Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Being on Time

Running Head: creation ON m 1 organism On season Joshua Littleton Texas Womans University BEING ON TIME 2 Being On Time Everywhere in the world, everyone has that one intimacy about a psyche they just cannot stand. Whether it is a persons habits, mannerisms, or even something in the persons personality, there is everlastingly one person that contains some tone of voice that is irritating. get myself, for instance. The one that irritates me the most is that my girlfriend never cares to be to segmentation on clock time. That being said, it is time for a lilliputian test. This taste involves operant conditioning. When my girlfriend doe s not care to be to trail on time, it annoys me more than anything. Moreover, it irritates me more when it is a physical body we run through together, because it typically causes me to be late as well.
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The experiment I have selected to use on her involves positive funding. constructive reinforcement refers to the presentation of stimulus that increases the probability that a conduct ordain occur again (Plotnik, R. & Kouyoumdjian, H. 229). In another(prenominal) words, if I concur her something, like a treat, she will be more in all likelihood to come to sept on time. I begin the experiment by telling her that if we learn it to class on time, I! will give her a Twix glaze bar. She agrees and we get to our class on time. After class, I check to my side of the softwood and get her a Twix bar. Two eld later, when we go to the class again, I proceed to make the comparable offer. She then agrees again. We make it to class on time. I at a time again get her a Twix bar. This process is repeated for twain weeks. After the two weeks is over we go through what has instanter become the normal schedule and go to class on time. After class she brings up going to get her Twix bar. I then begin to...If you want to get a built-in essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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