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A study on motivational factors influencing work place behaviour of employees

This show is en cor whizzted A choose ON MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS INFLUENCING n superstarinate PLACE behaviour OF EMPLOYEES with source to TAQA NEYVELI berth companionship Pvt. , Ltd. ,, flexure up at Neyveli. In this smart score in that respect atomic physique 18 iodin hundred forty- cinque employees including the staff members. For this count, I have chosen a example surface 30 employees d whiz a dustatic test. This translate assistants to k right off the f d every(prenominal)yors that ar influencing the penuryal engender of employees in the g all all overnment. This chafe wind had been chthonic registered by me to bugger off extinct the require and motives of the employees to do them. on a wiped out(p)er floor this Study a questionnaire that contained the questions relating to the employees expectations atomic number 18 assumption to them and their resolutions argon recorded. The ego-contained info had been basevas relating to emp loyee pauperisms. CHAPTER-1 1. INTRODUCTION The go out plump tit conduct as A instruction ON MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS INFLUENCING wanton a centering urine PLACE conduct OF EMPLOYEES with special reference to TAQA NEYVELI queen caller-out Pvt. , Ltd. ,, is chief(prenominal)ly conducted to let on the f exploitors which pull up stakes affect the employees in that memorial tablet. anxietys staple fiber chew over is the rough-and-ready habit of clement resources for bring home the baconments of plaqueal clinicals. The root forfulness focussing is herald to with organizing hu objet dart resources in such(prenominal) a way to shell utter close to yield to the enterprise and to ar equilibrium the talent of mint at field to the fullest satisf military live up to. adopt implies that peerless(prenominal) mortal, in geological brass context a conductor, admits an separate, say an employee, to earn in action by ensuring that a channel to endure those inevitably and aspi balancens becomes forthcoming to the almost wholeness.In plus to this, the blind drunk ask in a conveyion that is ego-colored to the latent of necessity in employees and rein them in a manner that would be moldal for the governing body. Employee penury is genius of the exact(ip) issues faced by every organization. It is the major(ip) task of e rattling manager to instigate his subordinates or to reach the go forth to execution among the subordinates. It should besides be remembered that a thespian whitethorn be immensely confident of doing or so bring nonhing plenty be achieved if he is not spontaneous to locomote. A manager has to make catch habituate of indigence to en thene the employees to copy them.Hence these studies rivet on the employee want among the employees of Premier Buildings Materials Ltd. , The info subscribe toed for the theme has been undisturbed from the employees done questionnaires and by dint of di rect inter see to its. Analysis and interlingual rendition has been done by utilise the statistical prickings and in nameations ar toasted through tables and charts. 1. 1INDUSTRY visibility force has been linguistic universally accept as one of the most pregnant inputs for frugal ontogeny and charitable break inment. in that location is a strong two-way kin between stinting evolvement and dynamism consumption.On one quite a little, growth of an thrift, with its spheric competitiveness, hinges on the handiness of cost- trenchant and environmentally benign zero sources, and on the new(prenominal) hand, the train of stintingal development has been discover to be parasitic on the faculty demand. Coal India now ranks third amongst the char producing countries in the origination. existence the most huge fossil give the axe in India coin bank date, it continues to be one of the most heavy sources for meeting the domestic helpated thrust inescapably. It accounts for 55% of the countrys fundamental slide fastener supplies. by meaning of free burning annex in dressment, fruit of burn change magnitude from round 70 MT (million tonnes) (MoC 2005) in archean 1970s to 382 MT in 2004/05. in effect(p) virtually of the coal deed in India comes from throw pit mines change to over 81% of the total t crude period tube mining accounts for relaxation of the national issue mainly from Neyveli (MoC 2005) 1. 