Friday, September 27, 2019

Policymaking in US Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Policymaking in US Government - Essay Example Stephan, Citizen Democracy: Political Activists in a Cynical Age ) The agenda setting relates to whether showing disrespect to a national symbol is a criminal act or is an act envisaging free expression. As a national policy, National Flags are sacred symbols to be respected by all citizens both in word and spirit. Apparently, Gregory Lee ( Joey ) Johnson thought otherwise and utilized this form of expression to express his criticism for the American Administration. He was charged with 3 others for conspiring in, if not burning, the flag, and was sentenced to I year in jail and fine of $2000 by a jury in Dallas Country Criminal Court. Upon his appeal, the Texas Court of Appeals in Dallas rejected his plea that flag burning was an expression guaranteed by the US Constituition. However, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals held that the Texas Venerated Objects Laws had been utilized in order to stifle Johnson’s right to free expression. This set off a trail of similar bizarre incidents and in one case, the school of the Art Institute of Chicago invited guests to step on the flag to sign the Guest Book. This triggered off severe indictment and legislation in which the Chicago City Council banned placing flags in the floor. The Texas vs. Johnson case became a landmark one when the Supreme Court exonerated him of charges of desecration of the flag, adjudicating that it was a symbol of public protest and an Act of free Expression. Views regarding the question of Flag protection are divided among the Liberal and the Conservatives. While the Conservatives favor its protection the liberals think otherwise. The Flag Protection Amendment was sent several times for approval, but despite support, it failed to achieve the necessary supermajority for its enactment. In a free country, people have the right to do acts or say things, which are disagreeable to the majority of people, but it is a right Guaranteed to them by the

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