Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Sel-Evaluation

My Self-Evaluation as a Writer The beginning of English one hundred ten was by all odds a challenge. I had not written an assignment in oer ten years, so my knowledge of using punctuation mark and grammar had nearly expired. aft(prenominal) receiving an A on my first assignment, I be pay execute a little more self-assured in my penning abilities. I still have umpteen weaknesses in writing, as well as a a few(prenominal) strengths. I lead continue to purify my writing by: strengthening my weakness, decision new strengths, referring to my instructors comments on my first assignment, as well as using textile that my instructor recommends and winning advantage of online resources. Ten years had passed by since I had written an essay, so I was nervous intimately turning in my first assignment. I had forgotten how to engagement punctuation and grammar correctly. To my surprise, I did fairly well. This gave me some confidence in my writing. My instructors com ments helped me to understand that when I am stating a claim in my paper, I need to do so with a unfluctuating declarative sentence. I was in any case taught to nullify beginning sentences with the word it, when the antecedent, is unknown. I have used these tips to break down my writing in my second assignment. I have similarly referred to the adjusting to college writing sheets in week ones lessons as instructed. My instructor also brought to my attention that I need to rate on comma placement as well as the proper placement of apostrophes. I am still bark with grammar and punctuation; for that reason I will continue to remediate my writing abilities in the future by reading my handbook, as well as using COTCs online tutoring services. The tutoring service has been the to the highest decimal point helpful resource for improving my writing so far. I will also continue to ask family and friends to read everyplace my assignments, and give me feedback as to what would make my paper better. I have found ! that Purdue University has a very helpful website as well. The website schooling is:...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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