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Research J 5.3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research J 5.3 - Essay Example The researcher must support with an explanation each item on the questionnaire what it is expected to measure. Face validity can take items by face value and exactly assess the face value. Some items can have lower face validity than what it appears to have. It involves the assessment of normal people in the field. Content validity involves the assessment of experts in the field, but it is non-empirical and judgmental (Adler & Clark, 2014). Reliability is measured by test-retest which is obtained by running the same test twice on the same test subject in a given period. The results from both tests are evaluated for test of stability over that period. Example, a test done for a particular crime can be retested in the occurrence of another similar crime. The correlation will give a stability score. Construct validity is assessment based on variables that are related. Construct validity carries weight when proof or of evidence is provided. Interrater reliability is used where results for one observer are strategically used in comparison with another using the same method. Interrater reliability is used when two or more measures are not reliable. They can compare correlatively those results using interrater (Maxifield & Babbie, 2012). A scale is defined as a measure of responding to a question, compilation of statements or questions used to respond to a concept studied. There are three types of attitudinal scaling used in criminal justice. Thurstone scale uses paired comparisons and equal appearing intervals methods to scale. Judges are given several pairs of questions and choose which would most fit the concept of study. The one picked most becomes part of the questionnaire. The judges are required to give a number scale on the strength of each question. The researcher then takes the questions that showed the strongest agreement from the judges. The weak questions are eliminated when

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