Thursday, July 18, 2019

Politics In The Way Of Life Essay

Should religious beliefs shape how politics are conducted in the contemporary world? Does violence have a role in politics? Should animals as well as humans be represented in politics? What do bodies and sexuality have to do with politics? â€Å"Politics is the science of a good living. † It is man who has to decide on the way he wants to live. However every human being is influenced by his religious, social and sexual beliefs nomatter where or how he starts his political way of living. Do you think politics should be mixed with religion? Religion and politics are completely different and should not be mixed with each other. All men and women are to be treated equally irrespective of the caste or the religion that they belong to. Every person has the right to follow his own religion and to carry forward his beliefs in his society. But when his beliefs and religion is such that it affects or hurts the feelings rather beliefs of his own neighbours or fellow human beings it becomes politics. No man has the right to affect the feelings of another in any case. If man believes in God, he surely should believe in peace with fellow human beings. But when does this happen? How do religious beliefs turn to politics? When does a person start hurting the feelings of his own fellow human beings? Religion greatly influences a man sensually that is his heart and mind. Thus the misunderstandings and misconception of religions leads to a difference of opinion between people thus leading to indifferences in their opinions thereby leading to mutual quarrel. Coming to the influence of the society and social beliefs on politics. It is the society that has created politics. Politics is for the people, by the people and of the people. All the rules and policies right from the human right to social equality politics affects the way of life of every individual. Next the truth that every living being, including animals have their influence in politics. Killing specific animals is a crime, hurting any animal is a crime. It is for the protection of animals that societies like blue cross have been developed. When killing an animal is punishable, it is glad that politics helps even animals live peacefully until they are not harmful to the human beings. Thus politics is the way of good living. It is the science of kinship. A life without politics would be unorderly and miserable. Politics forms the basis of life. Thus good politics forms the basis of a good life.

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