Sunday, June 16, 2019

Systems Analysis and Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Systems Analysis and Design - Essay ExampleSitting meditation along with the gismo of mindful awareness in daily activities can also be considered as mindfulness. Mindfulness can be used in childrens treatment to decrease anxiety as well as a coping means when we face emotional pain or distress. There are some(prenominal) methods of meditation Yoga, breathing exercises, and guided meditations. In general, mindfulness can be used as a tool for improved self-care as well as professional growth.Social liberation needs an increase in social alternatives or opportunities, particularly for people who are quite oppressed or deprived. For example, say-so procedures should be used to encourage people to use contemplative practices as a way of relieving stress. The benefits or advantages of deploying contemplation techniques in daily life should be advertised all over to so that people may put down into the website and learn more about contemplation.So as implementation of contemplative p ractices placement is effective, all obstacles that may hinder its users accessibility should be removed. An example is a persuasive system which influences users perceptions, behaviors, and various strategies towards different results and behavior change. The website should be easy to log into and view the practices. Besides, the web page should be attractive so as users can stay on the page for long time and also bring in other friends to view the page. This will increase the effectiveness of the system.Reinforcement Management offers consequences for moving towards a positive direction. It relies more on reward than punishment. To deliver this contemplative system effectively, users are supposed to be reinforced by thanking them for using the mindful techniques in improving their cognition. For instance, those who book for yoga classes should be encouraged and given pleonastic time or decreased payments so as to encourage them to attend more classes.The

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