Saturday, February 16, 2019

Drugs Should NOT be Legal :: Against Legalization of Drugs

Drugs Should non be LegalEveryone agrees that something must be done close to the horrific physicaland emotional health problems that drug abuse causes. Concern about the abuseof drugs is so widespread that recent polls indicate it to be one of the mostserious problems in todays world, threatening the security and license of wholenations. Politicians, health experts and much of the general public feel that noissue is more important than drug abuse. Americas other pressing companionableproblems- disease, poverty, child abuse and neglect, and corruption- often havea common factor that is drug abuse. The use of amerciable drugs such as cocaine,crack, heroin and hemp cause extensive harm to the body and brain. Yet,even after lettered this many people want extrajudicial drugs to be legalized in every(prenominal)aspect. The expiry thing we need is a policy that makes widely operablesubstances that impair memory, concentration and attention span why in Gods have-to doe with fos ter the uses of drugs that make you stupid? The campaign for druglegalization is morally disgusting.The number of people who are addicted toillegal drugs or are users of these drugs is quite shocking. Drug abuse isclearly an injurious and sometimes black-market problem. The leaders of theinternational economic summit in Paris in July 1989 concluded that thedevastating proportions of the drug problem calls for decisive action. On phratry 5, 1989, President Bush called upon the United States to join in anall-out react against drugs. The United States Congress reports an estimated 25to 30 million addicts of illegal drugs worldwide. non all users are addicts, butsome of the 26 million symmetric users of illegal drugs in the United States areaddicted. Reports of child abuse to sensitive York social services tripled between1986 and 1988 and most of the cases involved drug abuse. most 35percent of the inmates of state prison were under the influence of illegal drugsat the time they committed the crimes for which they are incarcerated. In some split of the country, that percentage is as high as 75 to 80 other fact thathits people hard is that out-right deaths from illegal drugs have quadrupled inthe last ten years The proportion of 19 to 22 year olds who were at risk fromusing illegal drugs rose from 44 percent in 1980 to 69 percent in 1987. Among17-18 year olds the shift over the equivalent interval was from 50 percent to 74percent (Williams 226) The abuse of illegal drugs is very threatening toAmericas future. These drugs are the cause of many problems and crimes.

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