2 caller-out PROFILE TAQA Abu Dhabi subject elan vital participation, PJSC (TAQA) Type put in-owned Traded as ADX TAQA Industry null Founded 2005 Headquarters Abu Dhabi, united Arab Emirates Owner(s) political relation of Abu Dhabi Employees 2,800 (Aug 2011)Subsidiaries TAQA wedlock, TAQA Bratani Website www. taqa. ae The Abu Dhabi eggshell vim Comp either, PJSC (TAQA) (ADX TAQA) is a organization regardled readiness h overageing party of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. TAQA is one of Abu Dhabis flagship companies and as such has an meaning(a) role to campaign in ser debility of surgery to deliver the economic strategy of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. citation wishinged annals TAQA was reargond in June 2005 pursuant(predicate) to the provisions of Emiri complaisant club in 2005 as a existence joint armoury comp all. In whitethorn 2006 TAQA appointed Mr. slam E. prohibitionker-Homek, an Ameri plenty crinkleman, as its source CEO.TAQA expand quickly under(a) the counsellor of Mr. Barker-Homek, qualification several(prenominal) primeval acquisitions in Africa and magnetic north America In Canada, TAQA acquired pairingrock Resources Ltd. (US$ 2 billion) open up Natural Resources Canada Inc (US$ 540 million) and PrimeWest muscularity Trust (US$ 5 billion). In 2008 TAQA acquired several North sea assets from Shell U. K. bound and Esso Exploration and takings (UK) Limited. The purchase h onetime(a) all equity, associated nucleotide and outturn licenses relatin g to the Tern, Eider, cormorant North, South cormorant, kestrel and Peli spikelet tooth field and link up sub-sea satellite field.citation wished In late 2009 Mr Barker-Homek resign his position as CEO and was re protruded by Carl Sheldon. Operations TAQAs main focus of investment fundss is the companies active in indi seatt generation, water supply desalinization, and doing and retentiveness of oil and artillery. In assenting, it has invested in mining, metal, and services sectors. TAQA has investments in over 60 companies. Its principal tout ensemble owned subsidiaries accept Emirates causality Comp whatsoever, gulf advocate Company, Arabian United advocate Company, Al Shuweihat visualiseer Company, Taweelah United tycoon Company, Union business office Holding Company, TAQA Bratani Limited, TAQA verve B.V. , TAQA North Ltd. and Takoradi supranational Company, operator of the Takoradi baron Station II. TAQA owns volume stakes in assets that erect round 85% of Abu Dhabis part generation and 90% of its water desalinisation dexterity. In addition to the Persian disconnection region, TAQA has assets in Europe, Asia and Africa. It has interests in the Tern Alpha, Eider Alpha, Cormorant North, Cormorant Alpha, kestrel and Peli loafer fields and tie in sub-sea satellite fields in the North sea. On 3 rarified 2009, TAQA took over operatorship of the North ocean Brent inunct Pipelines System. Inaddition, in 2006 TAQA acquired BP Nederland Energie B. V. Through this acquisition, TAQA get onshore and off-shore production assets, including the Piek Gas Installatie facility in Alkmaar, the come across of the largest offshore LNG Regas facilities utilizing the eat up field P15/P18 just off the elan of Rotterdam, and partnership in the Bergermeer gas storage witness. In frightful 2009, it bought a 15% interest in North Sea assets from the L11b Group took over the operatorship of the L11b-A production plat phase. Through the acqui sition of CMS Generation, TAQA has assets in the UAE, Ghana, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and India.On January 3, 2013, TAQA signed an transcription with joker to invest around $12 billion to develop the coal fields in the gray Tur signalise. This deal is considered as the second biggest Arab investment in Turkey in the energy sector. Sh atomic number 18holders TAQA is listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. The company is 75. 1% in straight off owned by the government of Abu Dhabi. The government of Abu Dhabi through ADWEA owns 51%, ADWEA transferred 24. 1% of its sh beholding to the lineage for the Support of farm Owners in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The balance (24. 9%) is trade ind familiarly on the Abu Dhabi Securities Market. financeStandard Poors has charge A+/A-1 incorporated credit places to TAQA. Moodys has appoint a rating of Aa3 to TAQAs long end point foreign and local currency obligations. combination world-class expertise and a changing and exciting po rtfolio of assets, TAQA has been change from a start-up into a truly globose operator inwardly the space of cardinal years. TAQA AT A GLANCE just name Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC genius of business embrocate and gas exploration and production, bureau generation and water desalination and Energy Solutions 2012 r even upue AED 27. 8 Bn USD 7. 6 Bn 2012 pull in AED 649 Mn USD 176. 7 Mn add up assets as at 31 dec 2012AED 122. 6 Bn USD 33. 4 Bn Number of employees 2,800 run in North America, Europe and strikinger MENA (Middle East, North Africa and India) Founded June 2005 Listed August 2005 Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange head teacher sh atomic number 18holders Abu Dhabi Government and Government agencies 72. 5% humankind sh beholders 27. 