Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Mothers Smoke Less around Their Children after Counseling :: Essays Papers

M differents Smoke Less around Their Children after Counseling In Melbourne F. Hovells name Effect of Counseling Mothers on their Childrens word picture to Environmental Tobacco Smoke Randomized Controlled Trial, the author persuades the reader effectively through showing demo about the dangers of second hand smoke. He in addition introduces the effectiveness that counseling has on mothers who smoke in scarecrow of their children. The article presents a study of the effectiveness of counseling for smoking mothers, and shows the even off of childrens exposure to smoke in their environment. The article states many valid points, and backs the evidence with statistics to insure that the reader is persuaded by the articles points. The article begins by introducing the problem of second hand smoke to children, and has a delayed dissertation which states his main point about the effectiveness of therapy. The author then explains the methods and who participates. umteen statements backed up with evidence continue throughout the article. The article also shares individual stories of mothers who have gone through this type of therapy and how it has helped them. Hovells article was believable because it included statistics as well as success stories. His question is also believable because he displays it with credibility and logic, and he appeals to the readers values. There are numerous reasons as to why smoking should be banned around small children, specifically in the United States. Hovell addresses these reasons with statistics. The humanness Health Organization estimated that half of the worlds children are in danger due to second hand tobacco smoke (1). In the United States, 43% or about 15 million children bide in homes polluted with tobacco (1). This is a higher percentage compared to other countries across the globe. Many of these children will suffer from asthma, repertory tract infections, otitis media, and fulminant infant death syndrome (for fetuses whose mothers smoke) because of their exposure. The article states that counseling tends to drop childrens exposure and mothers smoking while change magnitude the number of quitters (1). The study done for this article involved recruiting of certain mothers and families who would bear up under the counseling process.

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