Monday, March 18, 2019

Essay --

I was born and I live in Armenia, a soil that has a rich accounting(over five thousand years), culture and traditions. Throughout itshistory Armenia has seen a lot. And now, after seventy years of being a grapheme of the Soviet Union, it has already been twenty years thatArmenia is an independent country. As it is a young country and is considered to be a developing champion, it needs a lot of help toovercome the bad social-economical situation. Who else if not the youth of Armenia must(prenominal)(prenominal) be concerned about this and have their evensmall function to the prosperous future of Armenia? But for making a change you yourself must be developed and skilled enough totake the responsibility. This is one of the reasons wherefore I want to study in the United pronounces of America, as it is one of the mostdeveloped countries in the world, it has a lot of skills in preparation (in the field that I have chosen) and is a great example of polishcountry. Currently I am a sophomore at Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute named after Hovh. Toumanyan with the profession ofspecialist in position , teache...

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