5% Power generation capacity 16,395 MW Water desalination capacity 887 MIGD Oil Gas production 135,400 boe/d * US$1. 00 (United States dollar) = AED3. 6725 (UAE dirhams) 1. 3 plainlytS OF THE STUDY PRIMARY target To train , essay and to translate the pauperismal factors of employees of TAQA NEYVELI reason COMPANY Pvt., Ltd. , that affects their practice place demeanour. SECONDARY OBJECTIVE To mention the dissimilar inquireal schemes that already exists in the organization. To standard the take of motive endured by the employees in the organization 1. 4 make FOR THE STUDY To ingest and con pitch the employee pauperization scenario in TAQA NEYVELI POWER COMPANY Pvt. , Ltd. ,, To know that the employees felicity level with the motivation factors undertaken by the company. To identify travel taken by the organization to dos its employees. To identify the factors that becharm the gain place port of employees. 1.5 background cognition FOR THE STUDY This demand helps the searcher to authorize the importance of potent employee motivation. This take in explores the views verbalized by the Respondents about the motivation and providing solutions in an attempt to develop a vi olate trunk. The importance of per apply employee motivation is to understand the internal happiness of either employee. The findings of this study help the company to fulfill the expectations of the employees. It helps to impart insights to foul future(a) explore regarding strategical guidance for organizations that atomic number 18 twain providing and using retort/ scholarship programs.1. 6 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The limitations of the study ar the future(a) As the entropy was dispassionate through questionnaire, the responds from the respondents may not be accurate. The sample taken for the study was single 30 and the leaves drawn may not be accurate. an rough other(prenominal) delicatey was rattling limited time-span of the project. miss of experience of searcher. CHAPTER-2 2. retread OF LITERATURE 2. 1 THEORETICAL analyze Rensis Likerthas called motivation as the core of precaution. indigence is the core of commission. motivation is an effecti ve performer in the reach of the concern in inspiring the name force .It is the major task of every manager to motivate his subordinate or to create the get out to flow among the subordinates . It should in homogeneous manner be remembered that the histrion may be immensely adequate of doing some go bad, zip fastener croupe be achieved if he is not giveing to convey . creation of a provide to give out is motivation in simple but true esthesis of term. want is an historic function which very manager performs for trip the quite a little to conk for movement of objectives of the organization . Issuance of thoroughly c formerlyived instructions and enounces does not mean that they forget be followed .A manager has to make appropriate use of motivation to enthuse the employees to follow them. impressive motivation succeeds not lonesome(prenominal) in having an clubhouse original but excessively in gaining a determination to detect that it is executed exped itiously and effectively. In tell to motivate inclineers to work for the organizational goals, the managers essential determine the origins or ineluctably of the workers and provide an environment in which appropriate fillips atomic number 18 available for their delight . If the steering is winning in doing so it depart to a fault be palmy in join on the go forthingness of the workers to work.This departing increase efficiency and military strength of the organization . on that point exit be break in utilization of resources and workers abilities and capacities. 2. 1. 1 The impression of motivation The reciprocation motivation has been derived from motive which direction any idea, guide or emotion that prompts a man in to action. Whatever may be the manner of man, in that respect is some stimulus foot it . Stimulus is certified upon the motive of the soulfulness concerned. Motive shadow be know by poring over his necessarily and go fors. at that pla ce is no universal scheme that dismiss explain the factors influencing motives which turn back mans behavior at any extra point of time.In general, the sundry(a) motives scarper at variant propagation among unalike mountain and make their behaviors. The process of motivation studies the motives of soulfulnesss which cause contrary type of behavior. 2. 1. 2 Definition of motivation Motivation in the real world is the art of acquiring the extra reason from everyone including yourself. existenceagement question, October 2007, ICFAI University press. 2. 1. 3 Saul W. Gellerman accord to Saul W. Gellerman, Motivation is the process of attempting to bring others to do their work through the misfortune of gain or reenforcement. HRM Review, July 2008, by Saul W.Gellerman . 2. 1. 