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'A Long Way Gone Essay\r'

'â€Å"A commodious mode deceased”, a memoir about a Sierra Le peerlessan green male child who is a â€Å"child of state of warfargon” has adult maley floors in the figment solely what is the most important? Relationship, I call book binding that this is the most important writing because without family, Ishmeal Beah, the reference of â€Å"A long charge foregone” and a human rights activist would non shake up getd nor would he throw recuperated from the war in Sierra Leone. Relationship with the lieutenant, Ishmeal looked up to his lieutenant as a overprotect figure. Ishmeal would usually look forward to beholding him and spending quantify with his lieutenant. â€Å"I was expression forward to seeing the lieutenant. I hope we might find some clipping to talk about Shakespe atomic number 18.” I cerebrate that Ishmeal looked up to the lieutenant as a father because he lost his solid father and he would usually burn Ishmeal. Ishmeal worshiped the lieutenant because he fork overd his stretch forth when Ishmeal was shot through his legs. Ishmeal would cod died from the injure but the lieutenant ordered the amend and dickens other men to save his live, â€Å"do not let the boy die”. Ishmeal intendd that the lieutenant c atomic number 18d for him and Ishmeal wanted to survive so that he can involution as hard as he can for the lieutenant.\r\nIshmeal developed much feelings for his team as well. Relationship with his torpedo and the squad, Ishmeal refers to his squad as his family and his gun as his protector. â€Å"My squad was my family, my gun was my provider and protector”. Ishmeal had fatigued so much time with his squad and his gun that he had developed feelings for them. Ishmeal’s rule was to kill or to be killed. â€Å"My rule was to kill or to be killed”. When Ishmeal was shot in the leg and recuperated from that, he immediately asked for his gun and cleaned it. He rattling did believe that his gun was his protector and provider because he was so intrigued with his gun. Ishmeal had lived with war for so long that his materiality was to kill and survive. Ishmeal Beah has correspondingwise had good relationships during his childhood. The strong bond in the midst of Ishmeal and Alhaji, Ishmeal had befriended boy from his squad. Alhaji was mainly with Ishmeal during the time when the two of them where recuperating from the war in the hospital. I imply that Ishmeal wanted a deep relationship that can replace his brother and the boy from when he was on the run with the sort out of six. The two boys would spend most of their time together and the bond they sh bed was as if they were brothers. When Ishmael was asked to go to the city he immediately asked if Alhaji can come along too.\r\nI believe that Ishmeal wanted to experience with Alhaji. This is one of the few good relationships Ishmeal shargond with soulfulness in his past. The most important theme in â€Å"A Long Way gone(p),” was not to be strong or fear. The most important is relationships. Without relationships Ishmeal would not shake up survived or recuperated the bureau he did. If Ishmeal did not have any relationships whatso ever, he would have died from the very beginning. Even if he had survived, Ishmeal would in all probability not want to live when he was shot through the leg because he had nothing to shift for. Without relationship Ishmeal wouldn’t want to recuperate because there was no one there for him standardised the agree or Alhaji was. This is why I believe that relationship is the most important theme in â€Å"A Long Way Gone”.\r\nA long way gone Essay\r\nViolence has a major impact on teenagers and children in today’s society. In the unexampled A Long Way Gone; memoir by a boy soldier Ishmael Beah, displays how teenagers are undefended… Through the medias they are showed that the movie Rambo, which influences them to be violent and make do. Another way to assay madness is in real animation when the boy soldiers are sent to pit the rebels. The forcefulness that the young boys are assailable to caused them to conjecture and act violently towards others,\r\n firstly the boy soldiers in this novel are influenced by the movie Rambo , it en braverys them to work harder and more violent. later the young boy soldiers sojourn Rambo for the first time they were motivated to be just bid him and while in battle. â€Å"We all wanted to be alike(p) Rambo ; we couldn’t want to implement his techniques” (beah 121). This movies showed the boys how to contend , they wanted to use the same techniques to fight a straighten outst the rebel villages. Some of the boy soldiers have been so influenced by this that they already utilise name and addresss that will allow them to act like Rambo; â€Å"sometime I am freeing to take on a social unit village by myself, j ust like Rambo” Alhaji told me smiling at the new goal he had set for himself” (122). This young boy has been trained to fight and destroy, watching Rambo has influenced him so much that he wants to take a whole village on by himself. Watching violent movies influences the boy soldiers how ever this is not how they gain courage and experience.\r\n secondly the boy soldiers are able to gain courage and experience by be sent to fight against the rebels. The boy soldiers are brought to fight after being trained, they are told; â€Å"if you see anyone without a head get out of this colour or a helmet like mine, shoot them”(115). The boys didn’t know that they are actually going to battle until now they do know what they have to do when they are in the field. When they are in the battle, the boys watch their friends get killed, this empowers them to fight back and kill; â€Å"I raised my gun and pulled the trigger , and I killed a man… I shot everythin g that moved”(119). After watching his friends get killed Ishmael starts to fight back, he is saddened by what has happened to his friends and wants to have retaliate on the people that caused their death . when the boys\r\nare in combat they gain the courage to fight back and kill people. The abandon they are exposed to influenced them to act violently them selves.\r\nThe boy soldiers are exposed to violence in their society which causes them to both think and act violently. The boy soldiers in the novel A Long Way Gone; memoirs of a boy soldier, are exposed to violent images in the media and in real life, which causes them to become addicted to violence. The boy soldiers in this novel are exposed to violence through movies and real life action. In conclusion violence can have a major impact on all teenagers and children no matter where they come from or how they are raised in their country.\r\n'

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