Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Policy and Politics in sports and gender Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Policy and Politics in sports and gender - Essay Example The sports policies, as they are made by men keeping the development of men in mind have failed to bring any significant change for women. The example is an adoption of ‘woman and sports’ format where a woman is expected to change according to the rules of the policies rather than policies being changed according to the woman’s need ( Talbot 2002. p.277). The meetings of the organizations are held on weekdays when women are busy with their family duties and are held in such locations that women members find it difficult to travel there. These are the things which show that there is a resistance to women participation in the decision making process by sports bodies. There are no written experiences as women usually withdraw after the resistance. However, the author says that to change the situation, these experiences and discrimination should be recorded in written format and a creative way should be found to create a change ( Talbot 2002. p.278). A research conducted during the commonwealth games in 1994 showed that the women participants from different levels of the team from different countries felt that they were not supported at all and experienced many barriers through ignorance and neglect by the male authorities. The response to the questionnaire revealed that women get very less share of attention and resources available and because of their gender, they experience negative feelings by their male managers and coaches (Talbot 2002. p.284). It was found that the establishment of The Working Group and Sport by European Sports Conference in the year 1989 to bring in practice the gender equity in sports led to nothing new. In 1991 and 1993 there

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