, export oriented agricultural industry unsustainable commercial logging companies angle farms and factories and the mining industry.These companies are fostered and actively promoted through trade liberalization and other forms of corporate-led globalization. Unchecked by effective national or international rules, they are able to plunder the earths resources for the benefit of distant shareholders while the communities that lived more harmoniously with these resources for generations are left with a ravaged earth.The policies of the World Trade Organization, misce llaneous development banks like the World Bank, and export credit agencies together aggravate this plundering with their promotion of export-oriented economic models and the further commercialization of biodiversity.Winners and losersWhile globalisation offers new opportunities for accelerating development and poverty reduction, it also poses new challenges for policy makers. globalisation and the turn to the market have clear benefits for developing countries, both in terms of aggregate growth and poverty reduction and in terms of mobility and opportunity for low-income people. Yet new opportunities have come hand-in-hand with new vulnerabilities. non surprisingly, public opinion about globalization and market reforms is mixed.The downside of globalisation is most vividly evident at times of global financial and economic crises. The costs of the repeated crises associated with economic and financial globalisation appear to have been borne overwhelmingly by the developing world, and often disproportionately so by the poor who are the most vulnerable. On the other hand, benefits from globalisation in booming times are not necessarily shared widely and equally in the global community.Small and medium sized businesses that form part of local economies, meet local needs and are more accountable to local people are undermined and unable to compete with colossal multinationals. In the battle of economies, big is beautiful and local is expendable.1B. Explain how status of POWER is relevant to debates on GLOBALISATION. might has to do with relationship, structural and functional, between all living beings in and between their communities. Power is thus a very important part of the globalisation debate.It touches on various topics some of which we will look into closer details below. In this sense power can refer to the control over others or the capacity to shoot and be able to act, hence bringing up the issue of empowerment. Power is also relevant when it come s to issues related to power relations such as grammatical gender, class and ethnicity.Politically speaking, globalization, the breakdown of socialist states, the crisis of modern liberal nation states, and upheavals in traditional or semi-traditional despotic states, raise new questions about power. The nation state structures are to be questioned radically for they are the unit structures of political powers that have been most powerful. The global market agencies are appear as the most powerful agencies of power, which determine global power structures and power relations on a global scale. These agencies dominate over nation states in power terms as a new reality of power is being formed in the context of the global marketThe significant gender differences and disparities with respect to decision-making powers, participation, and returns for effort that prevail in different societies need to be taken into account when responding to the forces of globalization. Because of gender inequalities and discrimination in all move of the world, women can be affected negatively by globalization processes to a greater extent than men. On the other hand, there can be significant gains for women with globalization. It is necessary to systematically monitor the gender impact of change so that the goals of gender equality and the expansion of homo capabilities are not sacrificed.Over the years, the greater economic, social, and technological interconnectedness of the international system has transformed social trends and national policies. These interaction dynamics have also seemingly changed security. The mainstream media frequently oversimplify the causes of the wars, with claims they are rooted in religious or ethnic differences. A closer inspection reveals that the key source of such conflicts is economic in nature. Financial instability, economic inequality, competition for resources, and environmental degradation-all root causes of war-are exacerbated by global ization. This could offer one explanation to Thomas (2000) who argues that the prevalence of wars has continued to rise in the early 1990s and that it is patent that most of these wars are not being fought between states. In compare to the historic wars, these more recent wars are being fought in parts of the world which are relatively poor and which are least weaponed to recover quickly.Yet, as a concluding note one can observe that the ability to mold the course and the content of globalization is not simply a matter of control over material resources or military might. Because of the way power is translated through webs of relationships, it is changed and can be realigned. Weaker actors, by building coalitions and enrolling the help of others, can have a significant influence on globalization.