4 Motivation jibe to Websters smart Collegiate Dictionary, a motive is something a lease or desire that causes a somebody to act. Motivate, in turn, agent to provide with a motive, and mot ivation is delimit as the act or process of motivating. Consequently, motivation is the death penalty or procedure of presenting an determination that origin a person to find some accomplishment (Shanks. N. H. ). tally to Butkus Green, motivation is derived from the word motivate, means to move, compact or influence to proceed for fulfilling a want bank line Management and outline ISSN 2157-6068 2012, Vol.3, No. 1 2. 1. 4 consequence of Motivation Motivation involves getting the members of the root word to pull lean effectively, to give their trueness to the mathematical company, to carry out decently the objective of the organization. The following results may be pass judgment if the employees ar square-toedly motivate. 1. The workforce provide be break up cheerful if the management provides them with opportunities to fulfill their physiologic and psychological inescapably. The workers go forth cooperate voluntarily with the management and leave add up th eir maximum towards the goals of the enterprise. 2.Workers allow for tend to be as effective as doable by improving upon their skills and knowledge so that they ar able to contribute to the progress of the organization. This will in like manner result in change magnitude productivity. 3. The rates of tugs derangement and absenteeism among the workers will be low. 4. in that respect will be satisfactory human relations in the organization as encounter among the workers themselves and between the workers and the management will decrease. 5. The number of complaints and grievances will come down. Accident will as rise up as be low. 6. Thither will be increase in the mensuration and character of products. Wastage and mo will be less.Better quality of products will similarly increase the public image of the business. 2. 1. 5 Motivation Process. 1. denomination of look at 2. tenseness 3. Course of action 4. Result plus/Negative 5. junket back 2. 1. 6 Theories of Motiv ation. Understanding what actuate employees and how they were motivated was the focus of many police detectives following the publication of the Hawthorne study results (Terpstra, 1979). Six major approaches that have led to our understanding of motivation argon Mcclellands deed privation speculation, Behavior adaptation conjecture Abraham H Mallows assume power structure or deficient possibility of motivation.J. S. cristals honor supposition, howls mentality speculation, 2 factor Theory. McClellands Achievement fatality Theory. According to McClellands on that point ar three types of need aim for Achievement This need is the strongest and perdurable motivating factor. peculiarly in case of persons who foregather the other engage. They argon everlastingly pre occupied with a desire for avail and lack for business office in which successful consequents are directly cor plug intod to with their trys. They set much difficult but manageable goals for t hemselves because success with easily achievable goals merely provides a superstar of achievement.Need for Power It is the desire to view as the behavior of the other people and to alter the surroundings. Power motivations prescribed coats results in domestic lastership style, while it damaging application tends autocratic style. Need for affiliation It is the related to complaisant need and creates friendship. This results in formation of informal groups or affable circle. behavioural Modification Theory According to this scheme people behavior is the outcome of genial and unfavorable historical circumstances. This surmisal is found on acquirement theory. Skinner conducted his seekes among rats and tame children.He found that stimulus for sexually attractive behavior could be strengthened by rewarding it at the earliest. In the industrial situation, this relevance of this theory may be found in the installation of pecuniary and non fiscal incentives. much t han immediate is the reward and stimulation or it motivates it. Withdrawal of reward incase of low standard work may likewise produce the coveted result. more thanover, queryes show that it is more often than not more effective to reward in demand(p) behavior than to revenge undesired behavior. Abraham H Ma purblind Need pecking order or inadequate theory of Motivation.The gifted terra firma for most of motivation opinion has been provided by behavioral scientists, A. H Maslow and Frederick Herzberg, whos published whole caboodle are the record book of Motivation. Although Maslow himself did not apply his theory to industrial situation, it has extensive impact for beyond academic circles. Douglous mack Gregor has employ Maslows theory to visualise specialized problems in power administration and industrial relations. The crux of Maslows theory is that human postulate are set up in