Friday, October 18, 2019

Problem solving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Problem solving - Essay Example Gandhi was committed to one course of action, truth, and love (John, 1). In a way, it is presumable that Gandhi was inclined to a commitment block, which made him blind to the realities of religious animosity, a notion that eventually led to his demise through an assassin’s bullet. Although his message of love and truth and non-violence worked against the colonial government, a strategy would not help the citizenry come together, as each segment held strongly to their own religious belief. Even though violence based on religion dissipates, Gandhi remains experiences a constancy block by relying on a previous strategy to resolve issues in the Indian social milieu, which annoys many dissidents on either side and culminates in his sudden assassination. Gandhi’s popularity had made him increasingly vulnerable to limitations of complacency block, and he did not realize the increasing controversial aspect his campaign was taking for the religious issues in the country. Therefore, his shooting was completely unexpected, as the movie portrays in his final words, ‘Oh God!’ (John, 1). Admiral Kimmel was a casualty of constancy blocking. Through experience, Kimmel strongly believed that Japan would never attack Pearl Harbor, a viewpoint that made the harbor highly vulnerable to attacks by Japanese forces (MSU Billings, 1). Using compression blocking it is apparent that Admiral Kimmel was basing his decisions on his own creations of realities, where he imagined that war with Japan would never get as close to American soil as Pearl Harbor. Both Kimmel and Gandhi were subject to conceptual blocking. Kimmel’s vulnerability to commitment block made him oblivious to the possibility of attack at Pearl Harbor, and Gandhi’s constancy block made him adhere to a similar stance for resolving religious issues in his country, resulting in his assassination. In a way, Gandhi was able

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