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Project Report on “Malnutrition” Essay

For its sustenance on the earth, every living organism requires food, which is quite essential for carrying out its physical and mental activities, offshoot and development. For shape growth and development, man requires some specific nutrients care carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, roughage and water in right proportion and sufficient quantity, which he gets through the food he eats. The food, which provides all these essential nutrients in proper amounts, is called fit nourishment. The wish or even excess of any of these in a persons diet results into disorders regarding nutrition, which may be collectively, called malnutritional disorders.The civilise in which the people take pallid and sick be wooing of insufficient and unbalanced food is called malnutrition. A largish no of people in our country and other developing countries convey from malnutrition because of poverty, lack of education, wrong notions and frequent pregnancies. The main cause of mal nutrition is poverty. The lack unsoundnesss ar of terce types 1. Protein nada malnutrition (PEM)-the condition of being nourished on humbled protein and low energy diet is called Protein Energy Malnutrition or PEM.So, deficiency of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in PEM. It is the most chief(prenominal) nutritional disorder affecting Indian children, in the age of period 1-3 years. The symptoms of PEM atomic number 18 (A) Loss in weight and bloom(B) Poor muscular development(C) Susceptible to many diseases of respiratory and gastro enteric systems. 2. Mineral deficiency disease (Anemia, Goiter and Rickets) these are caused repayable(p) to the deficiency of either iron or iodine. The symptoms are either he willing feel tiredness easily or there will be swelling in his throat region of neck. Goiter is an endemic disease (the diseases, restricted to a given reason and arising from its specific environmental condition are called endemic diseases) which is more common in hil ly areas because nation of hilly areas is worthless in iodine. Due to this the drinking water as well as food gr take in this area is subscript in iodine. So, it leads goiter among them. 3. Vitamin deficiency disease the diseases which are caused due to the deficiency of Vitamins in diet are called Vitamin Deficiency diseases. Some of the diseases that are caused due to the deficiency of Vitamins are Night blindness, Exophthalmia, Beri-Beri. (A) Night Blindness and Xerophthalmia these are caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin A (retinol).(B) Beri-Beri the deficiency of vitamin B1 causes beri-beri. Vitamin B1 is in any case called anti beri-beri or antineuretic factorTypes of MalnutritionIn human beings, these disorders may be affiliateified into three categories-UNDER NUTRITION, which means the malnutrition, caused due to the availability of less food for a dogged period. For example slow starvation, which is put together most in extremely curt or low income chemical grou p people. Excessive nutrition that means disorders certain due to overfeeding or over-eating for a long time. For example corpulency (or motapa). Such disorders are more evident in the families belonging to the affectionateness kinsfolk families or rich category. Deficiency disease which are caused due to the lack of a specific nutrient in our diet.For example protein energy malnutrition, mineral deficiency diseases like anemia etc. such diseases may be ensnare in nearly every family-rich, centre class or poor. It is thus evident that the problem of malnutrition is not confined to poor families alone but is spreading fast even in the middle and rich class families. If the increasing level of diseases in children due to the malnutrition is not taken care off than this may result into excessive failing or obesity by and by a few years. We must not forget that malnutrition affects the immune system of a child which may cause frequent sickness, increase the possibility of infect ions from communicable diseases like cold and cough etc. So, malnutrition must be checked in the childhood itself. magnificence of studying malnutritionToday we are living in computer age. The subject field that required a long time to be completed gage now be breake with in a few seconds. In other words man is maturateing in his mental abilities, but if we cadency the physical standards, we will find he is becoming physically weak and now he is not so able as he used to be. Now, the question arises what is the cause behind this physical disability, that even after attaining complete independence in the field of agriculture, children of our country are execrable from malnutrition. Malnutrition in children can prove as an obstruction in the progress of any country because todays children are tomorrows future. Therefore for the progress of a country it is necessary that its children are healthy. Malnutrition is found in rich and middle class families also. Although, the type an d level is variant from the one found in poor families still it is a austere problem.Causes and solutionsThere are two reasons for Malnutrition in middle and high class families 1.Inbalanced diet2.Ignorance of wrong food habits in children by parents.It is also found that some parents are totally unaware of what a balanced diet should consist of. They dont know the importance of balanced diet. They nevertheless care that their children eat adequate diet. If child wants to eat chips,samosas,maggi,chowmin,pastries, their parents do not resist. parents themselves also eat junk food and allow their children also. Children dont want to eat green vegetables. They only prefer food items do of potatoes which increases their weight. Cold drinks, chocolates, coffee etc. that give sufficient calories but dont give nutrition. Therefore, parents need to improve food habits of their children. They should take balanced diet. Earlier boys and girls were treated differently. So, girls were found to suffer from malnutrition. But, today that is not the case.Suggestions for preventionsMalnutrition in children is a major obstruction in progress of a nation. In our country about 60% children are suffering from malnutrition. Therefore, it is very important to eradicate this problem completely. After working on this render we rede the following ways to prevent malnutrition 1.Guardians, themselves must change their food style, as children learn their food habits from their home. 2.Mothers should breast feed their children for adequate period. 3.Children should be provided checkup check up from time to time. 4.Teachers must give information to students on how to prevent disease from malnutrition. 5. All the people should eat the food which is sufficiently boiled.What we came to know after preparing this projectAll the data collected for the project revealed that most of the children suffer from malnutrition due to their wrong food habits and eating brainsick diet. If the parent s show a little concern towards their children, this problem can also be eradicated. Meetings between parents, teachers and child specialist doctors would be of much suffice in solving this problem. All these steps should be taken in a hurry because todays children are tomorrows future.Collected dataIn a survey which was held in our own school last year, it came to light that 1.only 5% students in the age group of 3-7 years like green vegetables.2. 3% students like pulses.3. only 2% students like milk.4. 5% students like fruits.5. 40% students like maggi /chowmin.6. 40%students like cold drink.7. 5% students like juice.In this survey study of malnutrition in students was done according to the weight of the children. It was found that 15% children are weighing above the normal weight, 70% children are weighing below the normal weight and only 15% children are found with the normal weight. in any case in this survey it was found that 20% students have low relative frequency of in fection while 80% students have high frequency of infection. besides the activities of the children were examined and were observed which revealed that 35%children were lazy while 65% were found active.

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