Sunday, February 17, 2019

Literature and Astronomy Essay -- College Admissions Essays

I Wish to Expand my Knowledge of Literature and Astronomy Where the range ends, the microscope begins. Who is to say of the two, which has the grander view? - Victor Hugo Hugos words ring true for me because my tether academic interests fall into two chief(prenominal) categories literature and astronomy. In literature, I have learned that there is a great amount of nub to be found through careful analysis one must(prenominal) often look at literature under a microscope to introduce its deepest value. Yet in studying astronomy, I have begun to feel that the great mysteries of life, such as Where does life come from? and What role do we gambol in the universe? can only be solved by looking through a telescope. My interest in these two subjects reveals my main academic goal I wish to explore these areas as richly as I can. I feel that this approach will resolving power in one of the two fields emerging as my deepest resentment and career direction, and the other remaining a l ifelong interest. While I hold this goal close to my heart, I know that the journey toward it, upon which I have already e...

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