Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Themes of Growing Up in High Noon

Growing up is how we develop through proscribed our lives, and thither argon authoritative characters and community that we get used to as we upgrade. in that location are those responsibilities that we point up as we raise too. In High Noon, Fred Zimmerman creates a film that shows how lot baffle up differently and shows the humanity of courage and lack of it among the people of Hadleyville, Kansas. In his film, he covers how the old marshal and the people of Hadleyville are appeard by trial of a returning adversary Frank Miller. Growing up is the manner through which we rush learned to handle state of affairss. As it was shown, the townspeople were not loss to befriend Kane as he was going to face his adversary, because they had large up cowardly, they could not theme and face this rout. This is not how Kane was brocaded and he states, to flee is to face lying a coward in my grave. Amy hates violence because she has grown up the Quaker way, but when drive comes to shove, she tries her way out to help out some unmatched she loves. She has besides grown to know that a wife sticks to the husband. No one grows up with everything given to them the slow way, and that is what Harvey is trying to get in this full mess. He insists that he should be allowed to handle this situation so that he send away be able to grow his way through the whole process to become the marshal. \nThere is a personal responsibleness that one has to take up when growing up. Just equivalent Frank Miller, he had taken it upon himself to live a felon life and to defend his twist life. Kane also ensured that he protects what he had believed in when growing up which is the way to justice. Frank arrives in time and meets his gang as was planned, and this forces Kane to hide and he picks the gang through a certain skill that he had learned. In order to pull out such levels of skill as was pulled by Kane, one moldiness have grown up witty. This is proven through the fa ct that he had developed into the level of the town marshal, and eve...

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