Thursday, September 26, 2019

Application of theory paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Application of theory paper - Assignment Example For this reason, a wide gap between practice and hypothesis continues to persist in the field of nursing. However, this is not always the case, in certain cases the difference in expected and observed result is due to human error or negligence on the part of professionals. No matter who postulates the theory, or to what background he or she belongs to, there are four basic concepts that are considered essential for every theory of nursing; they include the person, the environment, health, and nursing. Most of the theories attempt to explain the relationships that prevail between these notions and in doing so bring forth ideas that are novel and contributory towards the practice of nursing. Despite the importance of each of the four concepts with regards to nursing theory, the focal point of the nursing theories remains to be â€Å"the person". Further, nursing theory can be divided on the basis of generalizability principles. The categories of nursing theories on generalizability are Metatheory, Grand theory, Middle range theory, and Practice Theory. Metatheory can be considered as theory of theory or theories. It focuses on a specific phenomenon of abstract nature. Grand theory provides a conceptual framework, through which principles and concepts o f a discipline can be identified. Meanwhile, in Middle range theory, the area of focus is limited or too specific with respect to situation, and variables associated with it. Practice theory is usually applied to determine the goals that are to be achieved in result of a particular practice, and also the mode of attaining these goals. The standards of healthcare continue to transform every now and then as new technology evolves to replace the previous one. Similarly with the emergence of new health related challenges, the need to modify the process of nursing care continues to arise. This is not only important to ensure

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