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Incorporating More Counselors and Psychologist in Schools to Help Young Children

Incorporating More Counselors and Psychologist in Schools to help Young Children This research proposal will explore the need to incorporate more psychologist and counselors in schools in order to help children with various psychological needs. The main reason for choosing this area of study is because there has been a general perception that young children as young as 4 years do not have challenges that may require the attention of counselors.However, research has shown that there are issues like grief, bullying, behavioral disorders that hinder young children from realizing their potential or enjoying their childhood life (Buckroyd 132; Cash 28; Linda170). Most of these challenges manifest in different ways later in life (Susan et al. , 330). For example, research evidence has linked parental neglect early in life to increased probability of engaging in crime later in life. However, these challenges can be resolved by effective counseling programs during childhood. The study will u se a survey method where it will collect both primary and secondary data.The primary data will be collected through interview method using structured questionnaire to interview counselors and school administrators. The collected data will be analyzed using thematic analysis in order to understand the major issues that pertains to counseling young children. Annotated Bibliography Buckroyd, Flitton J. â€Å"counseling Children and Young People who attend a School for Children with Complex Needs: a case study. † Counseling & Psychotherapy Research (CPR), 5. 2(2005): 131-137. Print. In this study the authors exploring the effect of counseling children with complex needs.The report showed that children reported improvement including improved communication, self-awareness, and self confidence. Cash, Ralph. â€Å"Depression in Young Children: Information for parents and educators. † National Association of School Psychologists, 2004. Print. This source gives important informa tion about depression in young children. The source is important for this study because it creates the necessity for introducing counseling services for young children through school based counseling programs. Linda, Goldman. â€Å"Counseling with children in contemporary society. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 26. 2(2004): 168-187. Print. This article looks at different elements concerning children’ developmental understanding of issues like death and how they may affect children at their young age. The author therefore roots for effective counseling and therapeutic session to help children understand such issues and learn how to live with them. Pattison, Sue, Rowland Nancy, Cromarty Karen, Richards Kaye, Jenkins Peter, Cooper Mick, Polat Filiz and Couchman Angela. â€Å"Counseling in Schools: A research study into services for children and young people in Wales. Welsh Assembly Government, 2007. Print. This is a report of a government funded research project which ev aluated counseling in UK schools. The survey research recommended that providing counseling services for young children requires qualified counselors, sustainable funding, accessible and appropriate services, and culturally accepted counseling. This source will be important for the study because it provides information on the needs of establishing a counseling program. Sue Pattison and Belinda Harris. â€Å"Counselling Children and Young People: A review of the evidence for its effectiveness. Counseling & Psychotherapy Research, 6. 4 (2006): 233-237. Print. The study explores different methodologies and approaches that can be used in counseling young children. The study shows the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytic, humanistic, and creative therapies at different levels in addressing different counseling problems. Susan Danby, Carly Butler, and Michael Emission. â€Å"’Have you Talked with a Teacher Yet? ’: How helpline counselors support young call ers being bullied at school. † Children and Society, 25. 4 (2011): 328-339. Print.Bullying is one of the major problems facing young children in school. In this study, the authors showed that helpline counselors can assist children cope with bullying and perform better at school. Velsor, Patricia. â€Å"Revisiting basic counseling skills with children. † Journal of Counseling and Development, 82. 3 (2004): 313-318. Print. This article offers insight into the skills that are required for counselors who offer school based counseling programs for young children. The article highlights different micro skills that counselors should harbor to help young children facing challenges at school and community.Wallace Alison, Holloway Lee, Woods Ronald, Malloy Lucinda and Rose Jillian. â€Å"The Psychological and Emotional Wellbeing Needs of Children and Young People: Models of effective practice in educational settings. † Final Report by Department of Education and Communiti es, (2011). Print. In this report, the authors discuss the components of the wellbeing of young children. Among these needs, an effective counselling service is listed. This report is important for this study because it shows the importance of counseling for young children.

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