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Joe, a Filipino Rockssical: Play Review Essay

We were assign to watch a stage sport authorize Joe, a Philippine Rockssical last July 22, 2012 at St. Scholasticas College, Manila. Actually, I throw away no interest in watching stage plays but subsequently witnessing the presentation, my point of view alterationd. The play was nearly our case hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, but who is Rizal? For me, Rizal in this modern period is an instrument for us to love our uncouth to a greater extent patronage of the dilemmas or struggles experiencing by it. Even our country had some flaws or imperfections, even the views and opinions of others to our country were unlovely, we should still be proud and fight for it equivalent what Rizal whos brave as a lion did. He was in addition an inspiration to all youths be coif of his distinct attributes and his perseverance when it comes to studies.The stage play, Joe, a Filipino Rockssical is a kind of presentation wherein it was accompanied by songs and dances which is for me, an effective outl ine because it commode avoid boredom among the viewers. It has three chapters and used Filipino lyric poem for us to understand the play. It also used a half-size slope and Espaol. This play was not a drama at all, it was also intermix with comedy that notify crack someone up and will leave your jaws fall from laughter. But the most important thing is that it has a chaste lesson that the viewers will realize subsequently watching.The stage play was started by means of a go badly song and dance. Six students of Rizal Integrated School were assigned to research and perform a stage play about(predicate) our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, for the celebration of the 50th Foundation Day of the enlighten. Joecas that symbolizes a man who value his craft more than anyone or anything else, is the writer and director, Joanne that symbolizes the timbre of having a dominion and always with the truth, is the researcher, Hunter that symbolizes a character of having a principle and flavour but can sacrifice it for the love of his life, is the composer of music, Bimbo that symbolizes a character that is persistent and diligent in grasp his dreams, is the choreographer, soapbox that symbolizes the character that is gleeful despite of his struggles especially when it comes to love, is the set designer, and Julia that symbolizes a character that has determination in reaching her dreams, is the fake designer. They finished the play successfully although they have a little background or idea about the national hero.Ten years after, Joecas became a prominent writer. He was commissioned by the government to puddle and direct a stage play about the life of Rizal to be presented as a tribute for his 150th Anniversary of being a hero. Joecas together with his wife Joanne searched for his friends way back in high school to help him in the making of a stage play authorise Joe, the name that Josephine used to call Jose Rizal. Joanne became a successful researcher, H unter became a rebel who climbed up in the mountains of Banawe, Bimbo became a DJ, Julia became a famous fashion designer, and Ambo owned a parlor. They have decided to stay at the condo of Joecas while finishing the play.During the researching and writing of the play, they learned galore(postnominal) things about Rizals life. All the significant parts of the history about his live were presented. Some of these were about his love life including Josephine brake and Leonora, the writing of the novels that woke the soul of the Filipinos, the studying of Rizal abroad and here in Philippines, the exile of Rizal to Dapitan, the retraction of his ideologies to plow again the Catholicism and to marry Josephine, and the shooting of him at Bagumbayan.The six important characters in the play also faced the different issues in their lives which ar similar and compared to the life of Rizal. These consisted of the love of Joecas for Joanne and not sacrificing his love for art which is his authoritative love, the love of Hunter for Joanne and the sacrifice of his ideologies, facing the true sexual choice of Ambo, consciousness of Bimbo about the problems of society, and Julias will of studying again.The conflict which is about the retraction was ended through a song and dance wherein the viewers were given the chance to decide whether Rizal signed the retraction or not. At the same metre, they presented that even though Rizal signed it or not, what is important is that he had a stand about the ideologies and principles hes fighting for and he kicked the bucket for the country.After all what happened, years passed, Joecas was given an award and mention for the stage play entitled Joe and he met his friends again during the event. The stage play was ended through a beautiful and magnificent music.In this play, many social illnesses are mentioned and shown and some of these are still occurring nowadays. In the intercourse stated by Ambo, Palibhasa kabit ang nanay mo , is one of the social illnesses. It symbolizes a character of being a gossiper or spreading a speculation about a certain thing or person. It can cause a dispute or quarrel between the involved people. It can also cause disharmony or disunity. Im so fed up with the so called professionals, sobra na nga maningil wala pang work ethics. At sa sobrang dami ng raket, hindi marunong magcommit This was said by Joecas. It is one of the social illneses nowadays. many another(prenominal) people have too much confidence or belief in them, the belief that they are superb in terms of doing their work. not only that, they are also asking for too much payment that is not appropriate, thats why Philippines is not progressing. Isipin na ang mabuting ina ay iba sa inang linalang ng prayle.Dapat palakihin ang anak na malapit baga sa larawan ng tunay na Diyos. Diyos na di nasusuhulan, Diyos na di masakim sa salapi, Diyos na ama ng lahat, na walang kinikilingan, Diyos na hindi tumataba sa dugo ng ma hihirap, na hindi nagsasaya sa daing ng naruruhagi at nangbubulag ng matalinong isip. These are the words mentioned at the back or the window of condo while Hunter and Joanne were fighting. The characteristics of God mentioned was contradictory to our government wherein it can be defined as another social illness. The scene where Ambo said that, Hindi naman nasusukat sa sexual preference ang pagkatao at karakter.What is important is the purport and soul. Judging a person is also one of the social illnesses acted in the play. The reason why most of the people do not turn over in their talent is because they were primed by their anxiousness or shyness. The mogul of a person is not measured by either visible appearance or sexual preference. In the scene where George Tauffer raped Josephine Bracken can be included as one of the social illnesses nowadays. enthrall and other crimes are very rampant during these days. Sometimes, even their own fathers or stepfathers were the ones inv olved in this kind of situation. There are many barbarians in our country nowadays due to the lack of education or else because of do drugs addiction.The social illness like spreading information that is not turn up or seen is very widespread nowadays. One example of this is occurring in the humankind of showbiz or show business. Many rumors are spreading in this labor thats why its complicated. Those professionals that were taking too much charges or fees are also rampant nowadays thats why the sufficient becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer.Similar to our government officials who live high on the hog, they were demoralise the taxes and other cash received from citizens for their personal use instead of large it back in the form of basic services like education, health cares, and others. Criminals were also very rampant now and then but because jurisprudence authorities like the friars before accept bribes, those culprits were not afraid to do crimes. These are some s ocial illnesses mentioned in the play and at the same time I witnessed while watching.This stage play is not presented notwithstanding to entertain but also to educate the audience. For me, having a stand in everything we do and say is the moral lesson that I have realized after watching. If we said and did something, continue it until the end as long as we complete that were on the side of truth, although it can hurt those people that we love the most. Another lesson derived from this play is the true love for the country. If our heroes can defend our country from opportunists and at the same time proud of it, we, the citizens of the Philippines, that have the capability to change the undesirable system of our government, can also do what they have done. It is the time for us to move and act especially the young generation that fit to Dr. Jose Rizal is the hope of the nation.

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