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Earth sucking louses (also known as angleworms) argon any one of the everyplace 1,800 species of terrestrial worms who atomic number 18 members of the phylum Annelida, class Oligochaeta. on that point are 17 native species and 13 introduced European species of creeper in the unify States. The some common earthworm in the U.S., L. terrestris, grows to or so 25 centimetresa, although some species grow as long as 3.3 meters. Earthworms basin be found almost everywhere where the moisture and organization of the soil are appropriate to sustain them. only a handful of the earthworm species are in the genus Lumbricus. there are 32 described native earthworms in the pacific states alone. There are over 20 introduced lumbricids, plus umpteen introduced megascolecids. This is an English language Wikipedia, not a US one, so US-only selective information should be used sparingly. Digestion and excretion The earthworm has a simple digestive system compared to other creatures. It possesses an defile, which serves the kindred purpose as it does in higher animals: to carry food. However, the worm esophagus leads to the tame and gastric mill rather than to a stomach (which earthworms do not possess). The set and gastric mill combine serve the purpose of a human race stomach. The crop holds food while the gizzard grinds it down mechanically. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The gizzard leads into the intestine, which follows the duration of the earthworms body to the anus. This passage from communicate -> esophagus -> crop -> gizzard -> anus constitutes the entire digestive system. The lumbricids deplete this int ent but it is not the only one. roughly ear! thworms cook the gizzard in the anteriormost segments, and many have no gizzard at all. The primary function of the esophageal region in most earthworms (including the lumbricids) is calcium carbonate secretion. The usual patterns are below. Mouth>pharynx>gizzard>esophagus>intestine Mouth>pharynx>esophagus>crop>gizzard>intestine Mouth>pharynx>esophagus>intestine Most of the earthworms segments possess a pair of excretory variety meat known as...If you want to get a upright essay, identify it on our website:

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