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break up caste class class Chondrichthyes may come in a a few(prenominal) una comparable forms. Such as the in truth well cognize shark, this is my own(prenominal) favorite. Chondrichthyes be likewise call called rubberlike weight. The skeleton is these particular weight is made of cartilage. gristle is a type of dense connective tissue. Chondrichthyes also lose ribs and bone marrow. However they arrest dorsal, caudal, anal, pelvic, and pectoral fins. Chondrichthyes induce very tough genuflect that is covered in tooth like scales called dentils or placoid scales. This consistence covering has dickens functions, security and streamlining. Their simple and efficient trend of gliding by means of and through the urine makes them swift. Placodermi, a precursor to modern Chondrichthyes, were a class of armored prehistoric fishes, know from fossils, and did not have teeth at all. Instead they relied on the sharp bony plates in their mouth. Using this information it is assuage unknown which of the dermal or oral teeth evolved first. commonly there be five to seven gill slits on either side of the remains. as yet each species has a unique(p) way of getting piss to pass over the slits. Chondrichthyes aboutly use their mouths, as do chimaeras and skates, but rays get pissing through spiracles, which are microscopical holes on top of their wellspring that run to the gills. Spiracles are rear behind each sum on nearly species. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Chondrichthyes show three types of riposte. Oviparous, this is delimit as a rule of animal reproduction in which eggs are situated by the female and surface outside the body. It is the most known form of reproduction. Ovoviviparous, is a zoological term that refers to animals that put up eggs but agree them intimate the female body until hatching occurs, so that stretch out offspring are born. origination would be considered ovoviviparous animals. The last-place form of reproduction is viviparous. viviparous is a method of reproduction in which the embryo develops intimate the body of the female from which it gains bread and butter (in contrast to oviparous and...If you make water to get a broad(a) essay, order it on our website:

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