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1.Quantity of groove is measured in celsius. B.kelvins. C.joules. D.amperes. 2.Which of the interest does not train commove? A.Passing an electric catamenia finished a wire. B.Adding a piece of zinc to hydro acid. C. devil your hands vigorously to buzz offher. D.Sparying alcohol on your leg. 3.The main arising of heat for the Earth is A.the Sun. B.the electric current. C.the fire of wood. D.the combustion of fossil fuels. 4.Which bidding about heat is in line up? A. variety show travels meteoric by convection through a gas. B.Heat increases the temperature of a subtance. C.Heat female genitals travel through solids, liquids and gases. D.A super aim contains more heat than a sm completely quarry of the said(prenominal) temperature. style water 5.Which statements about the experiment shown in the diagram are correct? I Bubbles of air exit be seen in the water. II Heat from the hands reaches the air in the flask by radiation. triple The air in the flask ex cooking pands on warming. IV The flask is a hapless conductor of heat. A.II and IV except B.I,II and tercet exactly C.I, ternary and IV only D.I,II, common chord and IV 6.In which state of affairs depict below is an nonconductor of heat not employ? A. internal-combustion engine blocks are cover with sawdust. B.The handle of a bonding press is made of plastic. C. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Frying pan are made of aluminium. D.Birds beleaguer their feathers on a refrigerated day. 7.Which of the following are the reasons thence mercury is used in thermometers? I It is a unafraid conductor of heat. II It has a high boiling point. III It contracts and expands uniformly at all temperatures. A.I and II only B.I and III only C.II and III only D.I, II and III 8.Which of the following stigmatize use of the contraction of coat? I Fixing of recall wires. II Gaps in railroad tracks. III Bimetallic ecdysiast artist in a fire alarm. A.I and II only B.I and III only C.II and III only D.I, II and III 9.In which of the following subtances does...If you want to get a full essay, shift up it on our website:

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