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Vision Statement Essay Example

Vision Statement Essay The 21st century is shaped by the eclectic interplay of political, cultural, social, economic, environmental, moral and other factors; The rapid development and change of factors like globalization, technological explosion, the impact of supranational organizations, changing economic and demographic patterns all work together to define and shape the 21st century’s events, decisions and goals. These factors shape the agenda and inform opinions in the 21st century.In the face of all these forces one cannot afford to be ignorant and negligent of the trends. I have to analyze the current trends, and extrapolate/project myself into the future. While I may not be accurate in my predictions, I believe at least I will have a somewhat reliable guide in the goals I set. I agree that things will seldom turn out as we anticipate them to. When we allow ourselves the marginal error, we put ourselves at a safer position not to suffer disappointments. To me, the major thing is not to be accur ate but to be within the bracket of correctness; to remain competitively relevant on the global map. For I am aware that if I do not endeavor to remain relevant, I risk suffering obsoleteness just like the revolutionizing science of Einstein made some Newtonian ideas obsolete and totally irrelevant. My values should be able to fit within the larger picture of the globe.I seek to ensure that my values, despite the decay we are witnessing, will be described at least by majority as not the best but excellent. While the rapid civilization is causing a moral catastrophe, my moral sanity is vital and I will not allow whatever aspect of life to corrupt it. I will jealousy guard it. When it comes to my moral vision, I’m certain my ideals of what is morally excellent will stand the test of time.Everyone will agree that it is not possible to predict all possible developments just as Castells says, we use past experience to envision possible future scenarios. I am working hard to stay a lert to keep a breast with the rapid changes. Jim pinto says â€Å"just as America come to prominence in the early decades of the 20th century, china, India, and other developing countries are coming alive †¦ America needs to re-structure and re-energize at home to compete in the new global environment† Re-shaping the world in the 21st century). This tells me how I should remain constantly progressive, otherwise, even if I on the right track, I stop moving, I will get run over. . I have to muster my future. This Excerpt captures how everyone including those in the perceivably most emerging trends otherwise there is the risk of being irrelevant. Nathan (1986), speaks of new technologies as building blocks shaped by forces that cannot be foreseen.I am aware that success takes time and the sustained personal effort and commitment. Looking a head, I see an over whelming case for making that effort. My backgrounds should not jeopardize my focus and my target. Samuelson (1997) says, â€Å"We must remember that our culture and circumstances create the climate for continued technological innovation.†A number of predictions are made, which include: 1.Information technologies will become small enough to implant into our bodies. Tiny implanted chips will serve as a combination credit card, passport, drivers license, and personal diary.2. Future offices may look like hotel lobbies or restaurants. While much teamwork can be done remotely with the help of teleconferencing and other communications technologies, many people will still need and want to meet face-to-face. Lobbies, living rooms, outdoor cafes, and other places where people enjoy meeting each other may become the models for the office of tomorrow. Gunn and Burroughs, Mar/Apr 96, p. 24.(3)Temporary help may be a permanent hiring trend. The use of temps in the United States has increased 240% in the past decade and will likely increase as companies look for strategic ways to remain flexible. Just -in-time work may also benefit employees: Job seekers can gain experience in a wider variety of organizational settings, develop more skills, and build up a long list of references. Mar/Apr 96, p. 6, and Barner, p. 16. In the face of globalization, I have to set ambitious but realizable goals.4.Retirement may soon be a thing of the past. Reasons: Most older people need to feel useful, especially after their families no longer demand their daily attention; most jobs no longer require strenuous physical labor; and businesses will seek to retain their experienced older workers.( innovative products that are likely to come up include: Next-generation television, Electronic wallet, Home health monitor, Smart maps and tracking devices, Smart materialssensors that detect stress in bridges, buildings, among others: Weight-control and anti-aging productsranging from genetic cures for baldness to nutritionally enhanced fruits and vegetables; Never-owned, leased-o nly productshigh-definition, wall-sized flat screens for information, communication, and entertainment. With all this emerging technologies, life is bound to be better as anew society emerges. The Interstate Highway Act of 1956 provided for construction. The 42,000-mile interstate highway system represents the largest single civil engineering project in history. The greater mobility provided society by the car resulted in significant changes in social behavior and a decentralization of social activities (Arnold, 1983). I have no reason to not to think of another major invention of a transport system and a mode that may even replace aircrafts or make them appear ineffective. And this is likely to lead to further changes in social behaviors.I am aware that the success or failure of the poor people around me will have a profound influence on my goals and that is fully I do all I can to faster shared commitments and effort with those around me for I knew synergy pays off.   Some of th e targets in 21st century include:-Economic well-being a reduction by one-half in the proportion of people living in extreme poverty by 2015 with only 7 years left are we anything near there?-Universal primary education in all countries by 2015. This means there will be more elites and one has to remain watchful to remain competitive in the education world.-Reversing of current environmental resources trends at both global and rational levels by 2015. The Power of Identity (1997, 112), Manuel Castells identifies some facets of environmentalism as a social movement, for instance,† Save the Planet groups, such as Green peace, mount campaigns to capture public attention about specific environmental issues (such as the excesses of the whaling industry and destruction of the ozone layer). of these challenges and problems are likely to be solved in the 21st century but certainly in our quest to solve this problems, will culminate in mod ern challenges and problems. I want it that when I overcome one barrier, that will result in another for instance solving environmental riddles should not result in economic declines.Looking at the current position of technology everyone will see a possibility of a technological leap in the next decade or so. New standards of technology are likely to be reached. As I go to bed everyday I only pray that I will not wake up to find myself irrelevant in the world of technology. It is like every thing is getting computerized-we can only hope robots will not replace manpower. This compels me to make my commitment to excellence ranging from technological to economic my private. I am challenged to exceed the rigorous standards in every aspects of life. This then implies that I have to brace up my enthusiasm for lifelong learning and should not be limited to the boundaries of my classroom.Communications technologies that can quickly link all parts of the world have led to the rise of a globa l economy and a global perspective. Nation-states no longer singularly control their monetary policy. The International Monetary Fund can dictate fiscal policies in some Third World nations in the interests of global economic stability.National competitiveness is still a factor in the global arena; nation-states continue to use their regulatory powers to protect their capital and commodities and to promote the interests of multinational corporations that consider the state home base.I see the drastic development as a challenge and opportunity of great worth. Collaboration with those around me is inevitable and must appropriate the available resources to maximize benefits and keep loses as low as possible. The end of isolationist policy of the United States during the Cold War, the growing interdependence of financial and currency markets, the transnationalization of production by both multinational corporations and trade networks all reflect how fast our society is changing.Competit ion is cutthroat and therefore resources and opportunities will be scarce and survival will be for the fittest as Charles Darwin puts it.With the increased agitation for human rights, (, globalization, environmental awareness, change of focus to development, peace movements and technological explosion, I hope the world will unite more and the civil wars we are witnessing decrease drastically, hoping that Iran will not use its nuclear to destroy the world.I am given to the conviction that the difference between our dreams and their accomplishment is the desire. I have the desire to see the realization of my ideals and writing can hold me back. I will go forth and grab all the opportunities that can help me get there. I envision a life characterized by excellence in all dimensions. I believe success hinges on a passion for excellence. In conclusion, I want to sit when the world lies, to stand when the world sits, when the world stands I want to be the standard.

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