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Is pricing promotion the most efficient online shopping market Essay

Is pricing promotion the most efficient online shopping market strategy to attract Chinese college students - Essay Example keting idea 21 Chapter#3: Methodology 22 3.1. Research Philosophy 22 3.2. Research methods 22 3.3. Research design 23 3.3.1. Purpose 23 3.3.2. Research option 23 3.4. Research Strategy 23 3.5. Time Horizon 24 3.6. Design of Sample 24 3.7. The process of research techniques 25 3.7.1. The collection of primary statistic 25 Questionnaire 25 The Interview 25 3.8. Ethical Considerations 26 3.8.1. The research process is affected by Ethical issues generally 26 3.8.2. Ethical issues during design the questionnaire 26 3.8.3. Ethical issues in the process of data collection 26 3.8.4. Ethical issues connected with the emphasis and analysis 27 3.9. Limitation of the research 27 Chapter#4: Analysis of questionnaire 28 Analysis of students choose online shopping 28 The analysis of students' online shopping expansion 28 The types of goods characteristics of online shopping 29 Criteria characteristics of college students’ online shopping 29 Students choose online shopping w ebsite analysis 30 Analysis of problems encountered by students online shopping 30 College students think online shopping insufficient analysis 30 Analysis of characters of issues needs to be perfect 31 Analysis of College students’ the prospection towards online shopping 31 Analysis towards Other factors 31 The interview to stuff of TaoBao 32 The standardization of website’s specialized products and information 32 To maintain the level of moderately priced 33 Establishment of regional storage center 33 Accurate and efficient promotional strategy 33 Improvement of after-sales service 34 Seriously deal with complaints 34 Problem of college students shopping online 35 Business credit is low 35 The problem of security 35 Legal system for online shopping is not perfect 36 Logistics service of net purchases is poor 36 Students’ consciousness of rights safeguard is weak 36 After-sales service of net purchases cannot be achieved 36 Countermeasures to enhance college st udents online shopping 37 Students should strengthen self-protection awareness 37 Industry self-regulation 37 Improvement of network technology 37 Enhance the integrity of online shopping 38 Enhance network security of the enterprise 38 Simplify the refund process 38 Improving the safety factor in the payment process 38 Develop specialized e-commerce law and legal system for online shopping 39 Government’s support 39 Strengthen macro-control and management of the online shopping market 39 Speed up the construction of information infrastructure 39 Improve the express online shops’ logistics service level 40 Introduction of the "logistics insurance 40 Chapter# 5: Conclusion 41 5.1. Study’s conclusion 41 5.2. The Limitation of this research 42 5.3. The direction of further study 43 6. References 44 Abstract This paper introduces Fujian University students for the survey and interviews stuffs from the biggest online shopping website in China-TaoBao, conducted a stud y to analyze college students online shopping situation. The study found that although the online shopping phenomenon is quite common among college students, especially penetration rate of boys online shopping is higher, but the integrity of the online shopping merchants, payment security, imperfect laws and problems of regulations towards online shopping restrict the development of e-commerce network. Because of

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