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Chapter 2 1. Define each of the following perceptual distortions in your knowledge words and give an example of each in a work setting: stereotypes; halo effect; discriminating perception; projection; contrast effects; self-fulfilling prophecy. Stereotypes & Prototypes - adjudicate several(prenominal) on the basis of your perception of the group to which that somebody belongs; complex individual differences. fonts would be all Chinese ar considerably at math. Halo Effects - Occur when one(a) arrogate is used to develop an overall impression. exercising would be a student judging on their instructor. Selective perceptual experience - The aptness to single out those aspects of a situation which ar tenacious with ones own values, attitudes and needs. Projection - The denomination of ones own personal characteristics and attributes to others. physical exertion would be sightedness a person that has the same aspect as we do. line of work Effects - Occur when an individuals characteristics are compared to others who wander higher or lower on the same characteristics. Example would be comparing A four-in-hand to B manager. Self-fulfilling fortune telling - The tendency to create/ visualise/what was expected; fundament be positive or prohibit (pygmalion). Example would be if a manager expects big things from his aggroup, they are not likely to permit him down. 2.
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What are 3 things we can do to protect against perceptual distortions? Distinctiveness: refers to whether an individual acts in like manner across a soma of situation. Is the student alw ays underperforming? much(prenominal) as be! ing slow for class, goofing off in team meetings, not answering imperative emails etc. Consensus: considers how an individuals behaviour compares with others in the same situation. Example would be if release alarm rings, 99.9% people know that they ease up to take hold of out of the building. Consistency: A behavioral run that considers whether the individual has been acting in the same way over time. Example would be someone always pick up the predict whenever it rings. 3. What is...If you want to get a full essay, arrangement it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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