hierarchy composed of cinque categories. The lowest level unavoidably are physiologic and the racyest levels are the self effectiveisation ask.Maslow starts with the formation that man is a missing animal with a hierarchy of need in full of which some are cut ins crustal plate and some are in a higher(prenominal) denture or musical arrangement of values. As the take down involve are fulfill, higher ask emerge. Higher need preemptnot be satisfied unless lower ask are fulfilled. A satisfied need is not a motivator. This resembles the standard economic theory of diminish returns. The hierarchy of postulate at work in the one-on-one is today a routine tool of personnel trade and when these ask are active, they act as powerful characterizeers of behavior- as Motivators.Hierarchy of needfully the main needs of men are five. They are physiological needs, synthetic rubber needs, social needs, ego needs and self actualisation needs, as shown in order of their importance The above five basic needs are regarded as striving needs which make a person do things. The first place indicates the ranking of different needs. The second is more helpful in indicating how the pleasure of the higher needs is base on the satisfaction of lower needs. It also shows how the number of person who has experienced the fulfilment of the higher needs gradually tapers off. physiological or carcass require The man-to-man move up the ladder responding first to the physiological needs for nourishment, clothing and shelter. These tangible needs moldiness(prenominal) be equated with relent rate, pay practices and to an cessation with physical condition of the by walkover. Safety The nigh in order of needs is arctic needs, the need to be free from danger, either from other people or from environment. The individual want to assured, once his bodily needs are satisfied, that they are secure and will continue to be satisfied for foreseeable feature.The safety needs may take the form of dividing line security, security against disease, misfortune, old age and so forthas also against industrial injury. Such needs are in general met by safety laws, measure of social security, protective force back laws and collective agreements. cordial needs loss up the scale leaf of needs the individual encounters the desire to work in a cohesive group and develop a sense of belong and identification with a group. He flavors the need to love and be loved and the need to belong and be identified with a group. In a large organization it is not easy to build up social relations.However close family relationship can be built up with at to the lowest degree some lad workers. Every employee wants to feel that he is cherished or received and that he is not an alien set about a at loggerheads group. Ego or Esteem Needs These needs are reflected in our desire for status and erudition, watch and prestige in the work group or work place such as is conferred by the identification of ones deserve by promotion, by participa tion in management and by fulfillment of workers nerve impulse for self expression. any(prenominal) of the needs relate to ones esteem e. g. need for achievement, self confidence, knowledge, competence etc.On the byplay, this means laudation for a job but more important it means a emotion by employee that at all times he has the reckon of his supervisor as a person and as a contributor to the organizational goals. Self identification or realisation needs This speed level need is one which when satisfied provide insights to support future question regarding strategic guidance for organization that are both providing and using reward/recognition programs makes the employee gives up the dependency on others or on the environment. He becomes growth oriented, self oriented, say, detached and creative.This need reflects a verbalise defined in price of the bound to which an individual attains his personnel goal. This is the need which only lies within oneself and there is no demand from any orthogonal situation or person. J. S Adams candor Theory Employee compares her/his job inputs outcome ratio with that of reference. If the employee perceives inequity, she/he will act to level the inequity lower productivity, adulterated quality, increased absenteeism, voluntary resignation. Vrooms Expectation Theory Vrooms theory is based on the belief that employee effort will ladder to doing and carrying into action will lead to rewards (Vroom, 1964).Reward may be either positive or negative. The more positive the reward the more likely the employee will be super motivated. Conversely, the more negative the reward the less likely the employee will be motivated. both Factor Theory Douglas McGregor introduced the theory with the help of two views X assumptions are buttoned-down in style Assumptions are ripe in style. X Theory Individuals inherently dislike work. tidy sum must be coerced or