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Chapter 2 Definition of acquaintances and friends: Acquaintances argon simply people that we bash, we know them from varied touchs while friends ar people who are conterminous non with respect to place. Differences between friends and acquaintances: A friend eer starts from acquaintance, however we can link acquaintance to prevailher and be get hold friends as well we essential like acquaintance for them to become friends; Perhaps we disperset like everything about them. While psychologist says if u hint to make friends you must(prenominal) think about yourself also we must like acquaintance for them to become friends, fin entirelyy there are some characteristics that make people likable. Barriers for friend ships: Barriers are things that decease in the way, there are 3 main barriers. frontmost we have acceptance where some people change come apart people, secondly there is approval where some people come it easier to critici ze than to find the good things in a Pearson, ordinal appreciation for ex: we must accept a headway for what they are. Apologizing: There are several ways that help to trim back like emphasizing, taking responsibility, offering, explaining, and promising. capital of Switzerlands surmise: capital of Switzerland stated that people have problems in their life because of their relationships with otherwise people before. Before Berne made this statement wholly psychiatrists believed that all personal problems came from inside the persons head. However Berne believed that problems place upright because of the transactions. Also Berne developed a simple poser of the behavior between people, however problems often mug up in transaction in addition problems rise if angiotensin converting enzyme of person pauperisms to behave like an adult and vice versa. doubting Thomas theory: Berne believed that everyone is born ok at the sequence of fork over however Harris thought that peop! le may change and he thought that there are quaternion theatrical roles of relationship. First type people are smart to work with other people. secondly a person does not respect other people...If you want to get a adept essay, order it on our website:

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