Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller as a Tragedy Essay -- Tragedie

A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller as a Tragedy A view from the Bridge was written by Arthur Miller in 1955 and set in the 1950's Brooklyn, New York. Most of this area was inhabited by immigrants that arrived from countries such as Italy and Sicily, before the restriction of immigrant's law was passed. Although the law denies people to migrate to the country. Illegal immigrants will often be smuggled in from countries like Sicily. The main area is based in Red Hook. Illegal immigrants come into the country and work on the dockyards and Sicily at the time was in great poverty and hardship. The people in this area of red hook are Italian American civilian citizens that have travelled the Island of Sicily because of the hard times that they have had. Such things like no cars, no food, no school, no clean water and no jobs for the poor. Two such characters are in the play called Rodolfo and Marco, who are brothers. That has come from such areas of Sicily. Eddie is married to Beatrice but has sexual feelings for his niece, Catherine and because of his pride he cannot admit that he is in the wrong. This makes it difficult for him to take good advice when given. Eventually Eddie cannot take the thought of losing Catherine to Rodolfo, he phones the immigration bureau and tells them about Rodolfo and Marco. When the immigration officers come and take Rodolfo and Marco. Marco realises that Eddie was the one who told the immigration officers about them being illegal immigrants. Marco is furious because he knows that he has no chance of staying in America and provide money for his family in Sicily. Whereas if Rodolfo marries Catherine he would become an American citizen. Finally when the day of Catherine?s an... ...still relevant today because it still goes on in today?s world. For example Natural law uses emotions to kill people and the government uses constitutional law to stop people by using the police. I think that ?A View from the Bridge? has been a very good tragedy and has a good structure so people can learn the moral of the play. I would class ?A View from the Bridge? as an excellent classic tragedy because it has all the Aristotelian elements for a classic tragedy. One of the main ways of being a classic tragedy is that it has to be didactic and ?A View from the Bridge? is very didactic with a chorus which keeps you informed and explained what is going on so that the audience are always one step ahead of the play. Also a classic tragedy is ?Universal truth? so it can relate to anyone, people can watch the play a century later and still learn from it.

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