The Experiences And Values Of Needy Families Social Work Essay

The Experiences And determine Of Needy Families Social Work EssayWhen come backing most my ingest ad hominem values, I think of the customs and beliefs that I stupefy develop through experience and education. Although these values have changed over time, I see that they be pretty consistent with the NASW code of morality and values of the complaisant crystalize up profession as a whole. The preamble of code of ethics realms that The primary mission of the accessible work profession is to enhance clement well-organism and help meet the basic inquires of tout ensemble(prenominal) citizenry (NASW, 2006-2009, p.401), and that is exactly what I assay to do.Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) age I flip over myself currently in a center field screen Ameri bed family, this has non unceasingly been the case. Growing up my family in quietened in me the enormousness of working unexpressed to achieve your goals, but despite their hard work my family too grimaced difficult financial times. I smoke consider times when my p atomic number 18nts couldnt pay their bills, had to work multiple jobs, and struggled to put f be on the table. Having gone through these rough financial times, my family instilled in me the importance of heavy(p) to other slew in wish and to this day I consider my father one of the most generous sight I cope. He would give everything he had to help someone in need, whether he knew them or not. A common bias is that hoi polloi in need be lazy or incompetent, but this is far from the truth. I have witnessed several(prenominal) families, including my own work very hard to raise their family, yet still struggle to make it.One childhood experience that stands out in my mind is going into the food market terminal with one of my best sponsors let who was unemployed after losing her job of 12 years due to the store that she worked for closing. My friends mother had told us that she was going to get groceri es and that we needed to distract the grocery stores doorman when we were leaving, be political campaign she had no money to pay for the groceries. Although I was alert that what she was doing was wrong, I knew she needed to feed her family. My friends mom did not dislocate lavish items as one would expect if you were stealing, she only took the items she needed to feed her family. During the car rely upon home, my friends mother apologized to us and explained that she is just too embarrassed to apply for well- be or go on unemployment and that all of the savings she had prior to organism unemployed is now gone. This has been a memory that I have carried with me since that day. Although I felt that there was smaller I could do at that time, I conceptualize that it is not only my duty to help mint in need, but societies as a whole.I debate that politics and bon ton have an obligation to intervene and help families that atomic number 18 in need. I do not believe that whatev er mother should have to steal food to feed her family. I consider it my duty to put up interior(a) standards and policies for the delivery of benefits and programs that serve as a safety net for all people during times of poverty (NASW, 2006-2009, p. 364). I agree with the NASW work out of moral philosophy that all people are entitled to the basic require to survive. As a favorable work student, I feel function to encourage for families in need and to develop programs that educate people on the need for upbeat reform.Schneider (1999) verbalise of the need to reform welfare and for a slant in policy to focus on establishing universal benefits. I am in agreement with this as well as the need to discard the perspective that views failure to develop wealth as a individualal failure without reference to structural inequalities (NASW, 2006-2009, p.363). I believe that it is important to promote education and fight the stereotypes associated with people in need. As a kind d oer I go out show services and counseling to families essay to survive and I anticipate facing legion(predicate) challenges due to the regulations and policies that are currently in place.Rights of statutory and Il levelheaded ImmigrantsImmigrants in the coupled States have faced a great deal of discrimination, inequality, and poverty throughout history. It is hard for me to date how people advise be treated so ailing just because they were not born an American. When I consider the United States, I believe it is a melting pot nation and that all people deserve the right-hand(a) to have their basic needs met despite their legal status in this terra firma. I agree with the code of ethics that amicable workers need to be sensitive to cultural and ethnic diversity and strive to end discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of cordial in referee (NASW, 2006-2009, p. 401).Whether immigrants are legal or illegal, they are people too and should be treated with dignit y and heed. Legal immigrants have to go through a difficult and extensive member to contract a citizen, which I believe is one reason wherefore there are several illegal immigrants living in the United States. I think that instead of developing harsher immigration laws, this country needs to assist illegal immigrants in the process of gaining citizenship, an education, and work. I agree with Padilla (2008) in that immigrant legislation must treat people equally, promote social justice consistently, and actualize the significance of charitable relationships.NASW (2006-2009) recognizes that policies should promote social justice and subjugate racism and discrimination or profiling on the basis of race, religion, country of origin, gender, etc. (p. 227). My views are consistent with NASW and I believe that the recent shake up for harsher immigration laws is a terrifying setback for this country. It makes me absolutely horrified that the state of Arizona would even try to instil l a law that would refer for police officers to check for immigration status and require immigrants to provide create that they are authorized to be in this country. This law directly conflicts with the oecumenic Declaration of Human Rights that recognizes the right to leave ones country as a basic military personnel right (NASW, 2006-2009, p.226).As a social worker I think it is vital to advocate for people who have little or no political voice and who have faced much(prenominal) harsh discrimination throughout history. Being that I am considered a white middle class American, I entrust need to al ways be thinking about cultural diversity with my invitees. Although I would be obligated to report undocumented citizens, I alike feel that it is my honourable province to provide all people with the information and services they need to fulfill their basic survival needs.Emotional Expression of the Client and the proletarianI entered this profession because of my compassion to help others. For as long as I can remember, I always requireed to help people in need. During high tame, my urge to help grew as I witnessed my lad students being bullied for how they dressed or what type of house they lived in. Although I was considered a familiar girl, I did not like that some people were considered unpopular. I did not think that classifying and judging people to be better consequently someone else was fair or justified. I was friends with everyone in high school and refused to get involved in the bullying that was happening all slightly me.It was during my junior year of High School that I took action. I spoke with my high school guidance department and expressed my concern with the targeting of the disadvantaged or unpopular students in the school. I told them that I wanted to do something about the problem and begged for their corroboration. I was granted permission to start an Anti-harassment Group, which I successfully did with the tending of some other recruited students. Together we went out of our way to provide all students with friendships and livelihood. We revised the schools policy on bullying, created anti-bullying contracts, gave presentations to all classes (high school, middle school, and elementary), and spent time with deteriorateow students who were often targeted by others. We as popular students discouraged bullying and worked hard to change the reputation of bullying being cool.I carry this compassion to help others with me in practice and think that it is important for social workers to show emotional expression when working with clients. I feel that it is absolutely entrance to express ones emotions and show compassion and warmheartedness when working in this field. Although I maintain that emotional expression is important, I believe that maintaining remedial boundaries with clients is equally important. I also agree with The Code of morals that social workers should not engage in any strong-arm con tact with clients if there is a possibility that the contact may cause psychological harm (NASW, 2006-2009, p. 407).As the Assistant Program Manager of an girlish Community Residence, I ran into issues surrounding therapeutic boundaries and emotional expression of client and workers on multiple occasions. Adolescents remained in the group home for approximately 1 -2 years. Many of the residents in the group home sought out esteem from the staff. When a resident was having a rough time, I felt that it was appropriate to give them a hug and reassure them that staff was there to support them and help them get through their difficult times. I felt that by using the emotional expression of myself helped to develop a trusting and therapeutic relationship.As it is my desire to work with children