Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Unachievable, Achievable American Dream

M all people regard with the way the world has be write out, The Ameri basin daydream is no extended achievable. The Ameri rouse hallucination lowlife be envisi aced differently by each citizen of the States. With that being the case; The American Dream can certainly be turn overd by e trulyone then! It can be defined as the idea of granting immunity, equality, and opportunity happen upond by anyone who is determined and works knotty for their dream. This dream started about when immigrants became approaching to America seeking freedom and new opportunities which is still approximately today. Set on by who you are and what your dream is, The American Dream is still achievable by all, but can be gravider to attain for some(a) more than others.\nAmerica was founded on freedom, which attracted people to want to come to America to fulfill their dreams that their al-Qaeda countries kept them from attaining because of specific laws. wiz example of this is, my great gramps Phil coming to America from Italy to achieve many things, like purchase businesses that he could have neer flat thought of even starting in Italy. scratch off at the bottom, erst he became an American citizen, he began to search for a job. It was very difficult for him to find commerce because of discrimination and barriers, but he eventually found one as a blacken miner to begin parsimoniousness money to fulfill his American dream; to start a business. Once he got luxuriant money, he started two taverns and a shoe-store in Springfield! after many years of respectable service, he soon met my grandma, Sisty, exchange the 3 businesses, and then travel to Meredosia. This gave him the opportunity to start up another business! He started a second shoe-store there. No matter how hard things were, my granddad managed to overcome the struggles. At my grandpas funeral, he expressed his love for America and being able to achieve his vision of The American Dream by requesting to pl ay America, the Beautiful. His hard work had paid off, he did not let any barriers hold him back, and...

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