Thursday, June 20, 2019

Better Place Automobile Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Better Place Automobile constancy - Essay ExampleTransformation of the automobile manufacture was massive projects and has remain a massive project that also requires an effective business model that transforms the automobile business itself and the personal transformation including transformation of the mind-set of the consumers (Etzion and Struben, 2011 Pg. 06). Moreover, it has remained the responsibility of the stakeholders especially the company commercialiseing team to ensure that the technology is accepted and adopted globally by increasing the market place of the product. Notably, in the year 2005, there was a stakeholder meeting that met over the question on how to make the world a better place by the year 2020. At this point, various stakeholders had already armed themselves with multinational software that aimed at enhancing the development of the new technology engines. At this primary point, Agassi was the president to the Production and Technology class that was b ased in Ger many another(prenominal). It should also be noted that the success of this technological development in the engine has been a success due to the involvement of many countries and individuals with different aspiration but with the same goals and objectives of environmentally friendly engines and the use of renewable resources (Westbrook, 2001 Pg. 81). ... According to Agassi, adoption of EVs among the consumers would facilitate the EVs paradigm with limited mobility. However, other lodge believed that a recognized shift was only possible with the creation of capacity batteries. Nonetheless, the Agassis idea direct to the creation of EV based solution that lofty driving profiles that are highly implementable in an off the shelf technology. It should be noted that different technological ideas of different contributors of the electric engine powered automobiles led to a creation of effective car that are environmentally friendly and that use renewable resources. It shoul d be noted that the stakeholders come in with different ideas. For instance, Agassi cherished re-engineering of the entire fuel enabled cars while other stakeholders only required only re-engineering of the engine (Etzion and Struben, 2011 Pg. 18). These different ideas were harmonized, and new, efficient, and effective automobile was introduced in the transportation sector. Therefore, different roles and contributions of different and distinct stakeholders have defined the success of the better space automobile industry alongside its vision and mission. Moreover, the continued involvement of other players including different market places in different continents and their different innovative and marketing strategies will ensure that the market place will continue meeting its vision as it fulfills its mission. Industry and Scenario Analyses The better place industry has numerous opportunities to explore towards developing and meeting its goals and objectives. Currently, there are numerous global concerns of the intensive use of bio fuels since they have diverse effects to the environment. Additionally, there are

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