Friday, February 15, 2019

Gunsmoke: Character of the Old West Marshal, Matt Dillon :: Radio

Gunsmoke Character of the Old West marshal, dull Dillon The American West. Full of opportunity and danger. Out on the prairie t present was ever so a need for those that were willing to serve and protect. No usual peace officer would do though. The needs and demands that were placed on those in imprimatur during that time called for someone extraordinary. The people in the few scattered cities here and there depended on marshals and their ability to uphold the law. Dodge metropolis was no exception, in fact it was the rule. Many ruffians came and went through Dodge and because the City needed a lawman like no other. What they had was Marshal Matt Dillon. Marshal Dillon embodied everything that was asked for in the typical old westerly lawman. He did his job and did it well. There are many characteristics that are unavoidable of such a man, in such a position as he was in. Marshal Dillon was indeed so like the typical lawman that he was fictional in and of himself. However he is very echt in the encephalons and hearts of all those who have ever experienced the beatify of hearing the words, there is only one way to tame... (the west). With a six shooter, and the smell of Gunsmoke.(Radio Spirits). Anyone who has ever heard, watched, or read about Gunsmoke understands the vital spot that the character of Matt Dillon plays to the unfolding of almost every episode and tale. Dillon is the impersonation of all that was valued, respected, envied, and romanticized in the stereotypical old west lawman. Marshal Dillon has several(prenominal) characteristics about him that require scrutiny however to do so by rights would require a virtual novel of research, as can be seen by the myriad of different traits observed by an Andrews University Lit. class on the American West ( link to Gunsmoke summaries). Therefore examining a few traits that face to be most frequently observed in a gigantic way is more reasonable. Marshal Dillon is abov e all else strong or tough. In this sense strong is to be applied to both the tangible prowess and mental resolve. Time and time again Dillon is called upon to be strong. In the radio episode of Gunsmoke How to Kill a Friend Dillon shows his potential of mind by refusing a bribe as well as having the strength to stand up to an old friend even if it meant having to kill him.

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