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What Are The Main Concepts Underlying Functionalism? Compare And Contrast The Positions Of Parsons Versus Merton With Respect To These Concepts. Briefly Present Your Critical Opinion Of Either Parsons Or Merton.

FunctionalismFunctionalism is considered single of the oldest theoretical perspectives of sociology and other accessible sciences . The functionalist perspective is lay down on the application of the scientific method to the objective real world and use of an analogy between the private(a) organism and high companionship ( HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement .grinnell .edu /cgi-bin /gfeed .dll ?mcclel grinnell .edu McClelland , equality .1 . Both the complaisant and physical aspects of the world can be studied with scientific method the use of analogy is used to determine the kind needs which must be met as easy as the how they ar met for the existence of a social brass ( comparison .2 . Functionalism focuses on the acculturation of a group or an item-by-item how an individualist or cultural gro up functions in societySocialization can be defined as the exploit of acquiring civilization (O Neil , par .1 . During this process an individual learns the roles and deliverys of their finish as well as the social norms . Socialization begins at birth , at primary common practices argon learned , such as linguistic communication , appropriate dress and types of food common in ane s culture (O Neil . Familial roles ar learned , such as the mother and father s role in one s culture , and that of the extended family etc . Further into the socialization of an individual , world views are acquired which are complex and exit effect how an individual impart interact in society (2006 . The world view consists of motivations , perceptions and beliefs which an individual acquires during socialization . Two major contributors to the functionalist perspective are Talcott Parsons and Robert K . MiltonParsons has been considered by many as the best-known American sociologist of the mid-fifties and 60s ( HYPERLINK http /www ! .grinnell .edu /cgi-bin /gfeed .dll ?mcclel grinnell .edu McClelland , par .5 . morphological functionalism is attributed to Parsons as he viewed society as a collection of strategys within brasss (5 Structural functionalism focuses on the role of norms and values as seen in the process of socialization .
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An individual will pursue self-interests while the dust s interests as a whole will be served as well . The whole world , according to Parsons was system of societies Parsons and equal tending(p) functionalists tend to focus on the predict index of an individuals behavior quite than an individuals ability to control his or her own destiny (par .6 . Robert K . Merton extremely disagreed with Parsons theory of structural functionalism , and therefore contributed many supernumerary theories manifold in functionalism . Un manage Parsons , Merton s system dealt with the social system as a whole . Merton made a government scar between manifest and latent functions . Manifest functions are ones in which may represent motives of individuals in a social system and latent functions are the unrecognized , unpredictable actions of an individual ( HYPERLINK http /www .grinnell .edu /cgi-bin /gfeed .dll ?mcclel grinnell .edu McClelland , par . Other important theories purposed by Merton include distinguishing functions which are positive and those that are dysfunctional in society as well as those that serve neither . Merton in like manner made theories as to the different levels of...If you want to conquer a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPa per.com

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