Thursday, August 29, 2019

Trifles Dead Bird Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Trifles Dead Bird - Essay Example Mrs. Peters points to a broken jar that the author refers to as preserves. From this, the sheriff wonders how a woman can worry about her preserves while she is facing murder charges. The sheriff, from this statement implies that there are certain things that only a woman needs to worry about. The preserves symbolize anything that women worry about more than men. At some point, the women also commented on the tidiness of the house. Well, men in the society from this play do not pay attention to such things and are always complaining of a messy house (Glaspell, 202). Mrs. Wright’s husband seemed to displease her. The mistakes her husband made, ‘trifles’ were considered among the reasons for her wanting to kill her husband. On another instance, the author expresses her belief that on marriage, a woman loses her identity, and becomes what her husband is. This is seen in the play when the County attorney says that a sheriff’s wife is married to the law. The sheriff’s wife is Mrs. Peters. Mrs. Wright is described as jovial and one who loves to wear colorful clothing. However, on marriage she becomes the opposite. The untidy state of her house is reflected to her husband. In the play, the ladies also share a belief with the men that they are of little importance. It is also observed from the play that women did not share trivial issues with the men. The men did not see value in whatever opinions they held. The women thought that if they shared their thoughts with the men they would be laughed at. They also considered their opinions as trifles. On the search for evidence, the women discussed minor issues that would collect up to substantial evidence. The men, however, were looking for a major piece of evidence since they considered the minor pieces as trifles. The women even had doubts that the trifles would solve the crime due to the little value put on them by the men. The fact that Mrs.

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