Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Heimdhal: A History-Based Policy Engine For Grids

Heimdhal: A History-based Policy Engine for Grids Pedro Gama, Carlos Ribeiro, Paulo Ferreira INESC-ID/IST Distributed Systems Group Rua Alves Redol, no 9, 1000-029 Lisboa, Portugal [pedro.gama, carlos.ribeiro, paulo.ferreira] lift— The arising of control grid platforms introduced inexpensive and highly available computing, memory and networking resources. Therefore, in a worldwide trend, institutions aggregate on practical(prenominal) organizations, registering their resources to the grid and in return attacking a virtually outright warehouse. This excess accepted the emergence of innovative application and crease models, delivering the solution to some(prenominal) large-scale problems, as is the case of data processing, fund and sacramental manduction in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Project. In order to allow system administrators to ascertain resources are utilize in a coordinated and secure way, policy mechanisms conduct to cope with s uch new models and the increased complexity in resource tradition management. However, current grid platforms only set aside simple primitives in their authorization modules. By restricting access control mechanisms to ACLs and rolebased models, they issue powerful usage semantics, such as those which are history-based (e.g. the chinese-wall surety policy). This absence obliges the development of ad-hoc pledge managers for from each one deployed resource, introducing vulnerabilities in the security architecture. The use of advanced policies, and more(prenominal) specifically historybased policies, provides a natural rule for expressing and enforcing several grid usage patterns, such as comme il faut resource consumption. Additionally, some policy concepts non usually put in policy engines, such as periodic reevaluation, assure an effective policy enforcement. We present the Heimdall system, a history-enabled policy engine which allows the definition, enforcem ent and accounting of history-based policies! in Grid platforms, and more specifically...If you want to present a full essay, order it on our website:

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