controlled to do work to achieve the objectives. People cu ll to be directed Y Theory People view work as existence as natural as play and restPeople will exercise self direction and control towards achieving objectives they are commit to. People find to accept and desire responsibility Types of Motivation. integral motivation occurs when people are internally motivated to do something because it either brings them pleasure, they imply it is important, or they feel that what they are tuition is morally significant. external motivation comes into play when a educatee is compelled to do something or act a sure way because of factors external to him or her (like money or good grades) IncentivesAn incentive is something which stimulates a person towards some goal. It activates human needs and creates the desire to work. Thus, an incentive is a means of motivation. In organizations, increase in incentive leads to better performance and vice versa. Need for Incentives Man is a wanting animal. He continues to want something or other. He is never fully satisfied. If one need is satisfied, the other need arises. In order to motivate the employees, the management should try to satisfy their needs. For this manipulation, both financial and non financial incentives may be apply by the management to motivate the workers. pecuniary incentives or motivators are those which are associated with money. They overwhelm wages and salaries, smasher bene retards, bonus, retirement benefits etc. Non financial motivators are those which are not associated with monetary rewards. They include intangible incentives like ego-satisfaction, self-actualization and responsibility. INCENTIVES Financial Incentives Non-financial incentives final payment and Salaries. * Competition motivator * Group recognition Medical reimbursement * credit line security amends *Praise hideaway benefits *Workers participation * tracing systems Motivation is the key to performance procession at that place is an old saying you can take a horse to the w ater but you cannot force it to drink it will drink only if its thirsty so with people. They will do what they want to do or differently motivated to do. Whether it is to jump on the store floor or in the pearl tower they must be motivated or operate to it, either by themselves or through external stimulus. be they born with the self-motivation or drive? Yes and no. If no, they can be motivated, for motivation is a skill which can and must be learnt. This is essential for any business to get through and succeed. Performance is considered to be a function of ability and motivation, thus mull performance = f (ability) (motivation) magnate in turn depends on education, experience and training and its return is a slow and long process. On the other hand motivation can be better quickly. there are many options and an unenlightened manager may not even know where to start. As a guideline, there are mostly seven strategies for motivation. There are mostly seven strategies for m otivation. imperious reinforcement / high expectations Effective purify and punishment Treating people fairly substantial employees needs Setting work related goals Restructuring jobs brute rewards on job performanceEssentially, there is a opening between an individuals actual state and some desired state and the manager tries to reduce this gap. Motivation is, in effect, a means to reduce and master this gap. 2. 2 inquiry REVIEW The look into problem here in this study is associated with the motivation of employees of TAQA NEYVELI POWER COMPANY Pvt. , Ltd. ,. There are a variety of factors that can influence a persons level of motivation some of these factors include 1. The level of pay and benefits, 2. The perceived comeliness of promotion system within a company, 3. Quality of the running(a) conditions, 4.Leadership and social relationships, 5. Employee recognition 6. hypothesize security 7. travel development opportunities etc. Motivated employees are a great asset t o any organization. It is because the motivation and Job satisfaction is distinctly linked. Hence this study is focusing on the employee motivation in the organization. 2. 3 enquiry HYPOTHESIS A hypothesis is a preliminary or tentative comment or postulate by the seeker of what the researcher considers the outcome of an investigation will be. It is an informed/ better guess. It indicates the expectations of the researcher regarding certain unsettleds.It is the most circumstantial way in which an answer to a problem can be stated. Research hypotheses are the special testable predictions made about the self-governing and dependent variables in the study. Hypotheses are couched in terms of the particular independent and dependent variables that are going to be utilise in the study. The research hypothesis of this study is as follows. HYPOTHESIS There is significant relationship between income and motivation level of the employees CHAPTER -3 3. look for METHODOLOGY. Research i s a systematic system of finding solutions to problems.It is essentially an Investigation, a arranging and an analysis of examine for the purpose of gaining knowledge. According to Clifford woody, research comprises of be and redefining problem, formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions, collecting, organizing and evaluating entropy, reaching conclusions, examen conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulated hypothesis. 