and adolescents, I imagine that I will have to confront issues of emotional expression of self and therapeutic boundaries in the future. I think that in practice, I will have to be conscious and use my discretion about the amount of emotional support used while working with clients. I also think that it will be important for me to consider a clients race, culture, gender, past experiences, etc. on how comfortable the client may or may not be with emotional expression and physiologic contact.Religious BeliefsGrowing up I had very little exposure to religion however, I was able to recognize the impact religion and uncannyty has on other peoples lives. godliness and spirituality became a reality to me when I studied abroad in siamese connectionland. Religion and spirituality was at the center of their culture, and guided their decisions and attitudes on a chance(a) basis. Although I have limited knowledge in this area, enmeshing myself in Thai culture made me recognize the power spirituality and religion can have on people and society as a whole.I also have witnessed the therapeutic effect religion and spirituality can have people. The NASW Code of Ethics (2006-2009) stat es that, Social workers should pay off education about and seek to understand the nature of social diversity and oppression with respect to race, ethnicity, national origin, color, ride, sexual orientation, age, marital status, political belief, religion, and mental or physical disability. Although I do not consider myself a religious person, I think that it is crucial for social workers to understand the religious and spiritual beliefs of their clients. I am in agreement with Dale et al. (2006) that understanding the importance of spirituality, the nature of nonionized religion, and secular uses of religion is key in understanding the development of human character and social institutions. Without gaining this insight, a social worker may fall apart or disrespect their client simply because they are not aware of lifestyles and customs found in their spirituality or religion.As a social worker I will encourage my clients to discuss their spiritual and religious beliefs and how it affects their lives. Based on my limited knowledge about this area, I will have to be extra cautious not to gauge or stereotype people because of their religious or spiritual choice. If clients want to discuss religion and spirituality, I will be straight frontwards with them and let them know that I have limited knowledge in that area but that I am open to listening and erudition about their beliefs and experiences with religion and spirituality.Provision and Utilization of Social ServicesI believe that the concept of social services and providing assistance to people in need is very important to the field of social work. I understand that the goal of social services is to help people financially, provide food assistance, disaster relief, medical services, and employment however, I believe that the process to obtain these services needs to be streamlined. The lengthy and humiliating process that people/families in need have to endure can cause gain emotional distress on the individual and family.Growing up I have witnessed people too embarrassed or humiliated to implement social services due to the stigma associated with it. I experienced this firstly hand while helping families at the Community Residence I worked at try to obtain the services they needed. Often times, I would keep back in lengthy lines with the families I worked with trying to help them obtain assistance and then be denied do to the paperwork or documentation not being enough for what is needed, or the families to be ineligible for services. I believe that many people/families are being turned down for services based on the many provisions and specific requirements. Although some people/families that are denied services can establish other means to survive, not all can do so. I understand that there needs to be regulations on services however, I do not believe that anyone should be denied help obtaining the services they need for survival (i.e. food, shelter, medical care, etc.).T he NASW Code of Ethics (2006-2009) maintains that Social workers should advocate for living conditions conducive to the fulfillment of basic human needs and should promote social, economic, political, and cultural values and institutions that are compatible with the realization of social justice. As social worker, I believe that it is their ethical responsibility to advocate for people in need and promote a persons right to self-determination. I think that given a chance and the tools needed people can make positive changes in their lives. Belcher et al. (2004) examined faith-based interventions and the liberal social welfare state and came to the conclusion that although faith-based interventions could provide some basic supports, the driving absorb for social change should remain with the state. Although I agree that the state should be taking responsibility, I do respect faith-based interventions trying to step-up the headquarters and fill some gaps.As a social worker I believ e that I will often hazard myself advocating for my clients need for social services. I believe that at times this process can become stressful and draining, as the current social service brass is not meeting the needs of the people it is designed to serve. For example, if a family is denied for services because they make a couple dollars above the cutoff for services, I think that the system is being too simplistic and not considering the entirety of the situation. It is my belief that the social services system needs to take a more holistic approach instead of having extensive provisions, requirements, and cutoffs for the services.Pro-life Versus Pro-choiceEver since I can remember, my family instilled in me the belief that abortions were wrong and even considered them murder. As I approached the age of sexual activity, my family was very vocal about practicing safe sex and their views against abortion. My mother informed me that I was not a planned gestation period and that al though she was a teen mother and unprepared for the responsibility she would have neer made the choice to have an abortion. Despite my families strict beliefs regarding abortion, my values are various from my families. I believe that there are situations when abortions should occur or at least be the choice of the mother.The NASW Code of Ethics maintains that it is the social workers responsibility to promote the right of the clients to self-determination (p. 404) and defines that as being without government interference, people can make their own decisions about sexuality and return (p. 147). Although I would not consider an abortion as an option for myself, I understand that to others, it might be the best option for them. Abramovitz (1996) pointed out that throughout history there have been policies and conditions that have forced women to make vaginal birth decisions based on the conditions of aid or public assistance, and I believe that is an infringement on their constituti onal right of reproductive choice.As a social worker, I believe that it is my ethical responsibility to support and provide information so clients can make informed decisions when considering an abortion. I would find myself conflicted if working with a patient who has had multiple abortions, because despite considering myself pro-choice, I also have great value for life and giving life. I believe that all people should have reproductive choice, but should not twist around the decision to abort or use abortion as a form of birth control.Rights of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered PeopleGrowing up, one of my best friends had cardinal mothers, as she would say. Throughout elementary school and middle school, I witnessed how my friend and her family were treated and I quickly understood why she did not want people to know about her mothers sexual orientation. We grew up in a small rural community and were not exposed to people of different sexual orientations or preference s very often. This friend was bullied and ridiculed in school by peers because of her mothers sexual orientation. I myself did not understand why two women would be together or in love however, after getting to know my friends family, I came to realize that one could not control their feelings or who they fell in love with.Seeing the discrimination and prejudice that my friend and her family went through was very frustrating because after getting to know the family and understanding that it is very well to have different sexual orientations or preferences, I didnt consider them any different from my family or anyone elses. I had a similar experience in high school with one of my friends father being transgender and again witnessed a great deal of discrimination against this family.I dont think a person should be denied the right to love someone else based on sexual identity, preference, or orientation. I do not understand how people can be denied the right of marriage, a union betw een two people, because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. I agree with the NASW Code of Ethics that corresponding gender and transgender individuals should be afforded the same rights and respect as all people (NASW, 2006-2009, p. 247).I feel that a challenging circumstance that I could face as a social worker will be to character reference families that have children or other relatives who are LGBT and do not extol of them. As a social worker it would be my ethical responsibility to educate on the right of self-determination and nondiscrimination.

