Thursday, July 25, 2019

Leadership in the United States Army Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership in the United States Army - Assignment Example This principle of leadership is developed by the use of leadership traits, for example as an army leader in the United States, one must know the strength and weakness which one possesses. Experience and knowledge must be considered since one is going to work with groups and one must know the best way to deal with any given situation. Before one can lead, one must be able to do the job of military and again demonstrate the ability to accomplish the mission and demonstrate competence in any mission that is given to him or her. In the United States as an army leader, one must seek well rounded military education or even carry research so as to be technically and tactically proficient (Howell, 2012). Again one must seek guidance from capable leaders who have been in a position to lead and associating with other units of security and knowing their tactics so as to improve leadership skills. As an army leader who has undergone promotion by ranks, one must set the standards by personal example. All the military men who are under the leadership must do what is said and not as what one wants. The appearance, attitude, physical fitness and personal example are the key areas that those who are under the leaders look and therefore as a leader one must observe them properly. This principle is commonly used where a command is to be dictated for example in the case of United States army where the commander must command and communicate in a clear and concise manner (Johnson, 2009). Supervision must be highly looked upon and certainly made that the mission is understood by everyone in the group and questions are given time to be clarified and advice given. As an army commander in United States teamwork always leads to the achievement of the goals and thus being encouraged with perfection.

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