Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Teaching Goals and Philosophy Essay examples -- Education Teachers Sch

Teaching Goals and Philosophy Entering the field of education requires a person to take on many in truth important responsibilities. Teachers play a very vital role in the lives and futures of many individuals. Through the locating of a teacher, many students come and go year after year. The name and faces of many students are often forgotten as you enter and virgin year with new students, new faces, and new names. On the other hand, although educators jar against many more students then students do educators, a teacher has a much more substantial impact on the life of a student. Upon taking this into consideration, I was led to ask myself many important questions. What do I hope to accomplish as a teacher? What do I wish for my students to accomplish in my classroom? Also, what are my master key development plans? First of all, I realize that every child is a unique individual, and no one is superior to any other, regardless of who excels academicall y, athletically, or socially. I feel that it is important for all students to treated adaptedly. Everyone has positive qualities close them and teachers should find these qualities in every student. Teachers should make the students aware of their unique characteristics and hike up them to make the most of them. Every child should feel important, worthwhile, and accepted. Without the necessary self-esteem, it provide be very difficult for a child to focus on his or her education. Students should be encouraged to accept themselves and each other. The same opportunities should be accessible to every student so that each child de incision have an equal chance to grow and learn. Secondly, although every child is equal and should be treated a... ...se should be built to help them to succeed I future situations. They need to learn to be independent, free-thinking, and empathetic. They should have a hearty sense of self yet be open-minded to the many several( predicate) things that life has to offer them. School should prepare students for the future while at the same time, help them to enjoy and appreciate the present. I hope to lastly earn my certification in K-6 multi-subject education and from there I would exchangeable to find a job teaching one of the lower grades. I think that I will find a career in the educational field to be a very fulfilling one. Children are very important and people sometimes overlook the fact that they have ideas, hopes, and dreams that are very real and meaningful to them. Someday, I hope to take part in helping children to become happy, responsible, and productive adults.

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