Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fnce 3010

FNCE 3010 (Durham). HW 9 real fillings 1. ABC Sporting Goods is examining a drop to produce a new line of tennis rackets. The slog is expected to sell 7000 units per category with a net bills ?ow of $60 per unit. The shed will run for 10 years, the discount calculate is 16%, and an initial investment of $2.1 meg is required. The stand come out has no salvage value at the displace of 10 years. Ignore taxes. (a) What is the base case NPV? (b) Now, suppose that at the extirpate of the ?rst year, the be after can be dismantled and interchange for $1.4 million. At what level of sales would it make sense to forswear the jutting? (c) Suppose that sales turn out to be any 5000 units or 9000 units per year, each with probability 50%. The confessedly scenario is observe at the end of the ?rst year. Taking the option to toss into peak, what is the projects NPV? (d) What is the value of the option to abandon? firmness: (a) exploitation an initial exchange ?ow of -2 .1 million followed by 10 cash ?ows of 420,000 each and a discount rate of 16%, rate NPV. You should bump NPV = -$70,044.46. (b) Since the opportunity cost of continuing the project is 1.4 million and the project has 9 years left, use your ready reckoner with n=9, R=16%, PV=?1.4 million and FV=0. Solve for the PMT. You should ?nd PMT=303,915.48. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
At $60 per unit, this means the ?nancial break-even at the end of year 1 is 5066. Below that level, the project should be terminated. (c) Low scenario: lay off: NPV (at t=1) = 1.4 + .3 = $1.7 million. endure: 10 cash ?ows of $300,000 each with R = 16% implies NPV (at t= 1) = $1,681,963. They should abandon. High s! cenario: Abandon: NPV (at t=1) = 1.4 + .54 = $1.94 million. Continue: 10 cash ?ows of $540,000 each with R = 16% implies NPV (at t=1) = $3,027,534. They should continue. pass judgment NPV at time 0 = -2.1 + (.5*1.70 + .5*3.027534)/1.16 = -$62,270. (d) purge taking into account the option to abandon, the project should be rejected. The option has no value. 1 2. Garages R Us (GRU) is...If you want to get a full essay, evidence it on our website:

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