Sunday, February 3, 2019

What Life Is :: essays research papers

Life is very funny. M some(prenominal) people think of it as a game that must be played to the end or some may think of it as a journey in search of something. Im one of those that think of it as. neither. I think of it as a empower. This gift that God has bestowed upon us. This gift in which WE thrust total control. We control where we go, what we do, whom we talk to, and what we feel. The one flaw in this gift is that others and ourselves can turn this gift, into a punishment. God gave us this gift for a reason. A reason which some of us must all find out ourselves. Is it to gain something, to feel something, or to just break down? We all NEED something. Buddhists believe in reaching a demonstrate in our lives called nirvana, the state at which a soul desires nonhing. To me, it is impossible to not want peerless thing, throughout your life. Things that we want do not view to be material objects such as money, clothing, or anything like that. accepted souls want or need on e thing. When souls never receive this ONE thing, they are destroyed and go throughout their lives savour punished and lifeless. wherefore would God give us this gift if he knew that we would get this feeling? So that we could feel so punished? I myself dont know the answer to this mystery. I know one thing though. I know that everyone NEEDS this one thing to have a end life. This one thing is cut.Love, an sensation that cannot be defined by any dictionary or human being. Few even know what this emotion means or how it feels. This emotion has its many weaknesses. I often aspiration God didnt make it so. Sometimes those who give out love often dont receive that love back, which makes one feel, well, distraught. specially if that one soul NEEDS that love back from another. It may be a family member, a friend, or a soul, which you feel, spiritually connected to. Everyone necessarily love. Without it, there is no point in life. What will your ultimate aspiration in life be? To g ain wealth? To become tidy? No, God didnt put us here for that. When we die riches and power wont matter. I think God must have felt something, somehow, somewhere, and felt like sharing it with us.

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