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Constitutionalism: The Tyranny Of The Majority :: essays research papers

In this excerpt from Democracy in the States Alexis Tocqueville expresses his sentiments about the United States democratic giving medication. Tocqueville believes the governments nature exists in the absolute control of the absolute majority, meaning that those citizens of the United States who are of legal age control canon passed by the government. However, the power of the majority can exceed its limits. Tocqueville believed that the United States was a land of equality, liberty, and political wisdom. He considered it be a land where the government only served as the voice of the its citizens. He compares the government of the US to that of European systems. To him, European governments were still constricted by aristocratic privilege, the people had no hand in the formation of their government, let al hotshot, there every daylight lives. He held up the American system as a victorious model of what aristocratic European systems would inevitably become, systems of democracy and social equality. Although he held the American democratic system in high regards, he did sustain his concerns about the systems shortcomings. Tocqueville feared that the virtues he honored, such as creativity, freedom, civic participation, and taste, would be peril by "the tyranny of the majority." In the United States the majority manages, but whose their to rule the majority. Tocqueville believed that the majority, with its unlimited power, would unavoidably turn into a tyranny. He felt that the clean-living beliefs of the majority would interfere with the quality of the elected legislators. The idea was that in a great number of men there was more intelligence, than in one individual, thus lacking quality in legislation. Another disadvantage of the majority was that the interests of the majority always were preferred to that of the minority. Therefore, giving the minority no come up to voice concerns.

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Mothers Smoke Less around Their Children after Counseling :: Essays Papers

M differents Smoke Less around Their Children after Counseling In Melbourne F. Hovells name Effect of Counseling Mothers on their Childrens word picture to Environmental Tobacco Smoke Randomized Controlled Trial, the author persuades the reader effectively through showing demo about the dangers of second hand smoke. He in addition introduces the effectiveness that counseling has on mothers who smoke in scarecrow of their children. The article presents a study of the effectiveness of counseling for smoking mothers, and shows the even off of childrens exposure to smoke in their environment. The article states many valid points, and backs the evidence with statistics to insure that the reader is persuaded by the articles points. The article begins by introducing the problem of second hand smoke to children, and has a delayed dissertation which states his main point about the effectiveness of therapy. The author then explains the methods and who participates. umteen statements backed up with evidence continue throughout the article. The article also shares individual stories of mothers who have gone through this type of therapy and how it has helped them. Hovells article was believable because it included statistics as well as success stories. His question is also believable because he displays it with credibility and logic, and he appeals to the readers values. There are numerous reasons as to why smoking should be banned around small children, specifically in the United States. Hovell addresses these reasons with statistics. The humanness Health Organization estimated that half of the worlds children are in danger due to second hand tobacco smoke (1). In the United States, 43% or about 15 million children bide in homes polluted with tobacco (1). This is a higher percentage compared to other countries across the globe. Many of these children will suffer from asthma, repertory tract infections, otitis media, and fulminant infant death syndrome (for fetuses whose mothers smoke) because of their exposure. The article states that counseling tends to drop childrens exposure and mothers smoking while change magnitude the number of quitters (1). The study done for this article involved recruiting of certain mothers and families who would bear up under the counseling process.

Elephantiasis :: essays research papers fc

I did my report on filariasis, which ismore commonly known as elephantiasis.Elephantiasis is the late phase of filariasis. Filariasisis a tropical mosquito born parasitic unsoundnesscausing obstruction of the lymph vessels. In somepeople the presence of the plant louse causes a tissue counterbalanceion that causes the lymph flow to be blocked.This blockage produces lymphedema which is aswelling and can eventually lead to a tremendous involution of an extremity or organ. Whenelephantiasis follows repeated infection, parts ofthe body -- particularly the arms -- belong grosslyenlarged and the surrounding skin hardens andulcerates. Certain types of elephantiasis can betreated surgically. Elephantiasis of the legs isusually treated with elastic bandages and frequentelevation of the legs. The leg and foot, may swellto elephantine size. There may be sensitized reactionslike itching and localized swelling. The body mayalso react by causing calcium tissue to bedeposited around the worm, walling it eat up andeventually causing its death. In kind-hearteds, the matureworm lives tightly coil in the lymphatic vesselswhere they reproduce. The female holds thefertilized eggs in her body. Later the embryos,called microfilariae, atomic number 18 discharged alive. Aninteresting feature of these worms is the periodicswarming of the microfilariae in the bloodstream.In just about species swarming takes place at night. Theembryos can be taken up by an insect only whenthey are in a humans bloodstream. They developeinto infective larvae in the insect, which is theintermediate host. These hosts are various generaof mosquitoes, notably A?des, Anopheles, andCulex. Within 10 to 11 days after ingestion by ahuman skin they migrate to the lymphayic vessels

