Monday, August 26, 2019

Rusume workshop Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Rusume workshop - Essay Example This shows a lack of work ethic and dedication, and these are two traits that are needed for almost every job. One thing that I did learn about the layout of a resume is that volunteering or internships can be included under professional development. I would have thought that only paid work could go here because that is what employers want to see; however, any type of work at all can be helpful because it shows experience and also a willingness to learn and try new things. It was very good for me to see an example of a resume because then I had the chance to compare it to my own one. I did create a resume a couple of years ago, but I have not updated and there is more information that I could now add. The thing that impressed me with this resume example was that everything was neat and tidy and in order. It was very easy to read because there was a flow to it. I think that employers like this because they often have so many resumes to read when they are hiring someone for the job. On ly the necessary information is included in the resume because otherwise it would take too long to read and the employer would not be interested. I can use this for my own resume by getting rid of information that is not really helpful to my cause and only include things that will help me get accepted for the job I am applying for. Something I learned from this part of the workshop was that the resume should try to include as much information as possible that relates to the job being applied for because this will help the employer to see what you are really good at. This is also why the bullet points under each job and/or internship are really important because the employer cannot gather very much from just reading about a workplace or job title; they need to see some of the job tasks that were involved because it will show what I am capable at. However, these bullet points should not be too long and they should not include information that is obvious. Some job titles have the same types of tasks, so there is no real need to mention them twice. The accomplishments should make you stand out from the rest of the applicants by showing some kind of special talent or skill. Also, the number of bullet points should be at least two and no more than four. I have been guilty of going against this rule in the past by including more than four bullet points and sometimes even up to six or seven. Having too many bullet points can get boring and make the resume longer than it needs to be, so I need to remember to be concise and even group some tasks together in one bullet point so as to keep content to a bare minimum. I learned that bullet points need to be positive. Also, they should be very impressive by playing up the tasks and skills that I have gained. There is no need to lie about something, but it is important to paint myself in the best light possible. The best way to do this is by including great detail about my accomplishments and showing that I am a capable worke r. Although the resume is important for gaining a job, I actually learned that the interview process is more important because it gives the employer a chance to assess my capabilities. Some of the tips were obvious, such as good conversation skills, strong body language, and also knowing the resume really well. I did not realize how important some of these things were, and I know that I could improve on them. A job interview is a formal occasion, but it is also a test to see if I

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