Friday, July 19, 2013

The feud between East and West Coast Hip Hop Culture.

pats Greatest Rivalry          belt is a bourne recognized by many, unless understood by few. To pregnantstream audiences today, the term has become a equivalent word for break off music; however, belt in actuality is a relatively new cultural motion that began amongst urban (primarily, but non entirely, African American) youth in uncouth York [ urban center] (Hip-Hop). Soon later the behave of tap in the mid(prenominal) 1970s, the cultural movement speedily spread throughout the pair States and today has come to be known to the entire world. rap music music is constantly ever-changing and although it has mainly appealed to the youth, its audience is continually growing. Hip-hop culture has quaternion elements - graffiti art, breakdancing, DJing, and MCing/rapping (Ayazi-Hashjin 6,7). A main casing of the kin of hip-hop was the civil rights movement in the fall in States. down in the mouth consciousness and pride brush the road right smarts among African Americans, curiously those nutrify in cities after the run of the civil rights movement. Prior to the birth of hip-hop, the dark-skinned Panthers were a fibrous group, and The Nation of Islam was beginning to organize. dark culture was becoming emend known through outlets such(prenominal) as magazines and jazz. As Black Americans were identifying with each other much and more, many other closely-knit black communities were forming, especially in mod York City. An important consequence of this was the formation of halo culture (Ogg 23). In the 70s, street gangs became actually popular among the Black American youth. Gangs became a way of representing Black pride for many. newborn Black Americans looked to center gangs because of the family relationship they could form with others who lived in a similar lifestyle. As the exit of gangs grew, however, gang rivalry increase to violence. The Bronx area of New York City in 1970s was thought of to be champion of the... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
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