Monday, May 13, 2019

Summary Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

compendious - Case Study ExampleThe research question of whether rules and regulations regarding cast out on text messages age cause is of immense importance because text messaging has become a part and parcel of everyones flavour and people fail to avoid sending as well as receiving text messages enchantment they argon drive and this has resulted in an increase in the number of road accidents. The research is up to now important because ban on texting while driving can assist in lowering the rate of accidents caused due to texting while driving. The research is even helpful as it can assist policy makers in ensuring that bans are much effective (Abouk 189).The research question is quite hard to address because there are certain limitations of obtaining the information specifically in the area of kinds of bans and how drivers respond to these bans. One of the limitations experienced by the study was that there was a lack of rules and regulations that ban text messaging or t here was a lack of rules and regulations that ban name while driving. Due to this estimates were used in the study instead of real data which might obstruct the credibility of the study (Abouk 186).In order to address the question, the researchers use data regarding implementation of bans on texting while driving and how these bans have impacted or changed drivers behavior of texting while driving and they even use data regarding the intensity of the bans and how the level of intensity impacts the drivers texting behaviors. The intensity of the ban was categorize as either weak or strong and the intensity was measured in accordance to the crisscross population of the ban (Abouk 183). The researchers even try to answer the research questions by testing the impact of a particular law at different points in time.The researchers identified that accidents that are categorized as blackened or deadly are more likely to be reduced if the laws that restrict texting while driving

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