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Free Hamlet Essays: Freud and Hamlet :: GCSE Coursework Shakespeare Hamlet

Hamlet Es swan Freud and Hamlet Freud believed that Hamlet did not eliminate Claudius the branch time he saw him because Hamlet saw himself as the enemy. This sounds like a solid reason to me. Who am I to consecrate that it is not? However, I also find Samuel Taylor Coleridges reasoning very interesting. He believed that Hamlet did not kill Claudius the first time because he was praying. This sounds nigh too easy, although very legitimate. Now, I am not unity to say which interpretation is right, or even ponder if either is right however, they twain come credible critics. So, who is right and who is wrong--that is the question? No? Maybe two are right to an extent. We do not actually know what Shakespeare was feeling when writing Hamlet. This brings me to the point Chris Early made previously. I, like Chris, do not believe that works should only be investigated on the surface, but it is severe to uncover every meaning of every aspect of every work. Is on that poin t always something bigger and more meaningful than the original words? sometimes I would say yes, and sometimes no. So, this leads me to my next question how does one know if the words mean something bigger or not? I believe that there is no actual way to know if something has inscrutable meaning or not therefore, almost everything is scrutinized as if it does. I am not trying to call silly excuses I am macrocosm completely serious. No one, even the great critics, know what is symbolic and what is not therefore everything is considered symbolic in the beginning, causing some sort of symbolization to be uncovered. Whether this symbolism is correct, no one will actually know. As Chris touched on, who knows what Shakespeare was thinking when writing Hamlet? We can only make educated guesses at what Hamlet was thinking when he withdrew from killing Claudius the first time. These educated guesses come from what the reader thinks, along with what critics have interpreted and written.

A Brief History of Yellow Fever Essay -- Diseases, Disorders

You woke up a week ago whim odd. You were not sure what was wrong, plainly your body was full of aches, you felt baking hot to the touch, and you kept vomiting. Your mother told you to lay down and rest, hoping it was just a cold. after a few days, you began to feel better, well enough that you wanted to pay to the river to watch the trade ships come in. Now, unfortunately, your symptoms score come back with a vengeance your fever is back along with intense abdominal pain, your sing is bleeding with divulge being wounded, and every time you vomit, it appears black in color. Also, when you liveliness in the mirror, your skin has changed from the sun-kissed color you have always been to a become flat yellow hue. The doctor comes in to examine you he makes many tsk tsk noises and hurries out of the room with a cloth over his face. The doctor mumbles to your mother that he believes you have Yellow Jack and there is nothing more he can do, you are going to die. Your mother weeps uncontrollably yet you cannot reply because another horrendous pain in your head has doubled you over. Soon, as you stop shaking and begin to relax, the sounds of the doctor and your mother become egg white noise and your surroundings begin to dull until you prove the doctor amend another person fell victim to the infectious Yellow fever virus.There is no definitive history or discovery date, but it is assumed that Yellow febrility originated in Africa and was brought to the Americas by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes hitchhiking on trade and slave ships. The first believed outbreak happened in 1648 in the Yucatn. It is believed because primaeval documentation of disease and illness was not thoroughly investigated or described, they could have been caused by one thing or another. There is ... ...Organization summed it up ruff by stating yellow fever is still considered to be a human race health emergency of international concern, (Yellow Fever WHO).Works CitedCastro, Ivn. light s peed Hispanics You Should Know. Westport, CT Libraries Unlimited, 2007. Print.Cefrey, Holly. Yellow Fever. bare-ass York, NY The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 2002. Print.Dickerson, James L. Yellow Fever A Deadly Disease Poised to Kill Again. Amherst, NY Prometheus Books, 2006. Print.Murphy, Jim. An American pestis the True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793. New York, NY Clarion Books, 2003. Print.Shmaefsky, Brian R. Yellow Fever. New York, NY Chelsea House, 2010. Print. Yellow Fever. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2011.Yellow Fever. World Health Organization, n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2011.

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integrated marketing and the many factors Essay -- essays research pap

in somatic marketing communication simply recognises the need to plan and build up all relevant marketing communications so that they work unneurotic in harmony to the greatest effect with greatest efficiency (Pickton and Broderick, 2001 47)Linton and Morley listen ten potential benefits of integrated marketing communications (Linton and Morley 1995 124)Creative truthConsistent MessagesUnbiased marketing RecommendationsBetter Use of MediaGreater Marketing PrecisionOperational EfficiencyCost SavingsHigh-calibre consistent emolumentEasier working relationsGreater agency accountability In abbreviated the value of IMC is that it will help an organizationAssess the market and tick off their objectivesHone communication messages and target key stakeholdersLeverage resourcesBuild midland databases and marketing resourcesTie together the tone and style of all corporate communications, collateral and advertisingIt is without question the main reason for using both combination of th e core marketing activities is ...

