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Nursing as a Profession Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Nursing as a Profession - Research Paper ExampleNowadays, there are several professions which an individual can prefer according to his skill and knowledge. According to Michael Plaut, PhD, the assistant Dean for Student Affairs Associate Professor of psychological medicine University of Maryland School of Medicine, a headmaster is person, with a specialized body of knowledge, set of skills, who beholds certain sort out mission or identity and maintains a set of standards of behavior and practice (Plaut, n.d.). From this, it transpires that a nurse, whose think over involves tout ensemble these factors and more, is a professional. Thus, it can be argued that nursing is a profession and not merely job or work.A profession is characterized by its traits. Some traits are common to all professionals. The main thing, which is required, is the diligence in ones own duty. A person, to be called a true professional, need to conscientiously be aware of her duties as a professional and f ollow the ethical principles that guide such a profession. He or she should also be highly competent and well-versed with the requirements of the profession and possess the relevant skill sets. Besides, he or she should also be able to understand the feelings of others and have effective communication skills. A professional should be confident in the work and have the quality of integrity. Moreover, a positive attitude on with the willingness to serve the public, are the qualities that are distinct traits of a professional. If one examines the job of a nurse, it can be seen that a nurse needs to possess all these traits, especially in terms of serving others. The American Nurses Association considers that the depth and breadth of the nursing profession is meeting different health care needs of the population (Considering Nursing, 2004). Thus, nursing can, unequivocally, be construed as a profession and not a mere job or call.To explain it further, the term nursing needs to

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