Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Reaction Paper †Fiction: Short Story

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall is a small story written by Katherine Anne Porter, the American writer. It was published in 1930 along with a nonher(prenominal) concise stories alike, as part of story collection called Flowering Judas. The reaction to this fiction story from a readers point of view Im going to express in this short essay. The whole setting of this story is drawn around the bed of Ms. Weatherall, where she is spending the last moments of her life. The write is focusing her management on Grannys thoughts in form of her receive self-monologue.The other characters present in the final scene of Grannys life argon her own daughter, Cornelia, Dr. Harry, the priest, and her grandchildren, who are invited to visit their grandmother before she dies. The fact that Granny Weatherall is having a serious illness is concealed from her by the doctor and the relatives. Being shut up to death Ms. Weatherall is staying in bright mind and is rehearsing her own thoughts of the pas t and is fantasizing ab stunned present as what she would do if she did not have to stay in bed.The other characters in the story display little action, like quiet talk of Grannys daughter to the doctor that irritates Ms. Weatherall as she starts olfactory sensationing more(prenominal) extend to about herself. The doctor, on the other hand, is trying to cheer Ms. Weatherall up by telling her that she is looking good and referring to her as little girl, which is inappropriate with ladies of her age. The designer is mainly concentrating on Grannys thoughts in this story. In her memories she goes back into past, sees her husband that died many years ago, and, even against her will, she reminds about events that happened to her when she was a teenager.The author is create verbally the story the way readers can see not only old woman dying among her relatives but as she watches her own life before her eye before she passes away. The other people who surround Ms. Weatherall seem not to destruct her from her own thoughts with their actions. The concept of this inner journey is to introduce the reader to Ms. Weatheralls nature and what her life was about. All the sudden the old lady is seeing things that happened to her many years ago, the memories she either regretted or kept hidden through her entire life. These memories move around so lose that she almost experiences them over again after so many years. The author makes it obvious that the old lady has given her heart and sense to being a mother and wife up to her final breath. The whole flow of the story changes as Ms. Weatherall gets close to dying. It seems like the flow of her thoughts is becoming more emotional. Granny starts denying her critical condition and it seems like she loses control over the situation. She recalls, once when she thought she was close to dying twenty years ago she did not feel that way and she did not expect death coming.This event has given her the experience of not being afr aid of it. She survived that day, and from that point on death has become something undetectable to her. Granny almost fell as she could get up of the bed and return to her daily activities. In her own thoughts she acts as she has got things to do tomorrow. She displays incredible obstinance and will to continue as her death comes closer. The author wanted to make connection between the simple rehearsal of thoughts to almost euphorical state of mind as death comes closer. Ms. Weatherall was always an honest catholic, and her faith in God is inspiring her even now.She remembers, when she was young her faith helped her to overcome any obstacles, and everything she was about to take on could easily be accomplished. Thank God there was a little margin over for peace then a person could spread out the plan of life and tuck in the edges orderly. Finally Granny Weatherall rests in peace like her long lived father who was her hero and whose image she kept in her mind until her final hour. I personally like the story and how it is told. I found myself relate to this story because a year ago I went through the same period of sorrow when my grandmother was passing away.In this story I felt not only sympathy to Ms. Weatherall as I read it, but I was pleasantly impressed of her courage and will to live even after knowing that she was close to dying. I think this is because she is not only courageous person but she truly has God in her heart. I think this is a really good work by the author as she found a very interesting theme of life and death. I read somewhere that each person before dying sees their own life flashing before them. This was a really good example of interpretations of final thoughts of person and emotional preparation to the end of life.

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