Deforestation Essay -- Environment Pollution

Deforestation in chinawareDeforestation has been a big problem in mainland chinaware to this day. passim its long history, china has gone through several cycles, from mild retrieval to severe deforestation. When the Communists took over China in 1949, they introduced many new policies and syllabuss to consume about economic and political changes however, shifts in policies have led to program shifts in every field of Chinas economy, including deforestation. Deforestation exercises a significant influence on the ecosystem, stimulating natural disasters, introducing negative environmental and climatic changes, and threatening biodiversity. Floods are among the most common consequences of deforestation. During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), deforestation caused floods to fall out every decade, and once every six years between 1921 and 1949, merely once every two years in the 1980s. The situation has dramatically worsened since 1994, with the Yangtze flooding every year. Gro wing silting of rivers and lakes from the deforested lands in the Yangtze basin and shock on river beds by Chinese farmers resulted in record levels of floods in the spend of 1998. The building of The Three Gorges Dam is said to stop flooding greatly. As early as the 1950s deforestation in China attracted attention, yet it was not until the 1960s that it assumed alarming proportions. The Land Re induce of 1950 legitimate state ownership of large forests and other types of land. The Cultural Revolution, which turned China upside down, also unfavorably affected its forests. The Ministry of Forestry, like most Chinese institutions and organizations almost ceased to exist during the Cultural Revolution. Decades of neglect resulted in excessive deforestation, impacti... decreasing. In Tibet is has fallen from 9-5 percent, between the years 1950-1985 Yunnan 55-30 percent, 1950-1975 and in Sichuan, 30-65 percent, 1950-1998. Despite all the afforestation measures, intell igent deforestation continues to plague China due to mismanagement, unclear policies, bureaucratic corruption, and ineffectiveness. Although recently, China has afforested a total area of 1.4 million hectares over the past two years, with another 13 million hectares of land reclaimed from desertification. The achievements come from a large afforestation project covering northern, northeastern and northwestern China. The project aims to form a shelter forest covering ten provinces, municipalities and self-governing regions. Finally, China plans to invest another 400 million Yuan, or more than 48 million US dollars in afforestation in these areas this year.

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What is a Ring-giver? :: Definition Ring Giver Essays

What is a Ring-giver?Those whove been asked for the definition of a ring-giver pee-pee answered with a dumbfounded facial expression, Does it have anything to do with the movie victor of the Rings? Or others might simply think that the word ring-giver basically means a person who gives out rings. This word can be considered a vague term because it might sound like it has oneness implication, but in fact, it actually has a deeper meaning. During the Anglo-Saxon period, the word ring-giver is excessively labeled as a kenning, which is an extended metaphor. It simply turns ring into a metaphorical term. The word ring-giver really means the king or overlord. However, in that respect is more to the definition. The soldiers, or men who returned home from fighting for their king or land, would receive valuable charms from the king or overlord, such as arm-rings or neck-rings. In this case, the king is known as the ring-giver because he distributes priceless grand but to those bold m en. In other words, ring-givers distribute wealth for special(prenominal) purposes. The arm-rings and neck-rings distributed by the ring-giver are a re contendd for warriors enormous courageousness and strength. The adventurous heroes, who show off their arm-rings and neck-rings in public, eventually make the others jealous of their courage and values. Therefore, the heroes guard these precious jewels with their life. In Beowulf, edited by Joseph E. Tuso, the epic begins with a depiction of the good king -- Scyld. Scyld and his son, Beow, are known as the ring-givers in Beowulf a young man ought by his good deeds, by loose splendid gifts , to make sure that later in his life sexual love companions ordain stand by him, that people will serve him when war comes (1). As the epic continues, we note that when Scyld dies, he is sent out to his death to his burial by water, in a ring-prowed ship (Tuso 1). He is provided with legion(predicate) great treasures in his voyage into the sea. In other words, Scylds death, his divergence down into the horizon, will be countered by the repeated pattern, which means that his son, Beow, will take over for him and live again in recognition. Beow brings people windup to him, ready to tell his story, by his gifts, especially the gifts of the rings. Scyld and Beow are not the only two ring-givers in Beowulf.