3. 1 RESEARCH purpose A Research role is purpose that specifies the objectives of the study, method to be adopted in the assemblage of the info, tools in analysis of selective info and helpful to pulp hypothesis.A research design is the locating of condition for collection and analysis of info in a manner that aims to consent relevance to research purpose with economy in procedure. Research design is needed because it facilitates the savorless sailing of the versatile project operations, thereby making the project as efficient as po ssible yielding maximal entropy with negligible information salt away. 3. 2 ingest Design. A sample design is a impermanent plan for obtaining a sample from a given nation. open systematic try out is utilize for this study. 3. 3 Universe.The universe chosen for the research study is the employees of TAQA NEYVELI POWER COMPANY Pvt. , Ltd. , 3. 4 take Size. Number of the ingest units selected from the population is called the size of the sample. Sample of 30 respondents were obtained from the population. 3. 5 Sampling Procedure. The procedure adopted in the present study is hazard sampling, which is also cognize as destiny sampling. Under this sampling design, every full point of the frame has an relate chance of cellular inclusion in the sample. 3. 6 Methods of Data Collection. The entropys were unruffled through native and secondary sources.3. 6. 1 unproblematic feather Sources. Primary data are in the form of raw worldly to which statistical methods are appl ied for the purpose of analysis and interpretations. The primary sources are countersign with employees, datas collected through questionnaire. 3. 6. 2 lower-ranking Sources. Secondary datas are in the form of finished products as they have already been treated statistically in some form or other. The secondary data mainly consists of data and information collected from records, company websites and also discussion with the management of the organization.Secondary data was also collected from journals, magazines and books. 3. 6. 3 constitution of Research. Descriptive research, also known as statistical research, describes data and characteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied. Descriptive research answers the questions who, what, where, when and how. Although the data rendering is factual, accurate and systematic, the research cannot describe what ca utilize a situation. Thus, descriptive research cannot be used to create a causal relationship, where one vari able affects another.In other words, descriptive research can be state to have a low indispensability for internal validity. 3. 6. 4 Questionnaire. A hale defined questionnaire that is used effectively can gather information on both overall performance of the test system as well as information on specific components of the system. A disappointed questionnaire was carefully disposed(p) and specially numbered. The questions were arranged in proper order, in agreement with the relevance. 3. 6. 5 Nature of Questions Asked. The questionnaire consists of closed terminate, divided questions and open ended question. 3. 6. 6 Pre-testingA pre-testing of questionnaire was conducted with 10 questionnaires, which were distributed and all of them were collected back as unblemished questionnaire. On the basis of doubts raised by the respondents the questionnaire was redialed to its present form. 3. 6. 7 Sample A finite subset of population, selected from it with the objective of investigati ng its properties called a sample. A sample is a vocalism part of the population. A sample of 30 respondents in total has been randomly selected. The response to various elements under each questions were be for the purpose of various statistical testing.3. 6. 8 Variables of the Study. The direct variable of the study is the employee motivation, verifying variables are the motivational schemes, motivational level and job satisfaction and effectiveness of employees. 3. 6. 9 Presentation of Data. The data are presented through charts and tables. 3. 6. 10 Tools and Techniques for Analysis. statistical method percentage method Bar chart statistical tool used To arrange and interpret the collected data the following statistical tool used is ANOVA. CHAPTER-4 4. DATA analysis AND INTERPRETATION 4. 1 PE

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