Monday, February 4, 2019

Immoral or Unconstitutional Government Decrees :: Politics Political Essays

Immoral or Unconstitutional Government DecreesImagine this scenario and lets do a thought experiment. Im ordered by the De explodement of Health and benignant Services (DHHS) to perform, without compensation, cleaning services at a local ripened citizen retirement home. Ive not been found guilty in a judgeship of law of a crime for which Im being punished. Ive simply been ordered by DHHS to work at the older citizen home in the name of promoting the unexclusive welf ar. Failure to comply means going to jail.I might taste a court injunction against DHHSs edit. But suppose the court command that DHHS had the endorsement to order me to perform cleaning services at senior citizen homes. I might take my complaint all the way to the U.S. autonomous Court only for the Court to rule yes, under the U.S. Constitutions welfare clause, and the authority it gives recounting, Im compelled as ordered by DHHS to perform cleaning services.My question to you is today that the courts have ru led, should I simply comply? You might rejoin by suggesting that the question cannot be answered unless additional information is supplied such as Did Congress properly vote to authorize DHHS to order me to clean senior citizen homes? Did DHHS case-by-case me out or are other Americans assigned similar tasks? In other words, was there invidious discrimination?My response to your first dress circle of questions is what does a vote have to do with the rightness or incorrectness of the DHHS mandate? Would one determine the rightness or wrongness of rape, murder, thieving and slavery by whether there was majority vote? To the second question, I would also ask does the rightness or wrongness of an act seem upon the number of people, a hundred people or millions of people, forcibly apply to serve the purposes of another? Was slavery in our country okay because 4 million blacks were enslaved instead of just one? Does equality in servitude pass water servitude just? One might rejoin by saying, All those arguments are neither here nor there the law is the law and people should obey. I say balderdash South Africa used to have apartheid laws that strictly controlled where blacks could live, work, and eat. Nazi Germany had anti-Semitic laws. In United States there was the Fugitive Slave feign of 1850. Would you have obeyed those laws? Would you have approved of and sought prosecution of white employers who engage black workers in contravention of job reservation laws that were a part of South Africas Civilized Labour Policy?

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