Herbert Hoover Essay -- History

Herbert HooverHerbert Hoover c solelyed it a noble experiment. organise crime found it to be the opportunity of a lifetime. Millions of Americans denounced it as an on represent of their rights. For nearly 14 yearsfrom Jan. 29, 1920, until Dec. 5, 1933--the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages was illegal in the United States. The 18th, or Prohibition, Amendment to the constitution was passed by Congress and submitted to the states in 1917. By Jan. 29, 1919, it had been ratified. Enforcement legislation entitled the National Prohibition Act (or more popularly, the Volstead act, afterward Representative Andrew J. Volstead of Minnesota) was passed on Oct. 28, 1919, over President Woodrow Wilsons veto. The 18th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States not only prohibitedthe manufacture, sale, or transportation of heady liquors, but their importation and exportation also. It was adopted after a nationally crusade by temperance groups, notably the Wo mens Christian somberness Union, or WCTU. The amendment was enforced and defined by Congress in the Volstead Act. champion result of the amendment was that the production and sale of alcoholic beverages became the province of organized crime. Americans did not stop drinking, and their demands for liquor were met by wide-scale smuggling and bootlegging, much of which was controlled by such(prenominal) gangs as that led by Al Capone in Chicago. The era of obstruction ended in 1933 when the 18th Amendment was repealed by the twenty-first Amendment. The stage was set for more than a decade of combat between the wets and the drysthose determined to contain drinking and those determined to enforce the law. In retrospect, the period has been called the Roaring mid-twenties and the Jazz Age. New music appeared along with unexampled dances, a new feminism, and a general relaxation of standards after the rigorous years of beingness War I. The new mood was in complete contrast to the l esson earnestness of m some(prenominal) Americans who were determined to remain the ideal Victorians. Organized efforts to bourne the use of alcoholic beverages began in the United States during the 1820s. A by-product of the sacred revivalism sweeping the nation, Prohibition soon became part of the whole social remediate movement that preceded the Civil War. The earliest reformers called for moderation, not total abstinence, but as ... ...bition did not achieve its goals. Instead, it added many problems to those that it intended to solve. It came along in a social period where it was just simply unrealistic to have any success. The only beneficiaries to that of Prohibition were bootleggers, crime bosses, and the forces of big government in all of its corrupt forms. Though it failed to improve health, welfare, or America as a whole, the experiment with prohibition affords some valuable lessons. With this learning experience as part of the past, America should be able to confront its modern remnants in all of their assorted varieties. Bibliography Coffey, Thomas M. The Long Thirst Prohibition in America, 1920-1933 New York W. W. Norton & Co., 1975. Krout, J. A. The Origins of Prohibition, New York City Russell & Russell, 1996. Lee, Henry. How Dry We Were, Enlewood Cliffs, NJ Prentice Hall, 1963. Rorabaugh, W. J. The wet Republic- An American Tradition, New York Oxford University Press, 1979. Turner, George Kibbe. The City of Chicago, A Study of Great Immoralities, McClures Magazine, April 1927 (vol. 28). Warburton, Clark. The Results of Prohibition, Auburn Press, 1996.

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The LASIK Surgical Procedure :: Research Papers Essays

The LASIK Surgical ProcedureLASIK is a working(a) military operation through with(p) on the eyes so that people can implement ok better. One would not have to wear contacts or glaze eachmore. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, LASIK is a surgical procedure d unrivalled and only(a) to reduce the use of glasses and contacts. However doctors say that if one is cheery wearing their contacts and glasses then they should continue doing so. Why is that? There argon many risks and complications with the procedure that one must weigh out before going through with it. Before I go into detail what the risks argon let me explain in detail what LASIK is.LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. It is a surgical procedure that involves permanently changing the shape of ones cornea, which is the attract covering of the eye, using an excimer laser. The procedure calls for cutting a flap in the cornea to reveal the stroma, second layer of the cornea. A laser i s used to go away the stroma and then the corneal flap is replaced. Sounds easy, right, however, there are many complications and stipulations that go along with this procedure. LASIK is primarily for those who are myopic (nearsighted). Those who have astigmatism (blurred hallucination due to an irregular shaped cornea) and are hyperopic (farsighted) are lock up capable of getting the procedure but have to take a greater risk. The ideal individual, according to the Eye Surgery Education Council, for LASIK is one who is eighteen years of age, has sufficient corneal thickness, does not suffer from any disease that may hinder their ability to heal correctly and, one who is either myopic, hyperopic, and/or has astigmatism. The less ideal individual is one who has a history of dry eye, takes medications such as steroids or immunosuppressants and/or has corneal scarring.

F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby :: essays research papers

Money and The Great Gatsby     "Her voice is full of coin Pg. 127)," is a major contributing sentence to the story. This sentence, which comes from the character by the bid of Jay Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald relates this story to piecey, stating that money bum buy anything, including the love of a woman. This soupcon that Gatsby has acquired baffles Nick Carraway. Throughout the story, the truth comes out of why Daisy becomes part of Gatsby, which is because she wants him fair(a) for his riches.     In the Novel The Great Gatsby, the book strongly relates to "The American Dream." In Gatsbys case, the dream is that through acquiring riches and power, once can also gain happiness. To reach his idea of what happiness is, Gatsby must go back in time to relive an old dream. To do this, he believes he must first have wealth and power. Jay Gatsby is a man who does non wish to live breeding in the present because it offers him nothing. He spends a majority of his life purifying to recapture his erstwhile(prenominal), in which he eventually dies in pursuit of it. The reason he wishes to relieve the past is because he had a love affair with the rich Daisy Buchanan, who he had, trim down deeply in love with. However, he knew they could never get conjoin due to their difference in economic and social statuses. He wants to hook up with her, but because of this problem he leaves her in order to gain wealth and social status in order to reach her standards. Once he reaches this goal, he buys a house close to her in which he tries to " act her." Jay thinks money will take care of everything, in which he realizes it doesnt make life out like it ought to be. Gatsby refuses to give this up until he reaches fulfillment of his American Dream. The sad thing is that he never does, and ends up dying.      The question of money and sociabilitys authority over life is a big factor in many peoples lives. Many people in todays world try to buy love with money. That is not really a "true love." both of the people in the relationship should love each other for WHO they are, not what they are or have. Some people do not meet this concept. That is why separations, divorces, etc.

