Friday, April 19, 2019

It dont matter Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

It dont matter - Article workoutHippocratic Database (HDB) which is composed of different technologies with the capacity to store medical information to change the system from manual of arms and paper-based to computer-based systems. This can attributed to the fact that modern and computerized systems and base of operationss are deemed to have less medical errors, lower costs and lastly more improved patient care.The HDB is the answer to the vision of PITAC in the provision of health information infrastructure that can be made available to health professionals nationwide to be able to improve the aim of health care knowledge since at that place is a single collection of clinical and empirical data important for decision making support. The said system can be accessible for data accounting entry and data retrieval. The said system can be considered highly applicable and practical but there are different concerns, one of which is the hostage of the information stored within the HDB (Agrawal, Grandison, Johnson, and Keirnan, 2007, p.36).There is a built-in policy-based secretiveness management feature of the HDB referred to as the Active Enforcement to answer the concerns regarding the secured state of the health care data stored in the system. The said feature which is also referred to as AE is an unbeliever middle ware solution for privacy and security needs. Basically the application of the said feature is situated in the system to gauge and to filter the foreplay and output of data based on the governing policies which are based on the preferences of the patients and the applicable laws (p. 36). Strengths of the HDB AE take general methodology for handling and codifying policy and preference information, transparency of policy enforcement to enterprise applications, being agnostic to underlying database technology and improvement of query processing speed (p.37).The study by Agrawal and colleagues presented numerous capabilities of the HDB much(pre nominal) as enforcement of privacy policies at database level, efficient

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