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Pump Up that Seawater A Remix of Traditional merry water Hydro SystemsHydroelectricity is a super clean energy source that emits minimal pollution. thus far most dams and structures use to gather hydroelectricity can be dictated in hold locations. This is because hydroelectricity today requires two reservoirs of fresh water. It is well known that freshwater is truly limited while we have an abundance of seawater, which many scientists view is supposedly a waste and cant be used for anything. To harness hydroelectricity to its fullest so that it can provide an abundant source of energy, a hydro system that is much less site- specialised is required.Hydroelectric plants can be placed in only so a couple of(prenominal) places, because there are few sources of freshwater. Although hydroelectricity uses renewable resources and releases little to no pollutants, existing hydroelectric plants in total give very little energy and are site specific compared to other sources of energy, it not cost effective and usable in limited areas. We can tackle the problem of limited areas for hydroelectric energy plants by using seawater instead of freshwater. We actually have an infinite sum total of ocean water, unfortunately we dont have an infinite bill of freshwater. Like traditional freshwater hydro systems a seawater pumped-storage hydro would work very similar. Extra electrical energy from nuclear energy, fossil fuels, or renewable energy ability plants are used during times of low power demand to push water uphill to be deposited in reservoirs as potential energy. Then, when demand peaks, the reservoirs are opened, permitting water to pass through hydroelectric turbines to produce the electricity needed to meet power demand. The key alteration for saltwa... ...ean, where World watch is currently working with three governments to produce sustainable Energy Roadmaps, it could be a practical solution to consider. With limited supplies of fresh water, tremendous r enewable energy potential on and just sour its coasts, and limited energy storage capability, seawater pumped-storage hydro could provide the Caribbean with tremendous benefits. defend the environment is crucial for this generation and future generations. My idea may commence green energy much popular and benefit the environment. Using rant, blah, blah would blah, blah, blahs. Reducing costs and blah, blah, blah, the simple, efficient, and blah, blah, blah that I developed should encourage more people to switch to renewable resources and support this and my cause. Such a flip would make the environment cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable for generations to come.

The National Education Technology Plan :: Essays Papers

The National Education Technology Plan As age agree passed, technology has improved in galore(postnominal) argonas. So m both tonic technologies have developed to help benefit our nation. With these new technologies, we have found it easier to accomplish simple every day tasks. Its believed that computers are the rising, and that sooner or later, all jobs will require whatsoever mixed bag of knowledge with computers. Many individuals are going back to college to receive much education on computers and on programs. This may be required for some businesses. But some people today seem to be sort of computer illiterate. How would we change this problem? One idea is to develop a nation wide program into our school system that involves interaction of students and teachers with the new technologies in the schoolrooms. The National Education Technology Plan has been the solution to schools crosswise America. In 1996, the plan was developed with many hopes and expectations in mind for the future of education and technology ( This plan was originally referred to Getting Americas Students Ready for the twenty-first Century (Techniques Connecting Education & Careers). Its main purpose was to increase the students academic achievements. The idea was to have students not only improve themselves boilers suit but by doing so, they would become familiar with technology. Students as well as teachers would have the opportunity to learn more about technology (ISTE NETS). In order for teachers to help the students along the way, the teachers would be given lessons to improve their skills ( aft(prenominal) the teacher felt he/she became familiar with the use of technology, they would then be able to use it as an instructional tool in the classroom ( Students would also have the opportunity to be connected to the Internet in all their classrooms. Having students involved with the Internet and computers could only lead to future benefits for them (Education World). The plan has been revised three times now. To improve it, the U.S. Department of Education is feel to the general public to make possible changes or to make any suggestions they feel appropriate (Whelan, Debra).

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Henrik Ibsen :: essays papers

Henrik IbsenHenrik Ibsen was born at Skien in Norway on March 20, 1828. When he waseight, his father went bankrupt. This event made a deep impression uponhim. afterwards they went bankrupt, his family moved to a small farm northof the town where they lived in poverty. Henrik was forced to attend asmall local school. He real a substandard education. In 1843, thefamily returned to town. Unfortunately they were still poor. Ibsen camefrom a rattling dysfunctional family. His domineering father was analcoholic who found solace in alcohol. His quiet mother found comfortin religion. He utilise them as a model for his plays. The blend of anoverbearing husband and a submissive wife made appearances in hisplays Brand, A Dolls House, and Ghosts. The bitter timbre ofHjalmar Ekdal in The Wild Duck was based on Ibsens father. When hewas viteen, he moved to Grimstad to work for a druggist. He hadwanted to become a doctor, but game up on the idea after he failedGreek and Math on his Unive rsity entrance exams. Medicine was not his exactly ambition. He also wanted to be a painter.In 1850, Ibsen entered the scratch line of his three writing arrests. His romantic period went from 1850 to 1873. The greatest works from thisperiod are the Brandand Peer Gynt Most of the plays that he wroteduring these years are romantic historical dramas. Lady Inger ofOstraat was a romantic drama with intrigue. The Vikings of Helgelandwas a artless and sad tragedy. The last play of the Romantic period wasEmperor andGalilean. It is analogous to Ibsens other play Catiline because itshowed his impatience with traditional attitudes and values. In bothplays he showed sympathy for historical characters who were famous forbeing rebellious.Ibsen became the stage manager and dramatist of the National Stage inBergen in 1851. He worked there for six years. In 1857, he moved toChristiania (Oslo), where he became director of the Norwegian Theatre.He neglected both writing and the theatre. He plunged into social livingwith his literary friends and drank heavily. In 1858, Ibsen marriedSuzannah Thoresen, with whom he had one child, Sigurd Ibsen. This was a jointure that was often as misunderstood as the marriages of Ibsensdramas. At the age of thirty, Ibsen truism his first performances ofShakespeare in Copenhagen and Dresden. Shakespeares work convincedIbsen that serious drama essential strive toward a psychological truth andform its basis on the characters and conflicts of mankind. Ibsen and